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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/01/12)  | Pub:En Masse Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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TERA Videos: Frogster Reveals the Castanics (1:21)

Frogster has released a new trailer shining the spotlights on the mercurial Castanic race. Castanics are loyal, clever, skilled and hot-tempered denizens of the TERA universe. Find out more about them in this new trailer. Enjoy!

Frogster has released a new trailer shining the spotlights on the mercurial Castanic race. Castanics are loyal, clever, skilled and hot-tempered denizens of the TERA universe. Find out more about them in this new trailer. Enjoy!
Duration: 1:21
Views: 7,929  38 comments
Game: TERA
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sibs4455 writes:

Runes of Magic 2 or should i say Runes of Scamming 2 , got to love Frogster the only games company that lets their employee's openly state on their forums that scamming other players ingame is allowed.

Mon Jan 23 2012 10:02AM Report
KroxMalon writes:

like tera or not ( I do ) thats a cool trailer :)

Mon Jan 23 2012 10:25AM Report
SwampDragons writes:

Na Lineage2 also have gives the player the right to scam someone for ingame items, as long as it is ingame stuff only :) Makes the game more dynamic if you ask me ;)

Mon Jan 23 2012 11:21AM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

Scamming players is what Eve Online is all about too and CCP also promotes it as well.

Mon Jan 23 2012 12:32PM Report
Mimzel writes:

I got a feeling about this one; a mix of FFXIV and WOW

Mon Jan 23 2012 1:51PM Report
blohm86 writes:

Thats a HORRIBLE trailer! Who waves his/hers hips in a cheezy movement when trying to cocentrate? Thats just so bad and shows the lack of insight from the devs, this is 2012, not 1800.

Mon Jan 23 2012 1:59PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

I think of that trailer, the fashion in which these characters moves their hips is the least of the unrealistic things on my monitor.

Come on....

Mon Jan 23 2012 2:33PM Report
Mithrandolir writes:

posted by blohm86

"Who waves his/hers hips in a cheezy movement when trying to cocentrate?"

13 (and some 40, but the former is excusable) year old males with spontaneous fappage syndrome.

Whish is pretty much the intended market.



Mon Jan 23 2012 2:35PM Report
Bookah writes:

Tera clearly has the best graphics of any MMO atm (IMHO) This game looks absolutly beautiful. Cant wait to play it.

"Thats a HORRIBLE trailer! Who waves his/hers hips in a cheezy movement when trying to cocentrate? Thats just so bad and shows the lack of insight from the devs, this is 2012, not 1800."

Funny that the fact she is shaking her hips while concentraing bothers you, you did notice there ely fairy people with fucking antlers?!

Mon Jan 23 2012 3:55PM Report
RedKatana writes:

Frogster = worst cash shop of all free2play games

In Runes of Magic the top players payed many thousands of dollars.

Tera was under games to try but now is the last time I post something about Tera it just died for me. 

Mon Jan 23 2012 5:37PM Report
zephermarkus writes:

They already ruined this game with mass censorship for the na version do yourself a favor and play on the korean servers wiht the english patch. Plenty of english speaking guilds already are set in-game and don't plan on moving to the medicore version this will be.

Mon Jan 23 2012 8:23PM Report
Skuall writes:

censorship? what?????

Mon Jan 23 2012 8:52PM Report
GrayImpact writes:

Oh god, the female casting animations are horrible, whats with the booty shaking while channeling a spell?! haha. >_<

Tue Jan 24 2012 12:30AM Report
SCZeke writes:

The graphics look fantastic, I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

Tue Jan 24 2012 2:43AM Report
Shivam writes:

Thanks for the video. It just re assures why i hate asian games and would never play one ever.

Tue Jan 24 2012 4:07AM Report
padeiropt writes:

omg look at the hips, thats all u look in the game!? Then u suck as player. who cares about the hips god u must some kind of retard dudes.

They could even have shrek as a race and mosters like teletubies as long as the game goes well and good content.

Now just trashing about some hip movements u must kinda guy to not like a female caracter to move in sort of a sexy way.


Tue Jan 24 2012 6:34AM Report
hazy writes:

The weirdest part about the females and animations in this game is that 90% of the time they will be being played by males irl...thats the part that really makes me feel uncomfortable.

Tue Jan 24 2012 10:00AM Report
Zyxx writes:

Awesome.. Im still waiting for the other race's trailers.. Still hasn't decided which race its goin to be..

Tue Jan 24 2012 10:01AM Report
LlexX writes:

Frogster is the greediest company on the world, even more greedier then EA, they dont care about the community just about the income.

Dont be that hyped, this game wont be that special as u think.

