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OP  10/28/13 2:01:10 AM#1

Not many people know about the story of Archeage or it's lore, so I thought I should translate it from Russian. I would post this on the offical site, but there is none atm. So I thought I should post it here.

I am just going to translate this from the site, if there are any errors or mis-translations please feel free to point them out as I am not fluent in Russian. Trion may update or change some of the lore in the western version so please don't get upset if there is anything different in the story.

Russian version


ArcheAge lore is based between Muism (Korean Shamanism) and Christianity. It is actually based on the writings of Min-Hee Jeon, a famous fantasy writer over in Asia. She spent over 5 year writing her books based on the AkkiAge (archeAge universe), so I am just gonna be brief as I possible can. To start off with Archeage has a heaven and a hell, with the good gods living in heaven and the evil gods living in hell. People strive to do good to be able to get into heaven, but evil doers go strait to hell when they die. But the everyday people use Idols and pray to get the favour of the gods, in temples and in Great halls. Every player has their own personal idol to pray too everyday to gain favour of the

Min-Hee Jeon

The Gods

The Mother Goddess of them all is Thiol. She created the heavens and the earth, the oceans and everything you see. One day she created the First being named Ipna, and gave him a splendid garden to live in. But after awhile Ipna grew board, and wanted a companion.

Thiol gave him a female companion and made her perfect in every single way possible, almost an exact being as Thiol herself, and called her Nui. Unfortunately for Ipna, she was just too perfect and grew bored of him. She left him for the dark and sinister demons that Thiol had created aeons ago. The dark arts intrigue her but they also made her insane. Soon she created a place to live in the underworld called Hell. Nuil soon became known as the God of Hell and is associated to the root of all evil that is in the world.

Thiol created another female for Ipna this time not so perfect, and soon they both fell in love and had many children. The family grew so large that Thiol told them they had to leave the garden. So off the family went out of the garden and into the world that Thiol had created for them.


The Hidden Age (The First Age)

Ipna's Chirldren

Ipna's children became known as the Ipnu and they were very close to Thiol. Thiol taught them her powers and the secrets of the universe. The Ipnu in turn became very powerful and acted as custodians on behalf of Thiol. Over the centuries the Ipnu's population exploded, thus becoming a nation. Dealing with so many people, they decided on having a King rule their nation, and that King had a direct lineage to Ipna himself.

With the announcement of Kings, law and order came to the land and the Ipnu's lived in peace during the first half of the First Age. But near the end of the First half of the 1st Age a couple Ipnu's grew bored with their power and wanted more. They didn't just wanted to be the custodians of the known world they wanted to rule it. So they went on a search and eventually they found the dark and sinister Demon race, and the Demons introduced them to Nui. Nui was more than pleased to find follows.

The few Ipnu that denounced Thiol and and the Inpu ways became the Nachasui (Followers of Nui).

The Nachuaui

The followers of Nuil left the Ipnu and set forth to build their own empire. Because they weren't the guardians of the world, the Nachuaui were not bound by the rules of Thiol, so they went ahead and started building massive tech mecca machines. These machines were powered by steam and the dark powers of the demons. With the help of the machines the Nachuaui grew very powerful in just a few hundred years. The dark arts made them insane and they lust for power, making the leadership of the Nachuaui to be very volatile. But soon a very powerful Nachuaui named Antalrone took over the leadership and became all powerful. With his lust for power at an all time high, he ordered the rest of the Nachuaui to exterminate the children of Ipna.


The Nuon

The Nuon were a race of Nachuaui that didn't believe in the leadership of Antalrone, and wanted to be free in nature. They moved to in what is now known as the continent of Nuia, and their ruins can be found in Gweonnyd. Because they wanted to be with nature, they mated with the beasts and plants. Their offspring's became known as the Faeries (The Fairy race)and the Ferre (The cat people race). The Nuon's were wiped out during the Great War, so not much is known about them.

