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Guild Wars 2 Forum » Guild Recruitment » Tribe [TRB] Now Recruiting - Jade Quarry

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OP  1/25/13 4:27:22 PM#1

Tribe [TRB] ( is a very active gaming community; gaming is our passion and our primary pastime. We currently play in many games: Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, FFXIV, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3. We have had past chapters in games such as AION, Warhammer Online, TERA, EvE, Rift The Secret World, Hellgate: London and many more.


We have recently opened our recruitment and eagerly await your application.



Tribe [TRB] is the GW2 Chapter of Tribe Gaming. It is our most recent addition and our most active chapter. The Chapter Leader, Oronis, is dedicated to not only strengthening our WvWvW dominance but to also create many events ingame to help grow the community together as a whole. Our philosophy is simple: Gaming is our hobby and our love, so we bring together others to join us. Most of our members are working adults in our 20s-30s, but we have some outside that range. Many are married, and we have several couples that play together. We view our members as people, not as toons, and our recruitment focuses on the attitude and personality, not the gear and the meters. We focus heavily on events/fractals/WvWvW and SPVP, but participation is not a requirement of membership. Most of us know each other on a first-name basis, we even have an annual get-together (TribeCon), also optional, and some of us have been to guildies' weddings.



For those that do participate in WvWvW and SPvP, we aim to remain competitive. We define ourselves as "serious-fun" or "medium-core". Just like playing on an amateur sports team with friends, we enjoy each other's company, but get down to business at game-time. We love learning new combos, teaching newer players, and actively improving upon new strategies - it's who we are. We will not, however, waste our time on those too lazy or dumb to learn. If you like standing in fire and letting the rest of the team carry you, move along please. If, however, you are willing to put in the effort to be an ever-improving player, we're the place for you.



In Tribe, most of us are online nightly because we enjoy it so much, but we understand if you can't make it to every single event or be on daily. We expect you to have your life in order, but realize that emergencies happen. We do however expect you to represent Tribe [TRB] while playing. We want you to be here because you want to be here. If you are thinking of applying but only plan on representing Tribe 50% of the time, please move on. In Tribe you get out of it what you put into it. If you are sociable, jump on mumble with us etc you will have a LOT of fun. If however you solo all content and rarely talk, you might feel somewhat in the rough.



We aim to continue our dominance that we helped hold in the WvWvW from Stormbluff Isle and progress/hone skills in SPvP. We also help members with world completion, explorable modes and fractals. We also work to maintain a solid reputation as one of the most mature and progress orientated guilds on the server.



•  Server: Jade Quarry _previously Stormbluff Isle_

•  Website:

•  Ingame Contacts: Recruitment Guides: Misaô (Alt + 0244 for the ô) / Sharess.3047 and Park Boram. 2nd in Command: Ventashar. Chapter Leader: Oronys



We'll consider any able player. There is no "tenure based" or "core spot" in Tribe. There are always ways to try out for the separate squads. If you can perform better than our current SPvP'ers for your role, you'll either be invited, or better yet we can make new teams.


What We Offer:

Tribe will provide a community in which you can enjoy the company and fellowship of other gamers, "where everybody knows your name". ;-) We share feedback with those looking to learn (current spec, new class, addons, new game, software, etc...) just about anything we know.


Member Testimonials:



Apply through the forum on or learn more at



Feel free to add me to chat more about Tribe and your interest in it.

In-Game Mail: Misaô (Alt + 0244 for the ô)


Yahoo!/AIM: Bonecracker1982

Tribe Gaming Website Forum Profile:

STEAM: Sharess


(>'.')> I will be online most days via the chat mediums above. Send me a message on any of the above contacts if you want to know more <('.'<)

Hope to hear from you soon!




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OP  1/31/13 11:54:03 PM#2

As I mentioned earlier 

We have recently opened our recruitment and eagerly await your application.

With the influx of applications we have received we have decided to pursue some of these applicants. That being said we will be halting active recruitment shortly, in order to allow our people to assimilate into the guild culture. We will still strongly consider serious applicants.

If you have any further questions please reply here, send a PM, or add me to a chat medium above.

We will be closing our open recruitment as of tomorrow for the above reasons.

Once again I would like to mention that we will still strongly consider any serious applicants.


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OP  3/04/13 8:52:24 AM#3

We have now reopened our recruitment/application phase for our GW2 Chapter.


Check us out through the links above, and read some member testimonials to get a better idea of what helps to seperate Tribe from other guilds.


Once you apply we will send an ingame invite so you can start to get to know us and join us on daily dungeons/fractals/WvWvW/Guild Missions and Spvp!


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OP  3/25/13 11:18:43 AM#4
After letting all the new members mesh and get to know the current members I wanted to let folks know that we have once again begun recruiting and I hope to talk to some new faces soon. 

