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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 08/28/12)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$39.99 | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Guild Wars 2 Videos: Guild Wars 2 Debut Trailer (4:49)

Coinciding with GamesCom week, NCsoft shows their hand on Guild Wars 2 with their debut trailer featuring gameplay footage!

Coinciding with GamesCom week, NCsoft shows their hand on Guild Wars 2 with their debut trailer featuring gameplay footage!
Duration: 4:49
Views: 21,196  98 comments
Game: Guild Wars 2
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zathos8724 writes: If you can play Charr then im game. Thu Aug 20 2009 1:18PM Report
jamisz writes: gameplay footage looks good...but man that video sucked!! lol Thu Aug 20 2009 1:27PM Report
VowOfSilence writes: yes, you can play charr. the group at the end has 1 of each race. Thu Aug 20 2009 1:38PM Report
bradkotn writes: OMG! Thu Aug 20 2009 1:46PM Report
pb1285n writes: It's about damn time! I am so excited. :D Thu Aug 20 2009 2:12PM Report
Gabby-air writes: Dang! Come out already! Thu Aug 20 2009 2:14PM Report
Tiller writes: Nice, and still free to play after you buy the box. This game is gonna do well. Thu Aug 20 2009 2:20PM Report
fuzeblu writes: It's more than good, it's great! Thu Aug 20 2009 2:33PM Report
coffee writes: nice vid.. and if I am not mistaken I saw a jump, still a little too asian-y for me but worth a look for sure. Thu Aug 20 2009 2:48PM Report
Denweisel writes: The areas all feel so.....massive! And that's very good thing Thu Aug 20 2009 2:55PM Report
Ezari writes: I only have a one thing to say ... about damn time!!! I quit playing the original out of boredom. Thu Aug 20 2009 3:20PM Report
falc0n writes: sweet! Thu Aug 20 2009 3:38PM Report
hagayg writes: OO they've actually improved the graphical engine to make the views look even better. that's considering it was one of the best before and could still run smoothly on almost every computer. no way I am missing this one. Thu Aug 20 2009 3:41PM Report
Serazahr writes: No dwarfs......... at least not in the trailer. I hope dwarf are also a playable race, and would be nice if anything from Factions found its way into the game, cause I really enjoyed the story of Factions (minus the afflicted) Thu Aug 20 2009 3:51PM Report
Kebeck writes: Very impressive for first ever in-game footage ! Seems like NCsoft pulled another one... Thu Aug 20 2009 3:59PM Report
ak282 writes: This game looks awesome. I am hoping that they make one big seamless world like WoW instead of instanced zones like GW1. Thu Aug 20 2009 4:10PM Report
Nacon4 writes: You can't play a Dwarf in this game. It's too bad, but you can play an Asura (if that's any consolation)! Thu Aug 20 2009 4:26PM Report
ThomasN7 writes: Step aside other mmos, the big boy is in town! Other than The Old Republic, no other mmo will be better. Guild Wars 2 is here! Thu Aug 20 2009 5:10PM Report
Dilir79 writes: sick looking game , i can't wait :P Thu Aug 20 2009 5:23PM Report
Wookiee6648 writes: So to recap, GW1 was a copy of Linage 1 and 2 and had copied WoW. This time around same thing they copied L1 & 2 WoW, FF, Stargate and AoC. Ha ffs they need to fucking come up with an original idea. Thu Aug 20 2009 5:36PM Report
kevingaily writes: Looks real nice! Aside form TOR, this was the big one I was hoping for. It had been so quiet and I was concerned that GW2 wouldn't come out, but I'm glad I was wrong! Thu Aug 20 2009 6:00PM Report
illyana writes: go back under your bridge wookiee fantastic trailer! everything looks massive. jumping, swimming, day/night cycle. so different from GW1 yet so familiar as well Thu Aug 20 2009 6:00PM Report
mashu76 writes: What are all the five races?... Human, Charr, Dwarf, Asura... and what? Thu Aug 20 2009 6:06PM Report
bubu_3k writes: "So to recap, GW1 was a copy of Linage 1 and 2 and had copied WoW" Lineage 1 & 2 copied WOW..especially 1?=)) Thu Aug 20 2009 6:42PM Report
strrox4 writes: 1 word ownage Thu Aug 20 2009 7:47PM Report
strrox4 writes: ownage Thu Aug 20 2009 7:48PM Report
Ichmen writes: meh that was not that impressive... i want to see ACTUAL game play video not 2second splits here and there... decent promo video but meh could have been much better Thu Aug 20 2009 8:23PM Report
Roin writes: Great trailer, can't wait for the actual game. I hope they release some more info soon. Thu Aug 20 2009 9:07PM Report
vivedbio writes: I love how all the areas seem very detailed and alive hope by the very latest it comes out next year Thu Aug 20 2009 9:37PM Report
Vexe writes: Holy jesus! This looks awesome! The original guild wars was one of the few MMO's I actually Get past half leveled in before taking a break. This is gunna be awesome! Thu Aug 20 2009 10:19PM Report
