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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 08/28/12)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Guild Wars 2 Videos: Gem Shop and Trading Post Preview (4:31) takes a look at the commerce part of Guild Wars 2. It's here that you'll buy gems with real money (or in-game gold) and buy experience boosts, cosmetic items, and more. But is it pay to win? We let you decide. takes a look at the commerce part of Guild Wars 2. It's here that you'll buy gems with real money (or in-game gold) and buy experience boosts, cosmetic items, and more. But is it pay to win? We let you decide.
Duration: 4:31
Views: 25,137  42 comments
Game: Guild Wars 2
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sanshi44 writes: The chest only seem to have novilty items (Potion that turned me into a minotaur for 15 minute or somthing like that cant atatck while in it so just visial) and other item (like the kama boost). Nothing game breaking atleast in the 4 i opened during the beta. Keys also drop off mobs. Mon Apr 30 2012 8:21AM Report
Methos12 writes: I'd just like them to remove the Mystic Key and corresponding chests because it seems that will be the only thing that's explicity going to remain inaccessible unless you pay for it. Everything else I can mostly deal with. Mon Apr 30 2012 8:22AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

As a long time MMO veteran who has seen Asian & Western "Pay To Win" MMOs come & go I can say, without a doubt, that the chest key & the experience boosters are "PayToWin".


Any time you exchange REAL currency to get bonuses that BENEFIT you in some way over someone else who cannot due to RL currency constraints that IS "PayToWin".


For the keys, you are being given keys that do NOT drop normally in-game, and thus you gain items that others cannot earn. I'm told someone got a sword from one, but I can't be sure I haven't experienced it myself or seen a video of it.

As for the experience "boosts", the first problem is they are based on hourly timers. This has shown, time and time again, in Asian grinders to be the ABSOLUTELY most poor choice in terms of time choice. They NEED to be based on DAYS, NOT hours, and should represent a fair exchange rate (ie: $5 for 30days, or something like that in the conversion rate). 


Lastly, continuing with the XP boosters, it is pay-to-win no matter what you do! You are exchanging RL currency in order to level FASTER and get to higher levels FASTER than other people can naturally within the game. You ARE getting something for RL currency that could NEVER be considered "fluff". So yes, the guy doing the video is adding his "media spin" to the cash shop items considering the two I've pointed out.


It's really sad that MMORPG is trying to push the idea to change what "PayToWin" actually means. Sorry, but it's not going to happen.

Mon Apr 30 2012 9:35AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

Oh, I ALSO forgot that you can buy IN-GAME GOLD with RL currency. In other words, kids swiping their parent's credit cards to get 100,000 gold at level 1 will completely destroy any semblence of a proper market.


Seriously, wtf? Do you HONESTLY believe that gold farmers won't be able to compete with this? StarTrek Online did the same system, and gold farmers actually were able to under-cut the system AND prosper. When you open the doors to it with a pay-to-win shop like this you increase the popularity of outside sources. GG Anet

Mon Apr 30 2012 9:44AM Report
Torval writes:

In a cash shop world it's all "pay to win".  That term has been abused to the point where it's meaningless now.  If you're buying something in a cash shop, then you're circumventing normal game play - buying an advantage you would otherwise need to game for.

It's a cash shop game so I expect that.  Where I have a problem is with store exclusives.  If you can't game for it then, at some level, a portion of the game has become all about the cash shop.

One thing I consider is how much per month will I end up spending in the cash shop to play the whole game?  If it's more than a monthly sub then it's not worth it to me.

Finally, I have a reservation about paying an up front cost for a cash shop game that gives you no in game cash for the cost.  Essentially "B2P" and "F2P" are the same in that they're subscription free and have a cash shop to generate revenue.  Why would I pay $60 to $150 for this game again?  I could see paying $20 if it came with gems and that's about it.

Mon Apr 30 2012 10:16AM Report
Skyy_High writes:

Torvaldr: pedantically speaking, since you can buy gems with gold, nothing in the shop is "cash shop exclusive".

And as for "pay to win": that absolutely does not apply to aesthetic and convenience items, which is what the shop is filled with. P2W refers to games where plopping down $20 instantly buys you the best armor / weapons / runes / whatever available, and those items give you a distinct statistical advantage over anyone who is not buying them. Show me any item in the GW2 cash shop that does that. 

