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EverQuest Online Adventures Forum » General Discussion » What I would love to see in a EQOA for the PS3, mistakes of eoqa and visions of a future eqoa title

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OP  11/14/10 1:14:52 PM#1

   EQOA was one of my favorite games, and probably would still be today if time and money was still being put into it,  but as things get old, new technologies come out and new games.    I would hate to see this game die here, and not be carried over to a new system, with new ideas and places to explore.

Things I most like/liked in EQOA:

1.   The Massive unique world you can explore.  Zones were huge and never lacked in the mystrey of each zone.  It was so big it would take atleast 30 mins to run from the far east to far west side of the map.  Has so many cool towns to explore, many factions to see in action.  

2.    The Mystrey.   Every zone with its own mystries.  Every zone, and if given enough money could have been even more mysterious and enjoyable.  This game captured an element that is far beyond just good looking zones, it captured a mystrey to each and every zone.   You never knew what kind of mob faction you would run into next and what kind of mysterious happens were going on in it.

3.    Grouping.   The people you would run into would be great to talk to for hours while you xp or do quests that you both were on.  Great community, sure there was training but for the most part, it was fun being in these small four man groups for hours to get to know people.

Things I din't like and think lead to bad bumps in the road and failures, or just plain, things they could not fix with this outdated ps2 system.

1.     Class Balancing.   I have never seen so much constant class balancing in all my life.   each month you would have to wonder if your path would be completly differant or your character would be nerfed or not.   This lead to some serious insecurity in the players,  many questioning weather they should even invest time into thier characters.   I think the class changes in the game should have been always a way to improve classes and never ever to nerf them.    When I say nerf, I mean where you litterlly reduce damage output for dps, or make a tank weaker, or less power for healers, these things never went over well with the player base.  Then there was the issue of almost completly changing a whole class to a new playstyle, such as druids healing path, was changed so drasticly that it created a whole new playstyle.   Last thing anyone wants to do is wake up one morning and find out thier path is completly changed.  Druid HoT and PoT was nerfed from 500 HoT and PoT to 250 HoT 500 PoT,  changes like these cannot happen.   They are so drastic it directly impacts the player.

Fix this in any future titles:  Give to classes, never take away or change them drasticly.  All changes to classes, should be tested on a test server and then released.  Not tested after release and then nerfed, sometimes up to half a  year to year later.

2.     Mysterious ruins left unfinished.   Too many ruins and other things would be left out there with no storylines, sometimes negating a whole zone area,  sure some things were mysterious, but need some sort of purpose quest wise also.

3.     Expanding of content.    Content after Frontiers was released was good,  but after a bit, there was no new camps to xp at, except for those dreaded eyeball camps for two years straight,  There should have been an instant response to this and more new xp camps should have been added to Odus.   Content was then added after two years to the mainland of the game, when it should have been added to the expanded area, Odus.    The new world was a world of new discovery, to expand on the new world would have been a great bonus to the Odus storyline, instead it wrecked havok on the mainlands feel and storyline,  took away from the mystery of the mainland, and made Odus completely worthless to xp on.    Add new camps to the new expansions for max lvl players, not mainland areas where sometimes was just outside the front door of cities where a lvl 7 can walk into them.

4.     Coaches needed to be direct coaches to where you wanted to go, not ten minutes of trying to coach to an area.   Its understandable they did not have the tech to do this, but having city portals would have been much simpler and more enjoyable for traveling.


Next I will tell you what I would like to see in a PS3  EQOA 2 title.

1.     Keep the world huge, massive and without limits, the biggest game world any mmorpg has,  put all the expansions like Odus in it, but make them much more bigger, make them the size of the mainland, Most importantly,  make it as fun to explore as EQOA was with many varietied camps for max lvl players.  Also make it so your preception makes you feel like your really in the areas of the world, like EQOA has captured, a restrictive but not so restrictive camera view (e.g. you cant zoom out so far your tiny, but you can stay feeling like your in the city your walking through, with walls that tower over you).

