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ArcheAge Forum » General Discussion » What ruins Archeage...

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Your tears make my gun work better.

3/12/13 6:53:02 AM#81
Originally posted by Ehllfhire
Originally posted by asmkm22
Originally posted by azzamasin
Traditional Tab Targetting is the biggest thing followed by a reliance on systems that only a small percentage of people will utilyze.  A personal prference would be the character animations and character models.  Not a fan of the art style nor of the overly cartony/anime'ish art or animations.

What is the problem with tab targetting?  I see this come up once in a while, but I don't understand the complaint. 

I dont see a problem either. people who want FPS dynamics can play the failed games that have it TERA and TSW etc

Neither of those games failed, at all or even close to it.   Way to pop off about something you have no idea about. 

Anyway back on point, there is nothing wrong with tab tageting.  Kids just think that since it is not the same as x, y, or z game which they play and enjoy it is not the proper way to do things.  Either way works, and works well.

The interwebs are full of chicken littles, armchair generals, and know it alls.  I suggest not listening to any of them and forming your own opinion.  I do this and it has made me much happier and better informed. 

If you want a new idea, go read an old book.


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3/12/13 7:46:13 AM#82

I didn't realise tab targeting was even a subject.  I do want to add my 2 pence though.  I can tell from most of the comments that most people here are WASD or cursor key movement users.  Which I have to say I envy people that can do that.  I however, being one of those with slower reflexes, use the mouse to move. Therefore, when I move, my mouse cursor is locked out, so  it is impossible for me to target anyone without tab targeting.  The only way I could avoid tab targetting would be macro/keybinding it in (I assume), but since I play for fun I don't really want to spend my limited time left on this earth, learning how to do this.

Just because I play that way doesn't make me a fail player, I'd be a much bigger fail as a player if I tried using the keyboard to move.

So, that said, tab targeting is not a choice for me it's what makes it possible for me to play mmo's.  It's the reason why when I thought I'd give Mortal Online a go I gave up after 10 mins, because my skill with a keyboard sucks.



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3/12/13 8:09:18 AM#83
Originally posted by Camthylion
I don't think many can say what ruins the game... no one has even tried it yet.  Still, NA fans are brickering over this or that, give it a break until you try the game.  smh

Actually a lot of people have tried it. It's been released for a while in Korea, you know.


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3/12/13 10:04:28 PM#84

Personally, i prefer FPS style combat mechanics.  But if you really think tab targetting makes for a skill-less game,

plz come get  your ass kicked in Age of  Wushu, really plz do, you'll be surprised.


As for me though, i'd totally dig a MMO using Mount and Blades combat mechanics.

No RNG, jus you and me.... BWWAAAAAAAARG!



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3/12/13 10:43:51 PM#85

I don't get it........?

To me tab targeting keeps you immersed. You have to be paying attention, using your reflexes to target between enemies to stop a cast or switch a target, moving mouse to aim at a target and then mash my spell is pretty effortless and boring In my opinion. Can you really have  solid PvP  with gameplay like Tera, Neverwinter, raiderz, etc.... that all attacks root your charcater to the ground until your attack is complete......

Is it not fun doing PvE and bouncing around all while attacking? It doesn't sound like much, but instead of mashing 8 buttons while rooted to the ground and knowing when that next big boss attack is coming only to hit left or right twice to dodge it, or hit your right mouse button to block some of the damge, wouldnt it be more fun, challenging, exciting to be attacking that same boss while bouncing around waiting for that big attack so you can line of sight it behind an in game object?

If anything ruins Archeage it is not the target system, and when we say "ruin" we mean the game wont be a success because of it.

If you are going to have non tab targeting, then make the attacks instant. I know people will say thats the difference between skill and no skill, I have to say that is incorrect and that is more luck dodging a spell or attack than skill, and skill actually comes into play when you know how to counter a so cast spell..... not hopefully hitting your dodge button fast enough knowing so called spell is incoming.

The End


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3/13/13 7:35:53 AM#86
Originally posted by Biskop
Originally posted by steelwind

Players have been begging for a game that breaks the trend of Wow clones for quite a while now. Many games have released trying to be different but they haven't gone far enough thus they all suffer from short term commitment from their players.

Now finally a game is about to release with far more that is different from the recent clones than is the same and all the playerbaser wants to talk about is what they do not like about it?! How about some threads talking about the good, and the things that are exciting and different about this title?

So here we are at the cusp of our first AAA Sandbox/Themepark hybrid, lets have some balanced discussions about it. Let others share their excitement and concerns. IMHO this is the first game to release that deserves hype as it is actually taking risks and attempting to step outside the Wow mold we have been forced to live in for so many years. Given how much is right about Archeage, it is very disheartening to hear uninformed negative players only wanting to focus on what nitpicky feature it may be lacking or try and change the games core mechanics to meet their unreasonable needs.

Everyone has different needs out of their MMO and some things are far more important to some than others. If kill, kill, kill is your thing and the only thing you care about is combat and could care less about activities outside that, then THIS IS NOT THE GAME FOR YOU and probably never will be. For the rest of us, Archeage may symbolize what we have been waiting for a very long time and the game deserves to be recognized for what it is ACTUALLY trying to be. The more threads that are created only focusing on the negative, without the balance of the positive is doing a great disjustice to those looking for something different and are just trying to get a feel as to what they game is all about.

Sorry had to be said....

/rant off

First of all AA is not the first modern AAA themepark/sandbox hybrid. For example, Age of Wushu is soon to be released in NA and it sports just as many, if not more, innovative and unique features than AA, and it sure as hell "steps outside the WoW mold" in more ways than I care to list here.

Secondly, I'm very sceptical of this messianistic approach, where people aren't allowed to criticize a game just because some fans have been waiting for it a long time or somehow thinks that its symbolic value as The Sandbox Game puts it above criticism.

If you're after a balanced discussion you should accept that there are things about AA that some people don't like. To me the concerns raised in this thread, combined with other information I've read earlier, strenghtens my fears that AA will not be the game I was so hyped about a couple of years ago when I first heard of it. Some things keep reappearing, like:

* Quest-heavy, linear progression leading up to an "endgame"

* Lack of meaningful PvP

* Lack of a dynamic economy (no item decay being the main culprit here)

* Generic combat (a matter of taste ofc but a 2013 game can hardly be considered ultra-innovative if it has 2003 style combat)

* Several incomplete core features

All this leads me to think AA may not be that innovative or mold-breaking after all. It's probably a great game in its own right but the hype was (as always) toally unrealistic and trying to silence valid criticism won't help that fact.

Of course, pointless and uninformed bashing should be avoided, but afaik a lot of the mixed reviews comes from people who have actually played the game and understood its systems and features, not from rabid internet haters who just spout troll nonsense. Threads like this should not be written off as simple negativity; after all, we are not obliged to hype a game just because it has built an image of "stepping outside the WoW mold".

This is exactly how I feel, too. Thanks for pointing that out.


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3/25/13 6:15:42 PM#87
Originally posted by steelwind

Well then if you HAVE played it, give it the credit it is due. The picture you paint is that it is crap. If you have actually played it, then you can probably agree Archeage is in a completely different catagory than the dribble that has been released the past few years. It deserves better than that.

I am sorry I am not trying to call you out and I do respect your opinion but in general there has been too much unneeded/unfounded negativity about Archeage (maybe peeps are mentally pitting it against TESO). I am just trying to foster a bit more positive about it because IMHO it deserves it.

How much are you being paid to pimp this game and respond to every post that dares question how great AA is?

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