Yeah, you'll level faster if you buy some XP boosters. So what? That's only a problem if you're in a race to endgame, but when PvP auto-levels you and gives you UAX, and PvE gives you access to endgame-like content throughout the leveling curve, there really should be no point to rushing to lvl80. You're going to get down-leveled anyway when you go back to fill in all those hearts.

Mon Apr 30 2012 10:37AM Report
kikamukow writes:

well for starters i found 2 keys in my weekend in gw2 beta so the keys ARE there but ARE rare i guess...

2nd of all you say the XP boosts are pay to win yet your also stateing they should be longer time wise... so your contradicting your own words there...  personaly the XP boost where a waste i found the Mob XP to be pointless...  pretty much MOST of your XP will come from the completion of the Public events and the XP boost ONLY effect mob kill XP...

and 3rdly you CAN NOT buy in game gold with RL currency... you can only buy GEMS wich can then be sold on the AH... so in order for you to GAIN anything from the trade you firstly NEED the gold to already exist in the world...

im sure this had been state MANY MANY MANY damn times in other threads...  each beta user had the option to test out the in game shop and i tell you what the only thing i found even remotly appealing where the random dye packs , minis , and crap like that... 

Mon Apr 30 2012 10:38AM Report
Skyy_High writes: @FadedBomb: you don't seem to understand how the system works. You can't just buy a million gold on day 1. That gold needs to come from players (it's not created by the game), which means that players a) need to have the gold, and b) need to want gems more than their gold. That's not going to be the case for most players, especially not at release. A better comparison would be EVE's plex system. Mon Apr 30 2012 10:39AM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Skyy_High: Good summation.  I think I said EVE's Plex system in the video too.  This is how it works, and ergo: it's fair and balanced. Mon Apr 30 2012 11:03AM Report
MMOarQQ writes: So glad I didn't buy into this game's inflated hype. Mon Apr 30 2012 11:09AM Report
Kalafax writes:

Theres really nothing here thats pay to win, you can easily get gems with ingame gold, and the game has no subscription, so you could do the same if you just spent 10 or 15 dollars a month on gems also.

The only thing not seen as fluff would be the Xp boosters and they are cheap enough with ingame gold to get that its not an issue, yes people can dump money into gems to get gold but it would take way more then would be worth it, so if they want really want to that badly let'em, its only helping your server since everyones on the same side.

Mon Apr 30 2012 11:43AM Report
udon writes: The keys and the potion that increases the chance of getting a better item seem P2W to me.  If a box drops and you don't have a key what is the average person going to do?  Are they going to pay 25+ precent of their total gold on the broker to purchase it?  Are they gong to sit that possibly epic upgrade in their bank hoping to get a key drop?  Or are they going to just purchase one on the GEM shop?  And the potion that increases the chance of a higher quality random drop is just stupid IMO especially if the Dev's tune the drop rates to encourage it's use which isn't outside the realm of possiblity. Mon Apr 30 2012 11:43AM Report
pjalmeida writes:

People that are complaining about the cash shop or even comparing it to other F2P games, should read a bit more about it, and try it, to see how things will realy work.

Keep in mind that unlike any other games, you can buy the shop currency with ingame gold. If lots of players buy 1000000 gems at the beggining with real money they will have two problems.

First players will not have enought ingame gold to buy the gems .

Second the price of gems will drop a lot becasue the economy of the game will flood the market and the offer/demand will drop. if people want 1000 and are 100000 people selling them will not work .

Keep in mind that every F2P game never had the option to use ingame money to buy shop items (gems) and didnt had orders that you can put in the Ahouses.

Mon Apr 30 2012 12:16PM Report
toph1980 writes:

People whine over the smallest things. EXP boost and Mystic Key? Oh noes! 7 silver coins for 100 Gems? You can make that in less than 30 minutes. And regarding the EXP boost pack that most peeps here are whining about, it only took half a day worth of gameplay during the beta to hit level cap - I spent most of those hours doing my personal story quests + grinding dynamic events. The remaining weekend was dedicated to exploration and WvW.