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OP  4/07/13 8:58:16 PM#5
We've been having a blast doing the guild missions, WvWvW and Guild fractal runs. Join today and or message me about Tribe. Though I like people applying we are picky about our members. Here is a copy/paste of our Code of Conduct.
All members of Tribe, on all games, are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

Above all, be respectful. We work very hard to create a friendly and comfortable environment within the guild, and to keep drama to a minimum. As a member of Tribe, you will be expected to uphold a principle of common courtesy and respect. We have a zero tolerance policy on personal attacks, clique politics, and backstabbing. We don't expect you to love everyone equally, but we do expect you to respect them equally. This behavior extends to everyone, not just the members of Tribe. Keep in mind that whenever you interact with someone outside the community while tagged as a member of “Tribe,” you are representing Tribe as a whole. We expect you to be the sort of person we would be proud to have as our representative. Don't steal kills, don't ninja loot, don't be publicly rude and obnoxious. Furthermore, you will be expected to show a certain level of respect for your enemies as well as your allies. This doesn't mean you won't kill them, it just means you'll be an honorable opponent. (For example, in WoW, we frowned heavily upon /spitting on our enemies.)

Leave criticism to the officers. We all make mistakes from time to time, and there's no need to have twenty people yelling at one guy/girl for screwing up. If you do make a mistake, an officer will help you figure out what happened, and how to keep it from happening again.

Be responsible. If you say you will do something, be somewhere, or help someone, please do so. Many of our members enjoy being a part of this community to the extent that real life plans are often made in such a way as to accommodate in-game plans. Remember that if you commit to doing something, others are depending on you to do it.

Be accountable. If you screw up, accept responsibility for it. Everyone makes mistakes; what's important is that you learn from them. You have to be willing to be held accountable for your own actions before you can learn from them.

Work to improve. No one expects you to be perfect right out of the box. What we do expect is that you be able to recognize and accept your weaknesses, and work to improve them. We expect you to do your best, and will be happy to help your best get better. There's no shame in asking for help. When you take the initiative to improve on your weakness, you're not only helping yourself, you're helping the whole community.

Don't spout off about how 1337 you are. No one wants to listen to you constantly going on about your phat lootz, your awesome crits, or the size of your e-peen. If an officer wants to know about your dps, skills, goals, etc, they'll ask. If you really want to impress us, remember that actions speak louder than words. If you really are all that and a bag of chips, we'll notice. We have a no tolerance policy on inflated egos, and will be happy to deflate any we run across. It's ok to be competitive, but remember that within the community, we're all on the same team.

Keep your head in the game. Games are, by nature, competitive, and whether we're competing in a PvE or PvP setting, winning is always more fun than losing. Large-scale PvE encounters, difficult instances, and fighting against the opposing faction all require a certain level of concentration, intensity, and determination in order to win. If you're busy flirting with the cute new recruit, doing your calculus homework, or just generally screwing around, chances are you're not paying enough attention to whatever it is you're supposed to be doing in-game. This doesn't mean you can't have fun and joke around, especially when things are going well. It simply means you need to be able to recognize that there is a time for joking around and there is a time for buckling down and getting things done.

Be active and get involved. Presumably you are here because you want to be a part of this community; do so. Take initiative, get things going. Don't be dead weight. This guild runs on the energy and momentum of the people within it. You are expected to make your own contribution to the guild, whatever that means to you; it can be something as simple as welcoming new recruits and helping them feel at home or something as complex as taking on an officership position and helping to keep things running smoothly. In a more tangible sense, being active also means that you are expected to be an active member of the community in-game. If you do not log in for more than 10 days without explanation, you will be removed from the guild for inactivity. If you are going on vacation, are hard on money and can't afford the game subscription for a time, have a family emergency, are on active military duty and being deployed, or whatever, please let us know so that we can make note of it. Nobody's perfect, so if we screw up and you get removed by mistake, just whisper an officer in-game and we'll be happy to re-invite you.

Bring up your issues in private with officers. One of the many reasons we have officers is to deal with the various issues that are bound to arise. Don't start drama in guild chat or take your issues up with other guild members, and please don't simmer in silence until the frustration boils over. Speak with an officer with whom you feel comfortable, and they'll work to mediate and resolve the problem. If you do have an issue you need to discuss with someone, please choose an appropriate time to do so. (Hint: In the middle of a large-scale event, boss fight, etc., is not an appropriate time.)
A note from the guild master: No matter what, there will come a time when I as GM will tick you off, hurt your feelings, or screw up and push you too hard. When we are not in the middle of something, send me a tell, or a PM on the forums, and we will discuss it. You will find that my most valued members in this community are the ones that aren't afraid to tell me what they think, but do so respectfully and at the right time.

Be a person, not just a name. If you truly want to be a member of this community, go all the way. Share your fun and your sense of humor, and be prepared to laugh your ass off. Share your stories, and create new ones together. We've celebrated births and weddings together, mourned deaths, and created friendships that go far beyond the scope of a single game. More than anything else, this is what Tribe is all about. The bonds we form amongst each other are the heart and soul of this community.

Read the forums! These forums are our lifeblood. They hold us together, across all the different games we play. They are what make us a community, above and beyond just a clan or guild. Beyond that, it is absolutely crucial that you be actively monitoring the forums in order to be truly active within the guild. You'll use them to find strategies, sign up for raids and other activities, get help from guild-mates, and much more. They are updated often, and things happen fast, so try to browse them at least once a day, and participate as well.

If a guild tabard or some other identifying piece of equipment is available in-game, you will be expected to wear it.

If you apply to another guild while in Tribe, you will be removed immediately and without question. Period. You should be here because you want to be, not because you're looking for a place to hang out until a better opportunity comes along.

Failure to comply with the terms set out in the Code of Conduct will have negative results. Be aware that you may be demoted within the guild, banned from guild events, or removed from the guild. All disciplinary actions are done at the discretion of the officers and guild leader.