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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/01/12)  | Pub:En Masse Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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TERA Videos: GDC 2010: Classes Trailer (2:02)

Get a glimpse of the eight classes available in TERA Online in this latest trailer released by En Masse Entertainment. This trailer was originally shown at GDC 2010.

Get a glimpse of the eight classes available in TERA Online in this latest trailer released by En Masse Entertainment. This trailer was originally shown at GDC 2010.
Duration: 2:02
Views: 9,185  78 comments
Game: TERA
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Pabswikk writes:

Not the best character classes ever...The lancer LOOKS retarded, but seems like he'd be hilariously fun to play as

Tue May 25 2010 7:08PM Report
Clocksimus writes:

I  know sex sells and I'm actually looking forward to this games release however,  isn't it a bit much when female casters appear to be either dancing very exoticly or just literally attempting to have sex with the air around them?

The rest of the trailer  was well put together imo but could do with less softcore pornography.

Tue May 25 2010 7:14PM Report
zyphirr writes:

I completely agree with both of the comments above.

Some of the class names, like Lancer, don't represent distinct achetypes very well, at least in traditional RPG terms.  A "lancer" sounds like a very narrow-skilled class.

I'm a graphics whore, so I love the appeal, but "sex with the air" is silly and seems to target immature middle-schoolers.

Besides those points, great trailer, looking forward to trying it out.  teehee

Tue May 25 2010 7:39PM Report
Joker2240 writes:

Let them go outside of the norm I praise them for calling classes different then the typical archetypes. It is nice to finally break the mold just a little bit even if it is still the same classes as other games. 

I agree however the female casters animation for casting is a bit overboard and totally unrealistic. But who cares about realistic animation in mmorpgs right?! 

Tue May 25 2010 8:20PM Report
Dameaus writes:

sex with the air? she was just shaking her hips.... and not even in that sexual of a way..... wow. some people are just touchy i guess.

Tue May 25 2010 8:31PM Report
Heretique writes:

I'd like to say that I like the annimations, including this so called "sex with the air". Reminds me of Devil May Cry.

Tue May 25 2010 8:32PM Report
Heretique writes:

"sex with the air? she was just shaking her hips.... and not even in that sexual of a way..... wow. some people are just touchy i guess."


Couldn't of said it better.

Tue May 25 2010 8:33PM Report
warblade2002 writes:

textless ..................

Tue May 25 2010 8:51PM Report
Schnizit writes:

Ok the stupid little carebear things need to go away...

Tue May 25 2010 8:58PM Report
Tsyta writes:

how did this game go from 8.30 to 8.20 in 2 days? some of you complete morons are probably rating this game as 1 because your too jelous that it craps all over gw2 wow aion etc LOL.

rate it down all you want TERA>you.

Tue May 25 2010 10:13PM Report
bezado writes:

Umm holy shit.................... =)

Tue May 25 2010 10:15PM Report
lkc673 writes:

wow looks awesome but wont play it, learnt it from AION and i know i shouldnt compare but another month and find out its wasting time cos of bugs and grind. 

Tue May 25 2010 10:39PM Report
Proson writes:

Man, this looks awesome, hope it dosent dissapoint like all the other MMO's coming out the past years have.. But well see, hopefully this, Mortal Online or GW2 will be worth playing.

Tue May 25 2010 10:51PM Report
lkc673 writes:

looks like theres many soldier type classes?

Tue May 25 2010 10:53PM Report
saker writes:

I really hate these insanely oversized weapons some of these games feel the need to have in them. They're totally ridiculous. Says alot about some of the developers psyches.... Just sayin..... 

Tue May 25 2010 11:31PM Report
daemon writes:

well said... endless possibilities

if they can only deliver :>

Tue May 25 2010 11:40PM Report
Draemos writes:

Finally, a game that lets me play a homicidal Ewok.

Tue May 25 2010 11:52PM Report
Amorien writes:

looks fun

Wed May 26 2010 12:25AM Report
Macamus writes:

Video looks awesome and i've been watching this game for a while...