When GW2 goes live I can see how peeps will be able to hit Level 80 endgame within a week - be it through PvE or PvP. Remember, the leveling curve is flat after level 10. And you still need to PvE to unlock skill/utility points. All while getting deleveled to mobs in the area you're in and their level.

How is the EXP boost pack an advantage?

Mon Apr 30 2012 1:16PM Report
gaeanprayer writes: @FadedBomb - you're drawing wrong conclusions from something you're not playing. Stop it :\ The market is controled by players, and that gold you exchange for gems is extremely precious. You need it to travel, to repair, to craft, etc. People aren't going to spend it stupidly and any changes that happen to the economy in regards to gem usage will come from the players. This is not Star Trek's system, that system is a mess. This is closer to Eve's. But whatever, everyone who's played (which evidently are quite a few) have seen the system in action and know better, at this point. So, it's all good. Mon Apr 30 2012 1:43PM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

@Udon, those boxes were a waste of time. In the beta, we box 2000 free gems. I spent about 500 on keys at first, and then realized nothing in those boxes is necessary. They're filled with some temporary consumables (like a 30 second exp boost) and tonics to transform you into critters for fun. I didn't even open the boxes anymore, I sold my keys and trashed the boxes. They're there for people that like that kind of thing, which is why they're also extremely cheap. They're in no way a huge part of the game.

Magic Item Find, by the way, is an attribute that can be increased in-game. Between WvWvW boosts, equipment (that I crafted with drops by the way, very easily), etc., you're bonuses FAR outweigh anything you get through a potion. Further, the magic items I "found" were still crap compared to what I was able to craft on my own. Really, that cash shop is a joke in terms of power. I'm more concerned that Anet can't make money off of it, than I am that they're selling power. Bag slots are something else people are complaining about, but you start with 5 and can make large bags for yourself. By the end of the beta, I could craft Wool Bags, 10 slots each, +20 from the bag you start with = 60 slots! I never had to make a trip to town just for items, they are more than generous with what you start with.

Mon Apr 30 2012 1:49PM Report
oddbat1334 writes: As people are saying, mystic key drops in game. I got several. Mon Apr 30 2012 2:55PM Report
corvenik writes: yea the people that are complaining about the keys...just stop already you can get the items by playing or paying thats it for gold farmers i did not see 1 shout or in chat from anyone advertising to buy gold at all , in every other beta Tera, Aion ,AoC spams every minute SWTOR had maybe 1 but that was the end so idk how bad of a problem it is or would be in this game but as seeing how there was none in sight i think thats a good thing. Mon Apr 30 2012 3:12PM Report
KingJiggly writes:

Keys can be random drops in-game.

Mon Apr 30 2012 4:20PM Report
Innerhealer writes:

First off, for those that did not watch the video, YOU CAN EXCHANGE IN GAME SILVER FOR GEMS.  In other words you don't have to spend RL gold to receive gem items.  That means expansion slots and everything.  I can play the game without spending a penny and still get the same things everyone else is spending there money on.


What that means is that if an idiot wants to use his own money to buy gems, that you can buy with in-game currency, then they are just being lazy and more power to them.  7 silver gets you a gem.  The exchange rate works a lot better using in game money than trying to buy in game money.  But, whiners will whine.  No game company makes everyone happy.

Mon Apr 30 2012 6:47PM Report
lifesbrink writes: I get the feeling the "win" definition in Pay 2 Win has been lost on all the people commenting here. Mon Apr 30 2012 9:03PM Report
RoninOkami writes: From what i saw i was pretty much able to get and utilize everything that was in that shop from exp bumps from dynamic events to dyes that dropped from hidden dungeons... eh i didn't really see anything that would make someone better than me or even for that matter better than the world i am fighting in other than me being skilled. Mon Apr 30 2012 9:32PM Report
sealatis writes:

The pay to win 

definition comes from games where you get better equipement in pvp pve 4 playing money, So in Guild Wars the set you get isnt important in pvp cause you use standar gear , and gear is really easy to get , i spend 3k in keys  and opened all chest and i didnt get a single item that was really worth it yes i bought 1 k of gems with game gold.

Games like Gunz for example where you get Super equipmement by puting money is p2win.

