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Guild Wars 2 Forum » General Discussion » Improvements you'd like to see

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10/02/12 6:44:17 AM#21

In no particular order....

+ LFG tool for Dungeons

+ Guild Halls with;

  - Guild only questlines (instanced like storyline)

  - Visible Trophies from Dungeon completions

+ A choice of Craftable Skins for crafted items

+ Preview on Trader items

+ 12 Man Guild Dungeons

+ GvG PvP (I know this is coming....)

+ Instanced Guild Halls (ditto....)

+ Statues/Memorials in Lions Arch demonstrating Guild achievements

+ Introduction of more creature types - worms are overused....

+ Ongoing dungeon challenge balance

+ Ongoing attention to class balance



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10/02/12 6:48:58 AM#22
Originally posted by Voiidiin

One thing and One thing only, in fact i hate this so much i have started playing other games instead.... 

Please get rid of the punitive Diminishing

Returns to open world PvE and Dynamic


This is actually an antibotting measure. It may be a nuisance, but there is a reason to it.


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10/02/12 6:51:57 AM#23
Originally posted by freston
Originally posted by Voiidiin

One thing and One thing only, in fact i hate this so much i have started playing other games instead.... 

Please get rid of the punitive Diminishing

Returns to open world PvE and Dynamic


This is actually an antibotting measure. It may be a nuisance, but there is a reason to it.

Yeah, but the question is starting to become whether or not the medicine is worse than  the disease. 


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10/02/12 6:59:47 AM#24
Many more weapons and weapon skills to unlock.  Then choose the 5 you want to use.  Make some rare and hard to unlock/find.

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SWG pre cu > all

10/02/12 8:02:35 AM#25

Apperance armour.

Not being able to have your own unique look is shit tbh.


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10/03/12 5:46:31 PM#26
More skills, 5 per weapon is boring

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10/03/12 5:56:07 PM#27

There are two type of bots


(1) Thoses run to make gold and sell it using complex hacks and bottign software

(2) Those with programmerable keyboard who want to want to earn stuff while afk (sleeping/working)


BOTH should be banned, the DR is to stop the later. The player who sits at an event spawn with autofire on to get karma.


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10/03/12 5:58:30 PM#28
Originally posted by DMKano

How about DEs where players have to control multiple points in the zones (not one small area) - or DEs where players have to build something? Maybe throw in some puzzle solving that requires interacting with certain NPCs during the DE?

And how about multiple random branching, you know instead of Champion, maybe there's a portal that opens to a new area of the Zone with a puzzle quest? Or maybe everybody in the DE gets a 60min PvE buff? 

Make it to where at the end of some DE's there's a 15% random chance to summon a world boss.

We need more varitety at ALL levels - not just Orr.


The part in red you describes is basically Orr + all the meta events.

Other than that, I do agree that the DEs could be more varied. Overall I think people would be surprised by the amount of variation some of the events have, but the way they are packaged, most of them feel all too similar. I also think the dragons need to have better mechanics. So far the only one that's really engaging to fight is Jormag.


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10/03/12 6:07:44 PM#29
Less of a cash grind
Bot bans

Apprentice Member

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10/03/12 6:17:27 PM#30

- More skills

- Fix the BEYOND HORRENDOUS clipping on everything. My female human has her weapons placed in her thighs and everything clips on my asura, Charr tails and horns arre laughable

- Dueling, where is it?

- Mounts are an improvement regardless of what people say, if they introduced ground mounts nobody would quit over it but it would certainly make many people very happy and give them something else to do. I would love to ride my mount sometimes instead of waypointing everywhere, mounts are a big draw to keeping people interested, people will grind for a long time to get vanity mounts.

- Inspecting, I'm tired of asking people about their gear, it should show the gears name and what colour it's dyed upon inspection.

- Guild Halls.

- Control botting(coming from TERA, one of the most bot free games i've ever seen, this is atrocious, I leave for a few days and have 5-6 e-mails about gold and I see it spammed in chat regularly).


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10/03/12 6:33:45 PM#31

I'm having a LOT of fun in the game, and so far these are the things I'd like to see improved/changed:

Harder events. Make it, for example, if an event is succesful, the next time it repeats it becomes harder (more mobs, more veteran mobs, for example), so that there's a higher chance of it becomes a failure and get on the losing path.

Add an appearance tab. I know it's not gonna happen (because they would make T-stones useless), but I'd still like to be able to use an item's appearance without having to transmute it anytime I get an upgrade, which, since I'm still leveling, happens a lot. Or at least make it to applying a T-stone to an item makes it a permanent skin, an item that works kinda like the HoM rewards but that transfers the item skin without destroying it.

Travel costs by distance traveled and not fixed, plus higher chance of high level loot from all over the world, so that level 80 players have a bigger incentive to be on other areas.