Tue Jan 24 2012 11:36AM Report
killjoy0593 writes:

it's called a fantasy game for a reason, it's not supposed to look real. -.- thats to the people who are all like "oh this game is so unrealistic" duh, of course! That's Why it falls under the catagory of FANTASY

Tue Jan 24 2012 1:09PM Report
killjoy0593 writes:

i just really hate dumbasses liuke that, if you are really not going to play just becuase of an animation on a character then you need some therapy.

Tue Jan 24 2012 1:10PM Report
Gahnzo writes:

Oh my, where to start. Well first off nothing of the NA version has been censored. What you may be refering to is the Elin armor edit; of which I will not touch on, then that is it. Also the english patch hasn't worked for almost a full year. 


Now I guess I would be considered a fanboy of the game, but I do also think the casting animations for the female Castanic race is a bit obnoxious. Though understand that every race has a different animation for every class so the female Castanics are the only ones who have that casting animation.


Furthermore Frogster is under a very strict contract with Blue Hole Studios, allowing them to only change parts of the game that are in violation of whatever coutries censorship laws. Such as blood, use of alcohol and such. So basicaly if a EU law says that the game is not allowed to have blood or a certain word that may be considered offensive, then Frogster is allowed to take that and only that out of the game.


I hope this helps people understand a bit.

Tue Jan 24 2012 3:09PM Report
blohm86 writes:

As stated above, I dont mind antlers, goat men, furry humanoids with big ears and tails, green skin, polymorph, magic, space ships, Light sabers etc; its not the realism Im questioning - just HOW its possible to make such a catastrophic casting animation, its just so blatantly obvius what theyre going for and its horrible for otherwise GREAT looking game!

Devs now even make iconic Lara Croft look humanoid (not an weird juggling boobie-butt monster holding dual pebbleguns), why not making a decent Castanic casting animation that doesnt make 10year old eye's pop out of their skull.

Tue Jan 24 2012 4:12PM Report
cribett writes:

Ill be giving it a try the tab target MMORPGS just don't cut it anymore

Tue Jan 24 2012 4:35PM Report
Dameonk writes:

Wait, this game is still around?  Wonders never cease.

Tue Jan 24 2012 5:13PM Report
Sagremor writes:

Aion with some hips dance... No interest in this game at all. 

Wed Jan 25 2012 1:30PM Report
Home15 writes:

Do not want content censorshipped cutted down Western style excuse game.

Take it back to where it belong.

The dump.

Wed Jan 25 2012 4:59PM Report
viddiot007 writes:

Looks good, This new batch off MMo's has me scratching my head. Not sure wich i should give my money to.

Thu Jan 26 2012 1:55AM Report
Pivotelite writes:

@everyone complaining this is Korean garbage Aion clone.


My god, how blatantly ignorant and stupid can you get. Look into the game and get a taste of it's features, also Castanics are the most sexualized race, screw them. Just play the game for how good it's going to be. Because I forgot to mention archers play like a third person shooter, tanks have collision detection and can actively block. Regular elites in this game have as many mechanics as a WoW boss and the whole game is action based so you can eat your tab key, you won't be needing it.

Thu Jan 26 2012 2:43AM Report
Pivotelite writes:

Also check this out. Top three images were released in Korea already and bottom half might come out with the NA/EU release or shortly after.


Thu Jan 26 2012 2:44AM Report
Pivotelite writes:

Also, leveling speed is comparable to WoW, it is not a grinder.

Thu Jan 26 2012 2:46AM Report
albaficass writes:

Shivam NP dude...stick to your horrible looking granny western mmo's...we dont need retards like you here

Thu Jan 26 2012 3:16AM Report
missbouncy writes:

I'd move MY hips like that if i was a spellcaster - ENTICING the powers around me within - it wouldnt be 'concentrating' it would be REALLY FEELING IT getting ready for a big boom :P As a 35 year old woman I say its about bloody time they had some SEXY for us... just because kids make up the majority (boooo) of players doesnt mean us adults should ALWAYS go without! YAY

Thu Jan 26 2012 6:25AM Report
Onimor writes:

This game looks amazing and fun to play. That is all I care about. I have also not read a constructive reason by anyone as to why I shouldn't play this.

Thu Jan 26 2012 6:50AM Report
43%burnt writes:

Guess you are blind then : Frogster has been mentioned quite a lot.

Sun Jan 29 2012 5:20AM Report
TruplayaUB writes:

Frogster is the reason, why i play on an US - Server. And i am from germany ;)

And if i cant play on the US-Server then i dont play the game at all ... but no chance for frogster !

Sun Jan 29 2012 7:13AM Report
Liltihia writes:

How do you get on the korean servers and get the US patch?

Sun Jan 29 2012 8:38PM Report
TaishiFox writes:

Wow, this trailer is rather sexist, that or we can only play females? lol

Tue Jan 31 2012 7:59AM Report