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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 09/16/14)  | Pub:Trion Worlds
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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ArcheAge Videos: E3 2013 - Press Gameplay Demo (21:10)

Feast your eyes on the first ever footage and build of the localized English client for ArcheAge Online courtesy of XLGAMES and Trion Worlds. Guided by Trion's own Victoria Voss.

Feast your eyes on the first ever footage and build of the localized English client for ArcheAge Online courtesy of XLGAMES and Trion Worlds. Guided by Trion's own Victoria Voss.
Duration: 21:10
Views: 21,675  108 comments
Game: ArcheAge
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zimike writes: This is one of the few games I feel will live up to the hype. Fri Jun 14 2013 8:08AM Report
Deadlobster writes: I am sooooo buying this game Fri Jun 14 2013 8:22AM Report
Xzen writes: They are going to add submarines? Awesome! Fri Jun 14 2013 8:30AM Report
Thane writes: hm, so, when are they gonna show interesting stuff? Fri Jun 14 2013 8:39AM Report
InporylemQQ writes:

Day after tomorrow


Fri Jun 14 2013 8:42AM Report
Sebali writes: whos narrating? Fri Jun 14 2013 8:47AM Report
BillMurphy writes: Victoria Voss, Sebali. Fri Jun 14 2013 8:48AM Report
SpikeX writes: Don't mean to troll but her voice is really screechy for me. Fri Jun 14 2013 9:05AM Report
InporylemQQ writes: Maybe they should have put elra make the preview since she is talking so much crap. I don't think she has ever played the game ;__; Fri Jun 14 2013 9:21AM Report
Dauzqul writes: A game with no NDA and endless / daily videos on YouTube. This isn't mindless hype due to quiet developers. This is fact and fun. Fri Jun 14 2013 9:26AM Report
thebestcity writes: tatole my change his quote poker morpg very well Fri Jun 14 2013 9:26AM Report
joedank writes: whats with this guy's voice...sucked down too much helium?? Fri Jun 14 2013 9:28AM Report
mate0377 writes: couldnt get past 5min because of the voice... Fri Jun 14 2013 9:31AM Report
BadSpock writes:

Umm I saw nothing that really interests me in this video.

Nothing I haven't seen before.

No combat, no group activities, no naval exploration / combat, no PvP / siege, no housing customization, no dynamic open world content, no questing or dungeons even.

Should be titled a "scenery + boats of ArcheAge" promotional video, very little real gameplay.

Fri Jun 14 2013 9:32AM Report
mate0377 writes: the world graphics are amazing but the characters are horrible Fri Jun 14 2013 9:32AM Report
mmobootsy writes:

I say release is happening this year.

Waiting for that Beta invite! :)

Fri Jun 14 2013 9:57AM Report
Digna writes:

I didn't see anything new but at least the total amount of (apparent) options does have me interested.


Time will tell but at least remains 'of interest' to me where some others might be receding a bit.

Fri Jun 14 2013 10:21AM Report
hotdove911 writes: Couldnt look at more then 1min30sec cause of the narrator voice, just can't... Fri Jun 14 2013 10:35AM Report
Elijarh writes: Im interesting in the farming side of of Archage. Not seen yet how the land building area works though??  Space for house and field? Anyone know? Fri Jun 14 2013 10:37AM Report
Pivotelite writes: Man, I don't even know what i'm going to do, I want to be a pirate and a farmer and a house builder and a fisher and part of a PvP guild that owns a Castle... gah, Archeage, if you're as good as you look I'll lose my life to you. Fri Jun 14 2013 10:45AM Report
BearKnight writes:



This is a Sandbox game at its core, but the "starting" island or region is essentially a Sandpark.


Look at THIS Themeparkers. To those of you whom liked TSW, WoW, or RIFT and wondered what all the "craze" about Sandboxes is all about.



THIS is a AAA-SANDBOX title.

Fri Jun 14 2013 10:57AM Report
xAPOCx writes: They do need to get rid of Voss talking to anyone about AA. Iv seen other vids shes been in. The first few words she spoke in this one i turned it off. my interest for AA cant withstand my hate of that woman's voice. Fri Jun 14 2013 11:09AM Report
erictlewis writes: Wow they need to get somebody who has a better voice to do these video's i had to mute it right off, man her voice is harsh on the ears.  Fri Jun 14 2013 11:19AM Report
Kayo83 writes: *yawn* Fri Jun 14 2013 11:20AM Report
thubub writes: Looks great!  I am interested. Fri Jun 14 2013 11:42AM Report
keenber writes: another gank fest no thank you Fri Jun 14 2013 11:43AM Report
DigitallyEndowed writes: Only muppets gives a toss what you think of her voice. That is all. Fri Jun 14 2013 12:04PM Report
Laetitian writes:


<< "Umm I saw nothing that really interests me in this video.

