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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 08/28/12)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
System Req: PC Mac | Out of date info? Let us know!

Guild Wars 2 Videos: Design Manifesto Video (5:43)

ArenaNet outlines their goals for Guild Wars 2 in this latest video of epic proportions. Come for the visuals, information, and music, stay for the giant God of War 3 scale dragon of awesomeness at the end!

ArenaNet outlines their goals for Guild Wars 2 in this latest video of epic proportions. Come for the visuals, information, and music, stay for the giant God of War 3 scale dragon of awesomeness at the end!
Duration: 5:43
Views: 13,995  118 comments
Game: Guild Wars 2
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Spezz writes:


Tue Aug 10 2010 2:07PM Report
Kwintpod writes:

Take that you filthy CGI trailers!

Tue Aug 10 2010 2:12PM Report
needalife214 writes:

its better then most CGI trailers

Tue Aug 10 2010 2:20PM Report
Sluagh_Lord writes:

I'm in love with Ree Soesbee. Having her on board here makes me anticipate this game even more!

Tue Aug 10 2010 2:43PM Report
NoEndInLife writes:


Tue Aug 10 2010 2:48PM Report
Warband writes:

Impressive trailer. Heck that dragon looked better than the CGI dragon in the original gw1 trailer and dare I say it better than the concept art. Consider how good A-Net's concept art is that's saying something.

Tue Aug 10 2010 2:50PM Report
SweetZoid writes:

Ree is beautiful

Tue Aug 10 2010 2:52PM Report
mrpeters writes:

Looks...freaking...EPIC! :D

GW2 got every reason to get over hyped and hopefully it will get even more epic than it get hyped! ;)

Tue Aug 10 2010 3:17PM Report
Technyze writes:

The purple and black dragon at the end is by far the most badass looking boss i've ever seen.

Tue Aug 10 2010 3:32PM Report
MareWinds writes:

Giggling manically like a school girl here.... WOW!!!

Tue Aug 10 2010 3:34PM Report
Warband writes:

GW2 must have some pretty bad ass bosses if that's only a level 47 boss.

Tue Aug 10 2010 3:41PM Report
Azzkicka writes:

Video looks absolutely amazing, and im not even watching this gamwe much.  How the hell is this gonna be free? i just dont get it...

Tue Aug 10 2010 4:00PM Report
fuzeblu writes:

Tears of joy just typed this message

Tue Aug 10 2010 4:11PM Report
mcrippins writes:

I really have to say this game looks impressive. I wasn't a huge GW1 fan, but I liked the concept. I'm not sure what involvement NCSoft has, but I will say some of the arcitechture in the game looked  similar to something of Lineage 2 or Aion, which is very, very impressive.

Tue Aug 10 2010 4:39PM Report
Sabbicat writes:

To see all that is amazing and the feeling keeps going when you hear that its not going to be a monthly subscription model.

Tue Aug 10 2010 4:52PM Report
schroedinger writes:

ok the leviathan at the very end scared me hehe

Tue Aug 10 2010 4:57PM Report
Darkholme writes:

It looks and sounds freaking amazing, as always... but talk is cheap and the proof is in the pudding. I'm looking forawrd to seeing if they can deliver anything close to what they are saying, because if they can then it oculd be a game-changer.

Tue Aug 10 2010 5:06PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

Definitely looks like a winner, but the staging type quests they have seem similar to those in WoWs WotLK expansion. Only problem with that is those you progress can't necessarily group with those who haven't. Anyone know if the quest storyline progression in GW2 will have this problem?

Tue Aug 10 2010 5:28PM Report
ThomasN7 writes:

SImply awesome!

Tue Aug 10 2010 5:35PM Report
gorillaz951 writes:

*Picks up jaw from the floor*

Tue Aug 10 2010 5:35PM Report
peacekraft writes:

So awesome. I want it. And I want it when its finished.

Tue Aug 10 2010 5:42PM Report
Cohas writes:

wow......just wow. I think im going to cry

Tue Aug 10 2010 5:52PM Report
Gabby-air writes:

I finally have some faith in MMOs going forward.

