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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 06/16/11)  | Pub:Aeria Games
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
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EE: Is it really worth playing? (Rating of 1-10)

Should you play Eden eternal? Time you found out the truth from an experienced player who nearly QUIT Eden eternal!
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.

So as you al can notice, Eden eternal is "The best MMORPG" because it is the only one with a class changing feature. Sure, it's a good idea and more games should have that, but the thing is... It's trying to make up for the lack of creativity and care in this game.

"Eden eternal is just an anime based version of WoW" says a friend of mine, but I kept playing and it was the best decicion I have ever made


 Wouldn't you love to look at this picture all day? I find Eden eternal prabally the best game in terms of graphics (more than others), the designing is very unique and defnately beautiful as seen above. The only thing I would change is having to set the settings low so the game wont lag as much as it can in Territory war, PvP, etc.

Overall I live for gaming graphics, and Eden Eternal has definately got them.


Knowing the level cap has raised to 65, (By the time you read this it may be 70) and yes I was level 60, It gets hard to level in the 60's, I find that you have to keep grinding repeats, then dailys, and then all over again tomorrow. This is the pure definition of the word; BORING. There should be more events that give exp for level 55+ because I dont think anyone should go near beating up level 65's in attempting to get more exp. If you do this, your screwed.

Another comment about it every day; "Leveling is too hard", "Territory war is weird now", "Blah, blah, Eden eternal, blah, not good, blah" Sure the territory war was better when it was one vs all, but does it really matter? I dont care if, when, or where the TW system changed, then one thing that matters is: Are the people playing satisfied? (Doesn't look like it to others, but for me it is) I accually lost, yes LOST my main character all thank's to the best feature ever! The character passwords. No, that are NOT the best feature ever. In facing my character loss I saw the possibility of Eden eternal being a crack-up joke, Lets say this is your Character, and someone hacks your account while your in Hawaii, and sets a character password. That, was my situation. The service at Aeria games is probally the best you would ever see, I (of course) reported the problem and (woopie!) look what came up!!!

Not even a question saying "Is this the real Asharia? Answer these questions that I know you cant answer." For the gameplaying I would give Eden eternal maybe a 6.5/10, The level cap and activities are okay, but the service DEFINATELY makes up for that.


The part I absolutely love about this game, they care about all genders. (in relations of course) The game handles the social part of this very well, as in Couple skills, Same gender couples, and more. The people in Eden eternal are SO nice too, they understand others, well other than the goldsellers. I would give the social area an 8/10


A really annoying problem with EE, the sounds of the music. It's like your trapped in an elevator really. The sounds loop over, and over, and over. To the point my ears blew up (Im kidding, I put on my own music). One of my friend's reactions was: "Why am I in an elevator?" in exact words, the audio deserves a 4/10 (because I can make my friends say that)


At the end of the day, Eden eternal IS worth playing, the same gender relationship, the sweet visual graphics, and what's Eden eternal without a class changing system? The reason that nobody has thought of this yet is because of one thing, and one thing only; It's too hard to be done again without making obvious that it really WAS copied. With EE beith this original, I would definately play this for a LONG time. I have to admit too, nearly quitting was a really bad choise, I cant stay away from having Eden eternal in this life!

Final Score


 Very good graphics.
 The level cap rises regularly.
 Good PvP system.
 Class change system.
 Great service.
 The trials are for 50+ only.
 Character password system is bad.
 Item mall is expencive.
 Unfitting music.
 Grinding for a century gets boring.
Kitts writes: 

What about the class change system in Eden is original?  Ever heard of FFXI(Final Fantasy XI)?  Its many years older than EE, was many times more popular, and had a much more in depth class and class change system.

5/30/12 10:57:27 AM  / Report
Mikkomon writes: 

why so many people say  "your" when they should say "you're"?

9/14/12 1:18:38 AM  / Report
Mikkomon writes: 

Anyway. I like the class change system but the game play is too horrible to call EE the best MMORPG. Mostly because they never fix anything. I could make an endless list of EE's bugs but i bet nobody cares :P

9/14/12 1:21:37 AM  / Report
ariasaitcho writes: 
1) EE is not the "original". 2) EE is GF with a class change system. Built by the same company, using the same interface, game mechanics, etc. 3) as you've pointed out, it can get to be quite the grind L50+. but in addition to dailies and rpt quests; there's territory wars, gvg, 3vs3, 10vs10, limited dungeons, just added 1v1 (sorted by class), unlimited dungeons, and trial dungeons! if you're bored, you're doing it wrong.
5/04/13 5:14:08 AM  / Report
DieForMe writes: 
2012-03-19 22:40:19 Response from Team Aeria Hello XxAshariaxX, We can manually change your password if you wish. Please let us know what password you would like and reply to this RT. Thank you, Team Eden Eternal Not even a question saying "Is this the real Asharia? Answer these questions that I know you cant answer." For the gameplaying I would give Eden eternal maybe a 6.5/10, The level cap and activities are okay, but the service DEFINATELY makes up for that. Stop it, liar man, my brother lose his password character. and they kept asking loads of questions, after that , my brother got his new password character. They have strict laws
5/18/13 6:46:56 AM  / Report
hisashi88 writes: 
Excellent game. Terrible publisher. Aeria has one of the worst customer service teams in the business. Support tickets take days to respond and mostly they just reply with the "please read our terms of agreement" crap.
7/07/13 2:22:20 PM  / Report
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