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Firefall Forum » General Discussion » Is it THAT bad?

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OP  4/06/13 10:08:54 PM#1

So, i just got a beta key. Dont really know much about the game but ive seen you guys mention it in various locations on the forum. So i got my key and started downloading a few minutes ago and came to the actual Firefall forum here on mmorpg to do a little reading waiting for my download and it seems people dont like the game :( I thought this was the game with such high praises or maybe im getting it mixed up with something else i have no idea.

Is it that bad? or is it the normal negativity? Of course im gonna log in an give it a spin im just curious mainly if anyone likes it at all? A glance at the first page and it doesnt seem so:(


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OP  4/07/13 11:08:33 PM#2
lol wow.

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4/07/13 11:13:09 PM#3
It's alright but not even close to being finished imo.

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4/07/13 11:14:09 PM#4
It's problem is it's in beta and unfinished and probably will be for a long time. What they have is fun for a while. There just isn't enough game to keep you playing for long.

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4/07/13 11:15:19 PM#5

I really like it, but its a game in progress, they are mostly twiking the game mechanics and impoving the PvE and AI

The only gripe I have about it, is that with the progress of content creation, this game will not reach its full potential in probably another 2 more years, the creation of this game leads me to belive they have a dev team of 2 people, 3 months and get a semi decent patch, that really doesnt add a whole lot to the game.



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4/08/13 3:31:17 PM#6

since big update

experience is near worthless (experience is/was a type of currency used for unlocks) - in game money, crystite, is near worthless

both of those are rewards for doing any activity in the game - and since those rewards are pointless right now............




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cheese cheese wheres da bloody cheese

4/08/13 3:38:09 PM#7

its umm how to put it.

its not that its bad, its more that aside from PvP arena's there isnt anythign to do. you can go out and do these recover missions, or you can run thumpers. the prob is nether of these give you anything other then materials to make bigger thumpers.

right now the story is non existent you cant build, you cant even really find a ryme or reason of what to do other then go out and kill things, heck there isnt a point to pushing back uncontroled areas as it dousnt make any diffrence at all.

the game has been in this state for . . . .well awhile i honestly dont rember how long or how long its been since i got a founders pack. but it has basicly become stagent. there are updatesa and such but they are just minor tweaks to numbers and such and attempts to fix small bugs, heck there are more bugs in it last time i logged in two weeks ago then there where back when i was regular beta testing.

so in short the game HAD potential and still dose, but it hasnt made any move foward in forever, the patchs fill more like things a completed game would be doing on regular maintence rahter then trying to finish the game.

dont know if this help any or anwsers your question but its the best i got.

F2P may be the way of the future, but ya know they dont make them like they used to
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4/09/13 9:41:55 PM#8

Well I really have tried to give the game a chance over the last few months but as others have stated theres really nothing to do in the game and the few things they have to do get old after about 2 day's. This doesn't even touch on the fact that they're more than likely gonna be copying LoL's type of character play where everyone gets the newest op champion that is released. PvP wasn't even worth trying with the spammable F button sin function basically giving a bright red target over someones head whether you saw them or not actually gets rid of any kind of surprise element as many players have stated they have it macroed into their mouse or keyboard to automatically spam it as fast as possible.


The game just entirely wiped the whole progression system and revamped it as well as the crafting system (crafting in this game is just time consuming causing you to have to read for 2-3 hours on how each quality of resource effects each output) Basically takes a few hours to understand how combining any specific resource with whatever quality of that resource to get the type of output you want further more you create a sub component of a component before you create the finalized product (they think this gives crafting depth this also doesnt even begin to touch on the time it takes to craft items all which give the utmost smallest upgrades possible). All in all I just see the game getting worse from this point on don't pay any attention to the vids you see most of which are scripted. Its not going to end up being as original as they claim to be Quests no you wont find some npc with a huge ! over their head but you do constantly get spammed by notifications that theres such and such mission to can go do then gives a giant tracker telling you which way to go as well as showing every thing to go do on the map all that the press of M for the map.