Kimaira writes: Soon =) Thu Aug 20 2009 10:23PM Report
gatheris writes: in a word - - - ENTICING!!! Thu Aug 20 2009 10:32PM Report
pauljr94132 writes: exciting Fri Aug 21 2009 12:03AM Report
silvergeist writes: mashu76: Norn is the fifth race. Looks amazing, can't wait for the game to come out! Played GW1 for 3 years and liked it, but it seems they are gonna top the charts with this one :-) Fri Aug 21 2009 12:46AM Report
Valladriel writes: OMG OMG OMG *faint* Fri Aug 21 2009 1:35AM Report
isoutsider writes: The five races are Human, Charr, Asura, Norn and a Fifth plant type race. its the one in the trailer that brings the big tree golem to life. Fri Aug 21 2009 2:26AM Report
illyana writes: Anet is not yet ready to *talk* abt actual gameplay (fighting, using skills, crafting), much more show it in this trailer. reason being is that all details of gameplay is not finalized yet. what they have shown are IN-GAME footages. Nothing was pre-rendered. All models, textures, and other assets are actual game play versions. They haven't been prettied up for marketing purposes. Fri Aug 21 2009 5:32AM Report
rik666 writes: can´t wait when it comes out Fri Aug 21 2009 5:40AM Report
jkfc writes: that is on freaking awesome game. That in-game footage is really good. started out a little week the video started out a little weird but had a really nice strong ending Fri Aug 21 2009 6:02AM Report
CujoSWAoA writes: I wonder if you can jump over things yet... like you know, off of a 2-foot drop that you couldn't jump off of in GW1 Fri Aug 21 2009 6:47AM Report
Solude writes: Nods, didn't see any jumping so is this another on rails tactical rts/rpg or a full blown MMO. Fri Aug 21 2009 7:26AM Report
suporgeek writes: Im sure the game will be good. But the old GuildWars trailers were SO good. This one was a let down. Fri Aug 21 2009 8:06AM Report
IceAge writes: Well, there IS jumping. Look at 2:40 back there, on the ships. So stop complaining ! ;) Fri Aug 21 2009 8:19AM Report
jethar writes: Looks like Aion, same platform maybe? Fri Aug 21 2009 10:50AM Report
ygtata writes: OMFG i was thinking it wont come out... and now it seems better than any other beta tested mmos Fri Aug 21 2009 12:13PM Report
Calintz333 writes: Sadly not impressed. For the wait time we have had to endure I was expecting a lot more. If they try to save money by incorporating these paper CGs instead of voice over 3D animations like GW1 did I won't be buying it. Other than that the game looks solid. Fri Aug 21 2009 12:46PM Report
Aerobi writes: All i can say is, WoW better learn how to deal with cancelled subscriptions. Fri Aug 21 2009 1:49PM Report
Lydon writes: Oh haters get over yourselves. I think the video was brilliant and unique. Why should they pay another company to do a CGI trailer for them when they could use their very own original concept art and create a trailer from that in-house? (as they did) Secondly, the 5 races are - Human, Charr, Asura, Norn and Sylvari. You can't play a Dwarf. Lastly, no, this is not a copy of Aion. ArenaNet designed their own engine for GW1 and did the same for GW2. The original was very efficient, yet extremely beautiful, which is what I expect GW2's engine to be like. Fri Aug 21 2009 7:24PM Report
illyana writes: i juz watched WoW Cataclysm and was totally UNimpressed by it after watching this. CGI is so overrated. this trailer is a salute to the great artists working at ANET, not a way to trim down on expenses. Sat Aug 22 2009 3:22AM Report
Zeal^_^ writes: Why everyone always compares WoW to GW when the two games are so different. GW isn't trying to be WoW in any way, but a different kinda experience in MMO market. Sat Aug 22 2009 7:23AM Report
majinant writes: Omg, i don't knwo what to do now. The wow trailer was crap, but the 20min gameplay fotage for SW:ToR was sweet. Now I will have to try GW2 and TOR to see what I like more. GW2 already has one point though, and that is the fact that it will be F2P! Sat Aug 22 2009 7:54AM Report
TroyDarkswrd writes: It's seem like only last year we were waiting each month for the GW1 Beta weekends and here Finally GW2 is withing site of a release. I hope the wait on Release isn't to much longer. Bioware has their Single player "Dragon Age" coming out in October to help us with the wait for the release of BG2. I have 22 Lvl 20 characters on 3 accounts and more Birthday Minnie's than I can count so lets get BG2 on line already. Sat Aug 22 2009 11:35AM Report
Jupsto writes: OMG THIS LOOKS PRO Sat Aug 22 2009 2:31PM Report
zaylin writes: I actually thought the video was quite unique and pretty cool, not the typical cgi stuff. in game looks good too. Sat Aug 22 2009 3:05PM Report
