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Guild Wars 2 Videos: Guild Wars 2 - The Hunt for WvW PvP Action (18:23)

Garrett Fuller takes us on an 18 minute journey in the Eternal Battlegrounds to find some action in Guild Wars 2's World vs. World PVP. Just giggle along with Garrett as he falls into fanboy hilarity towards the end... can you say it's fun?

Garrett Fuller takes us on an 18 minute journey in the Eternal Battlegrounds to find some action in Guild Wars 2's World vs. World PVP. Just giggle along with Garrett as he falls into fanboy hilarity towards the end... can you say it's fun?
Duration: 18:23
Views: 7,601  35 comments
Game: Guild Wars 2
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Butch808 writes:

wow nice vid..  17min of nothing then 1 minute of pvp.

Mon Apr 02 2012 4:07PM Report
Kebeck writes:

This guy actually turned me off on that game.. Felt like Warhammer Online pvp when everyone just cap keeps while the other teams caps the keep you just capped... boring...

Hope there's better videos with actual pvp coming up.. and without the overly enthusiast growned up yelling please...

Mon Apr 02 2012 4:14PM Report
Fusion writes:

certainly didn't look interesting at all, fighting npc's in a pvp zone and zerging a couple of unfortunate players.

Mon Apr 02 2012 4:26PM Report
dadante666 writes:

well theres going to be diferent experince in wvw  like this one and the one you will have  pvp  in evry step of  capturing its all depend of the situation and the population  ,this is beta can see when game release and theres gonna be a holy army on wars

Mon Apr 02 2012 4:32PM Report
echose7en writes:

Comentery was kinda annoying, and not much pvp at all.. :/

Mon Apr 02 2012 5:02PM Report
illyana writes:

uhmm folks, its Closed Beta.  the population is nowhere near the goal of WvW and testers are divided between PVE and PVP contents during CBT3. im really looking forward to the open beta coming end of April to really see what this baby can do, so hold your judgment till then. and yes, there's a possible problem of zerging and mobbing, but that's why it's so cool to have 3 factions here. that will make a huge difference

Mon Apr 02 2012 5:39PM Report
Naral writes:

So quick question regarding the open beta. Do you have to have pre purchased a copy to get in, or is it genuinely open to all comers?

Also, if you pre purchase for beta weekends, and end up not liking it, can you get a refund?


Mon Apr 02 2012 9:09PM Report
Shadowdawnz writes:

Usually open beta's are open to everyone.

Mon Apr 02 2012 10:50PM Report
Lord.Bachus writes:

Why do all these commentators sounds like boys that have got their hands in the cookyjar... The game cant be that good, can it?

Tue Apr 03 2012 12:01AM Report
Enok4Twunni writes:

/sigh @ commentary....doesn't explain really anything about the game.....just says the few of the same things over and over. sure he's a cool dude and he definately has a much more badass job than me, but wow.

Tue Apr 03 2012 12:27AM Report
palulalula writes:

Well, new revolution has started :).  Wahuuu, pa pa pap, yahoooo, boooom, red, blue. It was so amazing, best pvp vid i ever saw in my life. It was hard battle and you did that so easy. I hope i will have skills like you guys in few years. You don't even need players   in that pvp just npc's and you have so much fun. Now i cant sleep, i think in every moment of my life about that super amazing world vs world pvp. That was best propaganda movie for gw2 and missions of players will for sure agree with me. Keep on going that way

Tue Apr 03 2012 1:23AM Report
palulalula writes:

grrr, sorry - ''millions of players''

Tue Apr 03 2012 1:27AM Report
DarkPony writes:

I know this was very low level gameplay but I bet most people will want to unlock some more skills before diving into WvW. Mashing your 1 and occasionaly your 2 button isn't my idea of compelling combat. In that sense the enthusiasm about the combat sounded very much exagerated ...

Tue Apr 03 2012 1:46AM Report
Master10K writes:

@DarkPony - Yeah. Anyone going into WvW without at least unlocking their weapon swap is going to have a bad time. It makes me wonder why he didn't atleast visit the NPC that boost press to level 30.


Well this video as a whole really gives people looking at this game for the 1st time a bad impression of whole the WvW will be when medium to full servers duke it out. If you want some real WvW then check the "Yogscast".

Tue Apr 03 2012 2:33AM Report
Ankur writes:

Ok this was very very boring video. 

Tue Apr 03 2012 6:28AM Report
Zalmon writes:

For a minute i thought i was watching WAR video. Every thing looks the same just with GW2 skin voer it.

Tue Apr 03 2012 6:30AM Report
Hejiet writes:


You guys need someone with half a brain to filter through all your video content that you guys upload.


"Oh one guy! Yaaa you are going down!! DOOMED!! BOOMMM!! Fighting to survive?! Not going to survive for longggg!!!"


