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Reverie World Studios | Official Site
MMORTS | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/06/11)  | Pub:Reverie World Studios
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$14.99 | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Dawn of Fantasy Forum » General Discussion » Anyone hear if this game is good ?

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OP  5/15/11 12:55:46 AM#1

Guess all i can say is first thread and 1st post   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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5/15/11 6:59:55 AM#2

first reply on first post!!!! :)

unfortunately i cant really answer. i actually came here to see what people were saying about this game but i see nobody i saying anything.....

it seems interesting but i guess we'll have to wait for launch.


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5/15/11 7:19:53 AM#3

The trailer video looks awesome. Not exactly sure how this game is a persistant world MMORPG, looks more like a regular RTS. Looks pretty badass though.

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5/15/11 7:34:25 AM#4

thanks for this

never heard of the game, but watched the trailer and looks pretty badass. Gonna follow this one through its development ;)


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5/15/11 11:07:46 AM#5

If they get the promised changes and bugs out before launch it can be a great game to play.

But an mmo? not so much..

Basically you build up your city in a campaign map along with getting a strong army up etc, now the mmo part comes in where you can choose to pvp with a matchmaking system. This does mean any army losses or damage done to your town took are really lost at that point. Besides that you dont see others on your map or anything.

Besides the pvp and chat theres no interaction between city`s, not really something i would call an mmo in that regard.

There are hopes they will implement more interaction between players in a later stage after launch though.


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5/18/11 3:02:06 PM#6

I'm in the beta right now and, like the above poster mentioned, if they get the bugs fixed this could be a great game.  I share the same criticisms about the MMO part of it, but they haven't enabled PvP yet in the beta so I can't really comment accurately, that's planned for late May.  How the PvP is handled will make or break it.  The online kingdom is very cool and the game is definitely worth checking out just for that.  There are plans to add larger guild vs. guild PvP functions which may be more involved than the current PvP plans and address the concerns echoed by the above poster. 


I would sum it up like this:  It's a RTS with a persistant homecity that you get to build from the ground up.  You can be attacked at any time (provided you weren't attacked recently as they do have a timer to prevent griefing) and can attack others in your region at any time.  Allies can join in.  You do have to travel with your army if you want to attack players in a different region.  The actual gameplay is very well done and makes for very entertaining battles where having a good strategy or tactical mind really does pay off.  Units can level up through combat experience and gain skill.  There's some very cool mechanics built in to this game, let me give you an example of a battle I've had:


My homecity is attacked by an NPC (they do attack you at times).  They've got me outnumbered, but I've made some provisions.  I've (manually, not just clicking a button) laid some oil slick on the field just outside of my city walls.  Using the 2 minute warning you get before the enemy troops arrive, I station my infantry inside my walls and my archers on top.  I toggle my tower mounted trebuchets to fire at will and set them as well as my archers to use flaming arrows/rocks.  I split my cavalry into two groups and position them on the farthest ends of the map on either side.

The enemy arrives and my trebuchets immediately begin bombarding them as they advance.  As they near my walls, some of the flaming arrows from my archers cause the oil slick to catch fire.  A flash fire starts which actually lights the nearby fields and farming areas on fire taking out a large chunk of their infantry and splitting their forces in half.  I order my cavalry on both sides to charge the far group while my archers continue to rain down fire on the near group.  A few of their ladders reach my walls, so I toggle the boiling oil pots and rock droppers (defensive fortifications) which douse them in oil and drop large boulders onto the area near my gates.  Right about this time, my cavalry swarms their far group trampling through the disorganized infantry and cutting a large path through them with trample damage, meeting eachother in the middle.  In conjunction, I open my gates and send my infantry charging out to engage the near group which has no where left to run thanks to the now large fire still burning behind them.  Send the villagers out and loot the bodies.


That's just one example.  The game has its shortcomings (more interaction/visible interaction between players would be ideal), but the dynamic gameplay is entertaining enough to make it worth checking out at the least in my opinion if you're a fan of RTS games. 


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7/25/11 5:13:43 AM#7

I was surprised how rough this game is.  The videos I've seen make it look a lot more polished.  I would say its a good year from release, if they plan on cleaning it up.. but it appears they're not aiming that high.  I think the dev team must be very small.  Some might be fine with that, but I found the rough indy style difficult to get past, so couldn't even say if there's a good game in there, somewhere.

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8/11/11 8:05:42 AM#8

I think there is a lot of potential in this game.. Hopefully they could add a lot more "MMO" features as the game progresses, in future expansion packs etc. Retail price for me is 25€ which I didnt think was that much, so I'm going to buy it and try it out at least.. I always wanted to play a game where I could have my own kingdom online :) 


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10/08/11 1:59:04 AM#9

Full on bugs atm just after its release but not only are the devs working on it they are in the forums talking to us on what problems they are working on and when it will be fixed, they even are making hotfix patches for very rare bugs maybe 1 or 2 ppl have and send them forum messages that are not some automated crap about their trouble.


Currently out of the 3 races humans, orcs, and elfs (more coming based on a forum voting poll) orcs have the most bugs to deal with but even as a orc player myself its one of the best games and most fun in a mmo i've had in a long time.


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10/08/11 2:09:02 AM#10

its buggy but a very good game


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10/09/11 2:59:09 AM#11

It is freaking amazing. The PvE and city/army building all runs fine but the PvP at this stage is very buggy. Still plenty of bugs around but I can't seem to stop playing it. It's what age of empires online should have been but so much more. Once it's polished up it should really explode with interest.

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