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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 08/28/12)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Guild Wars 2 Videos: NYCC '10: Hands-On Demo Video (39:41) got a chance to take a level 1 Human Ranger for a spin during this year's New York ComicCon, and we're bringing you the full video so you can share in the experience. got a chance to take a level 1 Human Ranger for a spin during this year's New York ComicCon, and we're bringing you the full video so you can share in the experience.
Duration: 39:41
Views: 15,901  34 comments
Game: Guild Wars 2
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gotha writes:

Since there is no sound figure i would post a few songs to listen too while you watch.

Golden eye elevator music

Tue Oct 19 2010 11:35AM Report
MNZeba writes:

I thought the NYCC demo had the character customization. :(

Tue Oct 19 2010 12:40PM Report
Jamion writes:

If you notice during one of the events later in the video the player fights an NPC in aventurer style outfit weilding a torch and a pistol, thus hinting at maybe a witchhunter style class, maybe one of the last four (yet to be revealed).

Tue Oct 19 2010 1:31PM Report
KillHurt writes:

Although it COULD be, ANet has already stated that NPCs are not particular professions as they were in Guild Wars (1).

Tue Oct 19 2010 1:34PM Report
blueturtle13 writes:

Witch Hunter would be great

Tue Oct 19 2010 2:17PM Report
ViSioN_BCN writes:

is this video taken from a caveman computer or what ?....learn to use videogame capture software mate.....

Tue Oct 19 2010 2:17PM Report
Lord.Bachus writes:

I have seen better video's, and the absence of sound is irritating me

Tue Oct 19 2010 2:45PM Report
Rynne writes:

Wow, seriously? You guys are trying too hard for GW2. I mean it sounds awesome and all but going to the point to capture a video from the craziest angle that it didn't gave me any pleasure to watch at all for that reason alone. Which is of course after a long article of what class a writer is going to be in the game *cough* necro *cough*, while there have been only 4 classes released and the game is probably several months before its release. I think it's time to calm down a little bit.

Tue Oct 19 2010 3:20PM Report
phc_doc writes:

I am continually missing the action as I am hypnotically drawn to stare at the reflection of the ceiling light smack dab in the middle of the screen!  :/

Tue Oct 19 2010 3:26PM Report
RemyVorender writes:

wth is this crap? no sound and a 45 degree angle? thanks for trying, I guess...

Tue Oct 19 2010 3:58PM Report
Mari2k writes:

Looks ok, but not groundbreaking.


Even if we only see a tiny bit of the contend, the grafics, animation and combat will not change at launch.

Tue Oct 19 2010 4:24PM Report
eye_m writes:

ok, I am excited to no end about this game, and I am reading every single article but this just feels like a waste of my time. First off, if you want to provide your readers with a chance to see it, then take the recording facing the screen directly while the person playing it sits slightly angled. And lets have some sound. I don't know what you call a good time but for me it's sure not thirty nine minutes of watching someone else silently play a video game. 

Thanks for trying.

Tue Oct 19 2010 5:12PM Report
Deathenger writes:

You have done no justice to the game. Did you  seriously have THIS much of a "I don't give a crap" attitude when recording this video? And an even more of a IDGAC attitude to bother posting it? The worst part is the quality is fantastic.

Tue Oct 19 2010 5:42PM Report
Spezz writes:

Like above... amazing quality but the angle and silence make it annoying to watch =\

Tue Oct 19 2010 8:10PM Report
Spezz writes:

Like above... amazing quality but the angle and silence make it annoying to watch =\

Tue Oct 19 2010 8:10PM Report
apocalance writes:

Anyone else find themself MST3K'n this? Just me huh? Whatever!

Tue Oct 19 2010 8:17PM Report
Reizlanzer writes:

Would have loved to have watched this at a better angle, but thank you for the video.

Tue Oct 19 2010 8:34PM Report
MikeB writes:

It was this or no video at all. I told you guys I would try to get you video when I got my hands on the game and this is the best I could do. There wasn't sufficient space to set it up any better than the way it was setup with my FlipHD. I didn't walk in there with major camera equipment. :)

The video is silent because the sound is being piped in through headphones, which my camera obviously can't grab.

I don't have to grab video of the stuff I do as part of my assignments, I do it out of consideration for you guys, so it's not always going to be perfect. The last time I did this people complained about the camera shake (since I was holding the camera for an hour!), at least I had the decency to get a little tripod this time. ;)

Tue Oct 19 2010 8:58PM Report
nathanebht writes:

At least the camera is steady.

Tue Oct 19 2010 9:13PM Report
rojoArcueid writes:

im drooling and waiting for the release date. But the only thing that is missing and im already hating the lack of it is the same thing ANet hates to give us...... extra skill bars on screen... ANet  what have we done to deserve no extra action bars? " extra free to use/move" acton bars, not this kind of locked bars and stuff. As i can see in this video, there is plenty of space onscree to put more skill bars >.<  damn.

Tue Oct 19 2010 10:35PM Report
MustBeBad writes:

You did good, I mean, its not the best angle xD

But you shows us some small things that others videos didn't.

