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Vindictus (VIN)
devCAT | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 2010)  | Pub:Nexon
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

Vindictus Videos: Official E3 Demo Video (3:50)

Nexon made their first appearance at E3 this year and brought along a trio of their most popular or most looked-forward to games, including Vindictus, which was playable to anyone on the show floor. Check out the official E3 demo for Vindictus in this latest video from Nexon.

Nexon made their first appearance at E3 this year and brought along a trio of their most popular or most looked-forward to games, including Vindictus, which was playable to anyone on the show floor. Check out the official E3 demo for Vindictus in this latest video from Nexon.
Duration: 3:50
Views: 7,310  32 comments
Game: Vindictus
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CryCrystal writes:

greaaaaaaaatttttttttt!!! im going to play this game! ;D hahaha!

Thu Jun 24 2010 11:06AM Report
RemyVorender writes:

Now see, this is why I watch these gameplay vids, even if I had no prior interest in the game. The combat is F-ing awesome!

There was no nerd telling you what was going on...because no words needed to be said. This game just jumped waaay up my list. Sweet Jebus.

Thu Jun 24 2010 11:26AM Report
makii writes:

cool, and now imagine doing those dungeons over 1000x to get 1 lvl- have fun nerds!

Thu Jun 24 2010 11:33AM Report
brostyn writes:

Here's hoping that there is character customization at creation.

Thu Jun 24 2010 11:34AM Report
Valentina writes:

Lol, makii's probably right :\

Thu Jun 24 2010 11:36AM Report
Bloodaxes writes:

youtube is your friend.

There's already clips on character customizations.

Thu Jun 24 2010 11:36AM Report
nepulas writes:


Thu Jun 24 2010 12:38PM Report
MMO.Maverick writes:

Even if it would only be a dungeon crawler, this game will rock, the combat is awesome.


Also take a look at these 2 videos, it shows some spectacular ingame combat scenes:


promotional video


gameplay shots video





Thu Jun 24 2010 12:43PM Report
RelGn writes:

shit sound effects and no blood on the floor=no fun

Thu Jun 24 2010 1:02PM Report
kellerman24 writes:

As long as the combat will be fun, I can run those dungeons million times, the same reason why I've wasted so much coins on arcades in the past, just because the fighting was fun!

Reign, in what mmo you have blood on the floor? NONE LOL! What are you doing on this site, if you don't like even one mmo?


Will this game will be good or crap in the long run, we'll see. I just hope that more modern mmos will pick up active combat like that!

Thu Jun 24 2010 2:43PM Report
LoboMau writes:

Now THATS a Action MMO! It might be another grindfest, but the combat seems fun!

Thu Jun 24 2010 3:15PM Report
celee2222 writes:

yet more korean rubbish

Thu Jun 24 2010 3:31PM Report
pekshmaer writes:

LOL ..korean CHING KUNG FUU LAME FIGHT..if y start to grind you hear thet effects and y must listen thet 3-5 h - uaaa fuaaaa ahaha no way dude 

Thu Jun 24 2010 3:50PM Report
karanovic95 writes:

I'm following Vindictus for a long time though. It's pretty cool game. I think it's future of gamenig, most Pay 2 Play MMORPG's doesn't have graphics that are good like the Vindictus, a Free 2 Play, have. I'll play Vindictus, i found it quite interesting and more then worth to try.

Thu Jun 24 2010 4:41PM Report
thafireball writes:

Bad sound effects, boring drab combat it seems which amount to something of a Soul Caliber type look in a supposedly "mmo" world.  (assuming this since it is on an mmo website) No thank you.

Thu Jun 24 2010 5:54PM Report
karanovic95 writes:

People getting bad informations. This is real MMORPG with Item Shop. Maybe it's instanced, but that doesn't means you can't play online. Look at the Guild Wars, for example, it's outside cities instanced and no other players unless you're not in group party. Even though it is, Guild Wars is still highlly popular MMORPG and it's, maybe, the sam thing to Vindictus too.

Thu Jun 24 2010 6:05PM Report
OSF8759 writes:

Wow, this game is unapologetically Korean. The sounds especially are very Korean. Even the way that Gnoll boss got up had Korean choreography.

It does have Gnolls, though. You don't see those guys as often as Orcs, even though they're pretty cool.

I can hear the bots and goldsellers chomping at the bit lol.

Thu Jun 24 2010 7:17PM Report
AmazingAvery writes:

Was not a bad video but something does say to me to be cautious.