Fairy Race

Ferre Race

The Great War Part 1

The Great War started when Antalrone and the Nachuaui attacked the Ipnu civilization. The "Great War" Period lasted for over a 1000 years to it's finial conclusion. The Ipnu were able to repel the mecca machines with their vast knowledge of magic. This would go on for years, till the Nachuaui finally gave up and decided to draw up a different plan. The Nachuaui decided to create three new slave races to help them in the war effort. They were the Dwarves, Warborn, and the Returned.

The Dwarves

The Dwarves were a small tiny slave race of people who were put to work in the mines to create the machines needed for the war effort for the Nachuaui. Later near the end of the war the Dwarves rebelled and became a free nation, but they still kept their love of mining and creating machines, even to this day.

The Dwarves

The Returned

The Returned were actually dead souls brought back to life to serve the Nachuaui. They formed countless armies of the undead. When the Nachuaui were defeated, The Returned had no way of releasing their souls to the after life. So they decided to make their own civilization, and are still around to this day.

The Returned

The Warborn

The Warborn were half Nachuaui and half demon. They made great warriors and generals in the Nachuaui army. After the war they were leaderless and had nowhere to go, so they decided to create their own civilation and are still around to this day.

The Warborn

The Great War Part 2

After gathering up a massive army of undead and warborn, and using the dwarves to create the massive mecca machines, the Nachuaui were finally able to repel the magic of the Inpu. The losses were devastating. Most of the Inpu were wiped out. The survivors ran for their lives and hid in the ancient forest were the Naschuaui couldn't follow. It was feared that all would be lost if the remaining Inpu didn't do something. So the Inpa created the Elves, and then in turn created the first Humans.

The Elves

The Inpa created the Elves in the hopes of them becoming the new guardians of the world. During the time when the Inpu fled to the Ancient forest, the remaining Inpu taught them everything they knew. Even to this day the Elves regard the Inpu as gods and pledge to be the guardians of magic and nature and believe in mother goddess Thiol.

The Elves

The Humans

The Elves convinced the Ipna to create another race called the humans. This was to bring balance to the world and if they had any chance to defeat the Naschuaui they needed an army. The humans are the biggest and most abundant race in this day and age.

The Humans

The Great War Part 3

After centuries of living in the ancient forest, the Elves and Humans worked together to form a fighting force, and hit back at the Naschuaui. It was also during this time that the dwarves herd about the story of Thiol, and they rebelled against their captors, and joined up with the Elves and Humans in the fight. With 3 races fighting against the Naschuaui it became a stalemate that last for hundreds of years.

The Great Weapon

It was during this stalemate time that Antalrone decided if he couldn't rule the world then nobody could. So he searched for his almighty god Nuil . Nuil answered his search by giving him a weapon, so dark and terrible that it would destroy everything in the world. In exchange Antalrone would give his soul to Nui. Antalrone agreed.

The Elves found out the plot to destroy the world with this weapon and with the help of the Ipnu, they created a seal that would suck all the souls of the evil races into hell, and then permanently put a seal on the gates of hell so that nobody would ever get out. The battle was set, the last and final battle of the Great War would begin !

The Final Battle of the Great War

Elves, Humans and the Dwarves battled the Warborn, The Returned, and the Machines. The Ipnu stayed behind and prayed for Thiol to return to help them in this desperate time. The Naschuaui strayed behind and prayed to their god Nui, to finally end it all. Both races prayers were answered and both gods came to the world to battle along with their followers.

The battle was so fierce that the world almost collapse onto itself, but if that wasn't enough, the "Great Weapon" had been set and was about to blow. Thiol while battling Nui, threw the both of them on to the weapon when it blew. Their god bodies took the impact of the great weapon, and thus saved the world, but the explosion had created a huge creator. Both wounded and weakened from the impact, Thiol ordered the Elves to use the seal to suck all the souls into hell. Even if it meant that her own soul would be sucked as well due to her wounds. The Elves pulled the switch and Nui, Thiol, and all the Naschuaui souls were sucked into hell. Then the Elves put a seal on the gates so that none of them could ever return.