The extra exp isnt really worth it cause whats great about this game is that you enjoy playing it , you dont try to rush the lvls you try to do them slowly as posible, for example i was lvl 17 and i was in a lvl 15 zone finding secrets spots with chests , the drop in chest sucked to be honest but it was the fun in the finding 

Most of you think that its like any mmorpg where you dont enjoy content and you just try to get to top lvl really fast cause that where the fun is.

Tue May 01 2012 12:50AM Report
SpawnAngel writes:

Hello every1!

So it`s my first post here.


I wonder why u whine for the XP boost.

First of all it`s only for the mobs. Yea it will boost u a little but it`s not much after effects only the XP from mobs.

Second, Anet made a game that gives u personal story, interesting explore areas, fun events and crazy cool looking things everywhere. So if u want to pay for gems to get XP boost, what can u earn? U`ll miss areas and everything fun from lvl in these area. 

Third, WHY do u want XP boost? U can lvl up normaly ( and it will be alot of fun like that ) and join in W v W v W or PvPanytime as lvl 80. I bought the game and i`ll enjoy it by creating and lvl up alot of toons, not boosting them.


About the transfer of Gems for Gold...

Are nuts? At the end of the beta weekend I trasfer 500 gems for about 30 silver! So what? Someone will pay alot of money and transfer like 50 000 gems for 30 gold or something? Be my guest! This will help the Anet to continue inprove the game. 


The items drop rate boost.

Lets think a little. Why do U need item drop rate boost at lvl 10? Yup thats right For Nothing! Someone will get better sword for lvl 10? Rly bad that u must change it after 5 lvls... 

If u`r lvl 50... Well than u can buy it with in game money. Not to mention that with crafting skills u can make good enought items. Sometime even better...


And last, mystic key.

For the whole weeked I opened like 5-6 chests. Do u want to surprise u? Well i didnt buy even one key from the shop. How ? Verry simple, mystic key can be droped from montsters and from the chest that u will open! 

Yea i must admit that i got more chests then keys. Then keep it. When u`r rich enought on hight lvls u can buy keys and open them. All u got from them is cosmetic or some boost that can help u again on hight lvl... 


So for the end, I dont see anything that can ruin my gameplay and the fun from playing GW2! Wish u all the best :)

Tue May 01 2012 3:11AM Report
gunmanvlad writes:

The only thing I'd want out of there are the Karma boosts. They said Karma won't be affected by the market, but it apparently is. Hope they fix it and focus more on cosmetics (maybe add some PvP cosmetics; I'd love to be able to turn my Necro into a certified zombie when wandering WvW hehe).


Otherwise, XP gains? Wow, amazing...oh wait no, because you can easily get side-kicked (or downgraded) levels based on your party or location.

Tue May 01 2012 6:22AM Report
SpawnAngel writes:

Ooops... i fogot the best part about the Gem->Gold transfers.

No matter how much gold they buy, its not like they get items... Yea they will get items, but from where? Npc merchat ? Naaah.... they will buy them from the market. So they give real money for gold and after that they give that gold for u`r items ( from proffs or loot )... For me sounds like a great deal ;)

Tue May 01 2012 7:59AM Report
udon writes:

People who are saying that Gems are cheap are forgetting that the conversation ratio is hard set for beta and at launch that price will be based on what players want to sell them for as all Gems for sale come from other players.  The prices are going to probably go way up and stabilize at some number based on how easy gold is to get at max level and how useful the Gem items really are.  Also remember ANET gets a percentage of those transactions.  


Keys dropping in dungeons with chests is fine but what happens when you have 4 chests and 2 keys?  Is the average person going to put those chests in the bank until they get chest drops or are they going to drop into the gem store to buy the keys and see whats in the other 2?  Given how easy it is to buy Gem's either with real money or in game gold the temptation to buy keys is going to be huge for a lot of people.  And keep in mind even if you buy Gems with gold someone paid real money for those first before putting them on the exchange so Anet gets cash for that purchase regardless of how you buy them.


A boost to the chance to get better items from the gem shop is a boost no matter how much people want to trivialize it.  Whether it's 10% or 100% doesn't matter, what matters is someone can trade Gems (either ones they purchased with cash or others purchased with cash, it's the same thing) for a higher chance to get better drops.  I have a issue with that (as well as the Karma ones).  Others don't and that's ok as every is entitled to their opinion but I do.