SelfDestructPro writes: Wow ok, looks totally awesome in-game. And looks like it's at least less instanced. Can't be sure at this point if there's no instances, but at least the instances will be bigger if that's the case. Sat Aug 22 2009 3:50PM Report
natuxatu writes: Looks awesome, especially the in game footage... and it looks very unique. The level designs are way more creative than anything in WoW. Very impressive, I can't wait! Sat Aug 22 2009 4:21PM Report
illyana writes: @Zeal... i wasnt comparing GW & WoW gameplays, i was comparing their *trailers*... btw didnt you notice that WoW cataclysm has a similar story with GW2? at least in the trailer. Big ancient dragon comes up from the sea and destroys everything the players are familair with... hmmm... but GW came up with that story 2 years ago Sat Aug 22 2009 11:15PM Report
Adokaum writes: Shame for that fae race or whatever looking all f2p korean emo same for the warrior just not emo. Hopefully this will be as awesome as the 1st. Best thing about this trailer is the music, man Jeremy Soule IS AWESOME Sun Aug 23 2009 9:28AM Report
DrSpanky writes: certainly looks nice! Sun Aug 23 2009 11:21AM Report
Soviel writes: Incredible environments, Guild Wars has some of the best artists on the team of any mmorpg. This is the best looking mmorpg I have ever seen, the aesthetics and vastness of the zones are marvelous. They have unique races to choose from too, which is a must for me. I hope the gameplay isn't cookie-cutter. Definitely looking forward to this one. Sun Aug 23 2009 1:16PM Report
loreofchaos writes: I don't know if the dwarves will be there. All of them but one got turned to stone to fight the destroyers. Sun Aug 23 2009 2:54PM Report
stefan_t_st writes: Dragons are modern nowadays... Sun Aug 23 2009 3:32PM Report
TheStarheart writes: Incredibly gorgeous environments Sun Aug 23 2009 8:03PM Report
Patarr writes: Nerdgasm! I'm a huge GW fan, been there practically since the beginning (just a few months off), and I literally almost cried tears of joy when I watched this video. I've never played a game as good as GW in my eyes, and when I finally heard news of a GW2 info update (via a trailer) I was excited to see that Anet finally put something out to quench the thirst of the dying hardcore fans. and I agree with Soviel, GW does have some of the greatest artists. I wonder how the hell they got involved in video games instead of becoming famous elsewhere. Sun Aug 23 2009 8:36PM Report
majinant writes: Patarr - The founders of ArenaNet were former employees of Blizzard Entertainment who played important roles in developing the highly successful computer games Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Diablo II, and the gaming network. I heard that one of the reasons they left blizzard was because they didn't agree with making WoW P2P! Sun Aug 23 2009 8:52PM Report
majinant writes: Just realised you said artists, not devs :/ Sun Aug 23 2009 8:56PM Report
Loukku writes: By my gods ... This game looks so fuckin' awesome , im so excited ! Mon Aug 24 2009 4:35AM Report
daniel!!! writes: i cant wait im a die hard Guild Wars fan, its like amazing, i cant wait im actualy itching to see more Mon Aug 24 2009 7:17AM Report
Raekon writes: I'm beyond happy to finally see some in game footage! To everyone that missed the news months ago there will be jumping, swimming, climbing and maybe even more. Live events happens in the world and our actions will change their outcome forming the world differently every time! Whoever up there in the comments said that GW1 copy anything from WOW then I can only say that you don't have a clue what you are even talking about. WOW = newbies mmo to say the least and a mix of other mmos. GW1 was there before WOW to start with and even both games aren't compareable, wow did indeed formed the honor system and battlegrounds AFTER they saw GW1 HA in the arenas area. Other than that I'm freaking tired to see wow comments allover the place as if it were the mother of all mmos even is a cheap copy of other successfull mmos out there that were YEARS before wow out in the market. GW2 will ROCK and I can't wait for it to come out! GW1 was and still is one of the most unique and original mmos out there EVER and I must know it as developer myself and tester of over 130 mmos in the meantime. The vidoe was great and the game will be even greater! =) Mon Aug 24 2009 10:41AM Report
marceli writes: First impression: it looks better than original. PvP is what kept me playin' every day for two years in GW 1, and that's what I hope to see in GW 2! Without it's gonna be just another MMO. Mon Aug 24 2009 4:12PM Report
