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Guild Wars 2 Forum » PvP » PVP and PVE REREVIEW

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OP  10/16/13 12:55:01 PM#1

So after returning to the game after about a 6 month break i was excited to see what was going on in Gw2. Myself being a veteran of mmo's starting with ultima online and playing threw just about every mmo available, i have a few thoughts and comments on what I like and what I think needs work. Now I am not posting this to persuade anyone to play or not to play gw2. This is just a general thread to see other players thoughts and feels on the game experience. 

    Starting off with PVE.... I see that Champion farming is the current method for obtaining gold and crafting components. While I would say this gets boring and stale after 30 mins, its something that every game offers a method of achieving gold and items that is grindy but ok. Atleast there is a zerg that does this on Jade quarry,my home server and you can bs and have fun while doing it. The Events like Maw and shatterer have not changed and you can get in a group hit it like 5 times then alt tab to victory to read up on specs. The Twighlight Arbor assault was really fun to do all the achieves but after completing them, i felt lil or no need to return again, only if i desired the armor skins. I would say if you like PVE and enjoy questing, GW2 is def an avenue you should checkout. There is alot of pros vrs cons that will give you and enjoyable experience.

    Now on to PVP. I used to be a HUGE Dark Age of Camelot RVR enthusiast. So coming into WvWvW i was hoping the game would be reminiscent of those days. I played over a few weeks solo,zerging, and small group format to get the full experience. I would have to say that it was a cluster of organized mess. The battles in large scale were really just steamroll format. One side or the other just runs over top of you. You never really felt like you were battling a single player it was just AOE on the move which felt shitty to be honest. The smaller scale battles were more engaging and def more of a challenge. This is where it played out to be a both fun and broken. By broken I mean how different specs and classes that you engage can literally destroy you without you having a chance to fight back. So off the SPVP I go to see whats really going on in 8v8 or less scale.

   Now i have also played SPVP for a few weeks pretty hardcore. Studying specs traight lines and watching vids and getting the best experience and spec for classes i could play with. Starting off with Warrior, they seem to be very sturdy now when speced right, but don't have the plethora or option in skills available like most other classes. While fun i found that it can be done better by most others. So i rolled thief next..... WoW... i would have to say def very bursty and easier to play and survive then warrior. I found myself killing everyone and really only dying by over extending or playing badly. Got bored of what i call easy mode and onto engineer. Probably one of the most powerful classes in the game by far, and very fun to play. When playing this class after the others, you can see how disadvantaged they are. So on and on i played each class. Overall I learned first hand how if you truly want a balanced PVP experience..... You are in the wrong game. The devs are stuck because they made a game of imbalances with so many options and potential... that you really can't balance this. This is a good example of of a PVE game trying to PVP. Now I give GW2 full credit for trying to break out of the holy trinity system. We all learn by little steps. For me GW2 pvp is not my cup of tea. I don't speak for everyone so hey if you enjoy it... keep kicking ass. I am on the lookout for something new on the horizon to fill my Long Lost RVR days.   


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10/16/13 1:27:20 PM#2

Same here. Gw2 is fun, but it's definatly missing something.


I'll prolly buy TESO to see if that's going to suck as badly as I think it will, while I wait the two years on the Camelot Unchained Hype Train. If that fails I'll be back as an MMO nomad.


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Joined: 9/22/13
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10/16/13 1:52:08 PM#3

I dislike GW2 PvP A LOT. It's almost crap, i mean, they want to get into e-sport and it's not going to happen.

GW1 have a much bigger chance of getting into e-sport, a much better game for PvP and more fun to watch. I can't seriously look  at GW2 SPvP and see what is going on and i can't see the fun, it can't become an e-sport. 

If they removed the fucking traits that are now and make traits into something that customizes your skills, empowers them and make them different, then that would be something.


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10/16/13 2:14:18 PM#4

I will only comment on a few things:

Maw and Shatterer have been made harder it's absolutely not the same as 6 months ago.

I don't like WvW because it's massive zerg and all about spamming aoe - I completely agree with that.


If you played thief for a long time and then swapped to engineer and claim that engi is weaker then you are wrong.

Thief is a very straightforward assaulter - engineer puts down auto turrets. So having to put down turrets before a fight starts means what?... Yes it means they are a bunker class and if you try to assault with them you will fail badly.

In fact engineer and necromancer with minions are the 2 best classes to hold the trebuchet and the canon of the skyhammer map.


The one thing I found completely imbalanced was the stun lock of a warrior with mace and shield and they removed that yesterday.


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OP  10/16/13 3:16:49 PM#5

"If you played thief for a long time and then swapped to engineer and claim that engi is weaker then you are wrong."

What I was saying in my post is infact that engineer is one of the most powerful classes. I didn't mean to cause confusion and they can be played just aswell assaulting as defending.


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10/18/13 9:27:14 AM#6

The Thief class has been out of control OP since the game was released and they still haven't fixed it.

I run a PVT warrior build with Signet of the Dolyak and Superior Rune of The Dolyak and VT maxed on the skills menu. Full Ascended and Exotics gear. My point is I have THE MOST DEFENSE and HIGHEST HP YOU CAN POSSIBLY GET IN THE GAME and Thieves still kill me within seconds when catching me off guard.

Of the 15 MMORPG's I have played. Guild Wars 2 has the dumbest class of all time. Thief.

Don't give me that "We are so squishy" bullcrap because you kill people within seconds and if you don't you can just disappear and run away. Most OP class of all time.