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MMOFPS | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 07/09/13)  | Pub:Red 5 Studios
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Firefall Forum » General Discussion » Firefall -- this MMO is full of WIN !!!

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11/14/12 8:17:30 AM#21
Yep, the game shows great fun in small doses, due to the fact that the game lacks things to do right now, but otherwise it's a great shooter MMO to play.

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Joined: 11/14/12
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11/14/12 2:06:31 PM#22
I would love to try it, but alas the dev puts its ads EVERYWHERE, and I have been on the list for beta since week 1 lol. Yet no invite. I hate how these things work.

Sorry for party rockin.....


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Joined: 7/27/11
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11/14/12 2:11:29 PM#23
You can get instant access by purchasing a founders pack for $20. I did that a few nights ago, really enjoying the game so far. Has a few bugs here and there but overall its awesome combo of mmo and fps.

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11/23/12 6:56:38 AM#24
playing the beta, loving it -- reeeeally cool MMOFPS

Apprentice Member

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11/23/12 7:57:57 AM#25

Also liked it for a day or two but then it got so grindy and monotonous that I told myself to stop playing until PvE content is released.

Concerning aiming and pvp I have to admit that this was one of the least fun tps/fps pvp I have played. I can't really nail it but it did not feel fun.


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Haggis Humper

11/23/12 8:03:22 AM#26

I ended up with the same impression many of you did and ended up a bit bored after a few days of only an hour or two a day. I'd avoided installing the beta a year and a half ago to give it some time to be fleshed out after reading their forums back then, even now it feels like it's still got a long way to go.

Not a bad game by any means, it has plenty of potential but i'd have expected them to be further along by now.


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Joined: 9/22/11
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11/23/12 8:23:22 AM#27

Not my type of game to be honest.    They did marry shooter in mmo pve enviroment similar to mmorpg games. 

I am not saying this is bad thing, because it is not. I am sure there are people that will like it.  I am just saying I personally am not attracted to something like that.  So I did play few times for few hours and unintalled.   Not for me.


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11/23/12 8:30:37 AM#28
The engine is not Unreal engine, it is Offset Engine :, heavily modified cell-shaded version of Offset Engine.

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11/24/12 10:26:51 AM#29
Can't wait for Open world pvp to be added.

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OP  11/29/12 1:18:03 PM#30
I know what I will be playing the whole weekend :D

Secrets of Dragon´s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

Best MMOs ever played: Ultima, EvE, SW Galaxies, Age of Conan, The Secret World

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11/30/12 5:25:14 AM#31

It must be so quiet because everyone is playing it ?

I mean .. man, yesterday it was all full of Chosen arround Copa ..


Advanced Member

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12/02/12 11:47:30 AM#32

Was pleasantly surprised by Firefall as well. The outrageous accents of the characters and over the top artstyle somehow fit the world perfectly. An open world which is pretty impressive as well for a F2P game and one that is filled with public event type things and fun story quests.

The PvP is also fun and fast paced and reminds me of a mix of global agenda / TF2 with older shooters like quake 3.

Firefall doesn't try to be the next ultra realistic shooter where you have to deal with recoil and reticle bloom etc, that's a great thing imo.

Like others in this thread, I do see the game getting old fast without some super challenging group PvE content or some persistent ongoing PvP.

Feel free to use my referral link for SW:TOR if you want to test out the game. You'll get some special unlocks!


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Why is it that fantasy trolls are vulnerable to fire, but internet trolls thrive on flame wars?

12/02/12 12:01:22 PM#33

I usually hate shooters, but I love Firefall.

What does that say?

Since when is Tuesday a direction?


Apprentice Member

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12/02/12 12:08:56 PM#34
Instanced pvp though. I'll pass and stick with ps2.

Spotlight Poster

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12/02/12 1:48:49 PM#35

I'm enjoying my time with the game as well.  I was pleasantly suprised that I really liked the graphics and art style when I got in game.  I usually hate cartoony graphics but these seem to fit the game well and it does seem like an exotic alien world that is quite immersive (especially at night).  Nice to have the option of first person and a type of third person.  I've not had a lot of time with the game so I haven't been able to experience most things.  Just a positive first impression.


I do have a few concerns.  I think this game needs a tutorial.  The inventory and ui are odd along with the character "progression" system for an MMO.  Talk of the world being really tiny has me worried though...tiny game worlds are rarely a good thing.  Not sure why PvE seems to be taking a hit due to PvP reasons once again.  Separate the mechanics already.


I couldn't care less about PvP so no open world PvP initially doesn't bother me.  Although I would like to see them add some PvE group stuff (dungeon type areas). 


Edit:  The game also runs really smooth on my horrid graphics card.


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Joined: 5/13/06
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12/02/12 2:29:29 PM#36

Cool game!! )) I like it! Waiting for more updates ingame. Full freedom!

I just don't understand why i didn't seen this game before.

Only good emotions. Except only bugs, but this is only a matter of time.


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Innocence Proves Nothing

12/02/12 2:35:30 PM#37
I personally liked the Thumper thing. The bigger ones have some amazingly huge fights happening around them.


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12/02/12 2:42:16 PM#38

Yeah! This is gret idea!  When it starts to Thump it's like calling a Spice Harvesting in "Dune" =)) Hopefully there is no giant WORMS =)) right now...



Spotlight Poster

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12/02/12 6:34:30 PM#39
Originally posted by Siveria
I dunno, I found the game quite boring to be honest, it felt like tabula rasa minus all the parts that made tabula rasa decent. Its still in beta so it can only get better but the game is going to need some major changes if it plans to hold peoples interests for more than a short time.

I'm glad someone felt that way too. It definately has a Tabula Rasa vibe to it. I guess it is mostly how the mobs you fight are and the dynamic minievents. When you are fighting anything that has ranged attacks at some point they will shoot an unavoidable shot at you and you will take damage no matter how much you are trying to avoid it. And with the dynamic events or whatever they are calling them, they are fairly simple destractions that don't make for very interesting content yet. So far I've done thumpers, Chosen droppods, LCV wreckage, scanning for a mage boss dude, and the purple vortex mini events. Each one is somewhat fun but there's not enough to them.

I haven't even bothered to look at PvP because well... Planetside 2. Nuff said.

Overall it is OK. Not enough of my type of game to put money down on it. For those that really loved TR I suspect they will like this.


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12/03/12 8:25:07 AM#40
  Played the 48 this weekend.   I have to say im impressed (but thats not hard) and I wll play at realease and any more beta events they choose to have.

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