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TERA Forum » General Discussion » Two MILLION People Are Playing Tera? o.O

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7/03/14 7:11:06 AM#21

So because some people might not play or like Tera it's suprising the game is doing well?

Gratz to Tera, it aint my game but instead shouldn't we be happy there are so many gamers enjoying a game?


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7/03/14 7:22:58 AM#22

There are not 2 million active players 

2 million registered accounts


Also when a game says X number of players the important part is *over what time period*

2 million players playing over a period of 2 years - 

2 million players playing daily


See the difference?



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7/03/14 7:29:31 AM#23
How many people are online concurrently is the real number we want to know, not that many companies have the nerve to share such info.

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7/03/14 7:37:02 AM#24
Originally posted by Kyleran
How many people are online concurrently is the real number we want to know, not that many companies have the nerve to share such info.

Online number of players (concurrent players) is not a very useful stat as it doesn't show the total active playerbase, many players only play several hours here and there.

The most telling number for F2P games is number of unique logins per month - but even that stat is not important as very few players can still spend a LOT of money and float the game.

So in the end f2p games only keep track of cash shop earnings per day/week/month.

Sub games keep track of # of subscriptions per billing cycle (month usually)



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7/03/14 8:06:08 AM#25
Originally posted by Reklaw

So because some people might not play or like Tera it's suprising the game is doing well?

Gratz to Tera, it aint my game but instead shouldn't we be happy there are so many gamers enjoying a game?

Not at all. To accept that reality means one has to come to terms with the truth that their beliefs that no one really likes these games, no one plays beyond 30 days and these games are dying are both false a ridiculous. 



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7/05/14 12:20:32 AM#26

to be honest the game is good enough to warrant having a decent player base.


it aint perfect but neither is any other game.  It probably contributed quite a bit to the "mmo do not have to have boring combat" movement which is a good thing.  I am happy to have it on my system and play it now and then... maybe will play it a lil more while i take that eve cooldown that all eve players need every few months :)

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7/05/14 1:05:58 AM#27
Originally posted by khartokhar3
With almost two million active registered players (and counting!) in North America... etc.

registered accounts not active ones. there are f2p games with 50mil, 100mil etc registered acounts. 2mil is not much for a f2p mmo.

btw tera na has only 6 server. how could 2mil active players work fine on only 6 server (tera has the classic server system). just remember when gw2 hit the 2mil sold games they had somethin around 30 (guess even more) server.


that is very good point you made about servers.

also number of paying accounts is what important. i still play rift and swtor from time to time but i spend $$ rarely on any one of those games meaning even if they count me as active player i basically worthless for both of games and counting me as active player means nothing.

however  i buy gw2-gem card for 25 euro every month now gw2 can count me as active-paying account which is worth for them and that is what matters. 


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7/05/14 1:12:29 AM#28
Originally posted by DamonVile
Originally posted by mWo4life
Tera is great. And I can clearly see more and more ppl playing with each week. Major cities are full of ppl and there are generally no problems with finding groups for bams or instances. Keep up the good work tera team!

I don't know what the real number of active players are but the serves are far from dead ( like you said ) so it doesn't really matter. The game is improving and they're adding more things to do so it's always worth going back to. It's just too bad it's not a game I can play all the time month after month.

Exactly. The game is fun but it gets repetitive more or less soon. I never had any problem finding groups quickly. I actually did most of my leveling in dungeons, and many ppl do, so population is healthy.


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7/05/14 1:19:52 AM#29
If the game is dead the servers aren't. There is always people on in all zones.

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7/05/14 1:22:38 AM#30

Makes sense.


I have a dudebro kind of friend who regularly forces me to check out his new outfits in Tera.

Seems to appeal to the masses.

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