With the sealing of the gates of hell, this ended the First Age(The Hidden Age)


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OP  10/28/13 2:01:44 AM#2

The Rose Age (The Second Age)

The story of Thiol's Sacrifice

The few remaining Ipnu that were still alive, used Thiol's sacrifice to create a story of bravery and heroism. They spread the story to all the remaining races that were alive and well. Even the Warborn and Returned took to the story and converted, and because of this, a peace treaty was made, all the races were forbidden to harm nature and forbidden to use mecca technology. Soon all the races helped one another to rebuild the world that was almost destroyed during the "Great War". This peace lasted for over 500 years.

Thiol's and Nuil's Bodies

With Thiol's and Nuil's souls permanently sucked into hell, their lifeless corpses were taken by the Ipnu and buried in a secret location. When the bodies broke down it started to mix in with the soil, and it created a new and unique substance called Archium. Archium became a powerful substance that the other races use to grow better vegetables, make better armor, and create better livestock. You can even use Archium to grow super trees !

The Journey of the Ipnu

Seeing as the world was a better place, the last few remaining Ipnu decided to leave the world in the Elves hands. They gave the elves all the remaining knowledge and tools to take care of the other races, and then set sailed off into the ocean. To this day nobody knows exactly what happened to them, but their are rumours that the last Ipnu king(descended of Ipna himself) still lives deep within the outer reaches of the world.

The Stories that People Forgot

After about 500 years the stories of old got lost, and the races forgot about Thiol, Nuil, and the evil Nachuaui. The races continued to have peace, but now it was about trade and profit rather than religion. During this time the humans spread like wildfire and created a huge kingdom for themselves. Under Great Kings, the humans became the dominant race of the known world. Through trade and wealth the Kings of the humans built the most massive city ever built in the world. The city became known as Delphinad. This city became the capitol of the world during the Rose Age.

The Giant Hole

The Giant hole was actually created by the "The explosion of the Great Weapon", but because the races forgot about the stories of old they thought of it as just a weird crater. One day the King of the Humans became very curious about the crater, so he summoned all the races to a meeting to discuss if anyone knew anything about it. Nobody knew for sure, so they planned an Expedition to the site to see if they could get any clues. All the races agreed to send 12 hero's on their behalf, along with a few of the kings personal guards for protection.

The 12 Hero's of the Expedition

The 12 gathered at the great city of Delphinad, the capital city of the Circle Continent, where they discussed and formed the first expedition. The first expedition included:

Kyprosa Daeior - was actually the granddaughter of the king, her own father went mad, and her mother left her at her grandfathers doorstep. Her grandmother hated her and forced her to servitude for her family, to be raised in the kitchens. At night she would leave the castle and wonder in the woods to be with nature.

Orchidna - Kyprosa Daeior younger bastard cousin from her uncle. She was thrown into the woods and left to die as an infant. But was saved by Kyprosa Daeior on one of her night outside the castle. They became good friends.

Tahyang Kahlzit - Eldest son of the Ferre (Cat people) cheif

Gene Evernight - real name Politimos, was a prince Iferii, and at age 14 ran away to escape from this hereditary duties. He made friends with a gladiator, and became his disciple. When the teacher Gina died, he vowed that he would glorify his name.

Melisara Livolla - Daughter of one of the kings respected Generals, but her dad was accused of treason. Joined the expedition to seek revenge of her father.

Lucius Quinto - Low rank poet, who was Eanna Nimush lover that her father detest.

Eanna Nimush - Daughter of the Governor-General of Delfinat who was extremely beautiful and wise.

Aranzeb - Head of the mages and keeper of magic for the elves

Aranzebia - Aranzebs god-daughter, she came along

Ollo -Nephew of the great Dwarf engineer, and could build anything from scratch.

Inoch -The eldest of six brothers and sisters was called Inoch. His father and uncle were sons of the former High Priest, and his uncle inherited the role. His father and uncle were among nine siblings themselves, and so, for Inoch's entire childhood, he was surrounded by cousins. Inoch, like his father, was of a pious, devout character, with a passion for scriptures.

