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Firefall Forum » General Discussion » 3 keys. Grab em' while they're hot. Also a short review.

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OP  6/12/13 10:31:55 PM#1

[Edited- NDA has been lifted for a while now.  Just wanted to check.]

Welcome to Firefall.  Theres a lot of mining, crafting, and killing bugs.

I mean.. a LOT of mining, crafting, and killing bugs.  Thats.. really all there is to do at the moment.

'Quests'  and the main story arc are still being worked on.  A few dynamic events pop up here and there to spice things up.. but eh.  Its mostly just a big, nice looking sandbox right now where you're left to your own entertainment.

Aliens and beasties and other human factions pop in to stir up trouble now and then, and occasionally even take over an outpost or city, effectivley shutting it down  (..and all the spawing areas and shops inside)  till players take it back.

The crafting system is deep as hell.  If you love crafting, you'll jizz in your pants at all the stuff there is to make.   (...though a good half of it doesn't really 'do' anything at the moment.  Its still very much a work in progress.)


NEGATIVE STUFF-  (As of right now.  This game is very much a 'beta' in the rawest sense of the term.)

Not a lot of direction.  You're gonna get bored if you don't like mining.

No help or tutorials to speak of.  (Though thankfully the small community is 'usually' noob friendly)

NO LOOT.   The drops are shit.  You get a little ammo here, a health pack there...  but thats about it.  (This is another thing they're working on implementing, but as a loot whore, its painful to suffer through.)


As a whole..  I like it.  Kinda reminds me of Starship Troopers.  

Its got a lot of potential, as long as they keep working on that elusive PvE content and stop mucking about in E-sports.

(I haven't tried the PvP, but I hear its pretty decent.  They're trying thier hardest to cater to the 'hardcore' crowd.)

Anyway.  Have fun.  :)





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6/13/13 5:26:10 PM#2
Originally posted by Dirkzen

The crafting system is deep as hell.  If you love crafting, you'll jizz in your pants at all the stuff there is to make.   (...though a good half of it doesn't really 'do' anything at the moment.  Its still very much a work in progress.)

Its got a lot of potential, as long as they keep working on that elusive PvE content and stop mucking about in E-sports.

(I haven't tried the PvP, but I hear its pretty decent.  They're trying thier hardest to cater to the 'hardcore' crowd.)



theres a difference between deep and complex . the crafting system in firefall is complex but in no way is it deep

you start out with a standard battleframe . each battleframe has a few components . the only thing the crafting system allows you to do is simply build an improved version of what you already have. thats it . if you start with a sniper rifle , all you can build is the same sniper rifle but improved , maybe more dmg or an increased clip size.

may i ask what gave you the impression that Firefall is actually working on the E-Sports side of the game ? all the maps and game modes they have right now are incredibly unbalanced and even the developer consider them " just for fun and not meant to be competitive" .

class balance is a mess , curently 2 frames have been incredibly op for months now without even a small hotfix or patch to try and balance them

its been over an year since they released any maps , or even try to ajust the curent maps to fit the new frames and the huge ammounts of aoe spam they do. it takes 4-5 seconds to get from one spawn point to the enemy spawn point , how is that a good thing ?

they cancelled the official tournament (by official i mean prize money was involved ) without even saying a word to the comunity , that just shows how much work they put into the esports part of the game . even they dont consider the game balanced

it has been announced a lot of times that the current focus of the game is PVE

it took 1-2 weeks to fix a game breaking bug , and by game breaking i mean people couldnt even start a pvp match

and the list goes on but im going to stop now , i think its obvious how much effort is going into the " e-sports " side of the game

i will admit , they are curently working on a new game mode ( wich is a copy of bombing run from ut) and they want to make that the competitve game mode for firefall 

just out of curiosity , can you name 1 thing , just one thing , that has been done for the e-sports side of the game ? ( other than the new game mode they are working on ) 

also , please dont talk about pvp if you havent tried it . theres a reason why almost nobody plays pvp and the queue times usually last 15-30 minutes if you are lucky , or up to 40-50 minutes if you are unlucky .

They're trying thier hardest to cater to the 'hardcore' crowd. thats just wrong , check the pvp forum and you will notice just how little comunication there is between developers/comunity managers and the pvp players. on the other hand post a stupid picture in general chat and you will usually find a few dev responses . thats not trying hard , thats simply ignoring pvp

im so tired of people like you who blame every stupid decision Red5 makes on e-sports , when absolutley nothing has been done to promote pvp or even attempt to get more people playing it


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OP  6/15/13 1:19:41 AM#3

I always blame e-sports and I always will.  Its the cancer of gaming.