Tue May 01 2012 9:12AM Report
Yamiino writes:

Lol seriously people, complaining of an exp boost for one hour when there's no real point of leveling faster than getting the last skill unlocked at lvl 30, which will take what 1-2 more days to achieve to normal players.

Without mentioning that leveling in PVE DOES NOT affect PVP since we all even a lvl 1 get leveled up to 80? even in WvW? LOL noobs.


If you really want to see some hardcore pay to win madness go look at this:

Refines for around $100 USD:

Gambling packs that give you overpowered items that sell if you're ever lucky to get one for over 300 million coins:

Not lucky enough to get 4 sockets on your gear?, pff buy it don't be stupid:

This was an april's fool joke, but I wouldn't be surprized if it ever was real:

Are you a venomancer, purchase your overpowered pet for $200 bucks:

Oh and, are you level 101?, well, don't waste time, spend $1500 USD and get your gear (gems and refines not included):


Think i said enough.

Tue May 01 2012 9:30AM Report
nalanthi writes: Just to clarify... I received a mystic key from doing personal storyline stuff. So no, buying these is NOT required. Tue May 01 2012 12:44PM Report
ComfyChair writes:

The game isn't pay2win

deal with it.


Tue May 01 2012 5:00PM Report
Yamiino writes: ^ +1 to ComfyChair's last comment. Tue May 01 2012 5:32PM Report
mrhyde1428 writes: During the beta weekend, I looted a mystic key for the chests.  So, they can be found in game too, without having to buy them.  They're probably just a bit more rare. Tue May 01 2012 6:43PM Report
Sinaku writes: This was what originally turned me off to GW2 and has left a very bitter taste in my mouth. After playing it on a friends account I was relieved that I didn't find it very fun. Tue May 01 2012 10:54PM Report
calog3no1 writes:

There is also lvl caps on all players in PvE areas, so even with a exp boost you really can't walk into an area and own it no matter what lvl. Also the game does cost $60 atm and the cash shop will go to expansions, content and what not that will be accesible to all. IMO arenet got it right and for all the whiners I'm glad you won't be playing so I won't have to see you ragging in chat.


Wed May 02 2012 7:02AM Report
Craywulf writes:

Anyone claiming "pay to win" isn't doing their homework. If you actually investigated the limitations of XP boost, you'd realize that it only effects kills, not XP gained from exploring Points of Interest and Waypoints or doing Dynamic Events. There's simply aren't enough mobs to gain more XP than you would be doing by exploration. The XP Boost would only shave 3-4 hours off your time leveling. So if it normally takes you about 48 hours to level from 1-80, it will take you just 44 hours to level to max. If you wanna spend $5 to buy 400 Gems then spend 150 gems just to shave 3-4 hours off your leveling then by all means do it. You'll gain absolutely no advantage over other players in PvE, SPvP or WvW. 

If anything the XP boost is an "idiot tax" for those thinking they can pay to win.

Mon May 07 2012 7:34PM Report
DaBliuTeeEff writes:

I seriously do not know what to say to those kids whimping about the flawed system that Anet has put for us. 'PAYTOWIN' some says.

We get an awesome game for the price of 59.90. And its not going to feed Anet team FOREVER. They need another source of income to keep the team going strong and feeding us with more valuable updates. If we're enjoying the game, we could just spend some money in the store to 'support' them. I would rather spend VOLUNTARILY than to get forced into a subscription fee monthly just to play a game.

Secondly, they offer some nice boost in exchange for the credits you've donated to Anet. These boost can help a character to level by quite a lot. YES. But are you playing this game just to race to the highest level? If yes, i don't think Guildwars 2 is for you. Stick to WoW, Rift, or the traditional MMOs out there. Since leveling is scaled to level 80, the XP boost WILL NOT affect anyone at all. Also, using money to exchange for influence points is VERY EXPENSIVE for a slight boost. If you have the money to do so, very well. Numbers could easily overpower these slight boost. And mind you, every MMO has its own RMT sources. It spoils the game. Anet is trying to drive them away. Imagine how irritating it is to see spam bots posting ~~~~GET 1000M KINAH FOR 9.90USD~~~~. In short, PAYTOWIN is in EVERY GAME. you pay real money, for ingame items, and use them to buy strong gears. Enough said, grow up please.

