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Forsaken World Forum » General Discussion » Forsaken World 'Review' from a long-time player

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5/05/12 6:56:51 PM#21

If you are a long-time player of Forsaken World, it's easy to tell from the comments who has played to level 70+ and who quit (or wants to) before they even hit the level 60 minimum to participate in nightfall events.

I'm really enjoying the game, but only because I finally hit level 60 to try and catch up with my ingame BF so i could play with his MM. So many of my friends have come with me to FW and gave up in their 30s and 40s. I admit, the game isn't easy to get into. It does feel repetitive and over-run by dailies. At first, I was like "really? this is what im going to have to do everyday to level to 80? What's the fun in that?" And so i quit my MM at level 52 several months ago.

But my BF came back to the game and when he hit level 60, he was getting seriously hooked into the game. So wanting to spend time with him, I came back and started all over again with a priest. When I finally hit level 60, I saw what all the hoopla was about. Wow, the new Nightfall update is a seriously awesome addition to the game!

For those of you who have not yet hit level 60 and experienced the new Nightfall expansion, you are quitting WAY WAY too soon. The entire game changes and opens up at level 60. I'm desperately climbing my way to level 70 so the instances i need to farm are a little easier to handle (and squads are willing to take me). Most squads for the higher level instances prefer you to be level 70+ so that the instance isnt overly-stressful. Now that I've experienced a few in my 60s -- I can see why it's probably wiser to wait.

To the guy who was complaining that there arent enough quests to level to 80 -- you obviously don't understand how the game works (or any good MMO -- none of them are gonna just let you quest your way to the top... any game that does that is just stupid). In fact, I'm severely behind in my regular quests because there's so many essential things to do that automatically level me up. In fact, if you level up too fast, it means you neglected a lot of other essential duties. You need to use experience points to open up new skill scrolls to level up your existing skills. You need to work on your socialite and adventurer jobs or you wont get the skills associated with it to take care of business at the high level essential quests. You need to make sure you are earning rank points, carnival coins, doing your fissure dailies... everything counts towards something. So if you  all you're interested in is just leveling to the 80 cap -- well then hell yeah, the game is gonna be deathly boring and tedious.

My overall take is -- hard game to get into. But if you stick with it, learn as much as you can along the way, when you hit level 60 nightfall, its a whole new world of fun and imo, that's where the game is -- and where it excels over other F2P games that i've tried.

And one last thing -- I absolutely LOVE how easy it is to farm gold so that I don't have to pay real money... and I mean, easier than other F2Ps that I've played. But like all F2P games, you have to be patient and creative, pay attention to what's in demand, and farm in your downtime. In FW, I feel like my efforts are rewarded much faster and easier than other F2Ps. Buying a pro mount from the boutique was 3 weeks of farming and AH selling for me... and well worth the effort.  It may sound like a lot of work, but for me, it's just more game to play! I continue to trade my gold and feel like I'm able to keep up with the CSers. The cool thing is, jobs like artisan, jewelcrafter, armorer and weaponary can make you some serious gold because there are so many CSers who leveled up by buying their gear and mats from people with these jobs. But at this point in the development of the game, there are a very VERY select few who have leveled these jobs to a point where they are enticing to CSers. So if you are willing to work on leveling these jobs right now, they are gonna be a cash cow for you!  :)

To the OP: your overview is great, and right on the mark. Nice writeup. :)


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“Those who sacrifice Liberty for security deserve neither” -Benjamin Franklin

5/14/12 3:06:52 PM#22

I'm level 80 and gained 114 croma, 45 mastery, and +9-11 gear and I can tell you this review is a crock.

This game has no content, besides whatever's in your wallet. Once you hit 80 all there is is farm certain quests and farm money, or play AH all day. Gear has gotten so cheap you're just better off playing the AH all day really. That and farming Ghostfang whenever you can find leads - or make 200 level 60 alts and get their dedication to 60 weekly and run GF all week. Ugh, terrible.


IR sucks, even PW's TW was better and it sucked too. Can't compare to L2 siege, or the old glory days of Ragnarok Online. What little PVP there is on the PVP server sucks. And is mostly composed of the top 3 guilds one shotting each others' 60k hp after wasting 30 minutes farming red hand and idling for a stupid Zodiac boss to spawn.


Basically, any positive reviews of this game are from people who haven't played long. Everyone else knows it sucks. Their 10 year old DirectX 8.1 engine is also terribly unstable and crashes incessantly.


Edit: the craft system is worthless besides artisan, basically. The only rings that sell are with uber rare crit dodge/crit def, and they sell for 2d+ ($20+) but don't let that entice you because you'll only get one in 200 crafts if you're lucky.  Most people just use Arena rings, since they're better than anything you can craft. Same thing with necklaces - but they can get you higher max profit with Crit Dmg/Crit chance (5d+).

You can only craft low level gear (weapons/armor)that can't compare to ToK set or arena purples, and this is by far a worse job than artisan or jewelry. Only a few hardcores bothered to max the jobs for bragging rights.

Additionally, to craft upper level gears you must be in a guild with a high level base - pretty retarded.

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