Nothing I haven't seen before."

There is nothing new to show about ArcheAge, and this is directed to those that are not yet familiar with it, yet.

However, you are absolutely correct in saying that they should show the uniquely salient stuff, in order to actually evoke public interest.

Your list of ArcheAge's outstanding qualities is very well-devised!

: << >> Yeah, that did not make a lot of sense. Did you mean to call the starting region 'Themepark'?

  • You did not
  • Rightly so. The only way the Southern continents actually differ from the Northern is that there is PVP-protection to the greatest extent. Housing is still rather unrestricted, and there is no faction-segregation.

I do agree with the rest of what you said, however.

Fri Jun 14 2013 12:06PM Report
Virruk writes: Did I hear her say she would be giving beta keys to hand out? Do we have any ETA on this? Would like to mark that on my calender... :-) Fri Jun 14 2013 12:07PM Report
bubaluba writes: It looks to me like any other asian mmo, huge success in Korea but  in west it will fail as usual Fri Jun 14 2013 12:27PM Report
Khondor writes: Most ANNOYING voice over evah! Fri Jun 14 2013 12:34PM Report
adam_nox writes: omg her voice.... Fri Jun 14 2013 12:38PM Report
Ngeldu5t writes: Did they hire Jar jar Binks for the presentation ? Fri Jun 14 2013 12:39PM Report
Naral writes: The second they added steam powered race cars, Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses they sort of tempered my interest in this game. It had a great, high fantasy vibe early on, somewhere it went Magnum PI. Fri Jun 14 2013 12:40PM Report
Alomar writes: Until another AAA sandbox with large scale siege warfare comes out, this is where I'll be. Fri Jun 14 2013 12:50PM Report
MondoA2J writes: Great vid but I just have to comment on the ladies voice....sounds like a mom explaining ArcheAge. lol Fri Jun 14 2013 1:12PM Report
titanofdoom writes: that voice is appalling! Fri Jun 14 2013 1:16PM Report
viney123 writes: This game is going FREE TO PLAY in KOREA on JULY 3RD. That will most likely mean that the version we're seeing here (NA) will also go FREE TO PLAY. It's only a matter of time before Trion announces exactly what type of FREE TO PLAY model they will make. Fri Jun 14 2013 1:28PM Report
coretex666 writes:

I like design of this game.


Especially, the fact that you can play various roles in the world some of which seem to be pretty fun (e.g. the pirates).


It does not look like a linear game.


Maybe I would just enhance the character progression a little bit. That there is no progression besides gear once you hit max level is the weak point for me.


Otherwise, interesting game. Looking forward to try it out

Fri Jun 14 2013 1:28PM Report
kawaiipie writes: Cow Mount....sign me up =D Fri Jun 14 2013 2:05PM Report
bentrim writes:


GOD!...that voice...and pvp kill this game for me...too bad, when will they learn mixing fantasy MMOs with FPS does NOT work.

Fri Jun 14 2013 2:17PM Report
Dogmadude360 writes: Two distinctive voices in this video. The woman narrating, and Ripper X asking the majority of questions. Fuck it, let's just add George Takei too while we're here. Fri Jun 14 2013 2:58PM Report
GranDux writes:

The animation and graphic presentation is pretty fluid in this game. Nothing short of the ability of Korean game developers displaying their skills that seem lacking in western mmo developers (exception are the console developers).


Now let's see if ArcheAge is a potential waste of time/money or not. I imagine with all this westernization poppycock the game is going to be chopped down to nothing to a kiddified WoW grit style while significant culture reference is taken out, because us westerns cannot handle other cultures but themselves even though we have other cultures and people within our environments as well too. Their just ignored because their not apart of the standardized "game audience" of the 30 year old <or 12 year old> Caucasian male portfolio. Another limitation gaming needs to overcome once companies realize there is a diverse range of audiences out there and always has been. This is why other developers from other countries, can create games as well too.

Players don't want to be limited, and we don't want to be stuck in boring grind episodes following a rule or pattern. The fun thing about archeage is that the game encourages players to go out and explore or basicually do whatever they want <what is not limited mechanically>and I love a MMO that allows good or bad players too.