Hope this game pulls it off!

just ROFL..... I dont get why people whines about the armors of some female classes, softporn?  softporn is nudity.... What do you want on female priests and sorceres?   Huge ass robes that looks just like they do in any other game? NO THANKS! seen that uhm.... a hundred times before and it's really boering to play a class like that because you just switch the robe color whenever you get a new one which is amazingly boering

Wed May 26 2010 12:53AM Report
Swanea writes:

Well. That certainly was nice to watch.  The casting was different, for sure, but hey, if it draws in more people with it, that's great.

And yeah, the armor is a little...revealing...  But, I kind of like it.  It can be done tastefully, especially if the art of the armor looks good.  I'm not worried about "armor doesn't protect when it's a bikini LOL!", since magic isn't real either.

Wed May 26 2010 1:09AM Report
Crosius writes:

Personally I'd rather not see my casters haveing sex with their spells but...and the "she was just wiggling her hips"? Cmon, that's like saying "those robes are just ornate, they're not showing her cleavage off". They don't have to be so overt about it.

Furthermore, the lancers and beserkers seem a bit much. The lance/axe is 5x their size? I want the BFweapon to be the endgame so I can weild it in awe! Not have it be throughout the game where the end lance/axe is just shiny. Where do you go from the BFweapon early game?

Wed May 26 2010 1:13AM Report
slim26 writes:

The intro music for the Sorcerer class and the way they cast spells, male or female is epic!!! I am going to be that class, yes indeed.

Remember the first WoW intro video when the Mage was casting his spell from the tower, epic it was, right? well Tera got that and we, as the players are in control of that.

Wed May 26 2010 2:01AM Report
3DG.E writes:

Just another Asian MMO with pr0n and furries. Huge fatass tanks for males, and female chars that look like they're having an orgasm 24/7... God I'm thankful I only play western MMO's now. 

Wed May 26 2010 2:02AM Report
Ozram25 writes:

"Just another Asian MMO with pr0n and furries. Huge fatass tanks for males, and female chars that look like they're having an orgasm 24/7... God I'm thankful I only play western MMO's now."


This game has a totally diferent gameplay than another MMOs , including the typical Asian and Western ones, I'm bored of targeting and pressing 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 ,2 ,3,4...

And this is the first one where i see a big fat rat with a huge axe (a typical furry? don`t think so), so please learn a little about the game before comenting.

Wed May 26 2010 2:11AM Report
3DG.E writes:

Hah I know quite a bit about the game and it's unique combat system thank you very much. The game is just clearly not my taste visually. I like how they tried to have these powerful "shaking" animation to show brute force, but they did it a bit over the top and it looks like the animation cuts in places. The enviorment is also very poor, and because the character models shine so strongly they look like they don't fit in the with surroundings behind them.

It clearly lacks few new things, and is just the same old crap you'll find in any other MMO. Combat system or not, IMO it's not enough to get players. They just seem to be trying to pull in players with sex. The game has literally no anticipation either, and I'm not expecting anything magical, it's the same it was when I looked at it 5 months ago.

Weapons are oversized in most cases, and the visual effects are once again exaggerated. Sorry, but I can't see North America playing this turd of a game. Maybe it will pick up some European's here and there, but thats it in the west. Just look at Aion lol.

Wed May 26 2010 2:21AM Report
stayontarget writes:

Funny how everyone who complains about the sexyness in asian games, but when it comes to games like "GW2 or AOC" there like  "Oh that looks so great".

Sex sells, no matter if it comes from east or west so get over it.

Silly kids.  LOL 

Wed May 26 2010 2:36AM Report
slim26 writes:

A matter of fact... all the classes have epic battle animations but my favorite is the priest hand cordination when he is buffing and the sorcerer channeling animation.

Wed May 26 2010 2:48AM Report
slim26 writes:

Hey 3DG.E, what ever you think man lmfao, see you in Tera online.

Wed May 26 2010 2:52AM Report
Vagrant_Zero writes:


Wed May 26 2010 3:30AM Report
Otakun writes:

Everyone is just being overcritical since all the recent MMOs have not met up to expectations and people don't want to end up wasting more money.

