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PlanetSide 2 Forum » General Discussion » SOE is so bad. OR so that was the Narrative the past few years

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11/08/12 2:08:30 AM#41

Cautious optimism is my approach with these guys.


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Everyones a mmo vet these days :P

11/08/12 3:15:05 AM#42
Originally posted by Phry
Originally posted by Aeolron
Originally posted by Phry
Originally posted by Zinzan
Originally posted by Zylaxx

SO has evryone pretty much jsut forgiven SOE for all their past mistakes and jumping on the bandwagon with PS2?


And why is this game even on an MMO site, shouldnt it be on the FPSguru site?  I mean its not liek this is a true MMO, its more of a hack and slash full scale FPS with very minimal progression elements needed to make an MMO successful.


I see this game dieing out within a few months because its trying to cater to too many people, plus its being developed by the worlds worst studio (well 2nd worse if you want to consider EA the worst).  Then again, I guess theres nothing wrong with a niche audience.  Myself if I wanted to play a FPS, id play Modern Warfare which is so much more better then the garbage that this game trys to be.  SciFi and not spaces combat, lol failure.

You clearly never played Planetside or you wouldn't even make this thread.

PS2 is an mmo, end of story. It's massive, it's muiltiplayer and it's online....why is this so hard for you to grasp?

for those of us who have played Planetside, extensively, Planetside 2 however is the NGE equivalent of SWG, its a shadow of the first game, about the only thing it has going for it, is better graphics, and that its F2P, and with Planetside 1 still around (P2P) it will be a constant reminder of all the things that Planetside 2 cannot do, which quite frankly, is a hell of a lot. Its so bad that they really would have been better off just giving Planetside a graphical update and leaving it alone than what they actually did, but then SOE has a rep, a bad one, for messing things around and 'fixing things' that were not broken. Planetside 2 is that game, and i don't think its going to be anywhere near as appealing as the NGE was in SWG.

Took a lot of effort for SOE to gain the reputation they have, and as the old saying goes, a leopard never changes his shorts.

 Having been a planetside 1 vet for years I can say that PS2 is a HUGE improvement, why? Because of afew things.

PS1 combat was sluggish and really not that great, while I do miss the hacking of doors ect in PS1 I can do without , also the customization in PS2 is far better and leaves more room for progression , I don't consider PS2 the NGE of SWG thats just a silly coment as both games are completely different, and has zero room here in this topic.

I have every SOE game and the only ones that gave me a issue was SWG NGE , Vanguard at launch , other then that, nothing really to complain about. There are FAR worse companies out there then SOE, at least SOE games have spunk , and interesting ideas , for example, SWG housing system and crafting system was the BEST in any mmorpg to date and yet no one has even came up with a idea that is better.

But yeah , you might want to play the game first , because afew of the Other vets of PS1 myself included think it's leaps and bonds better then PS1 just because you don't have a third person perspective people put it off, well it IS a first person shooter FPS for a reason.

have only ever used first person perspective in Planetside,  and in my experience so far, there hasnt been much, if any hype for the game from the PS1 Vets, would be very interested to know exactly what it is that you think PS2 does better than Planetside,  stealth for instance, has been nerfed, big time,  which means that the stealth part of combat has in effect, been removed from the game entirely. Vehicle combat, now appears to be based more on single player vehicles, and the numbers of vehicles available is only a fraction of the ones that were in Planetside, and this includes aircraft. BFR's however were a blight on Planetside, not seeing them in Planetside 2 would be a bonus, but about the only one so far. Combat engineering, not exactly very useful now is it, compared to the skills/abilities that were associated with it before, combat engineering is more of an afterthought, repairing and upgrading base defences, defensive minefields, stealth turrets, anti vehicle turrets,  manned turrets,  just a number of things that were somehow cut from game, then there is the armour, from the stealth suit, to the reinforced combat armour, which couldnt be used if you wanted to drive a vehicle - other than a bike,  come to think of it, what about all the bikes,  chain gun mounted, rocket mounted and stealth bikes..  thing you have to remember about SWG's NGE, is that it was a stripped down, nerfed version of SWG that nobody really wanted, and theres the thing, Planetside 2 is a stripped down, nerfed version of Planetside, and whether anyone really wants it at the moment is highly debateable, because the vets i know of, seem to have more problems with it, than praise. but hey what would i know, i am only a br24 cl1 grunt.. terran of course

 While I will agree with you that PS1 was a beast but at the time even when the game launched , Battle field 1942 was leaps and bounds better because of smoother game play and more fluid mechanics. Today with Planet side 2 it is actualy comparable with the latest and best FPS , and in about 90% of the cases beats them. When you spoke about the combat regarding vehicles ect with more then 1 person , you can still do the same in PS2 . Sundies load up two gunners and go nuts, same with the lib , galaxie , tanks ect so I don't know where you are coming at but it's the same in PS2,....just better.

But hey, what would I know? Just beta tested all the SOE games to date plus played PS1 for 5 years, but each to their own opinion!



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11/10/12 12:18:48 AM#43
Originally posted by Phry


have only ever used first person perspective in Planetside,  and in my experience so far, there hasnt been much, if any hype for the game from the PS1 Vets,

No Hype from returning vets?  Wow... I guess you don't run with any of the outfits that originally were in PS1.  Whole groups of vets are back in original outfits and working/playing together.  How do I know?  I'm in one of them with over 100 returning vets.  And we're communicating with other outfits that have returned.  I'd be willing to bet other factions also have outfits return as well. 


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11/10/12 12:26:05 AM#44
Originally posted by Teala
Forgive SOE?  LOL!   They haven't proven they are not still the same company yet.    Anyone care to bet that after the lunch of Planetside2, it'll be less than a year before they have given up on the game and let it rot?

 Yeah, jerks, made one expansion for EQ....and then nothing else ever.  Some people act like they still make expansions for EQ and EQ2.



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11/10/12 4:21:02 AM#45

This thread doesn't belong in this section...

But while here, i will say that PS2 is by far the best pc title currently imo and it's still evolving...

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