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Bluehole Studio | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/01/12)  | Pub:En Masse Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

TERA Videos: Official Trailer #3 (3:47)

This is the latest trailer for Blue Hole Studio's fantasy MMORPG TERA. This trailer originally debuted at GStar late last year.

This is the latest trailer for Blue Hole Studio's fantasy MMORPG TERA. This trailer originally debuted at GStar late last year.
Duration: 3:47
Views: 13,805  49 comments
Game: TERA
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ndodge writes: Sexy. Looking forward to this game's combat, world, graphics, and unrealistic though enjoyable lack of female armor. Fri Feb 26 2010 3:28PM Report
Dbossmon writes: Another Asian i candy MMO Fri Feb 26 2010 3:45PM Report
Dbossmon writes: Er eye Candy Fri Feb 26 2010 3:48PM Report
andrew24p writes: i just exploded in my pants ill brb Fri Feb 26 2010 5:40PM Report
libranim writes: Disgusting. Looking forward to it's inevitable downfall with this game's combat, world, graphics, and unrealistic though enjoyable lack of female armor. Oh and I-candy Fri Feb 26 2010 5:40PM Report
Vexe writes: Is it, like, a law that women can't be sufficiently armored? And I do want this game. Very badly. I just hope that isn't much grind. Or at least not too much BORING grind. I can deal with fun grind. Fri Feb 26 2010 6:24PM Report
huntard writes: Another level based grind fest, geez when is someone going to break away from the cookie-cut mold! Fri Feb 26 2010 7:54PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: Probably a level based grindfest, yes. But I did watch all the videos for this game and the combat looks REALLY action oriented with really the best quality Animations i've seen in an MMO. Makes me want to play it and I don't go NEAR asian games. Fri Feb 26 2010 8:53PM Report
Toquio3 writes: all flash and no substance. over-sized weapons, over the top armour and stripers with the face of a 13 year old girl. I guess the koreans arent worth much on the imagination department. Fri Feb 26 2010 9:41PM Report
Zyphriss writes: skankiness appeals if inconspicuous or for laughs, it does not impress the mature audience. Fri Feb 26 2010 9:51PM Report
Cripnoah writes: instead of WoW clone, it looks more like an Aion clone. Still looks like its definitely worth a try though. Fri Feb 26 2010 10:07PM Report
lthmong1 writes: will this be p2p? lols Sat Feb 27 2010 12:30AM Report
crmznoutlw16 writes: Lol, I posted this video 2 days ago on this site and they deleted it. Guess I stole their thunder... Sat Feb 27 2010 12:37AM Report
jonrd463 writes: More like "Asscheeks Online", amirite? Sat Feb 27 2010 1:10AM Report
Ever-Angel writes: more like eye crack then eye candy :P Sat Feb 27 2010 3:48AM Report
Arcona writes: do you know what? I have a desiese. The only prescription is more skank. We need more skank. Sat Feb 27 2010 6:51AM Report
fanita writes: porn stars the mmo! Sat Feb 27 2010 7:12AM Report
Proson writes: Nice, looks awesome. have to try it out when to releases. Sat Feb 27 2010 7:48AM Report
Proson writes: when it releases* Sat Feb 27 2010 7:48AM Report
Corrupted writes: Looking forward to this. Sat Feb 27 2010 8:17AM Report
Frolly writes: I hate it when these guys do this. They did the same thing with L2 constantly making super awesome looking rendered videos. They make it look like there's some sort of awesome story arch but then there's nothing, you chose your path. Doesn't mean it won't be fun but I prefer just watching game-play than having all sort of rendered cut-scenes which utilize the game engine. Sat Feb 27 2010 10:33AM Report
SelfDestructPro writes: As cool as this game looks, there's a major lack of character diversity going on here. Check youtube for character customization and such and you'll see. That will be a major flaw in the long run. Sat Feb 27 2010 2:06PM Report
Dilir79 writes: i wanna see more pixels naked toons X.X Sat Feb 27 2010 9:55PM Report
AI724 writes: Looks good.. will give it a try! Sat Feb 27 2010 11:41PM Report
Valentina writes: Pretty awesome..!! I feel bad for the girl at the end :( Sun Feb 28 2010 12:32AM Report
