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ArcheAge Forum » General Discussion » Spent some time at AA RU

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2/25/14 8:35:36 AM#21
Originally posted by InporylemQQ
Originally posted by Caldrin
Originally posted by cura
Im 6461 person in the queue. If i bought it i would be mad lol.

If you pay for a premium account i think you skip the queue but i am not 100% sure on that one.


You don't

yup you are right I went off to look after posting and basically it just allows the following.


"Premium account will allow you to build houses and farms (options that aren’t available with the free account), you will get 5 working points every 5 minutes even if you are logged out and the WP pool is set to 5000 points (with the free account you get only 1 point every 5 minutes if you are logged in and the pool is limited to 1000 points). Premium account will also boost your EXP, Craft EXP and Drop Chance by 10%."




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2/25/14 8:39:10 AM#22
Thinking about it now.. The one thing I REALLY appreciate about NA getting it last is that Trion will get to see all of the reactions from the game opening in other countries. Hopefully that will help minimize some of the problems/mistakes that are currently ongoing. 

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2/25/14 8:50:56 AM#23
Originally posted by dave6660

If the game is as bad as you're making it out to be, why did you play for 90 hours?

Because if he typed the same post and says he only played for a day, then people like yourself will come in and say "you've only played it for XX hours so your opinion is invalid" - He gave it a fair chance and tried to enjoy it as much as he could.

I wouldn't even use the long queue as evidence for the game's quality at this time. It's just people who have been waiting for many years for the game to come and now are swarming the newest client with a somewhat stable english patch available.


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2/25/14 8:54:36 AM#24
Originally posted by Saraliman

Hi there,


Spent already ~90h in game and I am lvl 35, so I'll just drop here what I am thinking about ArcheAge so far!

PvP is terrible...wasn't this game all about PvP?

Mostly who first attacks will win the battle...

You can't quest after lvl 30 in peace cause there always will be one asshole who will jump on you and kill you meanwhile you are doing quest objective or even will camp respawn spot just for sake of it...

And combat in general - what a won't get better when you will get higher levels you will just have more keys to spam on your keyboard.

All mobs can be easly killed just by dragging them around, their movement speed is low.

This game isn't giving any achievement satisfaction in combat nor is rewarding for your time spent mastering it...well there isn't any way to master it tho...

Auto-targeting from time to time made me really mad!



Farmville with combat

Even farming felt wrong, everyone is growing goats, its a freaking zoo in areas over 30 lvl.

You can build a house and your farm in every single zone at special area, but it won't feel personal, cause players must build next to each other and designed so that there won't be any empty spot inbetween.


I don't know how you guys feel about ArcheAge, but I am let down after waiting since 2007.


Well environment is truly amazing and well done, here is my gallery whit screenshots I took::


I was playing almost on the min settings!


Okay good. A video would be better in these times, wouldn't it? Where you elaborate and show us in detail what you did not like. Anyway, thank you so far for sharing your very personal opinion.


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2/25/14 8:55:31 AM#25
Originally posted by mcrippins
Thinking about it now.. The one thing I REALLY appreciate about NA getting it last is that Trion will get to see all of the reactions from the game opening in other countries. Hopefully that will help minimize some of the problems/mistakes that are currently ongoing. 

Why do you give a shhh about a personal opinion? The game will turn out for you completely different. Lets relax and see


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2/26/14 2:10:58 AM#26

I just started playing Archeage in the Russian OBT. I am lv 11 at moment. My partial conclusion is: AA is a improved version of Lineage 2. 

Archeage sounds like a L2 with a slightly better combat system (because the combos and sinergies), a well better graphics, a absurdily better amount of sandbox features, BUT a slightly worse pvp system.

I think anyone that played L2 and liked will probably like AA, except the "hardcore" pvpers (since L2 had full open world pvp and AA dont).




"What we are aiming in ArcheAge is to let the players feel the true fun of MMORPG by forming a community like real life by interacting with other players, whether it be conflict or cooperation." (Jake Song)


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2/26/14 3:49:11 AM#27

Actually, the worst thing is that I'm getting 2-3 seconds latency, and I live in Western Europe....Clearly this is a major factor as well.

Still, from what I was able to see in my brief sessions, combat isn't that bad for a tab target game, as skills actually convey a sense of hitting the enemy, unlike most other MMORPGs.

It was actually graphics which underwhelmed me a little, for a CryEngine game it isn't that pretty anymore, I guess the age is showing and they didn't update the engine to the most recent version.

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2/26/14 3:59:45 AM#28
Originally posted by dave6660
Originally posted by Zadawn
Originally posted by dave6660

If the game is as bad as you're making it out to be, why did you play for 90 hours?

Maybe because he hoped it gets better as he progresses? He tried to give the game a fair chance before exclamating his opinions about it?

Then the OP is a much more patient person than I am.  If I'm still not having fun after about 3-4 hours then I uninstall.  As I get older I'm finding that number is steadily declining too.  With my schedule, 90 hours is about 5-6 weeks of play.  I can't imagine subjecting myself to that in the name of "fairness" to a video game.

I agree you with here - "Fairness to a video game" - what is that anyway? 5h? 20h? 100?

A single player game usually is done after anywhere from 20-50h. Now I know that MMOs are different, but, say at least after 1 week ingame, ca 6-10h one should be able to click with it, esp. if it is a complex one like, say, EVE. Again, even there though, if you can't get hooked on the basics, which should be somewhere below 6 hours or so....

A touchy subject o/c.

Back to the OP - thanks for sharing your thoughts, even though personal, it feels like it it with any hyped game - there is no miracle MMO.

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3/04/14 5:04:49 AM#29
I´ve spent now some few hours i though this game was no faction but why is this splitted in east and west faction?

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3/04/14 6:22:45 AM#30
You're misinformed, there are two NPC factions that you will only leave once you join a player faction(not in the game yet)

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3/04/14 8:27:52 AM#31

Just started playing in the Russian beta myself along with a friend. We are having a ton of fun at the moment and honestly this is the first MMO that has genuinely impressed me since I first learnt of EVE Online 5 or so years ago (and I play A LOT of games). The game world is just so massive and yet detailed, so easy to get lost in. Tons of content and activities to get involved in, though I haven't experienced much of any of that yet (i've followed the game for a long time so I know what to expect).

I can sympathise with your complaints of the combat being less than ideal, but at the same time I think it is better than your average MMO. My guildies who have all played up to cap seem to enjoy the PVP, though honestly I don't see how the combat could foster good PVP.

People's expectations of MMOs these days are a bit exaggerated IMO. I used to be among those who trashed games because they weren't the next WoW, where I could escape from the bullshti of reality into a virtual world. another life. After having my hopes crushed by a number of MMO releases in the years past I got over it and learned to appreciate that if you spend 90 hours or even more than 40 enjoying a game before you start disliking it then you done good. These days I rarely find a singleplayer game let alone an MMO that keeps my interest the length of the story.

Anyway; I will be over here enjoying ArcheAge, pass by my stream to see if I got bored of it by the time you read this post or if you want to discuss/see it for yourself. 

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