2.    Exploring.  It has to be as fun as EQOA's exploring was.  Where when you came up to a goblin camp, you had colored myst and eriee music in the background, a sense that you were coming to a place that was light up by colors and magic was going on.  Not spooky or depresing, but mysterious and sometimes cult like,  Areas that spoke what the faction was.  Dark elf cities with dark intentions and alot of shadowing in town,  or elf towns with bright tree lamps of fire with an elf mentality to it,  Freeport a run down looking desert town.   Mor, a town of dwarfs mining and building going on, and lets not forget Highbourne were you felt the feel of the city preparing for something huge. The same thing you captured in EQOA so well on a now outdated system, carried onto a new system with the mindset of the EQOA talent still in it.  Not cartoony or like EQ2,  but very much EQOA style.

3.   Put in the most interactive NPC's you can with voiceovers and body language, make those zones have events and make you feel part of it.  EQOA did a great job of this even with stationary NPC's.

4.    Mysterious trees with elfs in them,   blacksmiths with balls of icefrost that they got drunk and burned up.    Spawns you can do like Snowgrin by vox's,  add a ton of content.     new grinding camps atleast once a month,  if your going to make us grind cm's, give us more new camps to be in.

5.   Throw in some Unique quest starters once in a while, reward the whole raid, reward everyone in group for things.  


The list goes on, but you get the picture.   Most of all, It would be nice to have a  PS3  EQOA. 


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1/06/11 4:35:46 AM#2

Just.. yes.

I find it hard to disagree with anything said above. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my eqoa days.

Days upon days in Elephant Graveyard on my Necromancers, dealing with pesky Spheres of Annihilation, open world raiding, quad boxing'ing Plane of Sky for insane amounts of money, finding random pug groups for Deathfist Citadel (only for them to ask if my monk was really wearing a Ceremonial Vestment, and laughing as they cried when I admitted "yes"), traveling from Highbourne to Freeport at level 11 on my first Druid without invis (and without Spirit of the Wolf.. didn't even know what it was at the time), being the first person on the server to find the Centaur Camp, Siliskor, and other cool stuff, first of my friends to learn you could self-rez + invis back to location.. just so much fun stuff.

My friends and I that play WoW or any other game together can't help but to reminisce in the past glories of EQOA. Would love to see EQOA 2 actually come out - I wouldn't want it to be "the new WoW"... the two games are completely different. I enjoyed knowing almost all the elite players on the server. The small community was amazing.. when you get to the point where you log into Freeport and there are 2-3 people in the zone.. it's a little.. too small, however. The "mystery" of what a zone will behold, the expansive zones that you had to actually dodge monsters or risk dragging them across half a zone and die. 68 million xp debt from wiping all night in a raid - while annoying.. you knew you'd be farming some giant eyeballs with a few necromancers to be getting rid of it pretty quickly. Was just so emersive of a game.. met several lifelong friends on EQOA; one of them from a 32 hour grindfest at fishermen.. grinding has never been so damn fun.

<3 EQOA.

Malos / Maloz / Tohkrah / Picketpocket / Trueshots / Defense / Aggressor / Aggressive / Seradwyn.. and so many others I can't remember! - Ferran's Hope


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1/07/11 5:59:10 PM#3

I played EQOA at launch.  It was my first MMO.  I will always remember those days.  That game was a wonderment.  I have too many fond memories to even sample as it would take 10 pages.  DFC...classic.  Vox Castle...classic.  Open world with danger and mystery.  Farming rare mobs for rares (ie: My Emerald robe and my Sporemesh).  Playing my shaman diviner (to date the BEST avatar/class I have ever played).  Raiding all night.  Plane of sky, Plane of Disease.  The long runs to camps. 


Best memories ever.  If EQOA 2 came out updated for PS3 (or any game console) Id be back in a heartbeat.


Love you, EQOA.


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