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Guild Wars 2 Forum » General Discussion » Ex-players, what is ONE new feature / change that would bring you back?

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1/10/13 8:34:50 AM#61
Originally posted by wanderica
I would like to see more abilities per weapon to give us a bit of freedom in mixing and matching.  For example, 6 MH abilities and 4 OH abilities.  The player then chooses his/her "loadout."  Perhaps I'm alone in this, but I felt so . . . cookie-cutter when playing.  At least this way would preserve what ANet was trying to acomplish while making character customization a tad more dynamic.  


You know... that actually isn't bad. A limited pool of weapon skills... say for example the focus for the mesmer had three or four to choose from instead of just the two... I could see that working nicely. There would be the risk of certain skills becoming "must have" over others, but if they keep the strategic elements to the skills (such as mez focus 4 mentioned earlier) then I could see people swapping them around situationally.


That being said, I don't feel so "cookie cutter" now, but possibly because I understand the nuances of the skills and when to use them which prevents a "use on CD" mentality from taking hold... but still, I like this idea.

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1/10/13 8:48:52 AM#62

1.No more new powerful gear to farm - if I wanted a game where I chase the latest set of armor there are enough mmos on market already
2. Some changes to wvw to make it more fun .More xp from wvw to make it as good for leveling as questing,ways to travel fast to where the battle is (running 5 minutes just to meet a zerg of enemies and having to start running back again is not fun),enemy players names,more interesting areas for wvw.
3.Housing which can be visited by other players,decorated with items crafted by players etc.
4.Less monsters around so exploring can be more fun ,they could add powerful monsters who patrol around but there is nothing challenging about fighting waves of monsters every 10 meters ,it is boring.


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1/11/13 1:24:37 PM#63

if instead of WvW it had more sandbox features f.e. the personal home instance to have housing feature and to exist an open world pvp through a declaration war system like it was in Lineage2 (i loved its pvp much more DAOC.. ) it would keep lot of people...


personal, i still play it and enjoy it with my friends in game and my gf : )



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1/11/13 6:56:42 PM#64


Couple of things:


  1. Better thought out end-game content. Fractals could have been awesome but I feel Anet botched the execution with the fractal leveling system especially - its just another 50+ levels you have to grind for.
  1. Gear/personal progression, doesn't have to be as frequent as WoW-style gear progression. I don't feel any compelling need to log into GW2 now that I've got 2 max level almost maxed out characters (not completely maxed because Fractals is not my idea of fun in its current implementation, nor are the changes on the way enough). I actually welcome the idea of ascended gear but not the method of acquiring thus far.
  1. Something, anything, to fix the selfish horrible behavior by the majority of puggers running dungeons. I feel like the lack of the trinity exposes the worst in people, when people don't have defined roles they just hang back and demand that everyone else carry them. Then in game-systems like "Magic Find" etc encourage this behavior further. 
Edit: And something to spice up WvW. Hell if they just released regular updates and improvments to WvW I'd just log in and play that every time.

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1/11/13 6:58:57 PM#65

One change?

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1/11/13 7:30:22 PM#66
Make WvW better than planetside 2 (its quite a bit back at the moment, which is a shame, was best attempt in years)

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1/11/13 7:45:34 PM#67
I'd have to say the 1 feature that would bring me back would be OVERHAUL!!!

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1/11/13 7:46:20 PM#68

Make GW2 immersive.  When I play I feel alone.


Make GW2 actually a massively multiplayer game.  One where I can interact freely with anyone in the zone.


The game as it is, is just stupid boring.  It doesn't need to be that way.


Add the controls to interact with players.  Add emotes, cuz 10 in In GW2 doesn't cut it.  Add a /who command .. really?


Shrug, my list goes on, but those are by top wishes (that would bring me back too).

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1/12/13 2:47:05 PM#69

For me I want housing....housing you can furnish ala EQ2.  Short of that, I'm not coming back.  Their "no grind"  I am not running those stupid dungeons over and over for appearance gear.  Not happening.


edit: I'm just cranky about the game right now. In a week or two I might feel different, although I doubt it. All I know is that I got totally bored by level 48, and that's not a very good sign. By then all I heard from around the server was how bad the end game was and why....I have no personal experience so, who knows? I may go back some time, but I don't think it will be in a week or two. My feelings would have to change dramatically. I do REALLY want housing, furnishable housing like EQ2.

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GW2 socialist.

1/12/13 2:49:53 PM#70
Well I'm stil playing, but I would like it if they made the dye system account wide.  That's the only real problem I've experienced thus far.  I doubt I'll stop playing because of that though lol

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1/12/13 2:50:42 PM#71
Originally posted by grndzro
I'd have to say the 1 feature that would bring me back would be OVERHAUL!!!

^^^ This ^^^

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