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Guild Wars 2 Forum » General Discussion » would you buy GW2 now, after you have played it?

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2/16/13 12:32:17 PM#161
Originally posted by Quizzical
Originally posted by Lovely_Laly

Only IMHO, this game last like 3 months, then became "old" or "boring" so not exciting or fun for many of us. 

If a game is fun for three months and then gets boring, that's pretty good, don't you think?  A lot of games won't make it to three hours before they get boring.

I played regularly for about 3 months after launch and loved it. After I got my 2nd character to 80 i had burnt out a bit and stopped playing for a while.

However, when I saw the Wintersday festivities it piqued my interest and I loaded it up again. If it was a subscription game I would never have gone back, but because GW2 is B2P I was able to just patch the game up and get back to playing. This week I have created a new character on a race/class I hadnt played before and I'm loving it.

With the introduction of the living story I think it will keep more people interested :)

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2/16/13 12:36:21 PM#162
Yes, but not the CE ;) 150€ waaaay overpriced, but a great game for 40-60$€.


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2/16/13 12:39:02 PM#163
I wish I could have my money back.

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2/16/13 4:40:17 PM#164

Farcry=80hrs,, oblivion over 4 years=500hrs,,,skyrim=100hr,,,ac 3= 50hrs, ff13=70hrs... and all I got for 60 dollars....


Now gw2=1342hrs so far,,, so yes I would buy it in a heartbeat again.


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2/16/13 6:16:52 PM#165

Game is solid, there's already massive content releases, EVERY Bug reported by the community has been fixed on the spot, the dev team has worked side by side WITH the community on the forums day-by-day, everything about this game is smooth-flowing, I have a theory, I see people saying this, about EVERY game that has come out over the past couple years. Not just one game. Not just two. Not just three, four or five, or eight or ten. ALL, OF, THEM. 

So listen to this, I think we are becoming DESENSITIZED to the content, and what usd to make us excited and feel like we were in some sort of awesome fantasy world where everything was under our control, now just seems boring. All of it. I play any game for a while, and get instantly fucking bored. It's annoying. I start to think about it, and I AM DESENSITIZED. 

It's the truth, and once you start to look at yourself, how you USED to look at games, and how you look at them now, and it is the truth. Guild Wars 2 is a game that totes a lot, but walks the walk every step of the way. It has everything they claimed to have. It IS IMPRESSIVE. Yet, I'm bored by it. 


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2/16/13 6:25:16 PM#166
Originally posted by Theocritus
Originally posted by Quizzical
Originally posted by Lovely_Laly

Only IMHO, this game last like 3 months, then became "old" or "boring" so not exciting or fun for many of us. 

If a game is fun for three months and then gets boring, that's pretty good, don't you think?  A lot of games won't make it to three hours before they get boring.

 I measure MMOs differently from single player games...To me a MMO should be epic and last years.....THe ones I have enjoyed the most also lasted me the longest....If I only get a couple months enjoyment out of a MMO then it wasnt that good of a game for me....Thats why they need to quit making MMOs for short term entertainment and focus on what used to make them last.

You do realize people change right? Stop blaming the devs and start blaming yourself. The internet has changed you, me, society. This isn't some conspiracy bullshit either. The attitude towards mmos is completely different than it was back when EQ was a major powerhouse mmo or WoW was actually good and mmos actually consumed years of a persons live and they enjoyed every bit of it.


Our tastes have changed and morphed into something devs can't keep up with so its not their fault if their creations only last us months whereas 10 years ago, it would have been a couple years if not more.

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2/16/13 6:31:43 PM#167
Originally posted by Lovely_Laly

Only IMHO, this game last like 3 months, then became "old" or "boring" so not exciting or fun for many of us.

Pretty much the same story for me. Though, tbh, it was a kick-ass 3 months before the "new wore off". Like some others have said, that's still a pretty good return on a $60 game. The PvE is kind of short and sweet and both the SPvP and WvW are really good, but they do get old, just like all other games. GW2 is still a great buy for the money, though.


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2/16/13 6:32:06 PM#168


It's a great game and well worth the money. Not only do you get a lot more hours per dollar spent than most games, but you're getting a ton of great free DLC in a huge persistent multiplayer world. Whether that comes as expected or not because it's classified as an MMO, it's a simple fact that you easily get your money's worth. I can understand people just not liking the gameplay, but I can't understand people that say they enjoy the game but feel ripped off here. ArenaNet did a great job here and continues to keep it an awesome experience worth going back often to play new events and content.


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2/16/13 6:36:02 PM#169

If it was 39.99 I would be happy right now.  As people have mentioned you put MMOs in a different category than console games money wise, with that said that only game I've bought in like the last year is Call of Duty BO2.  Everything else gets gamefly'd, which is another difference between MMOs and single player.

You also can't forget the fact that pretty much anyone that has played more than a few months has bought gems.  I'd say they're into me for 100+ which is about what a subscription MMO would have.