Tue Aug 10 2010 6:01PM Report
Tbkrulez writes:

instant buy when comes out !!!!!!!!

Tue Aug 10 2010 6:30PM Report
Mandalore writes:

So awesome! :_D

Tue Aug 10 2010 6:31PM Report
unknown writes:


Finally intelligent people are designing games for us.

Tue Aug 10 2010 6:35PM Report
AkodoAkimoto writes:

One of the best game trailers I've ever seen. Clearly shows what we can expect to see in the game and not just any CGI trailer that could mislead any buyers jsut by pretty graphics alone. Arenanet surel sets the standard for game trailers

Tue Aug 10 2010 6:37PM Report
Roscoteapot writes:

me want me wants

Tue Aug 10 2010 6:38PM Report
Soldier101 writes:

Can't wait to git it hahahahhahah!!!!!!!!

Tue Aug 10 2010 8:03PM Report
Flex1 writes:

Square Enix, Blizzard: Are you guys watching this? This is how you hype a game with real gameplay video turned into trailer not multi million dollar made CGI that shows nothing of the game except how skillful your artists and designers are.

Tue Aug 10 2010 10:01PM Report
orowinn writes:

Its so pretty!  Wow I am excited for this game!

Tue Aug 10 2010 10:04PM Report
wardoxy writes:

What people don't even realise is how Anet is thinking out of the box and not thinking how much they will make of it... imagine politicians and world leaders thinking like that ? our world and not just game world.. would change and be so much.... so much ... instead this poorly designed fetid place... i might went off-topic, but just imagine that ;) gj anet, i bow to thee.

Tue Aug 10 2010 10:16PM Report
Honkie writes:

Beautiful movie.

Still, you only get to pick 4 skills for your skillbar.  5 are pre-assigned by your weapon, 1 preassigned heal, leaving a total range of options of FOUR skills.

I just don't get the hype over a game where you have a choice of 4 skills to put on your skillbar.  It's sad.

Tue Aug 10 2010 10:30PM Report
Yarly writes:

Wow, this trailer actually gives in game footage and gameplay explaination.  *Looks all the other game developers so far this year* 


I was already excited for Guild Wars 2, now the days are starting to get longer and longer.

Tue Aug 10 2010 10:56PM Report
just1opinion writes:

Holy crap.

I sat through most of that video with my jaw LITERALLY hanging....

Tue Aug 10 2010 11:49PM Report
popinjay writes:

Ok. It looks fantastic.

But I remember when I saw the AION trailer when it was two years out and I went "OHHHHHHH MANNNNNNN" and couldn't wait to play it.

Then I PLAYED it.

I'll wait til GW2 comes out before I believe everything in a demo is actually going to be in there and working the RIGHT way.

Tue Aug 10 2010 11:57PM Report
illyana writes:

uh-mazing! its the game to beat and to follow come 2011. i hope future MMOs will follow ArenaNet's footsteps 

Tue Aug 10 2010 11:59PM Report
Shan_Reaper writes:

Honkie, but look at it in other way. Elementalist can switch between all 4 elements during battle so the first 5 skills also change. That's same as warrior or ranger changes weapon set, plus warrior has got chain skills (e.g. 3 skills that u put in only 1 slot) and ranger has got pet, which also got, up to 4, skills.

Wed Aug 11 2010 1:09AM Report
Lorgarn writes:

That was actually very impressive.

Wed Aug 11 2010 1:31AM Report
longee writes:


They don't use phasing like in WoW. It is scripted events IE centaurs attack a town, players either successfully defend the town or the centaurs dominate it and  player's new objective is to need them out. Either case they will go away for a while and later respawn and resetting the event.

Though remember this is just a simple win/loss outcome, there might be more complex who knows.