Like looting, achvs, bags...There is a ton of videos with better quality, but yours shows some  more details. Its always fun to watch new things :D

Ty for the vid,


Tue Oct 19 2010 10:43PM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

Mmm...I'm really excited for this game too but I have to agree this video doesn't do it justice. I see the effort that went into it though, and I appreciate it. But the lack of sound and the uninteresting angle only hurt perceptions of the game, not help. Unless that was the point.


In any case, is it me or does it look like there's 5 characters at that selection screen? If so, it looks like the 5th class to be revealed will be the second warrior...

Tue Oct 19 2010 11:07PM Report
fledur writes:

So much hate....

Thanks for the video :)

Tue Oct 19 2010 11:35PM Report
XDJonny writes:

i concur, with the choices being this or nothing, i'd take this any day & the light, though it was apparent it was there, didn't capture my attention as much as the character creation process...i mean some of that i don't even remember reading about! changing clothes due to what kind of living conditions you have? wow fro indepth gaming that puts in this level of customization & still have yet to see what i'm assuming is Oblivion level character model cuztomization! &, while i would've liked to have seen any race other than human, i guess that allowed me to focuz more on the environment & other aspects i'd read up far so good i'd say as far as talkin the talk, way to go ANET...please don't mess up XP haha

Wed Oct 20 2010 2:46AM Report
musicmann writes:

After watching this hands on, i must say i'm underwhelmed to say the least.  Not to be to harsh, but man, this looks like a bad version of LOTR.

40 minutes is surely not enough time to get a full grip on the whole game, but that looked pretty boring as hell. the environments were blah, the world looked small and linear, the quest's were more of the same and even the dynamic event looked liked nothing special.

I know this game is hyped to the high heavens but atleast for me at this moment, doesn't look like much.

Wed Oct 20 2010 9:27AM Report
CookieTime writes:


If you're serious about your comment (which I doubt), then it's kinda lame to say something like that based on THIS video since there is a ton of better quality gameplay vids on the net. This thing is even worse than the first gameplay leakage and it even has no sound. Hell even the colors are all weird..

Although I appreciate the upload, I agree with others. It doesn't give the game justice and i don't know why this video was needed.

Thu Oct 21 2010 10:56AM Report
musicmann writes:

I am serious, but this video of the game is not the only one that makes me feel the way i feel for this game.

Thu Oct 21 2010 1:00PM Report
boberic writes:

@ everyone complaining about the video being  at a crazy angle...or the fact that it wasnt done with video capture software.


Let me ask you this. would you rather have a video that laggs like hell because the video capture software cuts the frame rate of this beautifully rendered game. Or would you rather have this video. You have to consider that Anet is showing this off live. Theres always the possiblity that the video capping software could interfere with the demo. They need to appear as professional as possible. TBH you should be happy this video even exists. They couldve done nothing at all and just gave you a write up about the conference(which about 9 out of 13211423 of us would read) and no videos at all.

Fri Oct 22 2010 11:02AM Report
Jumdor writes:

I just wanted to add my comment even though this is considered old news by now. Anyway...

I thought the video was fine. I think too many people payed attention to real world nitpicking aspects about the shooting of the video.

The character animations I thought were very smooth and well done especially the running and scaling things and how he seemed to stumble a few times. I also liked the fact there were stairs but many times he just scaled the hill instead. I enjoy not being locked into one way of doing things.

The enviroment looked very stunning and diverse to most of the flat areas with other MMOs. I liked the shadows and movement how everything seemed to have life.

The ecounters with NPCs I enjoyed how they took on a kind of story book feel with the painted back drops and pull you from the surroundings. Instead of looking around at other things while some character talks to you. You are actually pulled into their conversation and not I felt as distracted by other players.

My only draw back was the grabbin pigs for the pen or whatever that was, rabbits or whatever. Thats kind of an irritating aspect for me in MMOs where you do tasks for farmers or other supposedly salt of the Earth characters that are too lazy to do it themselves. I understand if they are under full attack to defend them, but I should not have to do their work for them. =P

I do hope there won't be many quests within that aspect of forage or gather as far as lazy merchants, farmers, aristocrats, or dock workers. So on and so forth. =) 

Thankyou for the video either way.

Mon Nov 08 2010 12:53AM Report
lokilogic writes:

Broken Link ? Says no file

Fri Nov 19 2010 10:40AM Report
mesmerise writes:

Lokilogic is correct. No file.

Thu Nov 25 2010 8:16AM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

No file.


ALSO @ the person who mentioned the NPC with the torch, it was already mentioned the NPCs in GW2 are NOT like GW1. In GW1, all npcs were a kind of class that was available in the game. In GW2, NPCs will have their own unique skills and abilities, so you can't assume because the NPC can do one thing, you'll be able to as well. Not that I'd mind that kind of class, but it seems unlikely given the lore of the GW universe, which they are sticking closely to.

Thu Nov 25 2010 1:14PM Report
Equinoxa writes:

no file...pimping the quality maybe?

Fri Nov 26 2010 11:37AM Report
The_Oddler writes:

Still no file, see that the last post is from nov 26, not going to be fixed ? :(

Fri Jan 14 2011 2:07PM Report