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Guild Wars 2 Videos: GAME FACE: Tera Argon Queen Update, RIFT Player Housing, Dino Storm, and GW2 Dancing (8:25)

IN this week's Game Face, our own Pokket talks about the TERA Argon Queen update, Rift housing, Guild Wars 2 dancing and much more. Check it out! Follow Pokket:

IN this week's Game Face, our own Pokket talks about the TERA Argon Queen update, Rift housing, Guild Wars 2 dancing and much more. Check it out! Follow Pokket:
Duration: 8:25
Views: 12,502  58 comments
Game: Guild Wars 2
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comradedoug writes: Nice shirt, although, its hard to have huttball team pride since you get randomly assigned to it. Thu Aug 23 2012 10:15AM Report
Zooce writes: File this under Dino Storm, the gw2 coverage was weak. Thu Aug 23 2012 10:18AM Report
Pokket writes: @Comradedoug Actually, more than likely if you were Pub you'd be a Frogdog and if you were Imp you'd be Rotworm (unless there weren't enough of the other faction, then blablabla). I have both shirts, though ~.^ Thu Aug 23 2012 10:21AM Report
Draeyl writes: Thank you for Game Face, Pokket Thu Aug 23 2012 10:25AM Report
Margrave writes:

I love Pokket's videos.... She's awesome.

Love the hair! Love how she always has new hair!

I tried and tried and could never get into huttball, ended up hating it. Loved the other maps though.

And as for attention, she has mine!

Thu Aug 23 2012 10:25AM Report
arctarus writes:

For thos ethat dont know un'goro crater that she mention is an area in WoW.

That said, i hate instances housing, hope future games, maybe even WoW in future , have open world housing...


Thu Aug 23 2012 10:43AM Report
Rider071 writes:

Pokket's back to blue!!!!   \o/

oh yeah, there was news too!

Thu Aug 23 2012 11:03AM Report
Kalafax writes:

Player Housing should be open world i.e StarWars Galaxy housing, so that players can stumble upon your community, shops, or houses out in the wild, and you have that novelty of checking out a town you havent found before. If theres specific Merchants the players have set up, people will mark the towns down and come back later for whatever reason, making them building blocks of a trade route which could easily pop up between player built towns, shops, and whatever else.


Instanced Player Housing works because its finally getting back into the housing, I just hope Devs will see how much players love housing and how much they could expand on it and accual do.

Thu Aug 23 2012 11:04AM Report
Rider071 writes: At first I was like oo Dino's in Un-Go setting? awesome anime, hmm...but then saw the clip, oh yeah WoW Un'Goro, bah. Thu Aug 23 2012 11:07AM Report
rojoArcueid writes: so Human was off my list of races to choose in GW2 until they started shufflin'!!!! gotta make me a human now..... thanks ANET Thu Aug 23 2012 11:27AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

SWG non-instanced housing didn't lag people, and it made you feel like you were a part of the world.


RIFT's instanced housing is nothing more than needless fluff. Might as well be completely wasted production resources for RIFT. Pathetic :|.


Though I do see why you tried to defend it, you're trying to be unfavoring to one side or the other. Though i'm sure you knew where the majority of players were anyways on this debate.

Thu Aug 23 2012 11:35AM Report
Dkompoze writes: my baby momma is so cute in this vid Thu Aug 23 2012 11:45AM Report
achesoma writes: GW2 human dance is my favorite(love LMFAO) with sylvari as close second.  Sylvari does Bhangra dance which I noticed and had to show my wife.  My wife is Indian and we go to a lot of festivals.  That's always a popular dance at those events. Thu Aug 23 2012 11:47AM Report
Souldrainer writes: This video was a MAJOR letdown.  I always figured Pokket for a Frogdog girl.  I may get over it eventually, but c'mon... err'body knows the Frogdog Nation is the only nation that counts! Thu Aug 23 2012 1:08PM Report
xr00t3dx writes: Please rename "Game Face" to the more appropriate "My Hands All up in your Face" for 8:25. Thu Aug 23 2012 3:14PM Report
IrishChai writes:

I've got the worst internet-crush-thing going on right now. I think I'll be sad to see this hair color inevitably change though. Beautiful combination. I wish I was more interested in GW2 or LoL so I could pillage and tear it up with the Pokket Posse. Maybe when (if) Ultima Online 2 comes out. 


I've gotta check out Dino Storm though. I was just thinking earlier how it would be cool if someone did a Dead Island / Borderlands type game with dinosaurs.

Thu Aug 23 2012 3:37PM Report
mysticalspam writes: this video needs sock puppets on the hands, would have been way more entertaining  Thu Aug 23 2012 3:39PM Report
gaeanprayer writes: So....why was this posted for GW2 when it's a variety of games? Sneak in some mention of /dance in GW2 then plug an update for a whole other game? ;x Thu Aug 23 2012 3:52PM Report
xenogias writes: People who want open world housing in a 3d world never played a game with it. I played Asherons Call and lemme tell ya, open world housing is a BAD thing. So much lag. Thu Aug 23 2012 4:30PM Report
rygard49 writes:

The shuffle for humans is awesome. I spent many hours learning that dance just so I could dance around and make my 6 month old son laugh. Totally worth it.