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2/16/13 6:51:00 PM#170

Originally posted by Quizzical
Originally posted by Lovely_Laly

Only IMHO, this game last like 3 months, then became "old" or "boring" so not exciting or fun for many of us. 

If a game is fun for three months and then gets boring, that's pretty good, don't you think?  A lot of games won't make it to three hours before they get boring.


It's good, for a video game, but that doesn't mean it's also good for an MMO.  


I think for a lot of MMO'rs, this genre is about something potentially much bigger than just another game genre.  These are the first 'alternate realities' in a way, an experience that has a whole other dimension on realness to it, due to the shared multiplayer experience, in a persistent world.  It doesn't necessarily even have to be a game, because it're really something much bigger, that's just mostly used for gaming.  At least, for now.


There's the potential for so much more though.  Honestly, I don't get what's taking it so long to move in that direction, but at the very least, I'd like to see a bit more of that potential, in our gaming.

When I want a single-player story, I'll play a single-player game. When I play an MMO, I want a massively multiplayer world.


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2/16/13 10:29:34 PM#171
Yes I would, it's basically the only MMO I play these days. I especially dig the fact that I can go play other things for a few days or weeks and come back and not have to worry about losing my raid spot because I wasn't taking the game seriously enough. 

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2/16/13 10:33:18 PM#172
No I would not.

That Guild Wars 2 login screen knocked up my wife. Must be the second coming!


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2/17/13 12:14:45 AM#173
Just horrible noob PvP mechanics and everything else is about as boring as watching paint dry. So no, I don't like "lite" versions of MMORPG like GW2. 

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2/17/13 12:33:48 AM#174

Yes i would still buy it why not it was fun for awhile.


Wait,s till 5 months after ESO comes out so i can see the same questions and the same answers from people , you know its going to happen .


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2/17/13 3:37:53 AM#175

well half says yes i love it and no other stage, but those who hate are not so sure...


they just hate it cause it doesnt meet their imagination, i feel sorry for them they will never enjoy anything ...


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2/17/13 3:54:26 AM#176
I have 3 lvl 80 characters, 1 with map completion and the other 2 close behind and an additional 5 character slots with characters ranging from 30-66. One of each class. I can honestly say that I've never played a game so enjoyable as GW2. This isn't my first MMO... See my signature. I've played them all and enjoyed quite a few. I went into a period of time where games were not able to hold my attention and grew boring fast. I had been looking at GW2 for a while and thought I'd give it a try since there was no monthly sub. I was blown away. I love the world of Tyria, I love how vastly different each class is and how the classes alone make the game feel enitrely refreshing. You're free to play casually or hardcore... nothing and no one is forcing you to play any way but your own. The amount of content that's released has been amazing and the Holiday events are mindblowing. With all of that said... I would definitely buy GW2 knowing what it would be like now at this point. I might have been hesitant to try it at first, but I'm completely sold and still enjoying the game.

Playing- GWII.


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2/17/13 4:10:40 AM#177

Probably not. While I did enjoy the game, certain aspects of it killed any enjoyment I could've gotten from it.

The lack of trinity was a great idea and I welcomed it. After playing GW2 I have come to realize MMOs NEED that trinity. GW2 is a huge cluster of zerging and hoping for the best. Boss battles are so watered down because no one can be a true tank that they have no real throught built into them.  

Dungeons. This one is mainly because of the lack of trinity. Doing dungeons in GW2 is just frustration and I avoid them like a plague.

ArenaNet going back on their manifesto. The moment they announced ascended gear I knew it was the end of my time playing. A horizontal gear grind is fine, but adding a vertical one is something I didn't sign up for. Add on other minor issues like the global AH being a complete flop, and Dynamic events not being dynamic at all, and slowly it adds up to a game I just despise.


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2/17/13 4:16:29 AM#178

I do not regret buying the game, but I doubt I would have bought the game knowing what I know now, even though.. deep down.. I already knew.. To me over all the game felt like plastic with a pretty wrapper around it.

I do think its a decent game, the game definately has alot of strong points, but I gues the game just isnt my thing, maybe when the game matures a bit I may return to it, thought right now I cant see myself return to it but you never know.

I do think overall the game was good for the genre, not because of the bussiness model , but more because it moved slightly away from the overly done chewed out model, variation is good, even more so when a less-then-regular game design actually being successfull, which could inspire other developers and investers to move forward instead of staying in the stalemate designs we have today. We do need more flavor in the mmo market and we need more flavors being successfull.



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2/17/13 5:25:04 AM#179
I bought the game had a decent amount of fun for 3 weeks but stop playing while I moved to Europe started playing again a month later but DEs were now me and sometimes 2 other people while leveling. I found the repetitive structure of the DEs boring without playing with groups of people. Thus in hindsight I wouldn't have picked this game up. But I think the game has some potential so maybe an expansion or so in I'll change my mind.

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2/17/13 8:50:17 AM#180

I have logged over 1600 hours and have 5 level 80 toons and still play gw2 every chance i get..


Playing GW2..

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