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World of Tanks Forum » General Discussion » The very bad and the limited good of this game

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1/11/13 9:27:50 AM#21
Originally posted by Stizzled
Originally posted by Teran1987

The third reason is of course the p2w, yes, you can grindfest your way to the top, have fun playing for the next 6 months doing so though. Paying not only buys you specialty tanks that are much more powerful than anything on the field, it will also buy you specialty ammo that is also much more powerful than normal ammo. So, essentially with the right amount of money you can become practically godlike.

Your post lost all credibility with this paragraph. Premium tanks are no better than any other tank, all they do is earn more credits per match and allow you to buy your way into the higher tiers (which doesn't help the buyer much if they don't know what they're doing, it just hurts the team).

You could make the arguement for P2W concerning the gold ammo, but honestly it's a non-factor. Especially when you consider that you can purchase the gold ammo for in-game credits, not that there is any real reason to

The game has it's faults, but P2W isn't one of them. The grind is a long one no matter if your premium or not, but for some people that's a good thing. Not everyone is in a hurry to reach the high tiers and some enjoy having a game that gives them months and months of progression.

Agreed. What you can get on a premium tank you can eventually get in game or better without spending real cash. As for the ammo, I really like the fact that you can also get it with in-game cash wich, again, makes it not P2W.


There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein



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Kill Your Heroes

1/12/13 2:00:28 AM#22
Originally posted by Teran1987

Oh and, I don't know what game YOU'RE looking at, but if you take a look at a Tier EIGHT tank PREMIUM it has the same damage as a Tier TEN tank regular, not to forget the fact that if you have a premium tank you undoubtedly have premium ammo, so you can bump that damage up what, 20%? If not more...


Nice try though.


Tier 8 Premium - T34

Avg Damage - 400/400/515

Avg Pen - 248/297/60

ROF - 4


Tier 10 - T110E5

Avg Damage - 400/400/515

Avg Pen - 269/381/60

ROF - 6



Tier 10 - FV215b

Avg Damage - 400/400/515

Avg Pen - 269/352/120

ROF - 6.9



Tier 8 Premium - Lowe

Avg Damage - 320/320/420

Avg Pen - 234/294/60

ROF - 5


Tier 10 - E-100

Avg Damage - 490/490/630

Avg Pen - 246/311/65

ROF - 4.2


Tier 10 - Maus

Avg Damage - 490/490/630

Avg Pen - 246/311/65

ROF - 4.03



Tier 8 Premium - FCM 50 t

Avg Damage - 240/240/320

Avg Pen - 221/259/45

ROF - 8


Tier 10 - AMX 50B

Avg Damage - 400/400/515

Avg Pen - 267/251/65

ROF - 6.4



Tier 8 Preimim - IS-6

Avg Damage - 390/390/465

Avg Pen - 175/217/61

ROF - 5.13


Tier 10 - IS-7

Avg Damage - 490/490/640

Avg Pen - 260/303/68

ROF - 4.38


Tier 10 - IS-4

Avg Damage - 440/440/530

Avg Pen - 268/400/68

ROF - 5


So, out of all of them one tier 8 premium tank has the same damage as the three lowest damage tier 10 tanks, yet all three of those tier 10 tanks have higher penetration and a higher rate of fire. There's also no reason to assume that premium tanks are using gold rounds more than any other tank.


There isn't a premium tank on that list that I wouldn't feel comfortable taking on with my tier 7 KV-3. The only advantage they have is that they're making more credits than I am, I sure hope that's worth the high gold cost to their buyer.


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no i cant spell

1/12/13 2:20:36 AM#23

I spent $25.00 a year ago and still play atleast once a week.   I have bought garage slots and a premium tier 5 tank.

I have tier 5-7 tanks for making money and can buy anything i need with credits.  


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1/12/13 2:32:35 AM#24

I have two premium tanks, for one reason and one reason only. They bring in enough money so that I can survive playing all my normal high tier tanks without going bankrupt, and without paying for premium membership. meaning in 3 months time the tanks have paid themselves. See, if you like the game, you might want to play it for a long time, and hopefully wihtout costing too much.

If you do NOT like the game, as OP and many posters right now seem inclined to, you should just stop playing. Not continue playing then go to an MMO forum and whine how bad it is, and darn those people that like the game, to hell with all of them and what not. You are not forced to play,  not forced to pay, not forced to buy anything. By anyone. Not in any way at all. Coming here complaining that the game is not for you... Heck, it really make you look all kinds of stupid and the natural question is: So why the hell do you just not unisntall it and play somehting you like?

I started in beta... At release I was busy and came in two months later. back then, it was Tier 3 against all others,a six tier difference. Did we cry, scream at God how he has wronged us, shaking our fist to the sky? Not really.... We found a way to be useful, to make XP even when team lost. Slowly working our way up to a more even footing. Nowadays is easy. but you would not know that, I am sure in a normal MMO you run directly to the closest forum and scream and cry as well "He was 8 levels above me but ganked me anyway, screw this shitty game and close it down, what a fail!!!"

Yeah, look. You do not seem smart in that sceanrio either.

"This is not a game to be tossed aside lightly.
It should be thrown with great force"


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4/16/13 10:36:08 AM#25
Originally posted by Teran1987

If premium tanks were no better than regular tanks, why would they be referred to as 'premium' tanks? I think you should lookup the definition of the word premium, I don't believe you're using it correctly.


Oh and, I don't know what game YOU'RE looking at, but if you take a look at a Tier EIGHT tank PREMIUM it has the same damage as a Tier TEN tank regular, not to forget the fact that if you have a premium tank you undoubtedly have premium ammo, so you can bump that damage up what, 20%? If not more...


Nice try though.

Your lies are quite obvious to anyone who has played this game. The premium tanks make more credits than other tanks but every one of them has a major weakness that makes the other tanks of the same tier better. premium ammo does not do more damage. It penetrates better. It seems you do not know the game but want to discourage others from playing it, lying so obviously will not get it done.

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