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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/01/12)  | Pub:En Masse Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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TERA Videos: TERA Interview (7:26)'s Garrett Fuller interviews TERA head writer David Noonan.'s Garrett Fuller interviews TERA head writer David Noonan.
Duration: 7:26
Views: 27,059  47 comments
Game: TERA
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TheMaelstrom writes:

I have to admit I haven't followed this title very closely, and I have a lot of catching up to do after watching this interview / in-game footage. The detail on those mobs was pretty awesome, and the combat looks REALLY fast-paced and visceral. I saw the Popori a while back and immediately figured I wouldn't like this game, but I'm changing my mind.

Tue Jun 29 2010 9:15AM Report
Kuatosune writes:

Not followed this at all either but they've got a bit of my attention now.

Tue Jun 29 2010 9:42AM Report
RoninSzaky writes:

And the hype begins...  :-)

Tue Jun 29 2010 9:43AM Report
Hyanmen writes:

Alright so it looks good.. combat seems fun..

Now if it has some depth to it too, I'll give it a try. 

Tue Jun 29 2010 9:50AM Report
Athcear writes:

The more I hear about Tera, the more I am interested, unlike a certain upcoming MMO with lightsabers.

Tue Jun 29 2010 10:18AM Report
echo117499 writes:

Wasnt this the same guy that worked on aion?

Tue Jun 29 2010 10:30AM Report
RemyVorender writes:

I'm looking forward to this one.

Tue Jun 29 2010 11:22AM Report
bobfish writes:

Most of the En Masse team are ex-NCSoft America people.


Also it should be noted, that En Masse is a publisher, not the developer of the game. This interview doesn't clarify this enough.

Tue Jun 29 2010 12:04PM Report
weirdtimes writes:

"its almost like its original" lol i laughed when he said that, i will give this game a solid tryas long as it keeps looking promising keep it up guys!

Tue Jun 29 2010 12:11PM Report
weirdtimes writes:

The one thing I will give tera, right now without actually seeing the game, their trailers can really hype you up, good music/ video mixture, great sales team there, keep it up!

Tue Jun 29 2010 12:18PM Report
Jakdstripper writes:

wile i see a lot of resemblance to Aion's art style this game looks very nice. if only they would give a damn release date.

Tue Jun 29 2010 12:25PM Report
WSIMike writes:

I'm envious of David Noonan's job. To have this massive world, all these races and creatures and backgrounds at my disposal to craft a world out of.... Awesome stuff.

Tue Jun 29 2010 1:24PM Report
WSIMike writes:

Also... Very good interview. Covered some good information, asked some good questions.

I'm really curious, though, how player dynamics will be involved in the PvP side of things. Hopefully more on that will be revealed as we go forward.

Tue Jun 29 2010 1:30PM Report
Merahk writes:

The main thing I'm interested in is the visceral, fast paced combat. I'm so done with MMO's like WoW that are all numbers based and essentially "follow the Tankspot vid", with long, inane boss fight explanations. I hope that era of the MMO genre is coming to a close.

Tue Jun 29 2010 4:15PM Report
Hedeon writes:

not quite right Bobfish, they took the game world from the original developers, and made a completely new lore and quests, made a lot of other configurations - ofc this is what they said atleast, if you read abit about the game, and something as basic as FAQ.

havent played the Korean version so couldnt know how that game is....but to me sounds like they took the game and re-modelled the experience of the game...not so much the game itself.

either way, hope it wont be another aion for sure tho ;

Tue Jun 29 2010 4:21PM Report
Highttower writes:

The word choice in this interview was very filtered and selective. Almost made me upset. This is a Bluehole developed game. A Korean game developer using the Unreal 3 Engine. 

I think this whole fact was left out due to the stigma Korean or Asian game ports have. I can understand this from a marketing point of view. But, Bluehole has created something special to where a group of American corporate game bigwiggs formed a whole new company, En Masse to bring this game to the Western world the right way. They are putting there names on the line in order to make this work. 

What's going to make this game epic is how both Bluehole and En Masse are truly paying attention to consumer comments/suggestions and actually implementing them in the game.

I just want to give props where props is due. 

Tue Jun 29 2010 6:54PM Report
Mikeha writes:

Its great to see more and more people are starting to notice this game. Its realy going to be something special.

Tue Jun 29 2010 9:46PM Report
Vexe writes:

If this conversation was panned, they wouldn't have let him mention that he was a writer.

Trust me.

He would be "generic awesome developer who totally connects to the radical hardcore fanbase", man.

Tue Jun 29 2010 11:00PM Report
Ballista writes:

Love this game. It'll be cool as it gets closer to launch and more people get a taste of it and realizes how revolutionary it is.

Tue Jun 29 2010 11:20PM Report
lethys writes:

I really want to get this game.  Probably most anticipated for me other than Guild Wars 2 and possibly Jumpgate depending on how that turns out.  I just need me some PvP that matters and some good combat.

Wed Jun 30 2010 12:16AM Report
Lorgarn writes:

The game has originality? Hell yes!

I've played the game several of hours and the mobs and creatures are so awesome and some of them are so odd. There is definitely originality going on here.

Great game, interesting interview.

Wed Jun 30 2010 12:18AM Report
Scot writes:

Noonan has a strong background in roleplaying games, it is great to see they have someone on board like him!

Wed Jun 30 2010 1:44AM Report
kosac writes:

boring.. asian guys hire white mans to hype their games... same as with aion..

Wed Jun 30 2010 3:55AM Report
Dvalon writes:

I hate seeing stuff from Terra, it onyl serves to remind me that there is no way in hell my crappy computer is gona be able to run it.


It looks STUNNING!.

