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TERA Videos: Adventures with Pokket (10:53)

Playing for MMORPG in Tera - downing some world bosses. -- Recorded live on -

Playing for MMORPG in Tera - downing some world bosses. -- Recorded live on -
Duration: 10:53
Views: 5,352  23 comments
Game: TERA
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Durray writes:

Now we are talking Pokket, refreshing to see you out of SWTOR. Fun video as always!

Mon Feb 13 2012 6:22PM Report
Shadowdawnz writes:

You guys should have had two healers.. if there isnt. We did it with 5 players two healers, Lancer, warrior and berserker. Took forever but only 2 deaths.. Love fighting him. Animation was sweet and made it predicatble so you can plan your next move. Great job though. Hope you enjoyed the game..

Mon Feb 13 2012 6:27PM Report
Shadowdawnz writes:

Oh and there's a glyph that lets you heal 3 party members instead of just 2.. but thats lvl 20 glyphs.. I didnt get to see higher lvl glyphs..

Mon Feb 13 2012 6:28PM Report
coolgy writes:

You know, im a fan boi of tera and i cant standing watching this. I hate this chick, everything she does just pisses me off for no reason, despite the medium she's exploiting.

Mon Feb 13 2012 8:26PM Report
Caskio writes:

i really enjoyed the beta, im torn between the slayer and warrior. im thinking of going warrior cuz there will be fewer of them than most.  slayer will be the most common.

Mon Feb 13 2012 8:58PM Report
Pivotelite writes:

Watching this made me sad.

Mon Feb 13 2012 9:08PM Report
Faidian writes:

Was she way under level or something cause she didn't do anything useful, pretty much just took up other people's resources and the fact she wasn't paying attention at all through most of it.  Makes me sad that most people who review video games aren't really all that great at actually playing them. :(

Mon Feb 13 2012 10:41PM Report
Pivotelite writes:

She was under level but it doesnt matter, with enough skill you can solo this guy even 4 levels under. Seeing this video is just...blegh.

Tue Feb 14 2012 12:23AM Report
Volgore writes:

Nothing new to see here. As expected, she is about to hop to the next game, like she did before. Whatever new game it takes to get her "GameFace" on the screen.


Tue Feb 14 2012 2:23AM Report
MugiMugi writes:

Being under leveled matters in many ways, First of, theese ones isn't any special hard to begin with, but fi your under leveled you will be one shot like she was quite a few times.

Another problem is drops, yes to get the best drops you need to be within level, not above, nor below, Tera is a bit picky in regard of that.

But overall not that impressive play tbh, from neither in that party. But it's also there first time playing the game so they probobly learn :)

Tue Feb 14 2012 2:27AM Report
Zippy writes:

That was a completely worthless video. The only thing of note is it exposed how a bad a game player she is.  All she did the entire fight was talk in chat, run around and die.  Almost no contribution.  I gues this is why she think ToR's endgame is challenging.

Sadly I agree with the other posters that Poekket is simply about Pokket.  Simply about gaining attention to herself.  But then again her lack of skill, knowledge and quality is not unique when we look at otehr written reviews and previews.  Despite her complete lakck od substance and knowledge she is betetr than most writers that we see on site like this one or Ten Ton Hammer, IGN or wheever.  It's simply because the people do not play the games they write about except in the most casual of definitions and their objective is issimply page hits not actually giving readers any useful information.

Tue Feb 14 2012 3:14AM Report
Yellowbeardd writes:

nice expansion to wow can't wait to try it in wow.

Tue Feb 14 2012 3:33AM Report
HeroEvermore writes:

have to agree. i mean come on...

"why didnt you tell me he had a tail whip"

His huge ass tail is whipping back n forth and taking half your HP! Do you think this is a good thing lol!!!

Tue Feb 14 2012 4:45AM Report
Kickaxe writes:

Good job recognizing context, guys.  Pokket has plenty of skill, and more importantly, I'm sure she isn't motivated to impress any of you; nor should she be.  Truly, what's the matter with you people?  Lighten up.

Tue Feb 14 2012 6:09AM Report
quasi_dead writes:

Damn she's hot.  She can play my game anyday.  I'd press her hotkeys. Etc etc.

Tue Feb 14 2012 7:11AM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

Theres a lot of anger in these comments over a video that was only meant to show her playing, not dominating. My wife can't stand Pokket either, but most times, people hate that which they covet. As for her moving on to TERA from SWTOR, well... I really don't blame her.

Tue Feb 14 2012 7:16AM Report
Thane writes: so much for action combat, looks like all the other mmos to me Tue Feb 14 2012 7:26AM Report
Binhoberde writes:

First time video from Tera, much like SWTOR a total failure.

Can't the devs at least play WOW to see how to make a fun game to play?

@pokket: i have seen girls/women who knew how to play mmorpg, and you aint one of those...

Tue Feb 14 2012 9:25AM Report
Pivotelite writes:

Thane, that's a level 20 monster, did you even watch the fight? Notice the guys blocking or dodging, that's player controlled, and it's really fun, especially when you have to be really cautious to try to solo or two man this guy.

Tue Feb 14 2012 9:51AM Report
Soldier101 writes:

How does this person git a beta invite to this game if the game is only for korean ips only and she does not live there?

Tue Feb 14 2012 10:03AM Report
jfz133 writes:

This isn't meant to impress anyone, this is 10 minutes of a 5 hours livestream meant to show some of the open world named mobs. We were underleveled to the point where we got 1 shot by most of his attacks and we did next to no damage to him.

So much negativity, if you can't stand her then why watch every video she makes and write hateful comments?

Tue Feb 14 2012 12:46PM Report
avellis writes: You guys calm down! This is video was made for educational purposes only! To prove that dying your hair blue and wearing make up does not make you beautiful or good at video games! Wed Feb 15 2012 2:52PM Report
shamall writes:

lol at all the hate in these posts

Wed Feb 15 2012 3:38PM Report