The next step is to do away with these silly region-locks of failure and create more corresponding international servers. It would be nice to play with other players across the globe instead of our <destinated> regions. True international servers. From the scope this game looks heavy on guild-support.

Fri Jun 14 2013 3:19PM Report
Mumple writes: You can just imagine her saying, "This one time, at Band Camp-". Fri Jun 14 2013 3:46PM Report
gigiboss98 writes: this game is going to be awesome man! Fri Jun 14 2013 3:54PM Report
wrekognize writes: The water looks terrible. wow Fri Jun 14 2013 4:00PM Report
Tuchaka writes: not to be sound like a jerk but it sounds she is choking on a fraggle. Fri Jun 14 2013 4:50PM Report
NobleNerd writes: The Video seemed oversaturatted... hopefully that is just the way it was filmed and not the game itself Fri Jun 14 2013 5:45PM Report
A1learjet writes: Lulz I cant tell if that's Pat or not commenting on the video   lol Fri Jun 14 2013 6:45PM Report
cpupower writes: OK....Rosanne Bar works for Trion now. Why does Trion keep making WoW clones, first Rift now this crap. No Thanks...I'm waiting for Wildstar. Fri Jun 14 2013 7:10PM Report
itchmon writes:

it really does look like L2, UO, Eve, DF and your themepark of choice all had an orgy.


I cannot wait.


I think this might be the one to give us back that "old EQ feeling".  Depth, risk, progression and a sense of home.


again i cannot bloody wait.

Fri Jun 14 2013 7:20PM Report
dgarbini writes: I have an interest in this game, but that voice, ouch.  I'm sure she is a fine human being but just not the right place for her.  I just cant take the vid seriously. Fri Jun 14 2013 7:41PM Report
blohm86 writes:

I cant see the "epicness" of this game. The trailer STILL doesnt show what the real game is about, how come the actual gameplay vids on youtube differ so much? What are they hiding? 

No buy from me, F2P model and dated gameplay, no thanks =/

Fri Jun 14 2013 7:47PM Report
bubbabill writes: /yawn open world pvp Fri Jun 14 2013 8:03PM Report
GwapoJosh writes: @cpupower  Nice troll..  Wildstar is WoW. Fri Jun 14 2013 8:10PM Report
mcrippins writes: @everyone complaining about her voice - seriously guys get a grip. Focusing on how much you dislike her voice doesn't mean she isn't good at her job. I admit it caught me off guard initially, but after I let it go she did a great job informing us about the game. I actually learned a few new things that I had not known previously about the game. She is good at her job.  Fri Jun 14 2013 9:38PM Report
Albred writes: @mcrippins Some of the information she gave was incorrect. What she said about there not being Fast Travel is incorrect, and what she said about mount breeding is incorrect. It's one thing to have an extremely annoying voice, but another to feed potential consumers false information. Fri Jun 14 2013 9:50PM Report
blutigfaust writes:

 Maybe she's correct about those issues as they relate to NA servers? Maybe not. Guess we'll find out when beta comes here.

 Anyway, get over it, you'll meet people who don't sound like you want them to, it's called life. She sounded fine to me, grow up.

Fri Jun 14 2013 10:53PM Report
PsiRob writes:

Great looking game, The land and taxing others that build around your area, not going to work very well( Human nature)

...Now in this video the lady talking was so irritating I turned the sound off 70% of the time, so thats 30% worth of comments ...still looks good.

Fri Jun 14 2013 11:04PM Report
AutemOx writes: Watching it makes me think of SWG a lot.  :(  Maybe not that good but definitely a try. Fri Jun 14 2013 11:24PM Report
trash656 writes: I hope this game bankrupts every other western game company out there who tried to cash-in and made a wow clone and dumbed down themepark in our country. Because this game is leagues ahead of what is available right now. Maybe it will make developers finally realize themeparks ruin the MMORPG genre and what it was about to begin with. Freedom of Choice. Not some simplistic Formula like WoW, Rift, Warhammer Online, or Age of Conan that everyone is forced to follow the same simplistic ideology that even a 6 year old could understand. Fri Jun 14 2013 11:37PM Report
brianw1 writes: lol most nerdiest voice girl ever.or guy that sound like a girl. Sat Jun 15 2013 12:08AM Report
Ladrann27 writes:

The voice is horrible and annoying indeed. On the other hand, this game looks so promising. It might be the home that a lot of us old vets have been looking for.


Finally something with more complexity then grinding quest hubs and gear treadmills and horrible non immersive battlegrounds. I cannot wait to give this game a try!

