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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 08/28/12)  | Pub:NCSoft
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Guild Wars 2 Videos: Engineer Skills Compilation Video (3:39)

The skills of the Engineer, the seventh class to be revealed for ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2, are highlighted in this latest video.

The skills of the Engineer, the seventh class to be revealed for ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2, are highlighted in this latest video.
Duration: 3:39
Views: 8,692  34 comments
Game: Guild Wars 2
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Cyde writes:

this just keeps getting better and better.

Thu May 19 2011 11:37AM Report
Getalife writes:

Interesting. the last skill 'shield with pistol' reminds me of the new Captain America movie and the very first sequence is the Engineer turret skill from Warhammer Online.

Looks nice though and nothing bad in taking inspiration from other games or movies.

Thu May 19 2011 12:21PM Report
Nidzilla writes:

Anyone else think TF2 soldier rocket jumping lol?

Thu May 19 2011 12:47PM Report
zevni78 writes:



Havn't played an alchemist in an mmo since Ragnarok.

Thu May 19 2011 2:10PM Report
kosac writes:

this is not gw.. this is another game :(

Thu May 19 2011 2:29PM Report
SouzetsuAeri writes:


I agree with you 100%. After seeing the Thief it killed my interest a little bit and then after what I just saw I am completely over this game. SWToR please don't let me down...

Thu May 19 2011 2:50PM Report
Auzy writes:

I knew this class was coming and honestly thought it would be the class I would play.... However after this video, it looks to be the most uninspired class.  Guess I am rolling a Asura warrior (or guardian)

Thu May 19 2011 4:30PM Report
Abdar writes:

I think they should have showed this in a pvp setting.. 

Thu May 19 2011 5:19PM Report
GhostGeisha writes:

Oh i love it! Mechanical style is amazing.

Thu May 19 2011 6:56PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

I never liked SW:ToR combat animations much and never claimed it to have fast pace action. Then I watch this GW2 video and I'm seeing the same slow paced, scripted and rather uninspiring combat as SW:ToR. Are games going backwards in innovation or are the trailers being made just boring as hell.

Thu May 19 2011 7:33PM Report
Laughing-man writes:

I'm sad you guys don't like the vids... I personally was impressed and it made me wanna pick up GW2 even more.  At first when I saw the title "Engineer" I didn't think it was going to work out too well in a fantasy setting, but remembering this is 200 years after GW1 and also that I myself am a huge fan of Steampunk, I quickly got over it and fell in love.  Rolling an Engineer.

Thu May 19 2011 7:54PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

artstyle: 9
graphics and effects: 8.5
animations: 8
theme: 8.5
sounds effects: 9
making gameplay cinematic: 10
innovative combat: 7

hype modifier after video +.2

Thu May 19 2011 9:34PM Report
Neojac writes:

Gamer Tube is the worst player there is, lag way to mutch.

Thu May 19 2011 10:16PM Report
needalife214 writes:

Rhoklaw, you dont think this is like how combat works in GW2 right?  cause so far from what we know combat is very actiony and if you stay still you wont be surviving for very long

Thu May 19 2011 10:46PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

@needalife214: I'm not saying anything except for what these videos show me. I didn't like GW2 fans coming to ToR videos saying how boring the combat looked when they were right. Problem is, GW2 videos are looking just as bland. So which is it, two piss poor combat action lacking MMO's or just some really bad scripted trailers that do neither game justice? Either way, I'm not impressed with either games combat atm.

Thu May 19 2011 11:04PM Report
haibane writes:

If u put a Team Fortress Class, might as well put the Pyro, at least it's fun. I've never been fond of engineers myself. This class, however, looks too much like a mix of so many diff abilities that it'll be a jack of all trades and not excel anywhere. 

Maybe it can be specced as CC, but well, doesn't look fantasy at all to me. Why not giving him a tank as a mount while we at it.

Fri May 20 2011 1:00AM Report
MannyMana writes:

Nothing wrong with steampunk as long as they don't make this class overpowered...

Fri May 20 2011 2:19AM Report
badclown writes:

I dont like steampunk.. not impressed at all :0(

Fri May 20 2011 5:31AM Report
Pigozz writes:

umm yeah rhoklaw...but GW2 have this kind of vid as well:

Fri May 20 2011 6:15AM Report
Zeroxin writes:


Lol is it because some GW2 fanatics decided to rag on the game you like that you decided to pop over and do the same? If yes, that's just sad.

The great thing about GW2 gameplay is you can play it like a traditonal game (to which you will die more often) or you play it like it's meant to be played (with dodging and using your skills sensibly and situationally) but TOR doesn't have this option, you can play it only one way and that way has been done to death. Now obviously the videos aren't an accurate depiction of how both games would play but we can definitely say that TOR's vids are more in line with how it will play mainly because they've already stated what their combat is like and we've seen it. On the other hand, due to the fact that GW2 can be played in different ways, its hard to find a vid that shows someone using the full capabilities the gameplay allows because of the short sessions people have with them. The only time you can get a real visceral feeling to the gameplay is when a dev plays it or when people switch to weapons that make their characters more mobile, then you get to seem some active dodging and character placement.