Events that happen in different areas. In the novel Edge of Destiny there was the Dragonspawn (Jormag's champion). Anytime someone tried to attack it and failed (which means almost every time) it would retaliate by doing a massive attack on Hoelbrak. I'd like to see something like that, maybe a harder fight with Zaithan added, for example, with a high posibility of failure, and if it fails then a few minutes later a huge army of undead invade Lion's Arch and must be repelled by players.

Guild alliances. Even if it's just to have a joint chat channel like in GW1.

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Advanced Member

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10/03/12 6:52:51 PM#32

My personal peaves:

Long term:

  • WvWvW queue times (still).
  • Repair costs in WvWvW... you should encourage PvP, not discourage it.
  • Character rendering range in populated areas, WvWvW especially.

Short Term (been/being fixed):

  • Personal story quests bugging at later levels.
  • Skill Points bugging, unable to complete maps.

Without being petty, that's pretty much it for now.

  User Deleted
10/03/12 6:57:26 PM#33

General Gameplay Improvements

- Remove running debuff in combat

- More zones per level bracket. I feel like Asura and Sylvari don't have as much content as the other 3 races.

- Allow for a consumables hotbar. 

- Housing/Guild Halls

- Additional Mini Games

- More PvP maps/types

- Remove diminishing returns

- Lowered cost for cultural armors




- I would like for preparation skills to be a class mechanic. Potentially, add 4 preparations like sharpening stone, poison dip, ignite arrows, chill arrows


- Improve the weapon speed of hammer


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10/03/12 8:43:28 PM#34

Gear progression.


Better WvWvW


More skills per weapon


Novice Member

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10/03/12 8:52:10 PM#35

Remove instances.

Make the RvR zones bigger.

Remove the RvR queue.

Do NOT add tiered raiding, there's no point or place to it.

Keep out a dungeon finder system.

Remove instant teleportation.

Add a slight death penalty.

Add in relics.

Add in a Darkness Falls style dungeon.

Add realm ranks.



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"Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game." - Guybrush Threepwood

10/03/12 8:58:59 PM#36
I just want to see further server stability. I think adding things and what not is nice, but I believe first priority should always be bug squashing and code optimization.

"Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game."-Guybrush Threepwood
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10/03/12 9:21:32 PM#37

For me:

 *  Better cameras: Biggest gripe is abilities that have high movement like Thiefs Death Blossom and wars wirlwind attack leave  me having to mess with the camera angle rather than it snapping behind my character. At least have an option fo those that want the camera to snap behind.

*  Player Housing: Personal instanced areas just aren't changing enough to fill the void or give me a reason to invite anyone in to see what I have different from them. Player housing would give people that like to achieve things even more stuff to do and work towards.

*  LFG tool: I think a dungeon finder, especially cross realm, was the worst thing to happen in WoW and would hate to see it come here. However, a better working LFG tool like something close to what FFXI had wouldn't be a bad thing. 

*  A skill pool for weapons: It would be nice to be able to swap out a couple of the weapon abilities out the same way we do for slot skills. This would alleviate the fact that some people get a bored feeling when they have learned all weapon skills very early in the game as well as add a little bit of the unknown in PvP because you won't know a persons every weapon skill. 

*  More stability: DE's and Skill challenges mess up and the fixes come very slow. They get fixed and now I am having issues in other ares that weren't there like transmutations are now not working.

*  A better system for reporting Spam and Botters: I feel if they had some sort of community policing approach to spammers and botters and we could clean it up a lot faster than the current process of reporting and hoping it's taken care of. Maybe a system where X person has a window for getting X reports before their account is suspended until further notic. The number would have to be high enough to avoid random player trolling, but not so high that enough people couldn't reach a report limit to get the account out of our game.

There are plenty more but these are my top issues to date that I feel could use some improvement.  


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Joined: 12/02/10
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10/03/12 9:31:41 PM#38

- More weapons ( = more skills)

- Organized raids ( in addition to the open world dragons and such)

- Dungeons i think could use some tweaking

- More pvp maps

- Camera could use some work

- Repairing items could use some tweaking ( more similar to wow)

- Item drops in dungeons (gear progression i guess) rather than farming tokens for gear

other little things here and there.


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10/03/12 9:37:24 PM#39

I have seen a lot of people mention things I would like to see as well, but my major want in the future is a  class that has healing as utility skills.


I dont want the trinity back but I have to admit I miss being able to play a healer.


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10/03/12 9:42:50 PM#40

I want to see ALOT more armor options (Alot more! and what's up with almost all leather armor looking like a pirate!)

Guild Halls and Housing (Want something EQ2ish)

More crafting and maybe a new profession (like someone who makes effects that can be applyed to certain pieces)

More mob types (good god did they just run out of steam and say F it let's just make X amount of mobs and fill the whole world)

More Events! (and some awesome large scale events)

The ability to preview weapons/Armor in the Auction House

Some rare crafting recipes

Uh I could go on.....but this will do


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