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Red 5 Studios | Official Site
MMOFPS | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 07/09/13)  | Pub:Red 5 Studios
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Firefall Videos: Firefall: All About the Story (7:22)

Red 5 and the Firefall dev team have a terrific new video diary about the story behind the game including the announcement that Orson Scott Card is working with the team to build the backstory!

Red 5 and the Firefall dev team have a terrific new video diary about the story behind the game including the announcement that Orson Scott Card is working with the team to build the backstory!
Duration: 7:22
Views: 4,548  43 comments
Game: Firefall
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kiarash64 writes:


Fri Jul 01 2011 1:22PM Report
EndDream writes:

Firefall looks great but I'm tired of all this story crap. I want to make my own story =(

Fri Jul 01 2011 1:23PM Report
whilan writes:

Seems Bioware is startinga  trend with this story thing :P

Fri Jul 01 2011 1:50PM Report
Nilenya writes:

I love Enders Game and will definately be following this title. Orson Scott Card is an amasing writer.

Fri Jul 01 2011 1:52PM Report
Darkholme writes:

Wow that actually does sound really cool. Just having Orson Scott Card helping with the backstory of the game is huge... 

Fri Jul 01 2011 2:07PM Report
Tamanous writes:

People thinking story is new to video games .... BUHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Oh dear lord new gamers are spoon fed neophytes.

whilan writes:

Seems Bioware is startinga  trend with this story thing :P

whilan writes:

Seems Bioware is startinga  trend with this story thing :P

whilan writes:

Seems Bioware is startinga  trend with this story thing :P

whilan writes:

Seems Bioware is startinga  trend with this story thing :P

Fri Jul 01 2011 2:08PM Report
elocke writes:

FTP and Manga!?  We're being invaded by the East!!!

Heheh, I kid, I kid.  I would rather see movies and gameplay though, than manga and webcomics.  The latter just doesn't immerse me in any way shape or form.

Fri Jul 01 2011 2:12PM Report
JoyBoy80 writes:

This is ppl that love what they do and they want us to love it just like they do and that wahat we need now in this time of crap mmos. Keep on loving what you do guys and the ppl will come.

Fri Jul 01 2011 2:34PM Report
Eladi writes:

Lets just rememeber Firefall wont be a MMORPG, its a MMOG. Despite that it could turn out to be a nice game.

This vid however is pure hype building, key words comic,story,free.

Free is kinda obvious,

Comic,I cant help but to think about the sw:tor comic line. and the same goos for story,  its the new buzz in mmo land it seems.

Fri Jul 01 2011 2:53PM Report
Warzod writes:

Putting story into a FPS is not a challenge. Getting the average 2 dimensional FPS fan to give a blip about any of it is near impossible. Take a clue from Planetside, Global Agenda, a hundred other FPS games that tried very hard to incorporate a great story into the game world only to fail to realize shooter players hate to read, they hate to wait, all they want is pewpewpew. Anything that takes them away from that will only piss them off.

Fri Jul 01 2011 2:55PM Report
nomss writes:

Umm.... Voice Overs?

Fri Jul 01 2011 2:56PM Report
twoodhouse writes:

ppl stop being jaded and cynical. Orson Scott Card is awesome. The game looks awesome. Manga can be awesome. Will it all come together into something ultra-awesome?  Time will tell, but it's refreshing to see a game company striving for something uncommon the way Red 5 is.

Fri Jul 01 2011 3:23PM Report
Xersues writes:

lol that guy had some sharp teeth.

That aside, everything is looking really awesome for this game. It just quietly showed up one day and it looks like the hype train is getting ready to roll.

Fri Jul 01 2011 3:52PM Report
Vindictus writes:

I was not interested in FireFall at all really, until I saw this.

Fri Jul 01 2011 4:59PM Report
MumboJumbo writes:

OK, really interested in Firefall, but agree with eladi... this comes ACROSS as marketing horse-sh*t.

Either it IS or it's presented as such that has thrown me?

As said, this game looks good, but cut the %^&*! and talk intelligently about the game and the story instead of feeding this emotion-packaged goup...

Really lousy presentation on an otherwise very exciting MMOG imo.

Fri Jul 01 2011 5:56PM Report
Tyrang writes:

I felt like the "story" pitch has officially so overused in MMO-space that it starts to sound gimmiky, which is really wrong. Seriously story should be the important part of any game even without hyping. 

In another word, it should not be your selling point. It should be a requirement.

Oh well.....

Fri Jul 01 2011 6:29PM Report
Robbgobb writes:

This game has a PvE and PvP side to it. It does have progression in it. Other than aim based over target locked, from what I read it is like most of the MMORPGs I have seen in past couple of years. The manga is cool to me. I enjoy reading about the game history and story. That is part of what draws me into a game. 

I do agree though that there should have been more information about what is going on with progress of the game because they gave no information other than about the story.

Fri Jul 01 2011 6:38PM Report
Wizardry writes:

Starts with Unreal Tournament music,but that is where it ends.The game looks too cheap,the characters cant be more than a couple hundred polys.weapons are lmao.

Fri Jul 01 2011 7:15PM Report
M1sf1t writes:

I like the video but I couldn't really get pass the fangs on the guy talking about the game. lol

Fri Jul 01 2011 7:34PM Report
Zeroxin writes:

Udon is not Manga, Udon is UDON!!!

Fri Jul 01 2011 7:58PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

Huh. The end of the universe i just down the street. =D

Looking forward to hear more real news, though. This is not a much more than a cheer "We have story, yes we do!" Show some gameplay mechanics and vehicle combat, please.

Fri Jul 01 2011 8:54PM Report
Terranah writes:

Holy crap, look at that developers mouth.  He's a freaking VAMPIRE!