Fri May 20 2011 8:22AM Report
captainnl writes:

If you don't like steampunk don't play GW2 it is that simpel :). Tyria is in its steampunk/clockwork age now, magick is still very big but steam and clockwork mechanics are growing as well. 

Fri May 20 2011 11:31AM Report
Joriel writes:

I hate firearms in mmorpgs now even mines and grenades wtf?

If it keeps going like this they should rename this to Half-Life 3 or something

Fri May 20 2011 3:00PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:


First off, I don't think you read both my video comments correctly. Seeing as I said both games video library have been pretty reluctant to show any combat thats innovative. Sure, GW2 has faster paced combat with more interaction, but it's not exactly ground breaking either. I do like the video that you linked much more than this one, but thats the point of my comment. Why are gaming companies using scripted and uninspiring trailers to advertise their game? Thats what I was trying to get at.

Fri May 20 2011 4:25PM Report
Zeroxin writes:


I actually find some of the trailers (both TOR and GW2) quite entertaining. Just a matter of taste I guess.

Fri May 20 2011 7:51PM Report
Pigozz writes:

yeah I find that awkward too.. I'd like to see more some pro gameplay that shows the potential..

on the other hand, this is skill compilation, not engineer gameplay

Sat May 21 2011 10:43AM Report
Hrotha writes:

So basicly this is a mix between WAR engineer, his turret and abilities and Rifts bomb-throwing grenadier. kinda neat

Sat May 21 2011 11:34AM Report
Warjin writes:

Guys don't forget this takes place 400 years after GW 1, think about how far we came in 400 years, we went from hourse and buggie to the Moon, so it only makes sense that society advances.

Mon May 23 2011 2:59AM Report
Zeroxin writes:

250 years after GW2 not 400.

Mon May 23 2011 6:13AM Report
Tottemz writes:


This videos only show you a few skills from a given profession, that's it, they are not meant to show you combat, they are meant only to show you what the skill looks like and what it does on mobs. I believe you are looking for PVP videos or videos where the user is put to the test.

Mon May 23 2011 8:23AM Report
marinrider writes:


I do not see anything that looks like a Tauren.  I feel like you are saying the Charr do, except those are based roughly off of a cat.  To me a charr does not seem like a stolen idea...

Also, I do not feel like this is the "same old fantasy world" either...  Time will tell.

Mon May 23 2011 8:59PM Report
Dream_Chaser writes:

I see those who fetishise fantasy as a magic = medieval thing are out in full force, here, too. Noap, clockwork technology has never been an aspect of fantasy, despite it having had its place in the fantasy genre for years and years. /sarcasm

One thing I keep noticing: MMORPG gamers don't read much. Really, read more. Reading is important - and I'm not just talking about comments threads and Internet boards, either. Reading will enrich your idea of what a fantasy setting can be.

But here's a quick 101 for those that need it:

Fantasy == A fantastic setting that involves things that have no direct parallels with our reality. This can and does include clockpunk and steampunk, and under the umbrella of science-fantasy it includes the likes of atompunk and dieselpunk, too. Even Star Wars is considered science-fantasy.

Fantasy != A restrictive, boring, staid, and ultimately unimaginative medieval setting, with magic just tacked on. Perhaps with elements of grimdark just thrown in so it can be 'mature.'

That said, some replies in no particular order...


So an engineer looks like a spy, and a technologically advanced race of giant cats looks like a tribal race of minotaurs? Really? Well then...

I think you might need glasses, and some training in the cognitive fields of recognition and association. :p

Not to mention that I'd like you to point out one other MMORPG game that has a factory city (the Black Citadel) in it, really, just try. I'll be here and I'll be watching. This is anything but the same old pap. This actually has some pretty progressive and modern approaches to fantasy in it, the sort one usually finds only in books.

I think it's refreshing.


Right. Since clockpunk has never been an established subgenre of fantas--oh, wait. MMORPG gamers really don't read much, do they? Just had to drive that point home.


It's not steampunk, it's clockpunk, and it plays a massive role in the game with one race even being dedicated to it (after 250 years of advancement in the field). So all I can say is that you're probably not going to be a fan of Guild Wars 2 as a whole.

You can even see charr clockpunk technology in the human capitol of Divinity's Reach. The agrarian technology they use for watering their crops, for example.

Tue May 24 2011 8:39AM Report
Dream_Chaser writes:

Hrm. Magic plus medieval, rather. Not sure if that converted my plus sign or whether I didn't hold shift, either way... typo! That was supposed to be magic plus medieval.

Tue May 24 2011 8:40AM Report
Mothanos writes:

Dont forget that you can dodge attacks

All classes can heal

All classes can tank



PvP with 3 realms !!

Wicked amount of Dynamic Events


Create a max level character and dive into Esport from the get go

Character scaling down when you wanne play with low level friends


Do i need to continue ? and people keep whining about this and that :D

If this mmo is going to fail then no other mmo in our lifetime will succeed.

That iam sure of as some people are sitting on such high horse that no mmo  or IP worth it for them :)


Tue Jul 26 2011 2:42AM Report
Morkreth writes:

@ 2:14 "Hey guess what I'm a her too!" "Really?, I didn't realize...(BOOM)"

I don't know why I find that hilarious but I cannot stop laughing.

Tue Aug 02 2011 10:40AM Report