Naima - ?? I don't know much about her yet.

The Expedition

Upon the arrival of the huge crater, the 12 noticed that there was stairs that were held up magic, and those stairs led to the bottom of the hole. The 12 each decided to take the risk to walk down the hole. When reaching the bottom, they each carved their names into the rock, and in doing so it brought up a seal. Orchidna being curious decided to touch the seal. When she did the seal broke and a door opened. The ancient seal to the Gates of Hell were broken !

Cutscene showing the 12 Hero's Expedition to the Giant Crater, with Orchidna touching and opening up the ancient seal to Hell.

The Opening of the gate

With Orchidna opening the gate, the 12 hero's were sucked into hell, and to make matters worse some of the Demons and Nachuaui souls came out. While in hell the 12 were at the mercy of Nui and her hideous demons. They were tortured, and mutilated. But deep within Hell, a good soul was still alive. It was the soul of Thiol. Thiol soul came and rescued the 12 from their imprisonment, raised them back to life and into the world before. Their lives now forever changed.

The Promise and The crowning of the 12 Archeangel's

Thiol's soul has been rescued from Hell, but with no body she couldn't sit on top of heaven and guide the world. Thiol summed the 12 hero's who were raised from hell and gave them a promise. Tell the world about the old stories again, and tell the world of the love of Thiol. With that Thiol's soul split into 12 parts and each part went into one of the raised hero's. From this point on the hero's would become Thiol's ArcheAngles. The new guardians of the world. Thiol didn't want Nui's soul to linger in hell so one of the 12 hero's agreed to carry her soul as well, and what a burden that would be.

The new ArcheAngel's of Thiol :

Kyprosa Daeior - She became the Gatekeeper of Hell and Angel of Contact, named Ranshisha.

Gene Evernigh - He became the Angel of Destruction, named Kyrios.

Aranzebia - She became the Angel of the Sea and Change, named Dahuta.

Tahyang Kahlzit - He became the Angel of the Wind.(I can't pronounce his korean

Eanna Nimush - She became the Angel of Nui, She alone would carry Nui soul, and what a burden it would be. She would become the new Nui. Having both part Thiol's soul, and Nui's soul, she became the most powerful Angel of them all.

Ollo - He became the Angel of Iron Will, named Shatagon.

Inoch - He became the Angel of Death and of Sealed Doors, named Hajewa.

Orchidna - Orchidna was different, she actually liked being in hell and made friends with the Demons, she would return back into hell and with all those evil souls it made her crazy and she desired the old Nachuaui ways. So she became the fallen angel.

**As for the rest of the 12, they have very minor parts in the lore, so I don't know much about them yet,

The other 4 became:

- The Angel of Art, Anil
- The Angel of Seasons, Neve
- The Angel of Fortune, Iji
- The Angel of Vengeance, Adalnus

The Death of Thiol

After the final death of the mother goddess the world returned to a state of normalcy, and the new Angels became almost godlike in power and inherited dominion over the world. This marked the end of the Rose Era and brought us into a new Era. The Arche Age (The era of the Arche Angles).


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OP  10/28/13 2:10:48 AM#3

ArcheAge- Age of the Arche Angles (The Third Age)

The Rise of Kyrios (Angel of Destruction)

At the beginning of this period, some of the demons and Nachuaui escaped from the Gates of Hell when the 12 opened the gates by accident. The angel of Nui (Eanna Nimush) perused them across several continents, sealing them away in another dimension. Also during this time the Angel of the Wind (Tahyang Kahlzit) collected all of the Ferre to leave the other races too create their own great empire. But all was not good. One Angel, the angel of Destruction (Gene Evernight) could not handle his powers. Maybe it was the torture he received while he was in hell, but non the less he went mad with power. Upon seeing the Angel of Wind taking the Ferre people, Kyrios (Angel of Destruction) grew jealous and killed him. As a consequence, the Ferre people left the Lost Continent and were nomadic for a time, eventually settling on the Eastern continent and making it their own.