Thu Aug 23 2012 4:56PM Report
JerYnkFan writes:

First a couple of technical things.  THANK YOU for finally not being out of frame from your forehead up for most of the video.  Secondly was that color/brightness change during the Rift segment intentional?

Now on to the video content, you sound like the Count from Sesame Street at the end of Tera segment and I got huge chuckle from the Sylvari dance thing you did.

As for the 3D housing both SWG and Vanguard pulled it off with out much lag for me.  I much rather have non-instanced housing in game.  It adds so much IMO in terms of ambience.

Thu Aug 23 2012 5:13PM Report
MaxJac writes:

Sylvari dancing is indeed the best! I don't think non-instanced housing in any game is a must. I do enjoy it a lot though. I am most looking forward to Wildstar's housing.


@FadedBomb The game may not have lagged with its housing but you still had to wait a few moments for a houses furnishing to appear. It wasn't a terrible trade off but I believe we can do better at this point. I would love to see another game as ambitious as SWG was.

Thu Aug 23 2012 5:23PM Report
Phaleg31 writes:

Its obvious now folks......


 Pokket has no dance moves..My god, did you see that 'move'?


Geeker gaming chick has zero rhythm...


My gfs friends were laughing their collective azzes off...



Please, I beg of you, never EVER try to dance in a video again..


Thu Aug 23 2012 5:47PM Report
unknown769 writes: lol pokket never be ashame on dance or doing stupid things belive me people just love you see doing that Thu Aug 23 2012 6:12PM Report
Mandalore writes:

Yeah she is lovely. I like her gestures and ... uhm ... sounds? ^^ Always have to smile. :P

And really nice hair and makeup.


PS: That gaming bla bla was good too. *g*

Thu Aug 23 2012 6:33PM Report
spirus7 writes: its an ok review ..could be better Thu Aug 23 2012 6:36PM Report
hcoelho writes:

Thu Aug 23 2012 6:50PM Report
Vlhad77 writes: i agree with margrave. Pokket is awesome and hott, but my favorite GW2 dance is the norm dance, due to it being the carlton dance from fresh prince of bel air Thu Aug 23 2012 6:56PM Report
omidus writes:

I understand people make comments on youtube and what not, but god if you're going to post on a professional website at least rehearse your lines.

It sounds like a 10 year just talking and blabbing.

Thu Aug 23 2012 8:19PM Report
mastergravy writes: pokket  your the best thing since slice bread lol Thu Aug 23 2012 9:16PM Report
Grym writes:

Dance like there is no one watching. 

Sing like you're in the shower.

Express joy in whatever medium you desire. It is, afterall, your freedom of expression. Anyone who is critical just doesn't understand and probably has not experienced true joy.

Thu Aug 23 2012 9:28PM Report
BruceYee writes:

I really do enjoy these Game Face videos.

Keep up the good work Pokket.

Thu Aug 23 2012 10:53PM Report
Akulas writes: Nice hair but sorry to say it Bill Murphy is still the sexiest person on this site. Fri Aug 24 2012 12:54AM Report
blohm86 writes: Thats a alot of blabbering, you know watch some Bills shows. Keep to the points,stop improvising. Fri Aug 24 2012 1:20AM Report
Hallowel writes: Love the hair, as always. I too am a huge fan of player housing.  I might have to give Rift another try when their housing comes out.  Have fun in GW2. Sadly, I won't be playing it any time soon unless I mystically find a wad of cash. Fri Aug 24 2012 1:51AM Report
Hallowel writes:

@Subgenius666 MMO genre's dying? I'd LOVE to see what statistics you're looking at. If anything, the market keep growing.. which is why there are constantly more and more MMOs being developed each year. But hey, in a parallel world where more demand means failing, I guess you'd be right!


Fri Aug 24 2012 1:53AM Report
Pretender00 writes:

Looks like something that would be more likely selling cotton candy at the state fair.  Oh yeah the two big thumbs up really sells it. :P 

Still not a fan.. 

Fri Aug 24 2012 2:13AM Report
Volenibblets writes: A wise person once said that beauty is not trying too hard. I always thought that was good advice. That and include mainly presonally reserached content rather than news tidbits anyone can read elsewhere without watching a pair of hands do gymnastics about the screen for 8 minutes 25 seconds. That said, I don't want to be bad, you seem like a really nice gal. Fri Aug 24 2012 2:24AM Report
Vesavius writes:

When the major discussion point is the hosts hair...



Fri Aug 24 2012 2:46AM Report
Scot writes: Its a girl, you don't expect us to post about what she is saying right? Do we know if she actually plays games or is just reading from a sheet? :) Fri Aug 24 2012 4:16AM Report
WackoGun writes: Sorry to say, bit this is really boring to watch. :( Fri Aug 24 2012 5:54AM Report
erictlewis writes:

I still say they need to change the name from gameface to "My hand's in your face" with lots of incoherent ramblings.

I understand some folks are visual talkers with their hands but really its almost like she has to be constantly moving.

