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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 08/28/12)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Guild Wars 2 Videos: Races of Tyria Trailer (4:04)

This latest trailer for Guild Wars 2 explores the world of Tyria through the eyes of the five playable races in the game: the resilient Humans, the war-mongering Charr, the inventors known as the Asura, the shapeshifting Norn, and an entirely new nature spirit race, the Sylvari.

This latest trailer for Guild Wars 2 explores the world of Tyria through the eyes of the five playable races in the game: the resilient Humans, the war-mongering Charr, the inventors known as the Asura, the shapeshifting Norn, and an entirely new nature spirit race, the Sylvari.
Duration: 4:04
Views: 16,376  62 comments
Game: Guild Wars 2
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Frostbite05 writes: i really can't wait for this one Fri Dec 04 2009 10:10AM Report
Jonsus writes: This looks incredible... Hope it turns out well! Fri Dec 04 2009 10:10AM Report
Batak_Killer writes: holy crap that looks awesome! Fri Dec 04 2009 10:11AM Report
laharl816 writes: i think i have a boner..... Fri Dec 04 2009 10:18AM Report
Azerkeruth writes: Guild Wars 2 will be great. Fri Dec 04 2009 11:08AM Report
daydreamerxx writes: I guess I'm blind. It looks exactly like GW1. With races to play instead of just being Human. In honesty. I hope it isn't a clone of gw1. Im hoping it is an actual mmorpg this time. Fri Dec 04 2009 11:10AM Report
AI724 writes: Omg!! nice nice nice!!! Can't wait :( I'm seeing a lot of same mobs from GW1 tho :p Definitely will be playin the Sylvary. Fri Dec 04 2009 11:17AM Report
AI724 writes: @daydreamerxx I guess I'm blind. It looks exactly like GW1. With races to play instead of just being Human. In honesty. I hope it isn't a clone of gw1. Im hoping it is an actual mmorpg this time. You are probably blind... it doesn't look nothing like GW1 and yes it will be bigger and true MMORPG this time. They've writen articles about that you can dig it up ^_+ Fri Dec 04 2009 11:20AM Report
Tekaelon writes: Looks amazing! The new rendering technology is worth wait. The world looks great, and yet familiar. :) Fri Dec 04 2009 11:25AM Report
pb1285n writes: Why do they tease me like this! :-( Fri Dec 04 2009 11:42AM Report
rmk70 writes: Wait... the character models look exactly like GW1.... I'm so confused right now. Is this an expansion or a new game? Fri Dec 04 2009 11:49AM Report
lancelot76 writes: Mercy. We must have this game! Don't make us wait another year! Fri Dec 04 2009 11:49AM Report
coffee writes: looks good, can we jump this time? Fri Dec 04 2009 11:57AM Report
mredondo writes: Yes, we can jump, swim and who knows about riding. I guess we will need to wait more Fri Dec 04 2009 12:13PM Report
Joker2240 writes: I hated GW1! It was too closed and straight forward to me and I totally disliked the instances! However GW2 looks better and I will give the GW franchise an other chance. I really want to play a Charr and also an Asura. Fri Dec 04 2009 12:25PM Report
Neopagan writes: Some of you guys are obviously playing a different Guild Wars if you think that looks the same!? Not only are the gfx a huge improvement you should dig up some of the articles about it - the game tech and features in GW2 will make many MMO's look on in envy! Fri Dec 04 2009 12:30PM Report
crainey92 writes: I can see where people are coming from saying about the mobs looking the same and the game in general looking the same, but it is a "Guild wars 2" its a sequel its meant to be simliar. However looking at this it defintely looks like the gameplay is gonna be very different and im looking forward to this release, Guild wars has been one of my favourite mmorpg's ive ever played amongst a few others however im not playing it atm so that makes this all the more exciting. Fri Dec 04 2009 12:31PM Report
Jherak writes: When I heard "What is your story" I got mad tingles! This game looks awesome. =) Fri Dec 04 2009 2:11PM Report
