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Salem Forum » General Discussion » Salem: The game where no one care even the GM's and Company

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The problem with censorship is ********

5/25/13 7:14:58 PM#81
This is why hardcore niche games can't make it. Players ask for it and then complain.

  User Deleted
5/25/13 7:23:40 PM#82
Originally posted by Kuppa
This is why hardcore niche games can't make it. Players ask for it and then complain.

No, the niche asks for it then the cool kids show up thinking it's another standard MMO... and after the first tantric gang bang where they lose every item they purchased in the cash shop they start bitching about it to anyone that will listen.


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Oh $OEs involved?
No thx then

5/25/13 7:31:04 PM#83

It only took me about 2 minutes before the loud sucking sound overwhelmed me

Logged off removed never looked back. Epic fail game

  User Deleted
5/26/13 3:52:23 AM#84
Originally posted by heocat

It only took me about 2 minutes before the loud sucking sound overwhelmed me

Logged off removed never looked back. Epic fail game

^ cool kid.


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5/26/13 10:43:36 AM#85
If you actually BOTHER to READ forums and other information about the game you will soon learn how easy it is to lose those packs and how most of it is earnable ingame within a short period of time. Coming into a full on pvp type game where it is WILD old days and back then... I bet they had more than one bear roll thru REAL life towns terrorizing people...although Salem has made great efforts to remove this problem from the game. You are still warned IF YOU CARE TO READ that you can lose ALL those items. I never bothered buying anything and we now have one camp and two farms in a valley. If you want a game that will rub yur butt for you when you get butthurt cause YOU don't bother to read about what you are getting yourself into, this isn't it. If you want a game that is challenging in so many other ways that most other games are NOT...this is it. It is Farmville on a reality check. One of the best ftp I think. Very different from others I play but still worth playtime if you are into funky different games like this.

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6/06/13 2:49:03 AM#86

LOL, that's about the funniest Salem Video I've ever seen.


1. I've been playing Salem 8 months strait and it's a great game,  It's for hardcore players only, you should be at least 16 for this game.  It'sdeeeeeep crafting and a huuuuuge world.  It's pop is down, but mostly because it's precursor HnH just went to World 7 and a lot of players are on that also.

2. Paradox did drop it, but Paradox sux.  The dev's have free reign now and Paradox is still hosting it so it's up for the forseable future.

3. Bears, snakes and all the darkness monsters no longer attack people in town unless you attack them first, and then they only agro against the original attacker.  So this video will not happen anymore, They changed that back in January.

4. I tell all noobs to skip the packs until they have a base and some stats.  Some of the packs are really worth it, but most are pretty specific to needs in game and for the unique clothing.  You also never have to buy the packs, you can get all the skills they offer.  Only the clothes are unique.  They just offer a big boost right at the beginning if you want it.

5. PVP permadeath is awesomely amazing.  If you're sick of just being ported home, and would rather have a character you've been working on for months be under the knife and at the whim of another player then try Salem.  They're's nothing quite like being scared of being outside your own walls for an MMO.  It is not for the faint of heart or rage quitters.  You will die eventually, if you raid/rob/kill/thug it up, if you just farm and play by the political rules of the server (know who you're playing against) you'll be fine, but eventually everyone at least gets robbed.

6. Overall this game is for the crafter tho.  Deep, deep crafting and hardcore farming is in the game.  If you don't like that sort of stuff and want an amazing character in a day or a week, or a month, this game is not for you.  A lot of the stuff takes real time to make, boards (1 week of drying), coal (3 days of burning) etc....Not for the feint of heart.


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6/07/13 4:05:32 AM#87
Originally posted by Arcondo87

Yup its true...paradoxinteractiv's customer support is probly the worst i ever in my life had to deal with....let me explain my situation:

In salem you can buy gold or item packs...i went to town, bought a $15 pioneer pack, i recieved it in mail so i went to my mail box to get it. Got to my mail box removed the gift box to my inventory. At that point a BEAR killed me! A Bear kited into town by annother player that killed everyone and in turn everyones chars were looted. This included my brand new not even opend $15 pioneer pack.

So i then went back to town after i died with nothing just a bare char to record this on video....

I then went to the forums to report this and ask that i get a new pack since i never recieved mine, or my money be refunded...much to my astonishment i was greeted by a Mod named Sevenless...who basically told me to fuck off and grow up cuz its your fault not ours. Also stated there is nothign that can be done and to contact paradox via email.

