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Pandora Saga Forum » General Discussion » Honest 7 day review without the Fanboy or troll mindset.

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OP  4/28/11 1:28:50 PM#1

Hello everyone I'm Drowd!

I'm  gonna give MY view on Pandora Saga after my 7 days of playtime, but first I'd point out my mmo style I'm a pro fighter who owns a gym and trains other fighters so after years of FFXI then EQ2/WoW and Vanguard I ran out of time to be hardcore but I"m not cookie cutter by any means.  I also must say that I'm 33 years old and my first MMO was FFXI, but when I started looking for a new MMO I wanted the FFXI grouping with freedom to solo if I didn't have lots of time to play. I also wanted Vanguard like gafix or something atleast better than most games, so below is my semi review of Pandora Saga. I know there are people who will say "oh look he made an account just to hype this game" no actually my old name is Illbleed but I can't remember old email I had and old password because I only ever posted 5 times in months so I made a new account.


Grafix:  7.5

I think it looks like an HD version of FFXI so no over the top system req. I like when mmo looks good and most pc can play it.

Character/ Class selection: 10

All I can say about it is it's vast, they are 6 races and a huge amount of classes they took the class system EQ2 started with where you start out as a basic Warrior then at lvl 20 you can split into a Knight or Gladiator then at 45 can become a Paladin or Juggernaught I love it they classes work well and all fits nicely in the game world.

Sound: 3.5

I wish they would have tried harder it sounds like a sub def sega dreamcast games music was used.

Story: 4

I like the whole nation vs nation vs the npc hidden enemy but they didn't show much depth or focus in telling the main story. I also wanna say that this game requires players to read because the npc sends you to quest but only the quest book will keep you up to date once you imbark on a quest there is no arrows or lines leading you to a goal only a really small flag on a map that doesn't show if you'rew not in correct zone only the quest log tell you the zone to visit lol.

Item shop: 9

I like that the item shop don't make the game, I see good weapons and racial gear on shop but most players I see and wearing stuff from in-game drops or shops so no you don't need to "pay to win" thank goodness.

Crafting: 0

What crafting? Seems the devs forgot some people like to craft and sell items foolish mistake even a click this to combine this to make that style would have been better than none.

Grind: 6 overall

This is where I've seen most of the sky is falling complaints that actually kept me from trying this game for a bit and then I used my own head and tried anyway. I must say I know the new area of playschool is upon us and players don't like to grind well, that's too dang bad you grind in every game you play even in Madden football (throw to this reciver runs with this back tackle this guy all for points and not to give up points). I broke the grind down into what I call rich dummy terms below.

Questgrind: 4

This is your standard kill X amount of these go find Y item bring it back to a npc turn in for xp/cash reward and it can be boring or fun at times done in groups or solo and one of the best way to keep your wallet filling up with reward money and cash drops so take it in stride.

Solo grind: 7

Yes you can solo as we all should be able to, but what they did and I respect is they made solo slower than grouping and guess what that's how it should be seeing as more people would mean you're killing faster than the solo person. I solo'd to 20 in just over 1 1/2 hours not bad at all I spoke in relm chat while doing so was it boring sometimes yes sometimes no.

Group grind: 8

I like grouping and this game has it from early lvls all the way forward, there are some quest and mobs you just can't solo. I think the way the Devs did it in this game is 100% correct seeing as it's a MMO you should need to group for more than just Raids and PvP and here while you can solo grouping is faster and IMHO just plain more fun.

                                                   (END OF GRIND SECTION).

PvP: 7

I hate pvp and I always suck at it, but heck even with my total lack of any pvp skills (can't even play shooters online with any real success) I had a blast. Nation vs Nation small to large scale battles like I said pvp not my thing but atleast it's fun.

Leveling time: 10

I like the fact that it totally depends on you how fast you lvl. I lvled to 40 in a week on one toon and have another at 20 that took 3 days just so I could enjoy each area I was in, if you wanna blast to max lvl in a few days you can if you wanna do a steady climb you can it's really that simple. I think solo and group players can hit max without turning this game into a second job in like 3 weeks easy.

Game stability: 8

I haven't had many issues other than Central Plaza cause of all the players sitting around with shops open, seeing as most the Devs for this game actually used to work at SE and worked on FFXI I'd think they would use an auction house knowing it would shrink the whole over crowding player shop issue but it's no a big deal at all, I have had issues anywhere other than central plaza.

Player base: 9

I see tons of players, I haven't been in a single area that was barren and had no players not only do a good amount of people play they're mostly all good helpful and kind people. I think a lot of p2p games player base should look at how the players in this game act to each other I was offered help from a guy simply because he realized I was new.

Overall review: 7.4

I'm new at the whole review a game thing I normally just play so I may have left a bit to be wanted but like I said it's just my view, I say Pandora Saga is a good game and should be played by anyone who wants a f2p game that has something more to offer than a cash shop. I love the player base, I love the solo/group friendly aspects and the fact there is some spots where the game is just plain hard, you can clearly see the FFXI foundation of this game but where FFXI forced us to group Pandora doesn't force us it simply makes grouping a faster option like it should be. I mean can a person solo build a house faster than a crew of people could build the same house? Well that's my two cents have a blessed day guys and gals.


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11/28/12 9:43:11 AM#2

Nice review.  


I was wondering why it felt so similar to FFXI.  Cool to know that some FFXI developers made this game.