Wed Aug 11 2010 3:18AM Report
Rayth3on writes:

This trailer looks good, but its only eye candy. I agree with Honkie, the skill system limits one to 4 skills regardless of the different elements one can switch from. Gw1 allowed one to customize any skills from primary and secondary professions, thus giving it a large scale ability to make thousands of builds. This wont be the case since GW2 wont have secondary professions and  the skills are preset for you. in addition GW2 will have no monks. Finally stuns will be added, main reason I loved gw1 was because this did not exist. Stuns immobilizes one to not move, attack, or use their skills. I don't know about you guys, but don't it look like they are taking away the good stuff from gw1? I am not sold by the trailer for i seen better, besides I cant make any final judgments until beta. 

Wed Aug 11 2010 3:24AM Report
SweetZoid writes:

Eye candy? i can't really say it is.

Wed Aug 11 2010 3:31AM Report
SweetZoid writes:

knockback prevent you from this too and in gw1 some build had chain knockdown...that is worse that stun. :)

Wed Aug 11 2010 3:32AM Report
Rayth3on writes:

SweetZoid, I meant eye candy in mmo standards. Most mmo games, even today look like games from 2003. Also, yes KD chains exist, but A. monks can heal you, B. stances can prevent you from being KD'ed. Even if stances were to exist against stuns, its worse than KD since monks don't exist. 

Wed Aug 11 2010 3:43AM Report
Zeroxin writes:


It won't occur as frequently as it did before because there are no more any secondary professions and in that case the only chaining of KDs people can do is between two different professions making sure they knock you down at different intervals. Team work baby team work..."lights a cigar and watches the vid again"

Wed Aug 11 2010 4:04AM Report
Shan_Reaper writes:

@ Rayth3on


But each profession has much better self-heal than in GW1 and there will be "buffing profession" - there are many names for that. Also Water Magic has big number of healing skills (not only self-heals).

Wed Aug 11 2010 4:34AM Report
Rayth3on writes:


It has been stated that any heal other than self heal is reduced significantly. I highly doubt it will be anything like the monks in GW1 system that are completely dedicated to the preservation of the team. Although I love the idea of needing actual skill to play in PVP and not depending on a monk; however, I dislike the idea of stuns which require no skill at all to use. I cant judge this yet, but from what I saw on the warrior and Ele video it is anything but skill. 

Wed Aug 11 2010 4:55AM Report

OMFG... Awesome... can't wait to put my hands on that... Been player of GW since BETA and i love lore and everything. Arenanet do it again... best MMO

Wed Aug 11 2010 4:55AM Report
Searias writes:

omg this game is going to own.

Wed Aug 11 2010 5:02AM Report
Strap writes:

Holy mother of Mary. GW2 continues to impress. Very much looking forward to the first hands-on reports.

Wed Aug 11 2010 5:35AM Report
sloeber writes:

i just hope they deliver the whole thing they say they will.......looks very good tough.

Altough i have my doubts about everyone healing themselfs....sounds like anti-social gaming and not realy in the style of Massive multiplayer online games in general me thinks.

Wed Aug 11 2010 5:38AM Report
Rodentofdoom writes:

Ah yes gw1 skill choices ...

You're forgetting though Rayth3on, many skills were duplicated for each main game expansion, reducing the overall choices by quite a lot.

Then most people played with a cookie cutter build, and if YOU weren't playing with that build you were a clueless noob and didn't get team invites ...


Basically the majority of the skills were unused by the playerbase.

Wed Aug 11 2010 5:39AM Report
SweetZoid writes:

Stun reqires skill,you can use it to interuppt a skill,get an enemy out of combat so you can finish the other enemy,if it runs away just use stun,if an ally get attacked by an enemy use stun so the ally can run away and heal....and so on,you can do so much with it.

Wed Aug 11 2010 5:55AM Report
Buckarama writes:

Release date 11/2/11 ? Hyping this up a little early aren't they? I will admit it does look good!

Wed Aug 11 2010 7:13AM Report
CeLL1978 writes:

Please oh please dont flop on this one, it should be a true win. *prays*

Wed Aug 11 2010 7:45AM Report
Mithithiel writes:

I am so.. happy.. right.. now... you guys..  : **

Wed Aug 11 2010 8:19AM Report
kaltoum writes:

I think i have learned not to be over excited everytime a MMO company releases a cool video. :)

Wed Aug 11 2010 8:23AM Report
astoria writes:

wooooooooooo. shiny.