Kyrios then went after Melisara, Tahyang and Aranzeb. Killing them all, and taking their part of Thiols souls into himself. Later he would banish their mortal souls into hell. With each killing he became more and more powerful, and soon the rest of the Angels had to do something before it was too late.

The war of the Angels

Inoch (The Angel of Death and Sealed Doors) and The angel of Nui devised a plan, separate Kyrios from Thiol's souls and send his mortal soul to hell. It worked but this separation caused a catastrophic explosion that caused the Lost Continent to crumble. Almost everyone in the known world died, the Angel of Nui created a portal so that the last remaining people were able to get through and survive. In saving the people The angel of Nui used up all her powers, and thus she herself was sealed back into hell. She sacrificed herself so others could live.

**Because of the conflicts between the Angles who were, yet were not gods, the Lost Continent collapsed.

Here is a Cut Scene (second part)of Kyrios trying to kill the other angles, and in the end his soul separation causing a catastrophic explosion, with the angel of Nui sacrificing herself to save the last of the people of the lost continent.

This is actually the opening CS of the game.

In a deep depression the Angel Dahuta (Aranzebia) sealed herself in an abyssal island due to her love for her Godfather, Aranzeb,who didn't make it out of the collapse in time, in doing so it caused the sea to lay calm, quiet, and tranquil. Also somehow during the collapse the Angel of Iron Walls, Shatagon(Ollo) was confined for unknown reasons.

Lucius survived the collapse and became the messenger, spreading the word of the Angel of Nui, the old stories and Thiol.

History of the Nuian Continent

After the collapse of the Lost Continent, a large scale migration of human races from the Lost Continent to a new continent took place. After the Angel of Nui's sacrifice, humans, Elves, and Dwarves inhabited the Nuian continent's White Forest, divided in to tribes: Humans in the East, Elves in the North, and Dwarves East of the Elves.

The humans who had settled on the peninsula of Salislead began to call themselves "Nuians," after the Angel of Nui who sacrificed herself for their sake. The Nuians worked hard to build their new civilization on Nuia, but they met with interference from restless spirits, who were warded away by the great Nuian wizard, Salisleon.

Nearly 100 years had passed when the Nuian population expanded to the Crescent Bay, bringing about two claims for the crown between the Alleon family, based in Salislead, and the Salrium family. As Alleon and Salrium forces crossed paths in the Crescent Bay, conflict arose, and the region of Shipjabal Plains was engulfed in what would come to be known as the Eclipse War. Suffering defeat in the Eclipse War, the royal family of Salrium fled to the continent of Harihara, and they called themselves Hariharans.

The Alleon won the Eclipse War when they defeated the remaining Salrium forces across the sea. In the aftermath, the Alleon forces that remained in the Crescent Bay were split between the Salislead Peninsula and the city of Izuna, and it was unclear to whom the crown belonged. Over time, Izuna thrived with the support of the Weirdwind, Noryette, and Triste families. The Crescent Throne forces merged when the Elves and Nuians formed a coalition and began construction of the capital of Mariano.

The boundaries of the union expanded as the Weirdwind family took over the Swamps of Hell, the Noryette family took the Golden Plains, and the Triste family took Long Sand. Meanwhile, the Inis family who had been islanders that were persecuted during the war, expanded Eastward across the sea, and the Inis family called their new land Inistel.

Because their king had killed "Kyrios" 2,000 years ago, the Elves held nothing but hatred for "Kyrios" and as a consequence, they interacted very little with other races.

History of the Eastern Continent

After their defeat in the war, the Salrium settled in Ostera, and they gave their continent a new name; "Harihara." Although the family held the crown in their old lands and in the city of Izuna, they failed to claim it among the Hariharan people. After repeated failure to expand further East, the Empress Paltavi formed a great empire in Hariharalaya. As the Hariharans tried to build their empire, they came in to conflict with the indigenous Ferre people, but the Ferre were much stronger and quicker. The Hariharans changed their strategy and began to settle in lands that were more wild and not inhabited by the Ferre.