Sat Jun 15 2013 2:39AM Report
MasterZedX writes: This game can either be really good or really bad, due to the fact that it needs a lot of people playing it to be actually thriving and fun Sat Jun 15 2013 2:40AM Report
Zyromkiru writes: If this game does well it will probably steal the population of many other MMOs because it is completely different than they are which is new and fresh. Sat Jun 15 2013 3:52AM Report
Cothor writes:

They need to drop the character models, stupid looking mounts, and all things that scream Asian Game before release. This is going to be a great game but some of the artwork has to be changed.


Whoever is talking in this video is freaking me out

Sat Jun 15 2013 4:09AM Report
Malvious writes: omg that voice.... i had to turn off the sound to watch this. Sat Jun 15 2013 5:06AM Report
morcipan85 writes: Let's see how Trion manage the crapshop. Sat Jun 15 2013 5:14AM Report
Betaguy writes: OMG! The narrator is annoying.  Game looks interesting. Sat Jun 15 2013 5:43AM Report
hfztt writes: I find the on screen character more annoying than the narrator. The art direction on this is not to my taste... Sat Jun 15 2013 7:04AM Report
russell195 writes: This game is failing in korea btw Sat Jun 15 2013 10:08AM Report
ThomasN7 writes: Ok being on that ship looks amazing. Sat Jun 15 2013 11:37AM Report
sharpshade writes: Wait I'm confused... so is this like Aion where you HAVE to PVP in order to see end game or reach max level? If that is true than sadly I'll have to pass :( Sat Jun 15 2013 6:15PM Report
Tekkaman writes: "THIS

This is a Sandbox game at its core, but the "starting" island or region is essentially a Sandpark.

Look at THIS Themeparkers. To those of you whom liked TSW, WoW, or RIFT and wondered what all the "craze" about Sandboxes is all about.


THIS is a AAA-SANDBOX title."


Sorry to spoil some things for you, but it is not as much of a sandbox as everyone originally had hoped for.


With that said, it is easily the best game I have ever played. I've been playing KR AA for a long time and have gathered a lot of followers for my stream. I cannot wait for this to be released.

Sat Jun 15 2013 7:53PM Report
Snuffalot writes: This game looks really interesting. Might actually make me jump from Eve. To all the people complaining about her voice, get a life. She is hilarious, informative, and has a personality. Sorry you're so sheltered that you can't handle a few pitches higher then your ASMR wank sessions. Sat Jun 15 2013 8:11PM Report
kosac writes: nice features.. but everything else is terrible boring.. = overhype Sun Jun 16 2013 3:49AM Report
Dvalon writes: if this goes free to play I think I might just cut myself, its by far the best looking MMO to have ever been made. Sun Jun 16 2013 5:14AM Report
DMKano writes:

ArcheAge is a sand park for sure, starting out there are quests you do in the starting area, the game opens up later on (but you can explore and roam around at lvl 1 if you wish).

the game feels friendly to your themepark player as it doesn't throw you into a massive world without any direction on how to do things. Once you've had a chance to explore basic skills and crafting most players will start to create their own adventure.

Also that "rock monster" in pictures is an elite lvl 30 roaming in a starting area. Stay away :)


Sun Jun 16 2013 7:05AM Report
jaybird50 writes: um , i'm pretty sure this Mickey Mouse is presenting. I was just waiting for her/him to say "seven in one blowww" Sun Jun 16 2013 8:57AM Report
LuposDavalte writes: What banshee narrated this and brought such a doom to my ears? Sun Jun 16 2013 10:21AM Report
issling writes:

Whats the news on the player made stuff, lets see when your guild takes over a castle you can open up a Starbucks and sell coffee to other players:)

No, I got it you can open up an Ihop and have npc's on rollerblades selling food to you while you sit in your cars outside the place!

And gliders with no cliff intersting.

Sun Jun 16 2013 10:27AM Report
Eir_S writes: Definitely overhyped from the look of it.  I'm not sure why this used to be on my list of most anticipated MMOs, I'm really not.  That said, some features are really cool, I just won't be buying it.  Too bad, I used to want to play this. Sun Jun 16 2013 11:01AM Report
Bookah writes: mindblowing player made content, and the cow mount was epic :) Sun Jun 16 2013 11:13AM Report
Vaelgard writes: I hope she never joins someone's Ventrilo server.  She would be banned immediately.  Dat voice.... Sun Jun 16 2013 1:00PM Report
Tekkaman writes:

Anyone who is using this particular video to judge whether they should play it or not, is insane.


