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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/01/12)  | Pub:En Masse Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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TERA Videos: PAX Demo Walkthrough Video (5:52)

The folks at En Masse Entertainment give us a run-through of the TERA demo shown to the press at PAX Prime this year in this latest video available exclusively at

The folks at En Masse Entertainment give us a run-through of the TERA demo shown to the press at PAX Prime this year in this latest video available exclusively at
Duration: 5:52
Views: 18,401  36 comments
Game: TERA
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Hokie writes:

No wai, it has Mega sized weapons!!


I love how they had to add emotive commentary to make it more exciting.

"Ohh NO!!"


"She'll run right thru us!!"



And was that some serious FPS issue when they were all on the horses? Or was I just seeing things?

You know maybe Im just gettting jaded. But this (and a lot of other new MMO's) seems to really be nothing but a remake of console-style games. They even call each encounter area rooms/arena.

From what I could tell eveyrthing was all 200' diameter circular rooms.

I will say this; looks pretty though.

Wed Sep 22 2010 11:07PM Report
RNitestalker writes:

well unlike most MMOs in TERA it will be skill of the player that determines the outcomes of these boss fights and not always gear ..

Wed Sep 22 2010 11:19PM Report
Hepisodic writes:

See it's things like this that keep me interested in this game. I love a good boss fight. I truly hope this game delivers all that is shown in these trailers. Because it would be nice to have a game like that.

Wed Sep 22 2010 11:55PM Report
Dookz writes:

The bosses are amazing, nothing short of typical and I like the other host's style of speaking, sounding like a sports commentator. :P

Thu Sep 23 2010 12:19AM Report
Disturbing writes:


Thu Sep 23 2010 2:08AM Report
TonyK writes:

Is it all about party play?

Thu Sep 23 2010 2:13AM Report
Radoo writes:

I'm a Lineage fan, so i'll surely enjoy all those "affinities" TERA kindly kept and improved. It's good that they actually say in the video about the release of the game in 2011.  

Thu Sep 23 2010 3:48AM Report
Quetos writes:

Devil May Cry as an MMO, massive weapons, massive explosions, massive areas, massive bosses, twitch style game play!

Can't wait!

Thu Sep 23 2010 5:51AM Report
Thane writes:

again, next instanced coop game eh?

must be hard to produce real mmos :) 

Thu Sep 23 2010 7:59AM Report
Albred writes:

So pugs will do very well in this game.

Thu Sep 23 2010 9:20AM Report
slim26 writes:

Thane you are acting like a fool saying that dumb shit.

Thu Sep 23 2010 12:08PM Report
Kanester writes:

Can't wait for this game! Looks amazing. Something diferent too.

Thu Sep 23 2010 4:08PM Report
kosac writes:

aion3 ? kill koreans! :(

Thu Sep 23 2010 4:47PM Report
sudo writes:

Looks like wow without autotargeting. That last boss was Onyxia with another skin.

Thu Sep 23 2010 6:10PM Report
toph1980 writes:

Oh noes, a boss who AoE KDs. Never seen that in an MMO before..

Thu Sep 23 2010 6:59PM Report
RNitestalker writes:

the moment another MMO comes along and looks to be good and has some good qualities to it is the moment alot of WoW fanbois come and post negative comments about it to try and make it look bad ..

Thu Sep 23 2010 11:26PM Report
guy232 writes:

lmao a boss with metal  nipples.    I may  have to look into this

Thu Sep 23 2010 11:55PM Report
Xirik writes:

  Thane writes:

again, next instanced coop game eh?

must be hard to produce real mmos :) 


If you actually payed attention they said they bits and pieces of the whole play through. Basically the bosses. they took out the normal mobs and the more open area of the dungeon.

Also the this isn't an instance fighter and again you would know this if you researched before you typed. It has massive zones for lvling outside of the instances.

Fri Sep 24 2010 1:46AM Report
Klizzi writes:

Could they have not made it AS obvious that they're reading from a script? This video has one too many emotionless "arghs" and "watch outs". What exactly stopped them from just commentating the game play as it was playing.

Fri Sep 24 2010 2:05AM Report
tomteman writes:

Apart from the ackward commentary - for an mmo with the main tagline of "true action combat", this video sure failed to show it off. Just a generic tank n' spank dungeon run.

Fri Sep 24 2010 10:33AM Report
mhex writes:

Hokie, quit whining whiner

Sat Sep 25 2010 11:02AM Report
Onimor writes:

This looks like the perfect mmo to me! Nothing I saw I felt I could improve any better myself. I love how the bosses look epic. I hope its very hard to, it will get rid of the fallible gamers. 