The game in its current state is a grindfest with no purpose whatsoever most likely wait another year or more at least before giving the game a try in its "closed public beta form" I personally have just lost all interest with the idea of the battle frames being directed in a LoL like sense of availability and that they plan on just making more and more frames and turning the game into an Open world shooter version of LoL with pvp maps as well.


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I liked MMOs better when gamers didn't play them, and just geeks did.

4/09/13 9:43:34 PM#9
It's just lacking...soul, I guess is the word. It's pretty much the most generic-feeling game I've played in a long time. The art, the gameplay, the level design, the progression is all pretty yawn-inducing. Soooo...yaa.....

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4/09/13 9:45:25 PM#10
I played the beta for about an hour and uninstalled it after I logged out.

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Joined: 1/21/13
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cheese cheese wheres da bloody cheese

4/09/13 9:49:59 PM#11

updated and poped in to see whaats changd which i do about once a month, adn two things struck me.

1. they ahve added a fully fleshed out tutorial which isnt half bad to be honest and gave me a breaf moment of hope of actual content.

2. although i noticed this awhile back it really stood out to me this time, they have actully removed the few missions that where in the game and replaced them with . . . nothing, you get dropped in the starting area and sent off to figure out what to do or can even be done all on your own.

now i know its beta and asking for content is a bit much but ummm nothing is being updated, and normally in beta you give a list of thing that are being altered and need testing so the testers know what to look for. this game acts like its a finsih product almost in the way the testers are given info.

oh well hopefully it will finish fleshing itself out some time this year.

F2P may be the way of the future, but ya know they dont make them like they used to
Proper Grammer & spelling are extra, corrections will be LOL at.


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4/09/13 9:51:48 PM#12

Its a good game with potential but its still early in beta so theres not much to do atm.

I just have to add that theyre recource/crafting system is amazing. 


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5/09/13 6:54:01 PM#13
Originally posted by Naowut

Its a good game with potential but its still early in beta so theres not much to do atm.

I just have to add that theyre recource/crafting system is amazing. 


the game has been in development for 6-7 years and its going into open beta soon , how can you say its still early in beta ?

also there is nothing amazing about the crafting system . its just very complicated for no real reason. in the end its the same as it was before the big .6 patch . you can only update the same stats as before , for example take the servos (those are parts of the the battleframe responsible for moving speed) , before 0.6 you could increase jump height , run speed and sprint speed. after the patch those are the same stats that can be updated , nothing has changed , nothing has become amazing , its just the same thing but presented in a more complex way for no real reason. also , going from 5 m/s run speed to 5.2 m/s is not that amazing , it adds nothing to your gameplay , you will still play you battleframe as you did before . (those are actual values , and thats actually the the entire progression system/crafting) you spend time and resources for small improvements like that . so after a lot of grinding and wasted time crafting things you end up with the same items you had before but just a bit better (there is no visual modification , even with fully crafted items you will look the same as before).

let me ask you this about the crafting system , can you actually build anything interesting that has a real impact on how you play a battleframe  ? can you build a different weapon for an assault other than a plasma cannon ? 

no , the entire crafting system is limited to simply upgrading a few stats that will make you a bit stronger and thats it (and again , the improvements  are so minor that you almost dont even notice them) , there is no customization , all assaults will use a plasma cannon and they will all look the same .

this is just a personal opinion , but i simply see no point in even touching the crafting system . why bother wasting so much time and effort for nothing ?


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5/10/13 10:08:56 AM#14

thank you for that summary

have tried explaining this to others but had a hard time getting my point across

needless layers of complexity were added to get the same results - and on top of that the carrot really isn't worth the stick


i actually jumped back into "thumpfall" once the beta crystite items were announced - started grinding away because i wanted the new glider wings - until i realized i probably wasn't gonna play the game at release so what i was doing was ridiculous - sigh