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Guild Wars 2 Forum » General Discussion » GW2 will be the big e-sport of 2013

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12/09/12 12:39:07 AM#141
No other game comes close to GW2 sPVP in terms of amount of skill required and balance. PVP content might be on the light side ATM but other than that GW2 is perfect as an e-sport.

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12/09/12 2:18:29 AM#142

If you say so.  I'd say their subpar one bar, weapon based skill system says otherwise.


If WOW hasn't managed to crack that goal, I don't see GW2 doing so.  I believe official WOW tournies have fixed gear and so it ends up being class/skill based.


MMO PVP will always be the ugly stepchild of RTS, FPS and MOBA matches.



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12/09/12 2:25:06 AM#143

People have to be interested in it to be a "big e-sport" Primetime there are like 20 servers going. That's the americas, europe, Korea. Just about everywhere except China.


That's a whopping 300 people playing primetime worldwide....

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12/09/12 2:33:58 AM#144
Originally posted by Greyhooff
Originally posted by jpnz
Originally posted by Greyhooff


Starcraft 2, yes - totally. It's a great e-sport and a fantastic meta. Blizzard puts lots of money into SC2 and it shows.

But the main thing is that SC2 actually has a good meta, and a solid PVP game for competitive play.

WoW is unbalanced garbage and will never be an e-sport. They tried in TBC but now even Blizzard doesn't try to get it on ESL, MLG etc.

WoW arena really is a joke, it's just the same players year after year doing the only thing they know how, and no one in e-sports cares.

WoW's raid stream had respectable numbers actually.

It wasn't LoL / SC2 numbers but it wasn't that bad.

Think WoW Arena with DOTA mixed-in would do fairly well actually.


WoW cannot be an esport. The metagame is just wrong, unbalanced and boring for competitive PVP. 

GW2 on the other hand is actually much closer to LoL and has a good shot in the next few months to get there, especially as it has actual e-sports backing rather than the wishful thinking of PVE players. 

LoL took a year to get to esports viability, and GW2 is well on the way already, especially when you consider the discussion posted above, it's the sort of talks Riot Games had when tweaking the meta for LoL in the early months.

Bear in mind that 3 months in, not many expected League to be e-sports viable, but Riot kept working on the meta and on PVP balance and now League is the #1 e-sport in the world, ahead even of SC2.

1000+ teams 


"Teams will compete in a round robin tournament for a share of the $30,000 prize money. "


Idk sounds pretty sporting. No need to talk about the sponsorships.

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12/09/12 4:00:51 AM#145
Originally posted by FrodoFragins

If you say so.  I'd say their subpar one bar, weapon based skill system says otherwise.


If WOW hasn't managed to crack that goal, I don't see GW2 doing so.  I believe official WOW tournies have fixed gear and so it ends up being class/skill based.


MMO PVP will always be the ugly stepchild of RTS, FPS and MOBA matches.


Complete nonsense. WOW requires no skills at all. As i've stated before , for me to perform at my highest level in GW2 tournies I need almost the same APM as in SC2. There's so much going on and so many aspects to keep in mind. Just learning skill animations for different classes etc takes a really long time. Lot of ppl that are complaining about GW2 being to simple isn't using everything at their disposal, it's usually them that are claming that you only need to mash 1 button. I use EVERY skill I have available.

Name one MMO where you can 1v2, 1v3 without hardly taking any damage? I'd be really interested to see how you would perform against really skilled GW2 players. I haven't felt this skill gap since Age of conan and before haters comment on that game I know it was garbage but the combat system was really good.




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12/09/12 8:39:22 PM#146

I don't really have much faith in an MMO becoming an E-sport unless it funds itself much like Blizzard does or ArenaNet will (has) with Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. The pvp in these games is just not taken seriously enough. I have no doubt that GW2 will have a bigger competitive scene over time, especially considering WoW barely had one until Arenas came out. (BGs were more of small server rivals then anything E-Sport like) Basically unless you seperate the PvP and PvE game completely in terms of class balance, an MMO can never be balanced enough to be taken seriously as an E-Sport. Right now WoW isn't taken seriously due to balance problems they have had for years in Arenas and GW2 won't be taken seriously until they fix the balance problems it has. The thing is though, that GW2 is willing to change the way abilities function in JUST sPvP whereas WoW rarely does this at all. 


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12/12/12 10:00:08 PM#147
nope.  DOTA 2.

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12/12/12 10:08:32 PM#148
no it won't... gw2 pvp is just... bad...

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12/13/12 8:04:57 AM#149
If they can get back 90% of their population.. perhaps, but i doubt that and thus i dont see an future in GW2 esport pvp yet. Even Forge has more potential in my opinion.

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12/13/12 8:12:56 AM#150

A good game with good PvP . 

I really think that WoW's ToR's and Rift's players can't speak about true PvP. So, what do you do in the thread ?