Sat Sep 25 2010 4:05PM Report
M4ko writes:

whats new pussy cat?  not much really same old, same old.

Sat Sep 25 2010 4:52PM Report
nishikaze writes:

Horrible commentary. The video failed to show me much about the game. Other than it looks like just another clone. I don't think ill be touching this game. EVER... lol

Sat Sep 25 2010 5:17PM Report
DAS1337 writes:

I've never seen such creativity when it comes to the design of these bosses.  Probably the first MMO where I've actually felt like the boss looks like epic and I'd get sliced to bits if I ever came close.  Most other games just take mobs, make them 5x bigger and change their colors. 


I'll never play this game because of the popori or whatever the hell they are called, but you can't sit there and say those bosses didn't look badass.  In a market that so bare of quality, give the game a shot before you claim it to be a failure. 

Sun Sep 26 2010 12:39AM Report
DAS1337 writes:

And anyone who's going to sit there and say "its a clone" is pretty stupid IMO.  Every game is a clone to some extent.  What's the point of saying it any more?  Any developer that tries something new fails miserably and you're screaming fail.  Any developer that uses a cookie cutter approach with a few twists, you scream clone.  Who cares?  If the game is good, people will play it.  If it's not, it doesn't matter whether it's a clone or not.  No one will play it.

Sun Sep 26 2010 12:42AM Report
WSIMike writes:

@DAS Yeah, exactly.

I think people just get off on doing the whole "It's a clone! I'm cool and "in-the-know" on the internet!!"

Honestly, for the people who are quick to call everything a clone of something else.. I wonder if they have only 1 type of every game in their collection? Only 1 RPG, only 1 FPS, only 1 RTS, only 1 MMO, etc... because anything else of the same genre would be a clone, certainly... since they all share common features?

Of course, I'm being completely rhetorical as well :).


Sun Sep 26 2010 5:44AM Report
star8472 writes:

so... if you don't have someone skilled in your party you won't be able to complete these "dungeon" runs?

Mon Sep 27 2010 12:11AM Report
AuthorGreg writes:

That commentary/narration was so violently embarrassing I had to stop the video.

Mon Sep 27 2010 10:08PM Report
semantikron writes:

doesnt look like it sucks exactly, but if i wanted to play WoW some more, i'd reactivate at the appropriate website

Mon Sep 27 2010 10:38PM Report
Gilnidor writes:

To me it looks like a mix of Aion, Lineage I and II with a bit of some other generic instanced MMO's out there.

Looks nice though and I would love to see a bit more of the world you level up in, and they mention the amazing crafting system, well we will see how amazing that is.

I need to get my hand on this title first hand before I can say no thanks but thanks for the effort put into the game.

Tue Sep 28 2010 7:47AM Report
AquaHysteria writes:

Damit Bob!! always getting in the way, just had to get those butterflies didnt you

Tue Sep 28 2010 3:57PM Report
A.Blackloch writes:

The weapons could be a bit bigger. Nothing wrong with waving a canoe.

Sat Oct 02 2010 1:26PM Report
corrandk writes:

Holy sh*t people..if every f*cking MMO is just WOW to you..go play WOW or stop visting a site that covers nothing but MMOs.  Or are do you just live such a sad existence that the best thing you can do with your time is ritually complain?  It makes zero sense.

Action based game play, fantastic looking graphics.  I will give it a shot.  Some of the art style seems a bit over the top, as do the weapons...but in the world of fantasy themed video games, these are generally either good things or just a matter of personal preference that can be over looked provided the content is there at launch to keep the player interested for longer then the first 30 days.  I hope they really put focus on the atmosphere being part of the gameplay, not just in rare boss fights.  That is something few MMOs do with any consistency, if at all.

Mon Oct 04 2010 6:44PM Report
Evasia writes:

Im with Hokie, it looks great but way to much console like and to familiar gameplay that many other mmo's also have plus mention of instance.

This game im affraid will be a another clone of some mmo's we already have or also hit the shelfs soon.

Only thing maybe good gameplay is no auto attack for themepark game very rare, that should be intresting, and huge world with almost no loadscreen. But omg what a similar looks with lineage2 or other asian games:(

Thu Oct 14 2010 10:19AM Report
Eladi writes:

Grapical it looks nice, but yea, same old same old. the simple overdone class system whit hyper flashy lighting show animations that use one base animation for nearly all attacks i seen is ultra boring.

new action mmo themeparks are fun, fora month, the whole block and dodge stuff works well but if your gona do it dont use a old boring c..well the above. 

Sun Nov 14 2010 5:41PM Report