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Battle of the Immortals Forum » General Discussion » Awesome game, with a few problems.

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OP  12/24/10 7:42:35 AM#1

Ok, so first of all, I played WoW for 3 years and loved it, It was my 2nd MMO(Runescape first).  I say this because honestly it's what I use to compare most mmo's to, even though all games are different.  That said, this game is awesome.  It plays smoothly and the first 20 levels were a breeze.   I also love how you can obtain Item Shop money without spending any real money, just buy buying it from other players.  Combat is pretty quick and easy too.  But, currently my Berzerker is level 32, and I've run into a few snags.

First off, after you hit the main city, Atlantis, things become unclear.  It took me 3 tries to get Hannibal to come out, anf then after that, I wasnt sure what to do.  Do i repeat these 2 quests over and over again until another instance opens up?  or are there other areas to explore and gain loot from?

Next, I was on my way to Dragon Island to try it out and get some good XP and loot, and I couldn't enter.  I needed at least 2 other people in my party.   Who? Where?  there's no one on at 3 am when im up( i work nights, sleep days).   It says the sercer is crowded but no one else is on, at least at my level.  No one answers party invites and im not gonna ask someone 40 levels above me to help me make a run.  

Thats what I loved about Runescape, WoW, Atlantica and some others, I could solo dungeons, and the games flowed perfectly.  I always knew here to go, and if I didnt, I could always get help from people or in game databases.   I feel like I wasted a few hours getting to where I got, only to have it suddenly stop. 

I'll keep playing for a bit and see if I have other options on hand, but it seems rificulous that I have to rely on other people to advance through the game


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4/07/11 4:29:53 AM#2

I thought I'd give it a go also. My main problem is the access of coins. You have to quest to receieve coinage. I'm foraging or like to go AFK and I can't continue training my Tech skills without questing (they're really easy to do). I read some stuff on how else to gather coins, but they were too inconvenient. Mobs don't drop coins!

I usually compare games to Diablo2x even though I'm still subscribed to WoW. I'm slowly losing interest in the game, but they do like to give extra rewards for no reason. Pets die too easily... I'd say more, but I'm playing other games at the moment.


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Common sense isn't

4/10/11 5:00:08 AM#3

I played BOI for about 6 months and it really is an awesome game. I reached level 105 before I got completely over the cash shop. At higher levels, like most games, BOI is PvP focused generally on a guild scale. The cash shop is the be all and end all. At lower levels it isn't noticeable but once you reach higher levels it really is. There are alot of people who have spent thousands of dollars, which you can say more fool them, but it really ruins the gaming experience getting face stomped at all the "fun" events.

Safehouse Gaming up and running at:


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4/24/11 4:20:59 PM#4

So how is it nowdays? 

I played it when it was released and got to the DI Hard mode instance level, don't really remember what lvl I was at but must have been around 40-50ish. 

All there really was were some dailys and doing this instance untill you leveled. Normal questing stopped a bit before the DI instance. Have they added more questing or is it still doing instances that makes you level?


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6/04/11 4:50:03 AM#5

game has changed a bit, but still no questing(except for scenario quests) after about lvl 60, but at these lvls you are kinda getting bored of questing anyways so it is good with the events you can do, like dragon island, fallen darkness, trial of the brave and so on. There is enough events to last a few hours a day if thats what you want. since then there has also come more stuff (mostly lvl 90+ stuff) like poseidons temple(pvp/pve zone) and shadow manor(pve instance) which are both fun places to go. Most ppl seem to give up on this game way before they reach the fun stuff(lvl 100+) and thats a shame. You should really try to give the game a serious try and hit 100, then you will see how much fun it is, and most important, find a good a friendly guild, meet some nice ppl to do events with etc, then the game will last a long time :)

if you plan on starting out on aquarius server use my ID and add me to friends and i will help you out and show you around so you can learn all the different events that most ppl miss out on :)


Intro ID: 4180100G040804096000198S3f8fb2

just copy paste(ctrl+v) it in when making a new char on aquarius server in the top left corner and it will add you to my friend list as soon as you log in :) many ppl say the game is pay to win, but it really aint, you can achieve all you want in the game without spending any real life money on zen, ppl that spend money on zen are just impatient and dont want to work for their gear/pets. But imo the game is worth a try, atleast now when there arent really any other good games out on the market, then this game offers some fun pvp and decent pve. and who doesnt like shiny armor on your char and an awesome pet to back you up in battle?:) best pet system i have ever seen ingame tbh.

hope to see you ingame!


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i have crawled thru the ruins to find you

7/16/11 2:00:49 AM#6

I left Boi in february after 6 months and lvl 112 slayer.

It was fun until around lvl 80 -90 when u find u must depend on the cash shop to stay equal with others.

Yes,it is hard to advance when they expect parties of 2 + for the events.Pretty hard after a while when most of the friends you made there quit the game.

There was a guild called Hamsup who ruled Atlantis, and yes, while I was in the guild for a while,I found it to be really sad that 1 guild can own all the boss sites and every event that was made for everyone.They ruled the server,making it impossible for you to go kill a boss and get a reward.

I have been playing Uncharted Waters Online since feb and its a wonderful and busy game.

Very different atmosphere from Boi.Very small cash shop.3 different classes that you can switch back and forth ,also comes with many jobs to choose from.PVP land battles, Sea Battles,money making trading,Adventure treasures,epic battles,storylines,many many quests to choose from.Pretty good character choices.Bazaars that can be set up wherever you want.GMs that actually talk to you and give help when needed.Tons of ships to build and choose from.Pets,equips,clothing,crafting,casting,fishing,guilds are called companies...

Just a really fun game to play.Hard to get bored.


Boi should take note that sometimes its not all about the $$$$.

Its about the content and how sophisticated you want the game to be for people.





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"We can make ourselves miserable or we can make ourselves happy.The amount of work is the same."

8/04/11 8:12:06 AM#7

It is a lot of fun. My son and I group together often.

My only gripe is the hyper anxious attitudes I see regarding getting better pets/mounts/weapons what have you. How can it be fun to spend a lot of money on something that will fail ( upgrades)? I only use the things I get for free or from the free surveys to get a lil bit of zen from time to time. I'm not a pvper so I don't understand the need to be 'best' on the server. To me that's just member stroking in order to feel better. But of course your milage may vary =)

So, I just run a few events perday and log off.

My 2 cp <3