Wed Aug 11 2010 9:19AM Report
mitadenis writes:

This game is criminal!It won?t let people to leave it and take some air!

Wed Aug 11 2010 9:33AM Report
KillHurt writes:

All hail GW2!

Wed Aug 11 2010 10:28AM Report
TweFoju writes:

i am SOLD

A Net, you are so getting my Money

Wed Aug 11 2010 10:39AM Report
Anolev writes:

Epic.  This is the most excited I've been for a fantasy-based MMO in a very (very) ((very)) long time!


And to think that last week, I wasn't even really following this game...

Wed Aug 11 2010 11:36AM Report
chakalaka writes:

Oh please, if people are actually questioning the skills system... please take a look back at the first Guild Wars and tell me that, that game wasn't as diverse as it was because of the skills.  You really have nothing to fear in terms of the skills-it is it's own magical little system that you'll find is unique and fun to access.

Wed Aug 11 2010 12:45PM Report
NBlitz writes:

OK. I give up. I'm on the bandwagon.

Wed Aug 11 2010 12:52PM Report
Vercin writes:

What do we do though when all the evil has been vanquished? Is the game over? Horizons tried to have this story of freeing races and making an impact on the world but you can only do these things once right?

It sounded like they were saying you won't be farming bosses like other mmos, so what do you do when you beat Sir Baddie Mcbaddassofall? Peace covers the land and subscriptions fall?

Constant strife in MMOS is the one of the many spokes in the wheel of recurring play.


All that looks amazing.

Wed Aug 11 2010 1:58PM Report
Alberel writes:

Well we finally have a video of an asura using a golem in combat, and they actually PILOT it?! I really wasn't expecting that! I figured the golems would just be pets. Well now I'm certain about my race choice. :D

Surprised to see the crystal dragon at the end though, I thought GW2 was initially about fighting Zhaitan and the other dragons would be saved for expansions...?

Wed Aug 11 2010 2:20PM Report
ogcopcka writes:

beautiful and amazing

Wed Aug 11 2010 2:45PM Report
Ripclaw writes:

If everything they just said is true and will all be in the launch version of the game, then all I can say is...OUTSTANDING!!!


Can't wait to try this one out.

Wed Aug 11 2010 3:34PM Report
Nightkin writes:

GW2 is the first MMO

Wed Aug 11 2010 3:38PM Report
dinams writes:


You win

Wed Aug 11 2010 4:41PM Report
Teknique writes:

I hope boss encounters as epic as the dragon is going to be more than simple facerolling.

Wed Aug 11 2010 5:27PM Report
Bob23106 writes:

OMG i just cummed twice. 

Wed Aug 11 2010 6:26PM Report
Onimor writes:

The age old Aristotle law of causality has been missing in fantasy MMO's since the very beginning, If they get this right, it could be amazing!

Wed Aug 11 2010 7:14PM Report
gatheris writes:

best "buy me" video ever!


where can i stand in line

Wed Aug 11 2010 10:39PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

This is the exact opposite of SWTOR.

And I'm giddy with anticipation.

Thu Aug 12 2010 12:26AM Report
soponyai writes: Oh my god... I'm speechless. These are good times to be a gamer. Thu Aug 12 2010 12:30AM Report
lunatis writes:

This is perfect. I love how they underline the SOCIAL aspect of the game as well, not just the grinding portion. The problem will remain splitted shards, where you have to gather all your friends same place.

Thu Aug 12 2010 1:17AM Report
Zeroxin writes:

No split shards, just 3 persistent worlds that people can switch between whenever they want.