He then said its liek buying a pair of underwear and shitting in them and bringing them back to a store....sorry but that dosnt sound anythgin like what has happend to me considering i didnt even OPEN the package and it happend IN STORE(town) He also said its a clever, smart way of ppl robbing chars since salem has no way to stop city bear killing from happening....

I then went to find a phone number to contact them but guess what NO WHERE do they have a support phone number just a email...

I feel that i have been robbed of 15 dollers from this company for there incompatance for adressing this issue. And the fact that i didnt even get to OPEN my pack or leave town....


In conclusion...Salem a game where no one gives a shit even the GM's...we take your money and laugh...

and i thought WarZ was bad.

That's what you get for being a pay2win.

The bear killed you, you got looted. Where's the problem?

Maybe next time you will think twice before paying4pixels. LOL!

Keep on rockin'!


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It's all or nothin'!

7/04/13 2:21:48 AM#88

The issue here isn't the fact that another player took his payed-for items. That would fall under the realm of "you knew the risks".

The problem is that players are not supposed to be able to attack each other in safe zones, yet some players have found a way to do so. This is an exploit. A player is using an exploit to attack other players in a safe zone.

Think of any game that has safe zones or allows you to disable PvP or otherwise become unattackble. Think of PvP arena type games that have spawn rooms the other team cannot enter. If the game tells you that you cannot be attacked by a player, then other players should not be able to attack you by any means. If they do, then either the game lied to you or there's an exploit at work. Any sensible dev (that is, any dev that wants to see any reasonable amount of success or income) would ensure that all the rules are functioning as documented instead of ridiculing victims of exploits and congratulating the exploiters.

Instead of saying, "Oh, this is a serious issue and corrective action will be taken ASAP," the moderator actually laughs at the victim and ridicules him. Looking at the thread, I didn't initially believe that staxjax was a moderator given that he's the most immature poster in the entire thread. He even has "confirmed retards" in his signature with links to other users. When did personal attacks become okay for forum moderators? Holy shit, I can't even comprehend what worse customer support would look like short of banning anyone who dares to so much as post.

His analogy would only work if the bear was inside the store at the time of the shitting of the pants and the bear was the one that actually shit on them.

Another good analogy might be ordering an ice cream cone, paying for it, and then dropping it after the server chucks it to you instead of handing it over like a normal person. "Nah, fuck you, man. You were the one that dropped it."

Or maybe you buy all of your groceries at Wal-Mart, and just after you pay, someone else grabs your cart and makes off with it, and security simply watches them walk out the door, then laughs at you while saying, "Hah, what a clever thief. Serves you right," and denies you any sort of reimbursement.

To the OP, you payed for a service that you did not receive. The appropriate response is obvious.

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss


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7/07/13 5:03:22 AM#89
StaxJax was canned as a mod.  The dev's fixed this stuff last January.  The game is still up and running and better.  Animal agro against non-attacking players is over.  And I believe the guy was given his money back.  Sorted.

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7/19/13 6:12:25 PM#90

Just a shame that everyone has already abandoned it, too little too late perhaps?

Server numbers are so low (32/52/28) on the 3 servers, its suppose to be a deep crafting/trading/pvp game but you need someone to trade and pvp with else it negates the point of crafting in the first place.

The only people left are those who you don't want to play any game with, griefers. Can't blame them tho, this game was made for them, they expected the sheep and carebears to just come in for the slaughter which is unrealistic as the sheep have their safe paradise elsewhere, along with all their money.

Salem is doomed unless it makes some significant changes to this 'vision' of hardcore permadeath pvp and cleans out certain elements of the rotten remains of its rapidly failing community.


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7/19/13 6:14:45 PM#91
Salem was doomed from day 1 when they chose a ffa pvp permadeath rule set....That appeals to like 10 people......Had they went full bore with a solid crafting game it might have got somewhere but not they way it is now.

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7/19/13 6:23:04 PM#92
Didn't liked salem only for one reason, controls, well it kinda plays strange... don't know... but then friend showed me HnH and we started to play, well it's only few days, but we are expanding fast, have several neighbours, there are many players for sure, some russians who steals our food -.- but it's still fun to play :) so for those who liked salem should look into HnH

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7/23/13 4:43:09 PM#93

meh, it's holding steady at least.  It's at about 25% of it's height right now.  The dev's have promised to keep updating and there are always people in the market.  Not as many as in the OP, but some.

The griefers are strong in this game and with huge work to build character's it can all be lost in a moment.  Probably the hardest core perma death crafting game there is.  Nothing really compares, but get ready for grind and chores if you do want to try it.

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