Rexion writes: I'm so excited. By the looks of it, I'm feeling I'll pick GW2 > WoW:Cataclysm which seems to revamp the world of Azeroth I used to enjoy with a new look. Meh. I like the new Tyria. It's beautiful looking in this video. :D Mon Aug 24 2009 7:09PM Report
spiderdimond writes: HOw accurate is the info ?? its so hard to believe such great game is only 20 bucks! and no monthly fee? how the hell do they do it?? Mon Aug 24 2009 9:32PM Report
illyana writes: spiderdimond u better believe it! for GW2, you only need to pay the box, still NO MONTHLY FEE. i think it'll cost around $49 though. juz goes to show that we dont need to sub for a high quality online game. Tue Aug 25 2009 12:36AM Report
roaland writes: as long as they mess up the 2nd one like they are messing up the 1st one all will be well. But if i read one post from a Dev from this GW saying that he will "put a stop to solo play and remove mats item farming" i'll personally boycot everything NCsoft. Tue Aug 25 2009 9:40AM Report
Warcriminal writes: did I just see a jump?? if I did...Im am so there! :D Wed Aug 26 2009 5:53AM Report
Vengefulsage writes: YES!!!!!! Finally.....Now its ON !!!!!! Wed Aug 26 2009 2:21PM Report
yodablaze writes: Can't wait. Wed Aug 26 2009 5:35PM Report
ReKLiS writes: Woot finally. Some information and Footage of GW2. I've been waiting for this a looooonnnggg time. It looks beautiful. I hope they make the hunting areas more persistant then having only 8 players in at a time. Why are there so many people hating on guildwars? Do people not know that the whole concept of wow and gameplay was probibly originally created by the people that made guildwars? Anet were the ones that left blizzard and they had important roles in most of blizzards top games (Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo 2). And the reason why we get a good quality game without having to subscribe is because these guys aren't greedy and they know how to stragedize they're marketing campaign. I give it up to Anet and the rest of the dev team. Keep up the good work. Sucks Gale Grey retired though =/ Wed Aug 26 2009 7:00PM Report
Scelestic writes: Holy Crap! I CANT WAIT @_@ Thats like the coolest looking 2 ever! and the game, totally freaking out <3 Wed Aug 26 2009 7:03PM Report
Tartarus16 writes: I can't wait for this game!!!!! Wed Aug 26 2009 7:22PM Report
murdera2k6 writes: The WoW killer has finally has arrived! Thu Aug 27 2009 6:28PM Report
murdera2k6 writes: The WoW killer has finally has arrived! Thu Aug 27 2009 6:28PM Report
GGordon27 writes: *Yawn* Sun Aug 30 2009 5:38PM Report
hehe45451 writes: looks awesome Mon Aug 31 2009 12:08AM Report
jus123 writes: the trailer looks great Mon Aug 31 2009 5:27AM Report
jus123 writes: it realy got me hyped Mon Aug 31 2009 5:27AM Report
Anarchist420 writes: video reminds me of a ride at disney with animatronics .. they tried a story board art style for the vid and .. fail! gameplay part though looked good .. even though im tired of fantasy shit, bring on space! Thu Sep 03 2009 4:26AM Report
daarco writes: I have no interest in playing it. But i do really really want to see it as a movie. Tue Sep 08 2009 4:47AM Report
shakaama writes: Sorry I don't go for fanboyism. I don't think this trailer appeals to real gamers and normal people. The surreal comic style presentation was simply an art show. It wasn't enticing at all. One of the chief complaints about wow was the whole steampunk magic + technology without it being actual steampunk. I'm gonna have to pass on this. I saw nothing I'd be interested in. Sun Sep 13 2009 8:23PM Report
chinkveta writes: OMG, nice video, i NEED GAME, :) Mon Sep 14 2009 6:26PM Report
gryghst20 writes: This is gona be great!!!!! Everything looks big and time consuming for the real RPG type lover to explore, I just hope they raise the level limit. Mon Oct 05 2009 1:24AM Report
FGRAVEL writes: some actual release dates would be good, rather than hype. I've been hearing hype for a year or better already. Bring on the game. Tue Nov 03 2009 1:47PM Report
MavadoKenyen writes: Pretty lame video overall, but if I can be the big fuzzy race then I'll be satisfied. Wed Nov 11 2009 12:57PM Report
SweetZoid writes: The video is awesome! GW2 will be a good game. Mon Dec 21 2009 6:51PM Report
Evile writes: I bet these guys didn't just outsource the Heroes Journey engine like some space game did. The art direction for this is a "work of art"! Lets hope this releases in 2010 Thu Dec 31 2009 4:54PM Report
Reliique writes:

Looking great!

Sun May 09 2010 6:25AM Report
chrisel writes:

What a crap video. Childish & same old same old. Bleh. I hope it crash & burn.

Wed Jul 14 2010 4:00PM Report
chrisel writes:

What a crap video. Childish & same old same old. Bleh. I hope it crash & burn.

Wed Jul 14 2010 4:31PM Report