Thu Aug 12 2010 2:48AM Report
FairlyGrimm writes:

Most mmos don't even really let you pick your skills they go you get these 10 skills use them or not you normally wind up using like maybe 5 of those skills and as for the no monks whats the point if everyone gets a heal? why would you need a monk someone gets stunned theirs still heals to go around maybe you should try getting facts straight before you knock it. altho if your running around solo it may become annoying but then again who's to say they wont give you some sort of shield you can pop while stunned to reduce damage or something. if their allowing special skills for when your almost dead its most likely they will have something to help fight back against stuns.

Thu Aug 12 2010 4:55AM Report
Shranter writes:

This will be an amazing game! I'm waiting impatiently.

Thu Aug 12 2010 4:59AM Report
AliceKaye writes:

This game just looks so different from anything else out there. It's gorgeous and this fantastic video had me sitting at the edge of my seat waiting in impatient anticipation for this game.

GW2 cannot come soon enough, imo!

Thu Aug 12 2010 9:32AM Report
Jupsto writes:

dragon at end looks kiddy


but pretty cool vid.

Thu Aug 12 2010 12:28PM Report
dinams writes:

Finally the laws of physic got applied in a mmo!!!

The Dragon got under the effect of inertia!!!


I will just jump on the hype wagon

Thu Aug 12 2010 6:30PM Report
Lateris writes:

I am in. 

Thu Aug 12 2010 6:37PM Report
Evile writes:

This is THE game to watch. GW2 is the only soon releasing MMO that looks to deliver. I love the design direction.

Fri Aug 13 2010 12:31AM Report
urasskicker writes:

I have read the articles, seen the photo's, and watch the videos. Played the first and rather pay for wow or ff11. This game does look good. I like the idea of not grinding. Well, to a point there is much to be said for working for a goal and reaching it, that makes a great game. Here is my question, for many, many months mmorpg has placed this as Number one. I can't help but to ask why, what am I missing, is there a bias? Because this game doesn't look better than ff14.

Fri Aug 13 2010 1:08AM Report
haibane writes:

Aye i agree with Darkholmes, talk is big and graphics are quite good, but many games have good graphics and big talkin'.

The idea of "you change this in the game, then it remains changed for you" means that you can't be fully MMO since the world will be different for you than for other players. It seems to me that it'll be an instanced game again like the first version.

Finally, the "no grind" is good, but then what will make players stay in the game for a long time ?

This trailer is nice, but it brings as many questions as it brings goodies.

Fri Aug 13 2010 1:39AM Report
Lydon writes:


Sigh...have you done *any* reading up on the game whatsoever? All those questions have been answered in a logical and easy to understand manner before.


And people who are saying talk is cheap clearly can't have dealt with the original Guild Wars much, as they'd know that ArenaNet deliver on their promises. I can't remember when last I experienced a bug in Guild Wars, for starters. They've always delivered high-quality finished products that lived up to and exceeded my expectations.

Fri Aug 13 2010 2:49AM Report
avalon1000 writes:

Bring it!!!!!

Fri Aug 13 2010 2:58AM Report
Kwintpod writes:

How exactly does changing the game world equal instanced gameplay???


Have MMO players been brainwashed?

Fri Aug 13 2010 3:42AM Report
Zeroxin writes:

Its hard for them to figure out how it will work, will have to do a piece on that in order for it to make sense to this community of forum readers.

Fri Aug 13 2010 4:03AM Report
justmyself writes:

Every trailer says something simillar. "We are different", as long as it comes to play this game, that will probably be duller than any other big title. Ofcourse, I hope what she says is true, but we should wait till then.

Fri Aug 13 2010 4:23AM Report
justmyself writes:

Every trailer says something simillar. "We are different", as long as it comes to play this game, that will probably be duller than any other big title. Ofcourse, I hope what she says is true, but we should wait till then.

Fri Aug 13 2010 4:23AM Report
Deemos-QB writes:

This is the game the game the game the game................

Fri Aug 13 2010 8:45AM Report
XNEO writes:

simply awesome all, the design, the score, and the game itself

Fri Aug 13 2010 11:14AM Report
lilwins writes:

Only reason I am buying this is to bang that Chick. Just being honest.

Fri Aug 13 2010 4:15PM Report
Lateris writes:

You should read all the books she wrote. I wonder if she lieked Henry Miller?