I much prefer Bill's videos at least he puts a lot of work into editing and his stuff is a lot better to watch.  [mod edit]

Fri Aug 24 2012 6:40AM Report
BrooksTech writes: Good job this week.  It was fun to watch. Fri Aug 24 2012 7:39AM Report
Pokket writes:

@Scot: I'm willing to bet I play games more often than the quite a few  people on this site. I also stream multiple times a week and  upload gameplay videos to my youtube ^.^

You all are entitled to your opinion of my appearance, but it's not going to change simply because some outwardly shallow people on the internet don't like something ~.^

And just for lolz, I'm naming my next toon Cakeface :D Thanks!

Fri Aug 24 2012 9:47AM Report
Hero_Alpha writes: I like Pokket and her videos. Can't wait for Guild Wars 2, the next 12hrs are going to go by slow. Fri Aug 24 2012 12:31PM Report
Amphib_Ian writes:

So what you should have said to save like 3 minutes about the player housing is that it's like EQ2 player housing and guild housing.... 

[mod edit]

Fri Aug 24 2012 1:32PM Report
bingbongbros writes:

Pokket, how do you change your hair color so often without completely destroying your hair?  I dyed my hair blue years ago and it obliterated my hair.  What's your secret?


Also, no mention of Asura poplockin!? ASURA FTW!

Fri Aug 24 2012 3:40PM Report
Eberhardt writes: is it me or was the gw2 coverage kind of weak? Fri Aug 24 2012 7:02PM Report
lotaparty writes: had she kept her hair red .she would had looked more beautiful . these hair kind of look like one of the monster npc we face in dungeon in wow BC mode . no offense though .everybody has right what to do with themselves Fri Aug 24 2012 10:09PM Report
Scot writes:

Oh darn, she called me out! OK she does game then. :)

I think the hair is quite anime, reminds me of Exalted which we are playing atm.

Sat Aug 25 2012 3:44AM Report
Zyelashar writes: What does it matter how she looks? This site is about gaming not how people look. Get over yourselves. Sun Aug 26 2012 2:13PM Report
Sirca writes: blablabla... Mon Aug 27 2012 3:35AM Report
Pokket writes:
xtrabullets "I'm not trying to hate on women or anything like that..." but I'm going to write a whole paragraph pointing out how this woman would be nowhere if she weren't a pretty woman.
Let's see... when a girl and a guy meet, the birds and the bees get together and bring them a baby. The baby is built from the genetics of the man and woman. Therefore the baby cannot help what he or she looks like, or what gender he or she is born. They are just born that way.
You're so quick to judge someone on the internet, but take a look at your post. I am not the one full of anger and spite over a simple video covering video game news ~.^
If you take the time to hate on a person who creates content you don't like and it's not even viable feedback they can use to improve, but rather just you spewing lava-filled hatred at the person... I think it says more about you, than the person.
Oph8 " If I really wanted to hear a chick nag about things that aren't relevant, I'd ask my wife..."
TL;DR - Stop watching my videos if you're just going to complain like someone robbed you of your lolli ^.^
Wed Aug 29 2012 11:18AM Report
xtrabullets writes:

Funny the "paragraph" I wrote that actually spoke of the truth, was deleted. The truth must have really hurt. 

And the only thing I hate Pokket is that it's possible to make it because you are actually a pretty girl that's into MMOs. There's a ton of guys on here that get NOWHERE near the coverage you get because they are a man. So take your "you're all sexist" views somewhere else because no ones buying it...


Thu Aug 30 2012 6:31AM Report
Tzench writes:

I prefer Tera over all , almost i like it more than all . cuz is a fresh hack & slash , we need that games styles , actually there is a lot point & clicks and skills apams like 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 keys ,  and we need a new generation of games more simulation, more exited, something like i hit you, you cover me hit, he hit me ...

that's my opinion , sorry for my english and Ty pokket for the review , you are so handsome , cute and i like your style hehe !!

Thu Aug 30 2012 8:37AM Report
Oph8 writes:

Pokket: I see you deleted my statement. I see the truth must hurt a little. But seriously, all jokes aside. I should call you Vampire due to your life stealing video. It actually robs a view of thier life by 8 minutes. Your video sounds like a bunch of various QQ rubbish.

Now hey, I don't watch your "Videos" I just stumbled across this video and wanted to check out the pretty face. Instead I got a chick nagging about silly nonsence. Maybe you should learn to take a little criticism, it may help out the next video you produce.



Thu Aug 30 2012 11:28AM Report
Oph8 writes:

"If you take the time to hate on a person who creates content you don't like and it's not even viable feedback they can use to improve, but rather just you spewing lava-filled hatred at the person"

That's the thing, most of us have constructive feedback. But what else are we susposed to say? This video just plain sucks to look at. Pokket, we're looking at you and only you for 8 whole minutes. No pictures, no videos and your commentary is so boring I rather watch paint dry. Hell, Pico from MMO Champion is more entertaining to watch.

Have you even taking a good look at your video? It's just bad!


Thu Aug 30 2012 1:59PM Report
Tzench writes: Oph8 stfu Thu Aug 30 2012 3:18PM Report