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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/01/12)  | Pub:En Masse Entertainment
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TERA Videos: MMOFTW Live - Ep 7 - TERA Goes F2P (55:00)

Tera Goes Free to Play, Pathfinder Kickstarter, Eve leaving others in their Dust, Earthrise Revival, TSW Sales are up, Do you like to group?

Tera Goes Free to Play, Pathfinder Kickstarter, Eve leaving others in their Dust, Earthrise Revival, TSW Sales are up, Do you like to group?
Duration: 55:00
Views: 7,415  26 comments
Game: TERA
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Dreamo84 writes: Very good! Too many good MMOs to play without any subscription commitment now. I find myself not being a one MMO man anymore. That might be something you want to discuss in the future. In the past I know I was always commited to only one MMO at a time. But with so many B2P and F2P options its hard to be faithful. Sat Jan 12 2013 12:28PM Report
Brialyn writes: So excited for Tera! I enjoyed playing the game but couldn't get my friends interested enough to pay the sub to try it.  Now they will try it and I might get to enjoy an MMO with friends again :D Sat Jan 12 2013 1:07PM Report
Pivotelite writes:

You guys we're wondering what mount you get for founder, unfortunately it's not the wicked 4 legged ones or the troll with the backpack but its the one you see about 6-7 people on after.


The argonomorph horse, has some nice glow effect to it in-game, pretty nice mount and it's free when it goes F2P to everyone who has a box usable on all characters from level 1.

Sat Jan 12 2013 1:11PM Report
Grakulen writes: @Pivotelite The one that is black with the blueish glowing mane? That's a pretty cool looking mount for just being a founder. Sat Jan 12 2013 2:25PM Report
Fearum writes: I don't understand why F2P is a good thing for any game. Just because its free doesn't make it all of a sudden a good game. Sat Jan 12 2013 3:45PM Report
al1enoid writes: i generally like p2p games more than cash shop games :/ Sat Jan 12 2013 3:55PM Report
Azrile writes: The problem with their payed beta is that so much of their game is player gov´t...  if you want to play this game, you NEED to get into that paid beta because those guys will be designing the rules... so the people later will be sheep.   A lot like EVE,  anyone can join, but you will never be a big part of the big player corps, you will always be a peon to the founders. Sat Jan 12 2013 3:56PM Report
maplestone writes:

As long as the publisher is being honest and straightfoward about what they are offering, what's wrong with charging money for it?  If players get to influence the course of development, that's worth something.  Given the passion often demonstated on these boards, it's obvious that some people would pay just to be part of the conversation of where a game goes.

UO had a paid beta (admittedly just to cover the cost of the CD).  WoW's annual subscription listed access to MoP beta as one of its selling points.  And if people are going to throw money at a game through kickstarter, then isn't a beta subscription just a formalization of that support?

(that said, I must admit I'm not throwing my own wallet open at this time)

Sat Jan 12 2013 4:18PM Report
Slapshot1188 writes:

You guys are right, Pathfinder is the sandbox we have all been "saying" we want.


48 hours to actually pledge and get involved... let's see who's game!


Sat Jan 12 2013 5:25PM Report
Hokie writes: I love these episodes! Sat Jan 12 2013 6:52PM Report
InFlamestwo writes:

I subbed a few days ago and i'm ready for F2P in February, i'm playing on EU though. 

Will be nice to be able to swap between Tera and GW2 and Dota 2.



Sun Jan 13 2013 5:36AM Report
Scot writes: XP potions are not fluff, costumes are. Auto-assault was a fine game bring it back, nothing like it out there. Sun Jan 13 2013 5:40AM Report
Rider071 writes: Got all excited to go play and buy Tera for the Founder's, but tried to play it first (trial) from my old account from beta. Seems they can't send the new 'armor' activation code to the correct email. Such a small thing, but it stops everything, and I am no longer spending time trying. Imho, if you can't get the simple stuff down..I don't want to see how ya handle the rest. Sun Jan 13 2013 7:18AM Report
zzx81 writes: the good thing about f2p is that it brings in the playerbases, although not all are contributing to the financial part but it makes the game more of a  "whole". Not matter what game you play, who would like to go into a game where your walking in a gigantic city with noone except you and the npcs. Sun Jan 13 2013 9:11AM Report
Grakulen writes: For the record I did end up backing Pathfinder. Hopefully it gets funded and we end up with an amazing game. Sun Jan 13 2013 9:16AM Report
jtcgs writes:

TSW really must have done far worse than we were led to believe. I bought the game 2 days after it went B2P because I saw it on sale for $15. It was into an event I knew nothing about were the top 1000 people to kill a mob type would get a title, and the top 100 would get a pet.

ONE day before the end of the event I found people exploiting, had no idea it was the mobs, and was just looting what these bots were killing. Saw how they were doing the exploit, tried it for a bit...may have killed 20-30 of these mobs and wound up not only getting the title but also the pet.

So, killing 20-30 of these mobs got me into the top 100? That is NOT a good sign at all when it comes to player activity.

Sun Jan 13 2013 9:28AM Report
Grakulen writes:

@JTCGS They gave everyone that participated in the event the pet and title because some poeple exploited it.


So that IMHO is a good sign. They made right by the community in rewarding everyone and not just the cheaters.

Sun Jan 13 2013 10:06AM Report
sschrupp writes:

Fearum, it goes both ways. Just because a game goes F2P doesn't mean it's a bad game either. Good games that have rocky starts or get bad press benefit from having more people checking out their game. Going F2P definitely increases the amount of people that will check out their game.


For people that already like a game, but understand the game would be even better with more people putting money into the game, they should welcome a move to F2P.

Sun Jan 13 2013 11:27AM Report
timeraider writes:

f2p can be used to try and revive a sinking game. I have the feeling at TERA its not like that. They could have lived from the subscribers they still had.

Think of this replacing Runescape for alot of people. It will be the free game that everyone has played and enjoyed for years.

i have got the TERA collectors edition (no, i got it way before the f2p annoucement) and tbh looking at how TERA looks right now.. f2p best decision ever.

Already like tripled the population in the last few days of people getting trials.. imagine once the f2p has fully arrived.

If i were them i would do ALOT more advertisement though. They can really harras people to play their game if they yust advertise to be fully f2p.. that would attract alot of people.

Sun Jan 13 2013 1:20PM Report
Pivotelite writes: Seems like they never really advertised much Time, well, atleast almost none since the first month of launch, maybe well see some pop up for this F2P version.  Sun Jan 13 2013 1:34PM Report
Afterlife writes: My one wish is that all these games that want to go free2play, they need to launch some brand new servers when they implement this. Those of us that say, have never played Tera but are planning on jumping in to check it out, don't really want to jump in with a bunch of people that have a year+ advantage. Sun Jan 13 2013 2:13PM Report
Nemesis7884 writes: everyone that has 35 bucks to spare should support pathfinder online Sun Jan 13 2013 3:46PM Report
Reas43 writes:

New servers for the tera F2P launch have been confirmed.  It was already suggested that they make it so pople from existing servers cannot transfer to the new ones for a some weeks or months, it's likely they'll be commenting on that this coming week.  I think the language the producer used was favoring that.


Sun Jan 13 2013 4:31PM Report
Gravarg writes:

I actually miss the old way blizzard did raids and legendary quests.  You used to do the 40man, which was epic.  then you went solo to finish it off, and when you finished your legendary months later you were super epic.  I used to run around with Atiesh on my druid and Sulfuras on my pally, and I felt so epic.  I would run by and people would be like "omg he has Atiesh!" (they didn't really say it, but I know they thought it ;P lol).  I had someone ask my pally how I got that, I told him all the trouble it took to get it, and he was like "DAYUM!" I miss those days :)

Mon Jan 14 2013 12:04AM Report
Gozzar writes: did he say "planetside 3" lol.. Mon Jan 14 2013 5:03AM Report
Lumindais writes: I'd like them to be less of a gear grind.  Something I can play casually and not take 4 years to get one piece of an armor set. Mon Jan 14 2013 8:08AM Report