Fri Jul 01 2011 9:48PM Report
nezbel writes:

All I gotta say is why are they calling it a manga? It's made in America so just call it a comic or hell, graphic novel.

Sat Jul 02 2011 1:19AM Report
Lyrisius writes:

This is so awesome. Love Enders Game and Enders Shadow. Really looking forward to seeing what the Card family will do with the story.

Didn't know that he had a writer daughter, have to look in to that.

Sat Jul 02 2011 4:34AM Report
Dvalon writes:

is it me or is that guy a Vampire ?

Sat Jul 02 2011 6:41AM Report
Coman writes:

Come on folks it a video diary, with normally tend to be about 1 features at a time and this time it was the story and a good way to introduce the writer. I really do not see this as some marketing bullshit...well not more of less then the avarage video diary that is. 

Sat Jul 02 2011 7:58AM Report
aspekx writes:

i love a number of stories by OSC and getting to hear a coupla the dev team along with him talk about their own excitement about what they do makes me excited.

this is the power of doing what you love. that enthusiasm can spread to other people. i hadn't given this game a second thought, but now im going to be watching for it to open.

Sat Jul 02 2011 9:03AM Report
Inoxium writes:

i realy got hyped now, most people don't understand how important the story is for an mmo - OSC is MY FAVORITE writter all time - god i can't wait to play this game

Sat Jul 02 2011 9:46AM Report
Pilnkplonk writes:

i really don't have the foggiest idea why a mmofps should have a "story" with characters. it's ridiculous imo.

the setting is very important, and the characters inhabiting that setting are important as well and i can see the wisdom in getting a pro like OSC to flesh out the world.. however why should we follow some npcs and their hand-wringing personal dramas is completely beyond me.

in the immortal words of pfc Vasquez: "Just show me where they are."

Sat Jul 02 2011 3:59PM Report
Pilnkplonk writes:

basically this video with it "story story story" and talk of "following the storyline" is the first negative thing i've learned about firefall. what's this trip about "story" crap in mmos these days? is it all about jumping on bioware's "hero story hero story" bandwagon? mmos are games, persistent multiplayer word first and foremost and not some space soap opera mini-series that happens to be somewhat interactive.

Sat Jul 02 2011 4:06PM Report
gigat writes:

Ugh... that video actually decreased my interest in this game..

Sat Jul 02 2011 7:03PM Report
Saorlan writes:

My god that CEO is so annoying. I would not be able to work with him without wanting to tell him to talk properly and stop being such an ashat. 

Sun Jul 03 2011 12:50AM Report
Sabbicat writes:

I'm sure the Manga will be great but I would have rathered a 300 pg book by OSC.

Sun Jul 03 2011 8:40AM Report
A.Blackloch writes:


Sun Jul 03 2011 3:43PM Report
Sinn writes:

Saorlan - you know you wouldn't even say anything like that to him you dork.  I am having a good laugh at the comments about his sharp teeth though. I am glad the trend of storytelling is improving for MMOs because alll of them are horrendously awful and really don't bring you into the world or make you care about each quest story

Mon Jul 04 2011 12:52AM Report
Inoxium writes:

There's something that i realy don't understand, for all those people that don't appreciate lore / or don't like orson scott card ( i can't imagine why someone would but... ) if you don't like it just don't read it - why make all this fuss? 

To be honest people don't realise how important lore is to a game - ANY type of game

Mon Jul 04 2011 1:41AM Report
Pilnkplonk writes:


The lore is not the problem. Lore is hugely important and it is great that OSC, whom I really admire, is working on that.

What bothers people is this "story" thing where you have to follow some kind od space soap-opera plot with some bunches of pixels (aka NPCs) trying to solve their virtual neuroses by using up your game time.

I prefer to write my own story within the lore of the game, rather than follow some pre-writen plotline involving some fake virtual people for whose existential problems I couldn't care less.

Lore <> Story

These are two completely different things. You can have one without the other.

Mon Jul 04 2011 8:47AM Report
Skuz writes:

OSC is a gaybashing tool, f**k him & his stories! Gaymmandos invading, slaughter them!

Mon Jul 04 2011 5:55PM Report
Lyram writes:

I'm surprised a developer in this day and age would hire Orson Scott Card.  He's an anti-gay activist.  And Red5 did not handle the controversy well on their own boards.

Tue Jul 05 2011 1:08AM Report
mbchudno writes:

Ender's Game is my favorite book, but unfortunately Orson Scott Card has not written anything good since Ender's trillogy.  His last game "Advent Rising" sucked.  Some interesting moments, nothing more.  Serious doubts about this game too.

Tue Jul 05 2011 3:14PM Report
megarax writes:

Ok, team fortress with new skins is a mmorpg?

Tue Jul 05 2011 6:02PM Report
FairlyGrimm writes:

I'm glad their putting the rpg into mmos altho I'm not big on fps and I'm pretty sure the type of crowd fps attract probably could care less about story but for other gamers who were attracted to games for other reasons then just ganking or dashing to end game. Don't get me wrong i like my end game too however i have felt like mmos have been missing out on the rpg aspect for a long time and i for one am glad to see games like GW2 and TSW and STOR trying to put the rpg back into the term mmorpg. If your one of those people who just wants to grind to end game or just shoot people in the face thats fine but their are people out there who would like a little but more to their games and if you dont then insted of bashing them just dont play them go find something that sutes you better.

Tue Jul 05 2011 10:55PM Report
VikingGamer writes:

The problem with story is that stories end but mmos don't. I am not saying story is bad, they are they foundation of connecting you to the world that the story takes place in but at the end of the story you better hope they have a world that will give you enough freedom to make your own stories.

Before this is all over I think we are going to discover that BOTH story and sandbox are essential to creating compeling worlds.

Thu Jul 07 2011 10:34AM Report