After some time, the entire continent united as Harihara, under the Hariharalaya Empire. Hariharalaya was able to absorb the Ferre because their numbers had drastically decreased over the course of the war. This planted the seeds of antagonism within the empire, and four kingdoms stood divided. Within the empire, Ostera stood alone in its desire for independence, which quickly brought about Ostera's Revoulutionary War. The rebellion failed, but independence was gained when Empress Paltavi passed away, and the Hariharalaya Empire collapsed, causing the Ferre to drift away from Isbara, dispersed among the separate Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern empires.

After the collapse of the empire, hostilities still existed, but they faded with time and the Hariharan Union came together again. Of this coalition, the Western was the most developed, dwelling in the old Imperial Capital. The Southern empire was propserous, and the relatively small Northern and Eastern forces came together with it in Maha Devi.

The influence of the Isbaran Empire shifted to the Nuian powers, who had come from the island of Inis and established Inistel. There was controvercy in inistel as the Nuians expanded their influence.

The Fall of Empress Paltavi

The Empress Paltavi was responsible for the unification of the Hariharalaya empire, and its subsequent demise. Towards the end of her reign, it was discovered she worshipped the evil Nachuaui, and it was due to their cruel desires that war raged. It is also believed that the Osteran independence movement was a consequence of the discovery of her evil worship. Because she worshipped Nachuaui beliefs, she broke free from the rest of the cultures and started making mecca tech again. To this day the Hariharalaya Empire creates mecca tech, which upsets the elves and nunians a great deal, and thus the split into different factions.

The Second Advent of Kyrios

The alternate dimension that is a world beyond the known world, is called Kyrios; named for the Angel Kyrios, as that is where he is trapped. In the world beyond, the Angel Nui keeps Kyrios from entering the world, but her hold grows weaker and weaker, and occasionally a gateway is opened thus creating Dark Rifts in the world, and his invading armies . The Angel of Nui is sealed away with him because she is the only one who can keep him at bay, but no one can predict how strong Kyrios might become. Currently, efforts are being made to revive and make him into a God, by the Angel of Destruction (Gene Evernight), and the New Angel (Tahyang Kahlzit) by the Shadow Order and School of Arkanis.

The Rise of Orchidna

Living in hell has made Orchidna quite mad, and now in control of both Demons , Antalrone and his Nachuaui army has made her quite powerful. Always hating the world for treating her like dirt, she wishes nothing but the full destruction of the world. With the seal weakining, gateways are opened thus creating Fire Rifts, and her demon armies. There are still worshippers who dream of one day the world will go back to the old days where the Nachuaui ruled.

Cut Scenes of Orchidna and her demon army

Dahuta's Servants

If the Angel Dahuta awakens, both her and the Lost Continent will forever be cut away. Therefore, the Angel's Dahuta's servants want to control the world for their own. With gateways being formed thus creating Water Rifts. The King servants the Kraken and the Leviathan seek to control the world. The seaway between the Eastern and Western continents is calm. There are demon worshippers who are trying to resurrect the Angel Dahuta.

***So far there are only 3 types of Rifts in AA. Dark, Fire and Water. I am sure more will come later. (They just like rifts from Rift)


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10/28/13 2:52:25 AM#4

Just to note...

Someone already did this long time ago

Also, there is a post on about this Lore too with great concept art pictures (about the characters).

Also, more AA lore can be found at


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OP  10/28/13 3:13:49 AM#5

Originally posted by LlexX
Just to note...

Someone already did this long time ago

Also, there is a post on about this Lore too with great concept art pictures (about the characters).

Also, more AA lore can be found at

Thanks Llexx for pointing out that someone else had translated the lore, I am sure he won't mind that I used some of his stuff.

Also whatever happened to Wanderer ? He was great at doing AA lore...


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3/23/14 2:17:21 AM#6
Good thread been trying to locate lore for this game

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3/24/14 5:23:58 AM#7
thnx for the thread