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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/01/12)  | Pub:En Masse Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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TERA Amazing combat that you will be using plenty in a lot of uninspired quests.

Tera is a previously released MMO in korean brought to the western audience, the game sells as True Action Combat and has beautiful graphics.
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.

Tera Review

Graphics - Tera is one of the best looking MMOs out there, with detailed animations, armor and movement. it's very impressive to look at and wonder how did they do it? One cannot deny the polish that went in here, the creatures in the world look great, the spells are greatly detailed. Casting my parilyzing spell on the ground and watch it stay active is amazing, teleporting forward, casting a fireball, casting firestorm, all great things that made me enjoy the combat much more. Flying on a Pegasus and watching the world as you flew by was always breathtaking. However the artistic style will be a turn off to many. Score - 9

Role Playing - There's eight classes to choose from, which comes with about 4 sets of armor and 1 type of weapon that you will use throughout the whole game. There's 7 races to choose from, I think three which come gender locked ( I always disliked this in games ) Customization is somewhat detailed, but you can't choose your body size. There's not many beards or tatoos here, and some races are made either pretty or ugly. Sexualization is very emphasized here, female characters will run with their butt bent over for your viewing and with very little clothing, along with blood I'm not sure how this game has a rating of 12+. Score - 7.2

Performance/Lag - I played this game on a GTX 570 and an i5000k with high details, it ran pretty smooth. Sometimes the servers would lag for some reason though but that was eventually fixed. I did notice that my guild page would freeze my game for just a second or less, not sure what that was. Overall it ran pretty well and had only minor problems. Score - 8.7

Sound - The sound is good and the animations sound just fine. Some of the npc's voices can get pretty annoying afer a while "Oh don't push yourself too hard" anyone? The game had some interesting sound tracks, the cathedral one was memorable while the popori one was sort of annoying. Though not the best it's not the worst either and it's manageable.Score - 6.7

Service - I had problems with Tera first, like many i was charged for my first month right away. I also didn't receive my pre-order bonuses, after being in the dark for three days I finally got a reply. After messaging back and forth with a GM I finally got it all fixed, the guy was pretty cool and helpful. Besides from the short delay I was satisfied with their help. Score - 8

Community - I was very dissapointed here. The chat was flooded with trolls, offensive and immature people sometimes, not always but sometimes. I played on Basilisk Craig and the things that people said here were definetly not apt for ages 12+ and one can only wonder if there are any GMs around, which probably not. Many of these asian games are left with the public to do as they please, but one can't feel bad for how bad some people get. I did meet some great and helpful people, but the community was mostly split half good and half bad. Score - 5

Fun - This is an interesting one here and it's a tough one to judge. The game has an innovative combat that I think it deserves its own paragraph to rate. It's fluid, precise and makes you wish all other MMOs had it. With many mobs that punish you for not moving and dodging attacks, it makes you play different than what many are used to. I wish it was a little faster at times, and that not the majority of the skills had root animations but there's not much to complain about.

It's the quests that get you, they are very uninspiring. At level 1 you're killing trees and deers, at level 40 you'll still be killing them with the same identical quest. I understand that the combat is very unique, but when you're doing something repeteadly and you start going through a rotation, because at some point that's all that I did. It gets boring pretty fast. I wish that they had more creative quests. They are mosty Kill X/Y quests, Collect X from Y and talk to the guy on the next outposts which will have more of the last two. This all the way to 60 which for casual players could be a month or more. The storyline is also not appealing, everyone has the same storyline unable to make decisions on it and being awkwardly quiet all the time on cutscenes.

BAMs are nice at first, grouping up is great and taking them down is very rewarding at first. As you reach higher levels and spells you can solo some for some good experience, but after the 10th one you'll want to move on. At higher levels BAM quests are as rewarding as normal quests and with the lack of a healer/lancer sometimes you'll just want to skip them. Forget about soloing them as most will one-hit you and they would take too long even if you dont, and forget coming back later for them as it will be a lot of going around for a minimum reward while you can be doing more to level up.

Dungeons - 5 man dungeons, the first three were not that impressive, places filled with mobs and 2-3 bosses. Not much tactic involved plain hack and slash, tank heal and dps. Sure you have to do some moving but it's nothing out of this world and most will manage. Gear is sort of meaningless since it will be replaced in a few levels however main quests do require that you do dungeons and team up for them.

PvP - There's a lot of potential here but it doesn't deliver. PvP is close to meaningless unless fighting a Guild vs Guild battle. You don't risk losing much but crystals that you can just re-buy and you don't earn anything by killing people. The difference in 2-3 levels makes too much of a difference to have an even fight and there's a lot of ganking going on the early levels with the occasional in high levels, not that it's bad it's a pvp server but when level makes a huge difference it makes you wish it was more balanced. PvP at 60 is something to aim for, a very tough goal to aim for that is because getting there will be quite the job.

Crafting - Not my thing so I didn't do much of this but from what I read in chats is that it's a gold sink, too much gold is spent for not enough of an upgrade, apparently again at 60, it's worth it then.

Skills - Every even levels you get new skills, more reason to level up. Though I wish the skills were earned a different way, say they dropped from specific BAMs or mobs or dungeons would give a good reason to go out and explore.

Overall the combat was fun, but got worn out pretty fast, and when I looked as to where the next fun thing was next I could never find it, PvP was unbalanced and I didn't want to gank lower levels knowing this, BAMs were a long hassle that would pretty much be a waste of time if I wanted to level up faster, Gear was outdated so repeating dungeons got meaningless and the quests were just too damn repetitive, many people like grinding and having to kill the same thing over and over, for them this will be their dream game, for the rest of us... not so much.

Score - 5

Value - Having pointed the above it's pretty clear to me that this game is not worth a sub, The foundation of the combat cannot hold the game and many of the current subscribers will move on to TSW, D3, and GW2 when they come out, leaving a small niche of loyal players on this game that will eventually turn F2P. If you like grindy games with generic quests but amazing graphics and combat then by all means get this! But if not, you might want to pass on this one until a later date or a trial to judge by yourself. Score - 5

The Veridict - Tera is a beautiful game, it runs well, has some variety and En Masse really is a great company that is ready to help their customers. The combat is great and a different way to play an MMO but too bad it's the only way Tera differintiates from the rest, and lacking a good storyline, an interesting world, and some fun quests. It's going to get dull pretty fast as the levels go by. I really wished that the developers did more to the world, to the quests, to the PvP to make this a very unique game because the combat is there, but it is what it is, and that is a game that is going to stick to the hardcore gear/quests grinders that love this game for what it is, the combat.

Final Score - 6.8

Thanks for reading.




Final Score


 Amazing graphics
 Innovative fluid combat
 Great performance
 En Masse is awesome
 Some memorable soundtracks
 Never-ending boring quests
 The world feels very dull
 Uninspiring story
 PvP is unbalanced
 Community's awful on some servers

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