Are you kidding me? Seriously, this video should not even be on your site...

Tue Apr 03 2012 7:23AM Report
Skuall writes:

ehm now i noticed


QUIVERS? WHERE?!!! ....wth?

Tue Apr 03 2012 7:25AM Report
Hejiet writes:

I guess it was my first time witnessing a noob fighting people 20v3 and have the best time of their lifes... srsly that's sad.

Tue Apr 03 2012 7:26AM Report
Jeauseoff writes:

Yeah...  I stopped watching after the group fought a door for 5 mins...  Then he got all happy about killing guards for some reason.  Oh, and the fact that Mr. Fuller points out that 'Auto-attack' is 'a great feature, definitely worth mentioning'...  



Auto-attack is a great feature?

Since when?

You might as well have said 'character movent is also a great feature - so cool! I mean I can move left and right and everything!'

Maybe it's just your fanboi-level of excitement about the game that makes a common game mechanic only seem like a '...feature. Definitely worth mentioning'. - cause it's not.

Anyway, this video actually manages to highlight the mundane aspects of the game, and definitely slowed the hype-train IMO.  I wouldn't be surprised if they suspended access to the beta for you based on this...

Tue Apr 03 2012 8:22AM Report
Shankenstien writes:

Why make a video for knowledgable gamers and then present it as if your talking to an 8 yearold? like people already said, this video kinda repels you from wanting to play the game tbh.

Tue Apr 03 2012 9:15AM Report
judex99 writes:

"Garrett Fuller takes us on an 18 minute journey in the Eternal Battlegrounds"

So i think next time he should take 18 minute outside the Eternal Battlegrounds and at least unlock his main weapon skills, unless someone for who knows the reason thinks watching a guy spaming the 1,2 key over and over can be entertainment

Tue Apr 03 2012 10:38AM Report
koljane writes:

I realy don`t see anything special here. 

Basicly, I don`t see anything special about GW2, seriously.


Tue Apr 03 2012 11:59AM Report
Shroom_Mage writes:

Everyone, watch this video instead:

It's far more informative, and shows you an actual battle! Furthermore, Lewis seems to have actually figured out how to play!

Tue Apr 03 2012 9:25PM Report
Shroom_Mage writes:

Also this video:

42 minutes of WvW action. (No "hunting".)

How someone who allegedly plays MMORPGs for a living plays like this is beyond me. I am seriously at a loss.

Tue Apr 03 2012 9:30PM Report
beerholocaus writes:

Well! I ts like war..nothing new!! Good for kiddos :))

Tue Apr 03 2012 11:07PM Report
castamir11 writes:

Nothing here I didn't see 10 years ago in DAoC.  Excited about killing chickens and then zerging a couple of players?  Game of the DECADE?  How easily people forget the utter dominance of WoW.

Wed Apr 04 2012 12:44AM Report
Cthulhu23 writes:

Wow, Garrett gets excited about the most trivial, mundane features that you can see in every other MMO.  I mean, excited over an auto-attack feature or the ability to chat with your raid in the chat box?  Wow, what innovation!  

My favorite part was when he said, "This is old-school PvP man!"  Meanhwile, not one bit of PvP had taken place up to that point.  It was a zerg on an unattended keep, with no members of another world anywhere in sight.  

Wed Apr 04 2012 2:16AM Report
Ankur writes:

Old school PVP, lol more like PVE. Zerging, kicking doors of empty keeps, killing npc?? zerg the next keep, rinse and repeat. it is WAR all over again.

Is this what people have been excited about?

Wed Apr 04 2012 3:45AM Report
Whiplash931 writes:

Ok the video wasn't exciting at all, and the guy doing the video is a big noob (Notice the clicking he is doing and not using keybinds). However it is beta and there probably isn't many people playing at the time he is doing this video. 

The video should have been named attacking empty keep with zerg of players.

Wed Apr 04 2012 5:57AM Report
sirphobos writes:

This video pretty much sums up the reasons why the skeptics think GW2 fanboys are hilarious.

Wed Apr 04 2012 8:20AM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

"OH! an actual guy! ALright switch to bow! WE ACTUALLY FOUND ANOTHER PLAYER!!!!"


Wed Apr 04 2012 12:36PM Report
doctorvkqvj writes:


Thu Apr 05 2012 5:23PM Report
thunderjaw writes:

I wanted to play this game.. untill i wathed this., please don;t ever let this guy post a video again. I'ts like watching a retarded monkey wrestle with a bowl of cereal.

Thu Apr 05 2012 8:33PM Report
Grailer writes:

Wow I thought this game was going to be good , but watching this I feel like its just another cut and paste game from another mmo :(

Fri Apr 20 2012 11:37PM Report