Mon May 07 2012 9:59PM Report
denkiteki writes:


Either you haven't played the game, or you just don't know anything about the game. I have played a my share of mmo's, and let us just keep it at that.

The original GW had xp boosts as well, furthermore, you can buy gems with ingame gold, now what the exchange rate is going to become I dunno. And no I haven't heard of anyone who got a sword off such a chest. Plus it is only cosmetic, as there isn't any über gear in GW2. ~~ 

Second, the way lvl'ing works in GW2, well basically ,the difference from lvl 9-10 and 79-80 isn't that big. GW2 like GW isn't a grind game, they aren't going to make it difficult for you to get to max lvl, max lvl is just an add on for people who think that they need to lvl up to play a game. 

Third, why isn't it fair to buy, let us say I only have time for one hour of gaming every day, so I buy an xp boost, to keep up with my friend who can play for three hours a day.


and again you can exchange the gems with gold.


And yes I have seen my share of cash shops. And besides the GW cashshop which is the least unfair I have seen, this is a close second.


but apparently you are commenting on the game without any knowledge of how it functions. Inclined to believe you a troll good sir

Tue May 08 2012 2:22AM Report
Wayshuba writes:

I acutally don't have any issues with whats in the store, including the boosters. The two things that bothered me though were:

1.) Dyes and costumes suddenly being character only, when it was clearly stated dyes would be (and should be) account wide.

2.) The convoluted dye design (dye colors growing every 24 hours and magic food to accelerate) that is clearly influenced by the presence of the shop at all. 

I hope that ANet changes dyes and costumes to be account wide by the next BWE and also changes the silly dye mechanic in game to simply be a dye drops, we right click it, and now it is in our account.

Also, they should make sure the dye pack available in the store NEVER gives you duplicate colors. Otherwise this reminds me too much of collectible card games where someone will buy 1,000 dyes just to get that one rare color they really are looking for.

Tue May 08 2012 5:31AM Report
Wayshuba writes:

Two other thins following from my previous post:

1.) Would like to see more costumes in store at launch. Especially considering some of the great costumes they had in GW1.

2.) Put parental controls on the store. This is a big deal for those with accounts that kids will play on. Big enough that parents may avoid the game simply for this reason. It is a big enough deal the Apple and Amazon finally implemented this on their app stores... it need to be there from launch. Perhaps allowing us to create a separate PW for the store to purchase gems or making us enter CC data each time we make a purchase. (I prefer the former).

Tue May 08 2012 5:35AM Report
HiddenJackal writes:

@Fadedbomb About your "Pay to Win" argument, you argue that only people who pay with real currency can get such benefits yet fail to connect the possibility of gaining such benefits with gold earned 'in-game' by buying gems with gold?

Re: the keys I, however, have been told that they DO drop in-game, though I cannot confirm by myself as I have not seen it for myself. Though I think it would make a lot of sense that it be available in-game at a low-drop rate as to make it as a shop item actually a 'viable' alternative and not the only one (much less the best option).

Re: the XP boosts, if you noticed the text from said boost only states a 50% boost of XP from 'Kills' for one hour, reading that 'as is' I think it will have very little effect as a lot of XP gained towards leveling is due to finishing events and finishing them with better performance will get more XP/Gold so even if someone has an XP boost but does not have much skill or experience playing an MMO or one as tactics-oriented, as GW2 looks to be, will not have much of an advantage over a skilled player without an XP boost. So there would be no standing around leeching XP as your friends wipe everything out since you would actually be wasting the XP boost since it comes from kills not rewards.  

As you said your self  the per-hour XP boost is not very cost-effecient, adding to the fact that it only affects a certain aspect of XP gain (and a low yielding one at that) would make all but the most level needy people think twice about buying it.

Re: For your statement about buying in-game currency ruining the player run market you should take note that the average gold-gem/gem-gold is available for all to see in the interface and given the law of supply and demand a saturation of the game of gems would make their worth in gold drop significantly.