It brings together the worst of the worst.  The cutthroat scum that are dredged up from the bottom of the internet, with a giant spotlight shown on them for all to see.  People gather round' and watch the spectacle as money rains down upon them for no apparent reason other than to promote that specific game.

I'll admit though.. I do admire your singleminded, blunt critisicm.   (I was almost annoyed, but it seems the only other 4 posts you've ever made have been solid walls of hate.  I applaud you for staying so consistant! )

You make several valid points.   Hell, I didn't even know they canceled it..   that seems a bit troubling.

I'm forever the optimist though.

 I 'want' this game to succeed.  I don't get hooked into games too often  (..I normally get bored and wander off within a month)  but this one has me.   Yes, its unbalanced, yes, its broken,  but i''ve never had so much fun just blasting the hell outta bugs.

I hope they clean up the flaws and make this game as awesome as I 'hope' it'll end up being.   I also hope somehow.. it ends up putting a smile on your face someday  :D


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6/15/13 3:03:10 AM#4

if i gave you the impression that i hate the game , then i must apologize , it was never my intention. i do not hate the game , i simply dont agree with some of  the decision they have made . 

let me give you an example of what i mean :

at first they had levels , but they replaced them with tiers because there was to much vertical progression . 

after they added tiers they realized nothing has changed . a starting frame was much much weaker then a maxed out frame with printed items. after a few nerfs (that didnt do much) they redesigned the progression system again to what we have now.

and now after so many changes they anounced that vertical progression will be in the game , with stage 4 gear being about 225% stronger than a stock frame . what was the point of all the changes ? it would have been much much better to simply refine and expand on the old system instead of spending 2 years just to go back to the original state of the game. think of how much time was wasted  for nothing

one of red5's goals was to allow players to be able to simply jump into the game and play , take part in any event and not be useless. even if you just started playing a frame ( with absolutley no upgrades ) you could still do any event . sure , a progressed frame will be a bit more effective , but still every type of event would still be opened for everyone .

this was their vision until now . they announced there will be content where stock frames "just wont cut it"

how is this different from levels ? instead of saying " hey you need level 5 for this mission " you now say " hey you need stage 4 gear for this"

can you honestly say they didnt waste a lot of develpment time for nothing ?

let me give you a better example . back when we had levels , the battleframe garage was different .

it was a lot more limited . you had a primary weapon , secondary weapon , abilities and battleframe 

now , each of these things had 3 open slots where you could insert mods. so lets take the plasma cannon , you could equip 3 mods , like clip size , aoe , fire rate

very limited , thats true , but imagine what would have happened if they simply refined that system . instead of a complete redesign , they could have created more mods , like faster projectile speed , slower prjectile speed but +20 % more dmg per shot , different alt-fire mods . lets expand that system , now they could open another set of slots , this time for exterior weapon customization like silencers , scopes and things like that. go even deeper , open up a third set of mods , only cosmetics this time , like decals , change the color of you plasma shots ( this could even be another option for the cash shop )

just imagine the ammount of builds and customization this would allow. but , this would be insanely hard to balance so instead they redesigned the game a few times . 

to be honest , the game did put a smile on my face , and i had that smile for a long long time , until a few months ago.

started playing when they had levels , at first i joined for the pve but after trying pvp , i was hooked and never went back .

im one of those players with over 1500 matches played , one of those players that actually waited in queue for 50-70 minutes just to play one game ( sometimes even 2 hours , at wich point i gave up ). thats how much i played and enjoyed firefall

im not an idiot , i realize what type of beta this is , i know the game is not complete (not even close) and i dont have a problem with that . ive been enjoying the game even when there was nothing to do in open world , no mission no dynamic evens , just thumping.

my biggest problem with the game is the direction its going , the recent decission they are making . 

i know you call my post " walls of hate " but can you honestly say im wrong ? im not trying to spread hate for the game , im just trying to be honest . every point i make can easily be seen by everyone with a simple visit to the firefall forums . 

my posts are very negative ( and i agree with that ) , but like i said im being honest. should i not a correct a a person who claims that the pvp maps in firefall are competitive ? should i not correct a person who " heard " that pvp is decent ?

anyway , sorry for the wall of text . if you think any of my points are wrong , feel free to cerrect me and i will apologize



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OP  6/15/13 5:25:10 PM#5
Originally posted by revix013

-A lot of very valid points-


I can't say you're wrong.

I think i'm still in that 'honeymoon' phase where the game can do no wrong, so I overlook a lot of the troubling, glaring issues.

The game is going open beta very, very soon though.  Hopefully when they open the floodgates and get swamped with hordes of people giving their input, we'll see them move a bit more quickly in the right direction.


I hope.  :(