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Perfect World Shanghai | Official Site
MOBA | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 2010)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

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blaw blaw blaw

OP  8/07/10 3:41:38 PM#1

toon creation , at this time add in a inductor code to  negate the need to buy and  ingame items for the 1st 30 lvls... "whoo 30 full lvls of free gear? , it takes about 3 hours to hit lvl 30"

lvl 1-50 ubber quest lines theres no way to finish all of one lvls quest befor lvling to the next lvls quests. "skip a quest lose a quest line, many many quests are compleation linked . missing 1 quest can kill 10 do all your quests"

51-endgame  there are no more quests theres no grinding for lvls exp need for next lvl up at this point is 100s of millions  mob kills in grind areas pay you a few 100 exp each grinding for lvls isnot going to happen.

big money events and daily hits..... if your just starting dont even try these . events open int areas where all lvls are in same instance, so your little lvl 50/60/70/80/90 toons have no  hope to get anything but PKed yes every money event opens into a battle area you will be insta dead

if you  do not buy cash shop befor lvl 60 your going to do nothing more in game. guess what after lvl 55 even your event  gates are set in pvp areas . and the prestige for PKs does not record lvl differance,s in PKed and PKers the game is set up for high lvls to farm the low lvls.  PK death causes max damage to wep/gear so each time your farmed for a pk hit your out 10-30k gold in repairs. isnt that nice your out the cash and have no way to get more.

content ends for this game at lvl 65 its over then youve played the game out why are there 45 lvls in the game past here ?? Hell if i know

if you dont have a great great pet hang up getting in good partys. pets run the game , pets are far more powerful than players each pet has  up to 6 skill slots "1 open 5 closed" you open these slots for a cost of  $0.30 per try to open all 6 slots you need 250+ trys  so a bit more than $100

once slots are open you need AOE skills this are manditory skills on pet if you wish to join in partys. most avdise you add 3 such skills at a cost of $15.00 per skill

the pet is self  in game pets for themost part = pure trash so you  will find a need to  buy your pet from cash shop drop $250.00 on zen and hope like hell you get lucky and  pull a zodiac pet

if you got lucky and pulled your pet you now need to rebirth it to a usable form rebirths cost $0.50 each you will need 100+

o most there now you need to feed your pets growth this means you need to add 3 fruits to your pet  yes lucks with you these only cost $5.00 each

now to boost base growth you need 300+ fort crystals ingame item cost in gold about 2k each and here it comes about 100 boost protectors at a low cost of $0.50 each

we can omost see the finished pet now  just got to fort this badboy  you will need 200+ small fort and 50+ large small $0.10 lasrge $0.25

now your about $750.00 into the game and with your $750.00 you now have a slim chance to join into money events and a much higher chance of finding a party . but your gear still sucks , so when party hunting you will be back burnered and quickly dropped if someone  better pops up. cost of pimping out gear about the same as making 1  good pet....... PWI has just removed to opption to advance your wep/gear in lvls so once you lvl past your gear now you just throw it all away no ingame items are resellable .

PWI loves the botters there are bots covering most good drop areas DO NOT MAKE A POST AGENST THE BOTTERS you will find your self quickly banned if you do so.

if the above listing looks like fun to you you have found the right game  quickly download and enjoy


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8/07/10 4:16:19 PM#2

 The majority of the issues you presented and your focus on the cost for the best of the best seemed to indicate that your concerns were having the big toys that some others have. That's a costly direction to go in cash shop MMOs. :)



BOI seems to be a very casual game up until about level 60. I agree with you that the content isn't there after 60 to support anything other than grinding mobs and daily missions. Until then, it seems like an enjoyable ride, though.


From looking over introduction lists (my own and friends/associates), it seems that half the people that try the game don't make it out of the single-digit level range, which isn't uncommon for trying out an MMO. There's a jump next to about level 30. People who make it past the first ten levels seem to play until their thirties. After that the playing seems to taper off, with the next two plateaus at 40 and 60. Of the players over level 45, there appears to be only about 1 in 10 that spend money on the game. If the three or four introduction lists I've seen are any indication of the norm, then it's about 20 USD over a two month period with one person apparently spending about 100 USD.


Each server has multiple realms, so if one realm is crowded or if your friends are logged into aa different realm, you can quickly jump to the desired realm. Each server has a realm that the players have pretty much decided is the 'grouping' realm - if you're looking for a group, that's the place to be. For the Poseidon server, it's Realm 4.


For  the person looking to kill time in a new MMO for a month or two, BOI seems like a great game. Tons of pets, mounts, crafting and other diversions with almost endless ways to upgrade, enhance or change everything. For the person looking for 'their next MMO', BOI seems fine if you're into grinding the high levels, but 60+ is definitely not a casual friendly area.


There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein


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blaw blaw blaw

OP  8/07/10 10:50:09 PM#3

mostly true but for  1 thing. pets are not a big boys toys. . . the pets in this game do far more damage than the players , and its the other players you need to defend your self against not the pve mobs. if you do not have a great heal pet, or ubber dam pet you will not live long on any map. there are no pve maps past lvl 55 .   And as posted above PK deaths are very costly to the PKed  4 or 5 PKs in 1 day can ez eat up every coin you earned that day..  

 the pve maps are very ez to work solo on any maps till about  lvl 90. the thing is the games not set up to allow pve , pve play = free PK to the cash shop user  .