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Guild Wars 2 Forum » General Discussion » Did ANet Paint Themselves into a Corner?

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Definition for innovation is below. Your welcome.

1/08/13 9:53:05 PM#101
Originally posted by LIOKI
Originally posted by KingJiggly
Originally posted by Xepo
Originally posted by KingJiggly
Originally posted by boxsnd
Why does progression have to be item based? It's the most boring type of progression. Why not make it skill based like DAoC? It makes sense: The more experienced you are, the more skills you get, the harder it is to play. But if you are skilled enough you can get very powerful.

How bout we literaly make it skill based? Introduce huge pve maps that act as giant dungeons. The farther in, the harder it is. That would be really interesting.

That would be the best thing going if they wake up over at Anet or any other MMO team and take the chance on it. I am sick of gear grinds!!! I am sick of running through the same dungeons and killing the same bosses over and over and over again for better loot!!!! STOP THE MADNESS please! Someone come out swinging with something new when it comes to the proverbial "end game" concept of MMOs. I am sure ther are multitudes out there that desire something more than new bling to flaunt for a few weeks.

I like my ideas as well, thank you lol. 

uhhhh wouldn't that be robbing paul to pay peter? Lets not grind for gear...lets grind for skills!!!! No wait its better! instead of grinding gear you grinds skillz, then you use your skills instead of gear to bash monsters so you can progress to the next level of skills. It's totally different!!!

There is nothing different. You honestly believe that in all the years MMO games have been around absolutley nobody has thought there has to be a better way and attempted to create it? It's akin to the same insanity as asking someone to make a FPS really awesome but exclude the guns, and bombs, and knives......

Excuse me but this is what I meant (what I said earlier in thread)

"One can bring it back. I propose the making of a rather larger map, that changes completely based on des. It can be a mix of underground and ground level. It will be filled with hidden passage ways no one may ever notice till well a year later. As one goes into the ground, there will be creature of Primordius to fight you and hidden acient cities o discover and protect. Deeper and deeper the adventureres will go, with greater rewards and epic story lines. To prevent zergs, rockslides and rockfalls can split to larfe of groups ib half and even kill. No way points will be around to respawn. It will require real skill to make it down and down and down, and real adventurers will have to communicate as they go through traps And puzzles. Some zones will even have random pvp moments, where groups can kill each other suddenly should they wish for loot. Bosses and fights with storylines shall encompass most of it though."

So yeah. Sorry If you misunderstood me :P

  User Deleted
1/09/13 4:03:19 AM#102
Originally posted by Volkon

Hit the skills on cooldown? That explains a lot... you have no idea what you're doing. (Yes, that's a "you're doing it wrong" comment. Basically... you're doing it wrong.


I'm going to pick one of my favorite skills as an example. mesmer Focus 4. (Off hand focus, skill slot 4)  Anyone vaguely familiar with the skill knows quite obviously that you won't be hitting that skill right off cooldown... what it does is create a "line" on the ground. If you go through the line, you get a speed boost. If an enemy goes through the line they get a cripple applied. So, right there, it's clear it's a tactically used skill, not a CD based one. But... what happens when you cast Focus 4? Look at your skill bar... the skill has now changed. You have the new ability to shatter the line you've created. This has a fun effect... it pulls foes near it to the space where the line was. THIS is where the skill really becomes a tactical joy to deploy! Why... you can cast it between you and a foe and pull your foe towards you. Or... you can cast it behind a foe and use it to pull a foe away from you. Of course... pulling has one other fun-filled effect when you combine that with walls or cliffs... you can use it to yank foes off of structures. I use that in WvW a lot... pulling foes off siege weapons, off walls, over cliffs to their splattered demise... it's a blast. 


Yes, that's one specific skill. However, many or most skills have multiple effects that are best used tactically and would be wasted if you were fullish enough to only burn them on CD. It could be something simple, such as mesmer Greatsword 3, which not only damages but also removes a boon when it hits foes in an area. Instead of using it off CD, hold a little and take that regen they applied to themselves away. GS2 dances between foes and allies buffing allies it hits... hold it for a moment and wait until that warrior or thief closes on the foe. They'll appreciate the stacks of might. 


Oh... one last note about dodging... as a mesmer I have traited dodging as an offensive boost. I don't "dodge once in a while". I dodge often, to good effect... not to simply avoid damage.

Thats why he is not very good at it. Between different builds/weapons there is plethora of tactical play for every class, if you go in with "just maash teh buttons" youll end up as well as person who you quoted.

Another thing is you dont get 300 useless skills which is good, seems people have problems with using only few as it is.


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1/09/13 5:01:19 PM#103
Originally posted by asmkm22
Originally posted by fiontar

If you think the game play is shallow, you haven't really played the game. There is a lot of depth to the game and some professions/builds have very high skill caps. There is nothing dumbed down about the game, in fact, there is more of a learning curve for beginners here than any AAA MMO I've played since WoW. I have well over 700 hours played so far and I'm still learning new things almost daily.

I still log in and find there is almost too much to do. I enjoy the world content with out the need for an additional carrot, but I understand why some people need the carrot and also believe that the concept of non-power related carrots is viable with proper follow through.


I'm sorry, but there's nothing complex about hitting the same 4 or 5 skills on cooldown, dodging once in a while, and rolling with a massive zerg of people.  Even without the zerg aspect, there's very little meat.

That does not describe my recent game play sessions, so, once again, I have to suggest that you haven't really played the game.

Are there profession/build combinations that allow players to just spam a rotation and survive most fights? Sure there are. There are also a lot of builds that require and reward much more tactical use of skills and the dodge mechanic. My current Mesmer build has a very high skill cap to play well and I'm enjoying the challenge.

That all the professions play so differently and each has access to numerous builds that can dramatically effect the way you play said profession are evidence of the depth of this game. So, really, play the game. If you can't find the depth there, it's you, not the game.

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