Thu Jun 24 2010 10:45PM Report
ivaylo1981 writes:

aaaaa  Awesome !!!

Fri Jun 25 2010 7:21AM Report
Senadina writes:

Combat looks great, yes, but I can't play a game with a choice of only 3 premade characters, Lann, Fiona, and maybe a mage they said. Where is the individuality?. I can change their hair color? C'mon.

Fri Jun 25 2010 7:48AM Report
Nirwyl writes:

Gameplay looks fun, but the art direction is horrible. Little puffy helmets, holding their swords like it's a bad ninja flick, and a huge big bad cat boss with a shiny helmet. Lame hehe.

Fri Jun 25 2010 8:08AM Report
Hypodermica writes:

I like some elements though I'm unsure of whether this is going to be a grinding game.  I don't yet see videos showing PVP or story elements (Quests/missions).  I also so NO magic using here.  It all appears to be melee thus far.  Again, too early to write the game off.  However, what I cannot stand is the Asian style sound.  It's way too dramatic and all females sound like 10 year old girls. 


Combat does look epic.  Let's see if the latest asian MMO can break through to the mainstream market.

Fri Jun 25 2010 9:03AM Report
Cody_Rauh writes:

the options for combat combo's and ways to attack seem nice, by using your surroundings. However it looks as if it will be instanced mission/quest combat vs. open roam.... which takes it way down from what I was hoping.

May not be a bad game, but it seems just like any of the other mmo predecessors so far. 

btw... is it really necessary to have paricle and slash flash every time you hit something or swing a sword? I can't remember the last time I have ever ran into a door and sparks flew and the door busted. 


Fri Jun 25 2010 9:59AM Report
yureineko writes:

Hooray for interactive environments!

Mon Jun 28 2010 9:01AM Report
steamsage writes:

Guys, fankly speaking you guys arent that wrong but is it that hard to turn off/turn on things in options. Its a F2P game so you might as well as try then judgeing the game form the few videos you have seen and baseing it on previous fail f2p stuff( unless you have a game your already playing/ expecting to play no matter what if its that case there is no point of you even looking at this video other then just for the heck of it ). From what i was told they are going to update the game once a month ( which is amazing for a F2P lol) and I don't doubt they might add some open world areas because they are already disscussing new towns in korea ( HELLO FOR SOME OF YOU GUYS THE GAMES PRETTY NEW!?) . Overall from what ive seen/read ( read quite a bit.. ) its easily sticks to what nexon is boosting as the "new level of free to play games"etc. Although if you want a game like this(actions mmo) that has the best of both worlds open world / instanced TERA is the P2P game to play! and i just read some of your comments WOW here's a link to the customization its pretty amazing for an OPEN BETA customization...

Note for some of you are intersted in other characters besides those they are planing on 2 more male characters by the start of next year in korea (archer and Two Handed weapon user) Nexon America is planing on having the third class by Open Beta so yes they are updateing...

Sat Jul 03 2010 6:12PM Report
darkrain21 writes:

I think this game will be great, and if you dont like it guess what its F2P so you dont lose anything but a bit of time. All you who are looking at this as a grind fest well guess was wow,aion,ffxi,everquest , and the list goes on but its not a grind in the same sense as if you read anything about this they say the instances change everytime you go in them sure you will reach a limit eventually but its action so whats the diffrence in playing the same intance over and over or playing the same map thousands of times in a shooter. Its a mmo action Rpg dont expect World of warcraft because for ones they arnt trying to copy it.

Tue Jul 06 2010 10:51PM Report
CoolPete writes:

I cant wait, this is going to be fun!!!

Fri Jul 09 2010 1:19PM Report
PurpleOreo writes:

yay!! no more boring double click and wait for the fight to be over battles!!

Wed Jul 14 2010 4:55AM Report
eycel writes:

I liked it, I think the combat is a fresh breath of air from whats out now even in p2p games.  I can only hope a larger deveolpment company picks up on this style of game and makes a game like it for the masses and in the p2p arena.   

Sat Jul 17 2010 4:08PM Report
sloeber writes:

free games are against my religion :)

Tue Sep 07 2010 2:10AM Report
Radar11x writes:


Tue Sep 14 2010 7:58PM Report
siem writes:

holy crap. can't wait till europe beta/final game

its like

wow but then 100x more awesome plus by the looks of it, it's like a diablo meets wow meets awesome hack'nslash

if this game will be what i think it is, then.. if there are payments required later or whatever, ill do it


Wed Sep 15 2010 12:44PM Report