Wed May 26 2010 3:43AM Report
Grotar89 writes:

Haters gonna hate.......See you in TERA suckers!

Wed May 26 2010 5:11AM Report
Vesavius writes:

I love the sexiness of the female models in Asian games lol

It's the horrible gameplay that usually does me in... That and PvP.

Can't stand PvP in mmorpgs these days, it's always so broken and seems to attract all the asshats, so I stick to FPS for that.

Wed May 26 2010 5:43AM Report
MyPreciousss writes:

20 meter long weapons, hooker female characters with lascivious combat skills (sure a sorceress needs a sexual dance to cast a spell, yuck), fireworks special effects when you lift your little finger, constant shouts... Seriously... And it's asian, expect grind, kawai silly characters like pandas and no solid lore.

I wish this kind of trash would stay in consoles and not desecrate our PCs.

Wed May 26 2010 6:00AM Report
3DG.E writes:

I just wanted to add that those animations will get boring really fast. Most of them are repeated, and few are actually unique. Have fun watching those horrid animations everyday. I don't know if I would stand a day, I'll give the lost fanboys a week, some a month. 

Seriously, screw TERA. (The Exiled Realm of Arborea? Yeah.. Cool name) No you won't see me in it, you'll see me in a real game, made by real developers that make their own games from scratch and don't steal source code from other companies :) 

Have a nice day.

Wed May 26 2010 7:04AM Report
ElykDraw writes:
I heard the two(?) criticisms of this game above, but I've got to tell you that this game is likely to get money from me.  The reason?  I think I'd rather shoot myself in the face than click another rat and press 1 to auto attack him to death.
More than likely, you'll see me supporting all the games in the hopper with the Dynasty Warriors style of combat.  They may suck, like just about everything released lately, but if the MMORPG community gives them a little support, it may lead to more games like this in the future.
Oh, and I'm an American who loves to hate on eastern MMOs, but if this game delivers, they will convert me.  If it delivers, it will be more entertaining for players like me than anything in the west.
(Lastly, one thing that oversized weapons bring to games like this: for the characters that have them, it makes the “strong attack but slow recovery” believable.)
Wed May 26 2010 7:18AM Report
lordessedess writes:

3DG.E please do us a favor and just shut up till you can cay something mature and educated.

that out of the way everything we are all saying at this point is mere speculation until we can actually play it so lets save our love and hate for the game till its actually available. If you love it play it..if you hate it don't simple as that :)

Wed May 26 2010 7:26AM Report
Sovrath writes:

I have to agree with joker that having a class like the lancer is a good thing. going outside of the typical warrior stereotypes gets a +1 for me.

I also have to agree that the "sexy" casting animations for the sorcerer are a bit ridiculous. I should preface that with the statement that I have no problems at all with enhanced sexuality, whether it be in games, movies, books, clothes, etc. But I think that in order for it to be effective it needs to be in the right context. As it is used in this case it just doesn't fit which then means that it is more distracting and comical than actually being "sexy".

Wed May 26 2010 8:28AM Report
Clocksimus writes:

I'm honestly quite shocked at the number of people defending the 'pole dancer' class animations.  I will be getting TERA but at the 1:00 mark of the trailer I had to stop and try and figure out, 'why is she moving her hips like that?', 'Is this a seduce spell?', 'Maybe I'm just overreacting, lets watch it once more.', 'why did they have to go that far?'.

Maybe it's the fact that she is already wearing skintight armor with the most extreme V-cut top possible.  She is doing what you could call grinding and could be thrown into any hip hop music video and fit in perfectly.

I'm not a child I simply have respect for females as a male myself.  Why can't her animations just be  agressive like the males? Why can't female armor be functional and look great at the same time? Plate armor that showing 3/4 of your thighs and a whole around the chest leaving your heart unprotected just so you can show off those breasts....

Also about someone saying when other games do it like GW2, I called their elementalist or whatever it is called a belly dancer. I'm not saying this is because this is an asian game.

Wed May 26 2010 8:38AM Report
aithieel writes:

Reminds jme Aion with more sexiness. Is it good?