Fri Aug 13 2010 5:31PM Report
Teala writes:

System specs required and when do we get to demo it?!

Fri Aug 13 2010 5:53PM Report
Thane writes:

duno why everyone is running for "instances" nowadays, a pitty.

Sat Aug 14 2010 8:46AM Report
alextodo writes:

@ Teala

In 6 days at GamesCon. :P

@ Thane

The game is not instanced. Full open world [ except for Housing and some Dungeons ].

Sat Aug 14 2010 9:04AM Report
Zandrake writes:

Aww yeah. Gonn be the best game ever. Probably already is the best game ever.

Sat Aug 14 2010 9:10AM Report
tangenral writes:

Agreed with all the Ree comments. And she's cool as heck too. L5R misses her! 


Game looks cool. Will pick it up.

Sat Aug 14 2010 10:18AM Report
Sandoros writes:


actually gamescom not gamescon

Sat Aug 14 2010 1:25PM Report
jdream writes:

Ree Soesbee is hot!!! :D

Sat Aug 14 2010 3:38PM Report
jus123 writes:

this should be in the game because they only announce things that are in the game

Sun Aug 15 2010 5:25AM Report
zaylin writes:

All the ideas/consepts and stuff they are talking about in this video got my attention,I hope they can pull it all off (in no way is this a dis to the devs). Not saying the CANT, but a few MMO promised this and that and did not deliver. Although I do love they did not CGI'it'up and went with in game/world video.  I know after watching it I put GW2 on my watch list.

Sun Aug 15 2010 2:01PM Report
Verterdegete writes:

We are counting on you ArenaNet !!!

Mon Aug 16 2010 7:07AM Report
Uzleb writes:

Oh ya, just in case anybody is unsure.  THAT"S GAME PLAY.

Mon Aug 16 2010 1:35PM Report
rbc13183 writes:

Looks like they've got the opportunity to pull off something truly wonderful here. We have to admit that the current state of MMOs today is quite meh. If Arenanet can actually accomplish everything they are promising, and do it well, they could finally be the ones we are waiting for....the ones to take the reigns and lead MMORPGs into the next level...something us fans of the genre have been wining about for years now. That could also mean the end of WoW's reign, too.

Mon Aug 16 2010 11:48PM Report
Skanomodu writes:

GW2 is promising to be really awesome, and just a few more days and we´ll know if it´s true

Tue Aug 17 2010 9:46AM Report
r0hit writes:

Dragon at the end:

Deathwing, eat your heart out.

Wed Aug 18 2010 7:21AM Report
Faildorf writes:

It will be a good game without a doubt. Unfortunately it´s no RPG anymore just a mere MMO. It seems like the focus on real character development vanished in the last years. Today it is only a grind competition to get as fat to the max level as possible. MMORPG´s are really dying :)

Fri Sep 17 2010 6:04AM Report
xekkard writes:

any idea when this game will be out in store?

Sat Sep 18 2010 2:19PM Report
expresso writes:

Careful guys... WAR, LOTRO,AOC,AION etc all were ment to be new and innovative.. a well put together trailer with nice music is not what you'll be playing... you'll still be finding little gwens lost flute and helping farmers kill worms just as you do at the moment...  just remember that.  Events that reset ever few hours we saw in WAR and look how that turned out.

Sun Sep 19 2010 8:22AM Report
N2stinct writes:

(o_o) ... Words can not express the awesome...

Fri Oct 08 2010 6:19PM Report
jayarte writes:


Wed Nov 10 2010 1:32PM Report
tron21369 writes:

ree is my sister in law      naaa just wishfull thinking  lol     what ever game comes out first gets my wallet if not my wallet wins lol

Sun Nov 28 2010 3:54AM Report
just1opinion writes:

Sluagh_Lord dude.....Ree Soesbee is mine.  Just lettin' ya know, man. If I watch this video any more I'll probably go blind. No...not for the reason you think. Pull your minds out of the gutter, boys.

Sun Mar 20 2011 12:59AM Report