Wed Jun 30 2010 5:33AM Report
Strap writes:

I hate to say it put that Asian influence is hard to escape and does NOTHING for me. The oversexed girls and the anime faces and the way too big weapons... just doesn't resonate with me at all.


Guess I'm too stuck in my Tolkienesque low fantasy ways. :P


Happy for those who are excited for it though. The combat kind of looks fun, and the mobs are definitely out there.

Wed Jun 30 2010 5:47AM Report
speedfire50 writes:

yea this game looks like its going to be very good i hope it makes it i want to play it so bad lol

Wed Jun 30 2010 7:30AM Report
Shadowstrife writes:

"Someone explain these crabs to me"

Wed Jun 30 2010 9:18AM Report
Korithian writes:

Other than the stupid size of some of the weapons it looks very very good. I know some stylised graphics are there so you know instantly ah thats a lancer or thats a warrior but they need a to be a little more proporional to what someone could realistically swing.


Other than that it looks very good, the combat seems to be very skill based and the story looks to be interesting. I think it could be a contender and one hell of an MMO. Anyone know when its going to be released?

Wed Jun 30 2010 10:01AM Report
Raventree writes:

This game officially has my attention now.  While I wouldn't describe it as looking particularly "different" than other MMOs, it does seem to have some unique qualities.  Also, the graphics look fantastic for an MMO and the description of it as being an action MMO is also very appealing.

I will wait and see how it turns out.  For their sake, however, I hope they don't release it around the time of Cataclysm or SWToR.

Wed Jun 30 2010 11:11AM Report
Mariouz writes:

I see a lot of talking about the oversize weapons they carry and this and that. If you played WoW and looked at the dual 2H weapons its crazy there too, and lots of MMO's have that kind of crap. But get past that, and get past the girl's with the big boobs and look at everything else, we all got our opinion of what should be there look for the silver lining my friends. If your tire of WoW like I am this could be the change your looking for. Also wainting on more on Rifts game and FFXIV, oh and lets not forget GW2.


Overall I look at it and think that it might be something I can actually play for a little while maybe for a long while. I am tired of all the other stuff I see out there.

Wed Jun 30 2010 11:47AM Report
SonikFlash writes:

Look at those mobs ! Im in

Wed Jun 30 2010 11:56AM Report
bezado writes:

The game would be perfect if they would just decrease the size of the weapons. To Asian like, who the hell wants a 10 foot long axe or sword, please guys stop making such obsurd looking big weapons.

Wed Jun 30 2010 3:12PM Report
killion81 writes:

I would think gameplay would be the determining factor.  No wonder this site is full of whining and complaining... can't get by the oversized weapons.  I would be willing to bet that a large percentage of the MMORPG target audience thinks oversized weapons are "cool" (and no, I'm not one them, but who cares if it's fun?).

Wed Jun 30 2010 9:16PM Report
alyosha17 writes:

Wed Jun 30 2010 11:33PM Report
bobfish writes:


Re-writing load of text doesn't mean much, though I am aware that Blue Hole Studio (the developer) is working closely with En Masse through out the development cycle incorporating the feedback they receive from the En Masse testing.

Still, it is important to note that the guy talking isn't a developer.

Thu Jul 01 2010 4:35AM Report
OSF8759 writes:

I was dismissive of this game at first, but the more I hear about it the more I actually get interested in playing it. The Sorceress' animations are way shmexy!

Thu Jul 01 2010 4:36AM Report
AlexanderTD writes:

Yep, that action scenes look real nice - not your typical WOW clicker but more AOC style action. Also one of the few with such nice detailed graphics. Definatly worth a try

Thu Jul 01 2010 1:56PM Report
AlexanderTD writes:

...and of course - it's PVP enabled \o/

Thu Jul 01 2010 1:57PM Report
FoxBoyZero writes:

Have you guys seen the size of a REAL sword? Trust me, the weapons in TERA are not oversized. they are REALISTIC when it comes to size (you have just seen too many virtual weapons).

PS: this one is contender one of the 3 contenders for being the perfect MMO (in my books)

PPS: the term "this one" made me sound like a Mass Effect Hanar, didn't  it.

PPPS: "PPS" gives you the sudden need to use the restroom doesn't  it.

Thu Jul 01 2010 3:40PM Report
Ashreal writes:

I can't wait for this title!  Some of the folks working on this were part of the original EverQuest team!

Thu Jul 01 2010 7:55PM Report
stayontarget writes:

Player in Russia playing in the Korean CBT using these spec's:

Pentium DUO quadro? 2.3
GF 8600GTS
300GB Seagate


Fri Jul 02 2010 12:04AM Report
Valaka writes:

Great game! a must play for MMO fans! Trust me on that :)

Mon Jul 05 2010 4:27AM Report
Reianor writes:

Damn, and right after I start hoping for a game with a decent active combat someone has gone and spoiled the fun by mentioning AoC...

Nevermind the rant, I just think that they'll have to do MUCH better than AoC if they want something other than visuals in their game...

Anyway, it's not the time for conclusions yet.

[crawls back into newsless zone to avoid the tradtional pre-release hype]

Mon Jul 05 2010 6:16AM Report
gan3f writes:

1983 called they want their shit microphone back.

Mon Jul 05 2010 10:59PM Report
znerd writes:

looks not bad.. i like the animations during the combat! but they should not forget: big is not always beautiful!

Mon Jul 12 2010 9:27AM Report
eycel writes:

I think this looks good, yup.  I like it alot, and cant wait for it to release!

Sun Jul 18 2010 9:25PM Report
Juulpower writes:

good inverview but it still couldn't change my mind... I saw too much slow paced combat TERA vids...

but we'll see. I'm a little less surprised if it actually does get succesful now ^^

Tue Sep 21 2010 2:48AM Report