Wed May 26 2010 8:47AM Report
Croxy writes:

Got my attention, might be great or might be crap, can't tell before released. Hoping for the best!

Wed May 26 2010 8:57AM Report
GreenLanternFan writes:

I often find that those that find some relation to sex in too many things, need to get their mind out of the gutter. Apparently, in the minds of some people, all women that are dancing are flaunting sex? C'mon softcore pornography? Really? Give me a damn break.

People that don't have sex on their minds 24/7 don't see it that way. Sounds like more gamers need to get off the computer and actually get out of the house.

The video shows a great game that does have a bit of an Aion feel to it, which can be a good thing. As long as it surpasses Aion's depth it should be good.

Wed May 26 2010 9:38AM Report
elocke writes:

Looks like Aion but prettier(if that's possible).  Will probably be just as shallow a game as Aion too.  I'll try it, but I'm not hyped about it.  

Also, the graphics look like my computer might BSOD over and over due to all the detail and speed of everything.  I really hate having to upgrade PCs every six months just to keep up with these games, sigh.  I'd play this if it was on the PS3 for sure though, seems more suited to controller play then mouse and keyboard.

Wed May 26 2010 9:50AM Report
fansede writes:

Give the men back and forth hip thrusting animations for the spell caster and give the men bend over and spank the target fatailities and you have a winner

Wed May 26 2010 10:49AM Report
echo117499 writes:

I think its pretty funny how many people fall for the whole "westernization" crap they keep spouting like its going to make it any less of a asion grinder, I mean its the same guy that said the same thing about Aion and look how that turned out, nice grafix but still a hell of a grind and getting to a year later and still it needs more "westernization" becasue the grind is still there.

Wed May 26 2010 1:46PM Report
Ozram25 writes:

People that thinks the game is the same shit shoudl look at this videos:

Wed May 26 2010 2:38PM Report
striker09dx writes:

Don't bash me... but in the trailer you see that one spell is mapped on [spacebar] on the action bars.. meaning there will be no jumping in this game :(

(i could be wrong though)

Wed May 26 2010 4:34PM Report
twrule writes:

I actually agree with most of what the people who are pointing out the overtly macho themes in this game - it's honestly one of the biggest turn offs for me on any Korean (it's mostly them, not all asian games) style game.  

Just like Aion, you've got your ridiculous overcompensating weapon sizes and you're absurdly oversexualized women.  They like to polarize the gender motifs as much as possible, which just comes off as cheesy imo.

I can tolerate that if the gameplay is innovative and fun enough, but until I learn more about the specifics there, I'm wary...

Wed May 26 2010 5:29PM Report
slim26 writes:

How the hell can the casting or channeling animations  get boring when it is already better than our western MMORPG like; WoW, AoC, WAR, FE, CO and many more. 3DG.E you speak of the same old grind asian games here but also it is a bit shocking to me that you said "thank god for western games" what the hell do you mean by that? because we don't have any outstanding western MMORPG today and our own western mmorpg also have a bit grinding.

This new TerA motion animation beats them all, that is western wise. IF you are a mage type class you would want to feel powerful as the controller of your class casting spells right? well TerA online got that right.

Wed May 26 2010 6:59PM Report
slim26 writes:

About the big oversize weapon comments come on, even the best RPG ever made  by Japan for Playstation use huge weapons and that RPG was FF7 with Cloud and Seph, both had huge weapons swinging them like a pillow fight and that was epic. I always ask myself how the hell Cloud can hold that big sword with such weak little arms and my answer was size dont matter if you believe.

"Even God of War used huge weapons" not just asian games.

Wed May 26 2010 7:20PM Report
weirdtimes writes:

Lol this is completely random but watch the video from the beginning while listening to Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home lol i did it on accident cuz it popped on and it works so well for this video :P just an odd note btw this game looks sick the girls are a little to slutty but i dont play chick characters anyway

Wed May 26 2010 7:29PM Report
Thrawl writes:

It looks like the graphics are solid. The oversized weapons may be entertaining. And I love the way the sorceress shakes her @ss when she was casting a spell.

