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TERA Forum » General Discussion » Why is Tera not more popular?

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4/05/14 12:29:29 PM#221

I played TERA from launch, and quit after 12 months when my sub ran out.  By then I'd gotten one character to 60, and had played all the other classes except Mystic.  I just popped back in a few weeks ago to see how it was doing under F2P, and have not seen many changes.

TERA's problem is that it offers very little beyond its action combat system, and over the top fanservice.  The questing is boring and requires continual running back and forth, the plot is a mess (there's actually a good story buried in there, but it's told very poorly), and the environment design is uninspired and lacks detail and direction.  Overall, its very much an "old style" MMO design, just with an action combat system overlaid on top.

Even that combat system only shines in the dungeons and in boss fights - and aside from a few of the end level dungeons, most of the group content is now almost impossible to find a party for.  I remember there were some amazing fights against some of the dragon bosses in mid-levels, but you'll never be able to play that content now, because no one plays at those levels, and even if they did they wouldn't do those dungeons because the rewards are crap.

In the open world against normal mobs the combat is much less fun than that of GW2 (the game I left TERA for).  The mobs have too much HP, and the game goes out of its way to keep you fighting them one at a time, or in linked pairs.  These fights squander the potential of TERA's combat system.  GW2 does a much better job in this regard (although in the inverse of TERA, GW2's group boss fights suck).

And then there's the community.  I don't recall it being particularly bad when I left, but now global chat is a toxic stew of racism and misogyny.  Since Google tells me this has been going on for some time, I assume En Masse simply doesn't care to moderate their community anymore.  The result is the most foul chat channel I've seen in any game, ever.

Not really something you want to define your MMO.


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4/10/14 6:07:23 AM#222
Game has the worst NPC draw distance I've seen since the PS1/N64 era. I'm really surprised that people don't bring this up more. The game is alright but every object/mob/NPC popping up 2 feet in front of my face completely killed it for me. Not sure how that made it past the alpha

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4/10/14 6:30:26 AM#223

i dont remembre why i quit playing Tera, i know i had fun playing Mystic there.

Only know it as something to do with Gameforge and end game.

The good thing i really remember is the battleground "Crossair ..." (dont recall the full name). An amazing instance pvp set up where only the team work make it win. I did like that mini-game.


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4/10/14 6:49:16 AM#224

I really enjoyed tera combat was great, I played a warrior prob one of the best take son the warrior class I have played was kind of warr/rogue style for me.

  What caused me to stop was I hit a wall with progression I played while it was sub took a break then came bac when strikforce was the main pvp set.  The wall I am talking about  was the vision maker set, conjunct/ strikforce was easy to obtain quite annoying to +12 and roll perfect stats on which i did and did entirely playing the game (not buying emp and turning it into currency) by running lot solo alot for scrolls/ stuff to sell. then if i wanted to progress any further vision maker was my only option which is either drop aprox 2-500 real life money on emp and buy all the mats or farm ballisks/ the bigger ones in the ally zone for months which I wasnt prepared to do as a new gear set would come out and I would have to go through it all again.

In the end I was logging in running bg's (premade) and gvg with guildies which after a while got old, as the only way to get gvg points was hunt during nexus or look in the lfg for ppl in wonderholm as most guilds will just hide rather then fight and it got a little stale/old after a while.

but dont get me wrong it was/is a great game just lacking content and the vm2 grind was to much for me, ended up with 3 60's in full + 12 strike/whhm gear all rolled pvp stats so i played it for quite a while.


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Joined: 7/13/08
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4/23/14 5:21:16 PM#225
I really liked the game, but bugs killed it for me. Performance bugs that cause huge FPS loses on bosses. 5-15 FPS is not playable. I have this problem on all setups that I tried. These are known and still not fixed to this date and probably never will be.

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6/27/14 1:37:44 PM#226

TERA was the game I wanted to like, but just didn't. The combat was a lot of fun, the political system sounded great and I imagine PvP is a real joy. 2 things held me back from the game

1) Leveling was soul draining. The story was quite possibly the least interesting I've experienced in a game. Any game. Pong had more of a story than this. Because of that, leveling was just a grind of killing monster after monster... and it took so many to get a level that it felt like it would never end.

2) The human male model. I'm sorry, but they look ridiculous. I play humans in every game, mostly because I lack imagination and also because... well, I'm human. I wouldn't even mind if the human males were designed to be eye candy for female players and were just overly perfected, but they don't even fit that category. They look deformed and silly. 0_o It kills me. I can't take a single make human in the game seriously.

Those 2 basically were what got me. I wanted to like, I really, really did. I just... couldn't overlook those 2, especially the first.
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6/27/14 1:51:37 PM#227

I thought both the combat and story line was pretty terrible.

The combat was slow, clunky, stop n go, click abilities, etc.

Character progression was pretty terrible once I saw it in action. Classes were pretty terrible.

Story line was just another lame standard bla bla bla your the one bla bla bla hero savior, bla bla bla rinse repeat. 10 seconds into the game it just became a click through all that stuff without paying attention, been there, done that too many times, don't care.

Quest hubs was pretty horrible as well. Never made it to crafting so cannot comment on that.

Even just trying it as a f2p game, it held my attention for about 2-3 hours before I had to get out and uninstall it. I know thats not a very good effort, but I've tried enough games to know what will and won't stick for myself, and this game basically offered nothing I would enjoy personally. For some though, I'm sure its right up their alley. To each their own.

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6/27/14 1:55:34 PM#228
I didn't read all the replies on this but I have 2 huge problems with the game. First the delay during combat everyone knows about, and the second is the player base. The chat in the game is the worst I have encountered. Other than that, it is a very good game imho.

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6/27/14 2:00:00 PM#229

My reasons: -

  • Combat delay.  
  • Grindy levelling above about 25.  
  • Bad community. 
  • Armoured bikinis 

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6/27/14 3:27:58 PM#230

Anyone in this thread complaining about combat probably made it to level 10. The combat at level 60, with appropriate gear, is extremely fast paced, skillful and fluid. Out of all the reasons why TERA sucks, combat isn't even close to being on any list.


EDIT: Before someone says it isn't "fluid", learn the difference between animation delay and retarded shit like GCD but allowing you to move while you can't react for 2 seconds.


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7/06/14 2:29:00 PM#231

There are many reasons why it's not popular, but here are mine.

A.) Combat:  People coming from other traditional MMOs will not like it, especially the UI, which requires switching between different modes.

B.) Asian Environment:  What i mean by this, is that the mobs, themes, armor, etc., have an asian flavor to them.  It's not going to click with the Western culture.

C.) Another "Themepark":  It has the same staples of all the other MMOs out there.  Questing, Dungeons, PvP, etc..  People want something different.

D.) Character Models, Races, Restrictions:  Models look bland and generic.  Some Races are gender-locked.

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