natuxatu writes: Yeah it's suppose to look familiar.. it takes places in the same world and only 500 years later which really is not that long... plus they aren't finished... PLUS it looks better if you watch the video on their offical website in HD. You can notice a big difference. Fri Dec 04 2009 2:29PM Report
ThomasN7 writes: Arenanet = awesome! Simply amazing. Fri Dec 04 2009 2:31PM Report
Ripclaw writes: Looks nice. Hate most of the voice acting and the writing for it in this trailer, but visually the game is pretty stunning. I want to play that monster race and the hunter/rogue, whatever they are, race. I just hope part 2, game play wise, is also ALLOT better then the first one's was. I didn't even make it past the 14 day trial on Guild Wars 1... Fri Dec 04 2009 2:42PM Report
illyana writes: awesome video! downloading hir es version right now, but i really like what im seeing. the rendering looks different from trailer 1, much darker and crispier and i like it alot! Fri Dec 04 2009 3:31PM Report
Volgore writes: I think this trailer is not nearly as exciting as the first one i saw. It does indeed look like GW1, 1.5 perhaps. Fri Dec 04 2009 4:12PM Report
Player_420 writes: mmm looks dope! Fri Dec 04 2009 4:21PM Report
narakuu writes: ehm... exactly what was so awesome about this trailer? looks like the same old stuff with a slightly new skin... maybe it isnt, but I'm pretty sure we are focusing on the video here and not the whole actual game. Fri Dec 04 2009 4:31PM Report
kingtommyboy writes: great!!! can't wait to play it! Fri Dec 04 2009 4:58PM Report
XNEO writes: can´t not wait to play it too xD Fri Dec 04 2009 8:49PM Report
majinant writes: Looks nothing like GW1, those of you who think it does... guess you havn't played GW! Sat Dec 05 2009 12:51AM Report
Geobardi writes: It uses GW1 similar graphics, but you can notice they are improved, i am sure this way we'll have a great looking game that runs well on all kind of computers,i can't wait for this one... Sat Dec 05 2009 3:40AM Report
iStyle writes: Anyway, going by NCsoft standards, bad graphics would actually be a good thing. *co,aion,ough* ;> Sat Dec 05 2009 4:21AM Report
Geobardi writes: It's laughable to mistake Arenanet (programming & development team)with Ncsoft (distributor), well, ignorance is a blessing... Sat Dec 05 2009 5:35AM Report
daydreamerxx writes: I mean It's years later. The graphics shouldn't look close to each other. GW1 Is out of Date. I admit I loved the original but not anymore. It's old, boring, and bland. I'm hoping it has a pretty gfx engine and I refering to Characters, mobs, abilities, attack and death animations. not the environment. The Gw1 environment is amazing. As for game play. I don't want a entirly closed off game again. It sucked after awhile. I want persistant world fighting, not running to get to this area for an instance persistant world. Would be nice for some persistant world pvp as well. Curious to see how the skills/abilities are going to work. Sat Dec 05 2009 8:31AM Report
nate1980 writes: I think the character models look the same as GW1. Does anyone in real life wear similar clothes to those 500 years ago? I didn't think so. The gameplay also looks the same. Did you see the animations, speed of combat, and etc? It looks more like a GW expansion than a sequel. Sat Dec 05 2009 9:39AM Report
GWFarmData writes: I'm so ready for this! Amazing! Sat Dec 05 2009 9:57PM Report
inmysights writes: ummmmmmm,(picking jaw up off table) must....buuuilllddd nnewwww coommppuuterr to play!!!! Sun Dec 06 2009 8:36AM Report
kevingaily writes: I can't say anything else except WOW! AMAZING! Sun Dec 06 2009 10:12AM Report
Cpt_Picard writes: Not a fan of the gnome dudes... Sun Dec 06 2009 10:32AM Report
Hardanger writes: Definitely excited about GW2. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Sun Dec 06 2009 10:49AM Report
LoboMau writes: Very good indeed! Sun Dec 06 2009 12:13PM Report
darkhearts writes: Looks good just hope they updated the controls a little. Sun Dec 06 2009 1:30PM Report
needalife214 writes: HOLY BUCKETS Sun Dec 06 2009 2:09PM Report
asuraking writes: cant fucking wait gunna be the best game of all time Sun Dec 06 2009 4:06PM Report