But other than that, what will set this game apart from the countless others out there?

Wed May 26 2010 8:47PM Report
Jakdstripper writes:

targetless combat.......that's pretty different, IF it works well.

yea i like the trailer but damn there are a lot of soldier type classes....

Wed May 26 2010 11:25PM Report
3DG.E writes:

I don't speak only of grind. How much is actually KNOWN about TERA? Is this all they have to tell us? Whats so revolutionary about the game other then a redone combat system? To me it looks like any other Korean MMO, same old copied and pasted crap, just looks different. They've got 8 classes? Cool, but those melee classes are hardly different. 

I assure you those casting animation will get boring. In case you haven't noticed I'm still waiting for a TERA video that shows a full animation case twice. They make those short cuts in the video to hide the actual animations because 1.) Most of the animations are recycled for classes and 2.) They would have nothing to show, because THIS is everything you see right there in that video. 

TERA has nothing else.

I have my own reasons for preferring western MMO's over eastern ones, the same reason Asian games are so full of fail over here. Just look at Aion, do you REALLY expect people to play TERA? Maybe if you're a pro gamer that is looking forward to a new combat system, but thats what people have been saying for the past 2 years isn't it? "I'm really looking forward to this game!" "This is the next MMO, the one we've been waiting for!"

Go play TERA, I'll have fun eating my bag of popcorn watching it end up like Darkfall or Aion. (Oh and I'm a GW2 fanboy for the record, real game, real updates, real experience, real developer updates, free)

Thu May 27 2010 2:22AM Report
Ozram25 writes:

3DG.E you should know that Guild Wars 2 (like GW) is developed by NCsoft, a Korean company -_-.

And what is more NCsoft developed a game called, uhmm ajem, AION? xDDDD

Thu May 27 2010 4:50AM Report
slim26 writes:

3DG.E: Go play TERA, I'll have fun eating my bag of popcorn watching it end up like Darkfall or Aion. (Oh and I'm a GW2 fanboy for the record, real game, real updates, real experience, real developer updates, free)

Go play TERA, I'll have fun eating my bag of popcorn watching you guys enjoy a real mmorpg that will end up owning Darkfall, Aion, WoW or any other mmorpg. (Oh and I'm a GW2 fanboy for the record, real game, real updates, real experience, real developer updates, free) and made by a Korean company, now thats Epic.

Thu May 27 2010 6:11AM Report
ElykDraw writes:

lol, I read 3DG.E's last post and got all giddy ready to bust in  his face.  Come to find out it already happened...

Two Times.

Thu May 27 2010 7:50AM Report
3DG.E writes:

NCsoft does not develop GW, they publish GW. They fund Arenanet which is a subsidiary of the company, and they develop GW. Aion is a turd, and so is NCsoft. Welcome to reality.

Thu May 27 2010 10:36AM Report
TiiKii writes:

Loved it!

I just hope the game deliveres & my machine can run it..

Thu May 27 2010 1:05PM Report
Darkerxx writes:

looks like 3DG won the hand, xD.

On topic, i wonder if the carebear sorcerer will move his hips like the girl, like some crazy belly dance with his tiny legs and arms. Epic.

There already has been targetless mmo´s and that wasnt enough for they to succes.

About the animations, well this video dont show much to be sure of animations or how the actual gameplay will be, dont get hyped folks.

Thu May 27 2010 4:47PM Report
M1sf1t writes:

I love the visual style of Asian MMO games but the grind which they attach to their game is not my cup of tea.

Thu May 27 2010 6:47PM Report
pepsi1028 writes:

@Joker2240.  Umm, because people casting magical spells is totally real right? Don't understand how it can be unrealistic.  You guys also think wrong...Can't you think of hula hooping?  Not dry humping the air like Akon in a strip club.

Thu May 27 2010 8:22PM Report
Ramboness writes:

Looks pretty fucking sick imo. Care about the half naked female characters or their "sex in the air" attitude as some describes it. Who gives a flying f.... about that really? I'm pretty sure everyone rather want to play the game than looking at the female characters in it.