Fdzzaigl writes: Haha, enjoyable video (mostly because I'm male :p); although given my previous experiences with 'highly anticipated Korean mmo's' I don't expect all that much more than a pretty hack&slash with over the top effects. Which can still be very enjoyable ofc. Sun Feb 28 2010 4:41AM Report
Soulsemmer writes: Did I just sit through a snuff film? I mean, what the hell? Sun Feb 28 2010 11:12AM Report
storm-dragon writes: Another Korean soft porn game that once again shows that they haven't learned a damn thing about western audiances. Sun Feb 28 2010 7:46PM Report
just1opinion writes: Hmm. AION on crack. Interesting. Mon Mar 01 2010 1:25AM Report
slickid001 writes: that was the best... i love the story line of the video... Mon Mar 01 2010 2:46AM Report
Alberel writes: Looks promising, but dubious of it simply because it's yet another Korean game. The art style really reminds me of SO4, especially those digitial looking things that teleport in at the end. Mon Mar 01 2010 2:33PM Report
Vesavius writes: if only these korean games played as nicely as they looked... Mon Mar 01 2010 3:23PM Report
birdycephon writes: There won't be much story in this game. Just see Aion if you don't know what I mean. If you want story in an MMO, I have one word for you, "Cataclysm". Tue Mar 02 2010 2:28AM Report
eqfanaatikko writes: LOL Death by huge dildo for her carpetmuncher friend there (oh and notice the ass zoom angle when she is left lying there) LAWL and THE ENDING she is surrounded by GANGBANGERS and screaming. HAHA OMFG those asians are one twisted f**kers lol that game has some anime porn hidden in there for sure! Tue Mar 02 2010 11:38AM Report
Kaitz writes: hmmm the video froze at 00:30 and refuses to buffer any more Tue Mar 02 2010 11:50AM Report
avalon1000 writes: Amazing to me how the Asians favor the Nordic look in women. They do a much better job of character animation than most western games....where they fail is the game itself. Wed Mar 03 2010 4:03AM Report
PittyH writes: More like "Realm of a-BORE-ia" Wed Mar 03 2010 5:32AM Report
Noobkilar writes: right I'll pass, aion clone I did giggle @ the pvp:yes they need to change it to a pvp rating scale or something more clever. I highly doubt it will last 2-3 months before massive fail is noticed. Wed Mar 03 2010 6:01AM Report
fansede writes: Maybe pixel porn is what sells in the far east Thu Mar 04 2010 10:42AM Report
zenzukan writes: wow you guys.. seriously?? this is why we don't let kid play mmorpg!!! this game is rate + 18 Thu Mar 04 2010 2:48PM Report
Jimmy8911 writes: lol if kids won't be playing this, all the more reason I WILL......xD. Looks promising, but if character Customization is lacking, I may not like it. I am big on that. Sun Mar 07 2010 4:51AM Report
harrimuidre writes: Combat seems interesting when ur watching CBT vids on Youtube. Effects and Gfx r nice 2 thou needs some grass imo. And why are good looking chars a bad thing : o ? U want a muscular russian mamas ? .D Tue Mar 09 2010 5:37PM Report
Fuggo writes: Cool! But it will so much grid I think. =( And I'm sure it's like 3 faces, 3 hair and 3 skin colors. Thu Mar 11 2010 12:37AM Report
Alienovrlord writes: Graphics look great but the big question is gameplay, of course. Some epic rears in that cinematic lol Thu Mar 11 2010 11:26AM Report
Radar11x writes: Meh, shows promise but don't they all? Sun Mar 14 2010 8:27PM Report
DanKenShi writes: look promising ^^ Wed Mar 17 2010 11:48PM Report
neutrinoide writes:

Trash, boring cardboard generic asian character design.

Fri Mar 26 2010 2:14PM Report
Stewker writes:

Can't make those outfits much skimpier can they? Man, I almost expected a tentacle scene at the end there.

Interesting trailer.

Wed Mar 31 2010 8:01PM Report
kruler writes:

I just cant get into the art design of these, I just find it aimed at a certain mindset,(prepuberty) its all big choppers, (over compensating much?) and females with shapes that couldnt fight their way into a crisp packet, if they could see the crisp packet over their chest.

On top of that all the females have armour that couldnt even deter the afore mentioned crisp packet should it in fact turn hostile.

Then the male armour looks like every bad clothing padding design from the 1980,s has found a new home, but thats ok because you cant see the shoulders pads as the characters huge weapon is waving around, sorry ego, no i mean sword thingie/ penis.

Sat Apr 17 2010 2:42PM Report