Zerocyde writes: Well, it will look a bit like GW1. It's not like a company's first mmo ran its course and they decided to start the sequel. They decided half way though GW1's lifespan that they fucked up with GW1, and that GW1 is not what they originally wanted, so they decided to start from scratch and call it GW2. I can't freaking WAIT! The things they said that they did wrong with the first one are pretty much exactly the things I took issue with in the first one. Sun Dec 06 2009 9:29PM Report
Deewe writes: Looks nice. If the game play is up to the graphics then monthly fees MMO are in trouble... Mon Dec 07 2009 1:08PM Report
celee2222 writes: jesus why do these guys insist on uploading HD movies if they cant condense them proparly talk about slide show movie stop start stop start lol nice looking game though Mon Dec 07 2009 2:27PM Report
nefermor writes: Nice graphic over all , give the armor style an A++. The colors are slightly chalky but dynamic lighting will likely take care of that. The character animations are a little too quick and looks like they need a few more frames to make them fluid [my only real nitpik so far]. The differences between the races is significant enough to make the game not feel so limited so great job so far. Mon Dec 07 2009 4:26PM Report
M4ko writes: graphics engine seems pretty old. and its the same old grind it seems, the little innovations that each new MMO adds doesnt really change the grind, same old... Tue Dec 08 2009 3:59PM Report
kittyvonkita writes: Bound to be my favorite game ever. Tue Dec 08 2009 5:49PM Report
kapper16 writes: looks so sick Tue Dec 08 2009 5:51PM Report
Bael13 writes: I will buy this no matter what Free to play and better than all mmos out there can't wait. Tue Dec 08 2009 8:20PM Report
archisis writes: Argh! Lets get on with it! I am excited about this one. Wed Dec 09 2009 5:04PM Report
ApollosCrede writes: ugh.....omfg...cant speak...awesomeness... Wed Dec 09 2009 8:56PM Report
Realbigdeal writes: Basically, we have 3 race. 3 humans, 1 beast and the little one. I smell some laziness. Thu Dec 10 2009 6:56AM Report
scafflance writes: omg wow Thu Dec 10 2009 3:38PM Report
Quale writes: The intrigue that the first trailer created, a veiled promise of something entirely new, was kind of diminished in this one. I'm afraid we might be headed for just another D&D clone. Sat Dec 12 2009 8:50AM Report
SweetZoid writes: Are they lazy jsut because Norn and sylvari looks like humans? Are you retarded? Fri Jan 01 2010 5:02AM Report
andromega writes: Guys we'll get more info about game mechanics early this year (maybe in march). So we can't really tell how good/bad it is just by looking at the graphics, besides graphics are just fine don't expect Crysis like graphics cuz it's useless in aan mmo. And don't forget that this game is stl in alpha phase. I am pretty sure the graphics will be improved close to the release. But they are still amazing even now. What I am more curious about is not the graphics but the gameplay itself. Like skills, professions, what kind of quest/event system they will use, dynamic world? character customization(it better be good) and of course less bugs. I hope it works well for them to get these these things upright. And one more thing I am still waiting impatiently, so please hurry up :D Sat Jan 02 2010 7:37AM Report
Little11 writes: Looks like wow without that childish graphic Wed Jan 06 2010 9:13PM Report
Game-Wolf writes: after the bid Aion flop i would never play a ncsoft game again Tue Feb 09 2010 8:02PM Report
Kalefen writes: WHy get excited? It looks wonderful sure - but it;s still guild vs guild. Epic battles? Yes, if small groups of the same classes and races are epic to you then enjoy. "I am human, I defend..blah blah blah" seriously? So tell me why is his human with his gods going to kill the exact same of his own people who worship his God? There is no faction here yet again..just the same races and classes beating each other up. End of story - who hasn't done that 100 times. Sat Feb 20 2010 7:56PM Report
RogueHaven writes:

When I see breathtaking graphics like these, I wonder what things will be like in ten years, or even 2 years.

Sun Sep 12 2010 1:57PM Report
Nirwyl writes:

Oh look, gnomes!

Tue Sep 14 2010 11:01PM Report