Fri May 28 2010 7:36AM Report
Herodes writes:


I guess, there will be >80% female toons. Some of them will stand apparently afk in low populated corners in the cities.^^

The fight-system was like Darkfall? Or did I misinterpret the gameplay video?

Fri May 28 2010 10:34AM Report
slim26 writes:

Herodes writes:

I guess, there will be >80% female toons. Some of them will stand apparently afk in low populated corners in the cities.^^

Lmfao>rofl that was hilarious. I have seen that shi in WoW and many others.

Fri May 28 2010 1:39PM Report
patevan writes:

Looks like a cool game... but is that a nipple I see (21 seconds into movie)?  Or am I seeing something else?  If I am right, I think they may have gone a little too far.  If I am wrong... good! 

Fri May 28 2010 10:29PM Report
M1sf1t writes:

You have got to be kidding right? You are freaking out over a bunch of computer generated pixels and pologons. Geez....some of you guys give the Taliban a run for their money.

Sat May 29 2010 11:39PM Report
M1sf1t writes:

PS - All mamals have nipples.

Get over it already.

Sat May 29 2010 11:41PM Report
M1sf1t writes:

PS - All mamals have nipples.

Get over it already.

Sat May 29 2010 11:41PM Report
Darkerxx writes:

no, they are freaking out at how stupid the devs think the gamers are.

Wed Jun 02 2010 9:56AM Report
hazy writes:

I will be trying this out I'm sure. I'll play any mmo from any country as long as its good.

However the stripper err I mean sorcerus is a bit over the top, damn these asians are horny 24/7 and the funny/sad thing is guys play female chars so they can see sexy 3d models, thats pretty damn lame.

But like I said if this game turns out to be good I will play it, on a male class ofc because I'm a dude and I like women irl not ig lolz.

Sun Jun 13 2010 2:50PM Report
Deviane writes:

haters always  will depressing how half the comments here just say BS not even knowing anithing about the game as always

personally i have hopes in the game looks more promising than some other games imo

Thu Jun 17 2010 1:34AM Report
Cupy writes:

wow looks great. ;>

but i dont think ill try moneyxD im still going to school:P

Sun Jun 20 2010 2:29PM Report
avalon1000 writes:

Yeah I am sure women go into battle dressed like that.  Cmon....

Sun Jun 27 2010 2:11PM Report
Malefic00x writes:

Looks great.

As far as the animations go it looks as if the video linked each animation and cut off to change the races while completing the same animation to show you the full animation while showing you that any class can be played by any race for those of you who say the animations were not complete.

Also, you really don't see many video games today with out some kind of sex appeal. I mean by this point it shouldn't really be an issue unless your struggling to find a flaw to the game. You really can't even turn on a cartoon now adays with out seeing bodies that look abnormally perfect and underclothed.

I have personally taken an interest in this game and look foward to it. The combat is really the main selling point as I liked the battles style of single player games like God of War, Devil May Cry, or even slower paced games like Phantasy Star Online/Universe and Monster Hunter. I know this game wont have the extremities of these games but as long as it can bring it away from the old EQ/UO/WoW model of full out dice rolling combat it would be a major improvement in my book. I'm not saying "This is going to be the best MMO EVAR!!!" I'm saying that its definately worth keeping an eye on. =)

Thu Jul 01 2010 7:51AM Report
alextodo writes:

@ avalon


Do you think that 3 layers of Armor is going to Protect you from the hit of a 20ft Monster ?!?

If you play MMOs for realism you are in the wrong genre.

Sun Jul 11 2010 6:29PM Report
Malvious writes:

/yawn boring.

Sat Jul 31 2010 1:47PM Report
SWTORisWoW writes:

I applaud the Lancer and anything NOT archetypical.



Tue Aug 03 2010 6:11PM Report
Params7 writes:

Can't get into MMOs that don't have an "Overall - Jack of all trades Master of none" class. Like Captain from LoTRO, who can off-tank, off-dps, off heal, has some unique rezzing abilities and is a decent buffer.

Fri Aug 13 2010 11:03PM Report