You also made mention of Star Trek online which I haven't played but I am familiar with EVE online which has a Real currency to in-game currency trading system that Anet have compared their own system to in their blog. And with EVE's system however they have effectively eradicated the gold-farmer problem with virtually no negative impact to the in-game economy (which anyone who has played EVE will tell you is an aspect of the game taken VERY seriously by its playerbase) so I don't see what Star Trek online did wrong or why GW2 can't succeed at it aswell.

People who want to sell gems for in-game gold will always look at their competitors' prices. These competitors also include gold-farmers who sell directly for real cash, so people will naturally price their gems for a better cash/gold ratio to beat the gold-farmers and if the gold-farmers price it too low for people to compete they (Anet) can lower the cash/gem ratio to effectively bully out the gold-farmers from the market.

PLUS! Most people-as shown by EVE's thriving cash to in-game trading system-choose to buy from readily available and reliable sources instead of risking credit card theft. Besides who wants to tab-out and go through several pages of potentially dangerous webpages asking for your credit card # instead of looking through reasonable -if not better- offers made in-game with automatic delivery of goods?

Thu May 10 2012 4:59AM Report
Ionebear writes:

Ok, I know there has been much hype about the game and it is either people defending it and be called fan-boys for it or complain and be called haters for it. I have read everyone opinions on this and I have to say mine. I think the system is quite solid and it is simply their old Guild Wars system redesigned where they were offering estetics and other stuff but nothing that will advantage you than the other players. The best part now is that you can get all those stuff simply by playing the game and earning the gold to buy the gems. 

What I don't see anyone saying but everyone complaining about is that the gold farmers will ruin the system by selling stuff for money. Well, how the hell can I buy the gems from them when A-net is controling the system. It is not like I will ever have the 2000 gems in my inventory and go sell them to some rich kid so I would sell them cheaper than the in-game price. No, the system is solid it is design so that those gold farmers will not ruin your game anymore. Of course they will find something and they will gather around like flies when the means are available but the nice part is that they won't have so many means.

Now for the stuff in the store. I too used my 2000 gems and I don't think I got anything that overpowerd me. During the two days I played I found 3 mystic keys and opening chests I found tonics and Xp boosters which I didn't really felt their effec even when I went for the shadow behemoth dynimc event and you kill stuff there.  Now that they are selling bags and storage space, let's face it if you make the trip to the merchant you won't ever need it but if you are lazy and plan to keep stuff on you then you will find yourself needing that. Now for the Karma boost, that is a tricky one. 50% more karma for the next hour ? Wow you get like 60-80 karma per heart event and to buy the really nice stuff you will need thousands of karma. And let's face it, you still need to play a lot for that karma and that boos won't last you long. And t be honest the best things, looking and stats, you will get by doing the explorable modes in dungeons, harder events and not from karma vendors.

In my opinion nothing they added to the shop makes you overpowerd or gives you anything you couldn't get without playing the game. The shop is still in beta so maybe things will be added or things will be taken out, after all they gave 2000 gems so people will taste it and give feedback that they will use to make it better. In my opinion so far they delivered a solid game and a good system to provide them the cash flow to fuel the servers considering the game will be free to play. 

Ah one more thing, I haven't playes W v W but can you buy with money things that will advantage you with sieges ? like weapons and stuff ? if yes then there is the only problem I see with the system.

Thu May 10 2012 2:47PM Report
jah1320000 writes:


To everyone making unfounded claims about the pay2irrelevant system


First off, three days of play netted me level 30/80 (as you level, the content does not get harder and the xp cap for a level does not increase). People complaining about the GW2 model should read up at or play the beta so as to be "better informed critics". For this reason and others, buying items to speed up your leveling is laughable... Unless you are donating to ArenaNet for making such an awesome game!


A) If you are paying for stuff then you are lining GW2's pockets (hooray, this is a good thing!)


B) If you are not, then you are probably taking the time to complete each area (even the starter areas at a character level of 30). As an effect, you are enjoying the game the way that ArenaNet inteded you to (hooray, this is the best of things!)


C) As far as being the "FIRST!" to get a minipet or cape or whatever, shut up! Seriously. I'm not on Youtube, am I?

Thu May 31 2012 9:08PM Report