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Hmm ?

12/13/12 8:17:31 AM#151
Originally posted by Greyhooff

If this open, unscripted discussion with the developers is anything to go by:


GW2 is set for huge e-sport success.

They are very clear that they are not rushing it, but the announced balance changes, the pacing of changes, the way they are approaching their PVP game is fantastic.

I also LOVED the fact that this guy says clearly that some noobs just need to L2P. That kind of frankness only comes from someone who plays the game extensively himself, a developer who is also a competitive player = awesome.

No bullcrap, no marketing spin, just a skilled PVP developer with opinions and ideas who is open about discussing with the players.

You can tell this guy really cares about balance and competitive gaming above all, and that's exactly what you want.

Let's face it, PVP in other MMOs like SWTOR, WoW, Aion, AOC, etc is a joke. No one takes it seriously, and no MMO has e-sport PVP. It's too unbalanced.

GW2 has a very good chance at it because it's already the most balanced MMO, and about to become even more balanced in every little detail.

I think that with the mindset displayed in the video, they might have the biggest esport game of 2013. 

Anyway, just watch it in full and make up your own mind.

No thanks. There are a ton of already great eSports games with a massive following, I don't need some half-assed MMO(?) to do that for me. These guys talk so much and their game still blew hard, biggest eSports for 2013 are already rising in other circuits.

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12/13/12 8:24:27 AM#152
Cmon! Shooters and RTS games can be part of e-sport not  rpg's. WOW is not in e-sport and he have 10Xtime better pvp from gw2 (well they do not need e-sport, you get more money on wow tournaments). No chance sorry, gw2 pvp is joke. PS 2 yes but  games like gw for sure not

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12/13/12 9:42:51 AM#153
I hope this isn't their solution for getting back all the players who have left.  GW1 was set up for competitive PVP from the start, GW2 is more about leveling and raid content.  Changing the design focus to PVP has NGE written all over it.


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12/13/12 9:47:53 AM#154

UHH - GW1 was an esport when it came out. They even had one million dollar tournaments. So, yes, GW2 could be an esport. I think that it will be when GvG is brought out and that will be where the esport will live.


Currently, the way PvP stands, no.

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12/13/12 10:05:04 AM#155

My main problem with GW2 sPvP is the game mode.  I'm just not a huge fan of the "all conquest all the time" philosophy they have with sPvP.

I LOVE the combat in GW2, I just wish the game modes would focus more on killing, and less on coordination, bunkering, and map control.  Like in LoL or other MOBA's, the game is primarily about killing.  If someone kills enough and gets fed, their team will usually win.

Yes, the coordination is there, but it's not as cumbersome as it is in GW2.  You can see everything your other team-mates can see all the time, so you don't need that constant verbal feed of what is going on to react correctly.  And once you understand how to play your "role" (solo mid, etc.) you can generally do pretty well without worrying about where everything is at all times, you just focus on the killing and skilled play.

So while I love PvP in GW2, I tend to do all of it in WvW where I can just focus on kills.  I would love if they made a sPvP game mode that focuses on KILLS and not on controlling points and dominating the map.

Right now, you can literally have double the kills as the other team and still lose just because they were better at running around the map and taking points.  I know that some people love that game mode, but it's just not for me.  And I think a lot of other players feel the same.

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12/13/12 10:15:36 AM#156
I'm playing planetside 2 and I hope it DOESN'T become an esport. I like it because it does one thing very well mass scale persistent pvp. Adding arena or whatever would dilute the product.

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12/13/12 10:30:36 AM#157

Nah PS2 will never have an esport, it's not designed for that kind of thing. Battlefield 3 is hugely pupular yet EA/DICE doesn't seem the least interested in esport of any kind.

WoW pvp/arena... hahaha, didn't Blizzard admit arena was a mistake?

  User Deleted
12/13/12 10:38:49 AM#158
As it stands? No, I don't think so.

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12/13/12 9:54:33 PM#159

Oh please yes!!!  Yes! YES!!!  GW2 Go E-sport!!!

People!!! If you're good players, keep it it up! Play on!! You may get famous!


(hopefully folks with the E-sport mentallity will stay with this game then...)


My dream is that people with e-sport dreams will stay the heck out of my 3 online games and one of those are WoW, the two others I won't mention!    Go Go Go PLAY GW2 and leave the rest of us alone!!!  (we're having fun without you)







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12/13/12 9:58:42 PM#160

Ive found esport communities not bad, hwoever there must be extensive buffers in place (like lol jas implemented) to keep the mouthier people at bay. 

They need a observer function, one that is simple to use.

They need to increase map size. 

They need a way to turn down spell graphics, can be with observer mode.

they need to dump hot join completely and use a lol / starcraft system of joining. 

You need to be able to easy access the pvp, like literaly in the log on screen have a button that says "Pvp"

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