The Internet exists. Go watch gameplay videos made by people who actually played the game before E3 and are doing awesome things. will be my first hint to you *LIGHTBULB*

Sun Jun 16 2013 2:08PM Report
Mogus writes: This looks really good. Sun Jun 16 2013 2:29PM Report
Vexus_X writes:

I am really glad they focus on the PvE stuff in the videos; us PvPers need a good amount of PvE players to make the game fun and challenging.  So the more they lure the PvE crowd, the longer the PvP crowd can stay around and not be screamed at for being too disrupting to the game.

Show more PvE stuff and downplay the PvP... both sides will enjoy it.

Sun Jun 16 2013 3:46PM Report
Mercscythe writes: Griefers get their own island lol Sun Jun 16 2013 5:11PM Report
Tenebrion writes: Had to mute the video, worst voice ever. Sun Jun 16 2013 11:55PM Report
Eberhardt writes: Anyone else besides me annoyed with the voice? Mon Jun 17 2013 1:07AM Report
Kinado writes: Yeah...I think this game is really kind of fun. If it would release this year still, it would be really kind of cool. Mon Jun 17 2013 2:12AM Report
StarI writes: Themepark lovers rejoice as you will soon be able to dive in a world full of fluff Mon Jun 17 2013 3:53AM Report
maccajnr writes:

2 min listening was enough.

All my blessing to the husband's narrator, he has to endure this everyday.

Mon Jun 17 2013 4:15AM Report
blondeh writes: what an annoying voice! My ears bled and I couldnt watch anymore Mon Jun 17 2013 4:25AM Report
Adalwulff writes:

I had to turn the sound off, gawd how annoying!

The video didn't impress me at all, I was hoping for some actual gameplay.

Mon Jun 17 2013 5:08AM Report
Spaceweed10 writes: Holy crap - get a new narrator! Mon Jun 17 2013 5:09AM Report
veerarat13 writes: game can fly? Mon Jun 17 2013 6:56AM Report
alysra writes: dat voice!........ Mon Jun 17 2013 7:53AM Report
Jhustyn writes: The voice.....unwatchable because of it......... Mon Jun 17 2013 1:47PM Report
Entinerint writes:

LOL her voice is crazy.

As for the game, it has some really interesting ideas but is oh-so-very convoluted.  You need to buy an auction item to attack a city?  Seems like needless game-y-ness.

Also the whole art-style makes me want to die as does the horrendous interface.

If only someone would make a game like this that wasn't treated like a complete joke like the developers.

Oh well.

Tue Jun 18 2013 3:56PM Report
Entinerint writes: Not saying I'm not going to give it a shot, mind you, just doesn't immediately scream "winner" to me. Tue Jun 18 2013 3:57PM Report
Vercin writes: I will try watching it with no sound...couldn't go 15 seconds without stopping it. Tue Jun 18 2013 10:37PM Report
leaf16nut writes:

I want a sandbox game, I've only ever played Ultima Online, but this is just too over the top for me... I want a medieval sandbox MMO, why would they add cars and all that bullsh*t!?


It's like IMVU meets MMORPG... I was excited about this game, not so much anymore.

Fri Jun 21 2013 2:21PM Report
Uproar writes:

If that narroter's voice shows up in any other videos -- I will burn my pc.  What was that?  A ninety year old going on six?  or a six year old going on 15?  Perhaps it was someone on hormones?  OMG -- no more please!

Sat Jun 22 2013 7:16AM Report
xKingdomx writes:

"It's really kind of cool"

"It's totally fun"


funny those two phases is what made me stop the video.

Sat Jun 22 2013 7:46PM Report
nightscar writes:

Graphx are to grainy

Just going to be be another Asian grinder like all the rest.




Sun Jun 23 2013 1:41PM Report
kallista writes: "yay" a horrible pvp game where you need to carry a million friends with you every time you try to do anything. Prediction: lots of players at game launch, which quickly drops to sweet FA within 3 months. Thu Jul 18 2013 8:43AM Report
Mythwyn writes: My initial impression [based just on the press demo]  is an updated combo of EQ & GW2. I have an immediate concern of where a solo player fits into this world. I was hoping someone would have asked. Other then as a pure resource gatherer or dedicated crafter, the individual player will be cut out of the majority of better content without joining with a guild. The other big concern is falling into the every growing F2P / Pay to Win pitfalls that have been turning me off gaming so much as late. I see this having the negative potential of just ending up as a game of roving groups of grief killers, and uber guilds. I hope not but as compelling as the content looks, I hope they balance for other types of game-play. Tue Apr 01 2014 4:15PM Report