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Guild Wars 2 Forum » General Discussion » I dont understand why some people feel cheated

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11/10/12 8:08:58 PM#81
Originally posted by parrotpholk
People expected the holy grail but instead got just another themepark  with a twist or two.

But didn't people say GW2 didnt have any hype? Remember when Darkpony was on the forum here?


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11/11/12 5:45:47 AM#82
Originally posted by itgrowls
Originally posted by The_Korrigan

Because many people are spoiled consumers who think they should get everything for free?


The thing that amazes me is there are hours of gameplay in this game, not just 300, so why stop there? Other mmo's like WoW with it's 4 expansions I have just as much to do as GW2 does before it's releasing any 1 piece of extra content. I found it nice that the content in GW2 was not lacking despite there not being a monthly fee, despite there being a store, and despite there not being any expansions yet. But then again, I'm not one of those people who 1: solely plays for the personal story 2: solely plays to level to max get geared and then stop 3: solely plays to run the dungeons until geared just so I could jump to the next level dungeon to do the same thing. 

That last statement is THE KEY reason why games that have failed (not including GW2 btw) those that have subscriptions have had such an issue keeping players. It's not the games in most cases it's the type of players we have now. People just jump into a game because it's a fad instead of staying with it like it's a home. 

Let me give you an example.

When I first started playing WoW I was not a power leveler AT ALL. I had never played mmo's before and the people I was playing with all wanted me to be max level instantly. They came over sometimes to my lowbie zone and helped me level. Years later while still playing WoW I leveled my toons in 4 days time. But only because of the culture in these games. I never liked leveling that fast to experience what was considered fun and eventful with my friends (only the end game) but I was stuck following the crowd because that's what everyone else was doing and there wasn't a game i could play that didn't offer that same cookie cutter experience i hated.

So I eventually stopped playing altogether because there really wasn't any reason for me to login. I had maxed all my toons, ran dungeons for gear maxed a couple out on dungeon gear, was never really interested in their style of raiding.

So I would login try to finish crafting fishing archeology.

That was the extent of the 'fun' available to me of the WoW experience. I wasted alot of time and money because these devs failed me as a player by making their game solely for about 25% of the populous (guessing here it could be lower).

So what I guess I'm saying is this. Don't stop. If those of us who couldn't care less about raiding logged into WoW every night and weekends can do it, surely people can spend more time on a game that's free to login and play. :)

Its cause they THINK keyword is think here lol. its a single player rpg. They dont know what to do after they beat the game. They have to have all the people waving at them at the end when they beat the game or they just stand there thinking their  is no end game. Like in guildwars 1 lol heh.... I feel like guildwars 1 was mostly a rpg single player cause of the stand alone servers.


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11/11/12 6:38:59 AM#83

I really hoped ANet would figure out how to write one char that was relatable or one story line that kinda made sense.

But nope, ANet once again shows that while they are good at game mechanics / graphics, they have no idea when it comes to lore / story / char.

Yes, I feel a bit cheated since I recall ANet emphasising their committment to 'tell a good story'.

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11/11/12 7:43:43 AM#84
Originally posted by Yamota

Because a lot of us are waiting for the MMO to re-capture the feeling of the classic one's. However, it may be time to realise that this will not happen. Atleast not with ThemePark MMOs.

As for 300 hours, I only got 160 hours out of it before I got bored. Still ok but not what I expected.


I played those old MMOs. They weren't great.   You mostly stood around tediously grinding mobs that the puller pulled to you while taking weeks or months (for the more casual player) to level.   They're like a '57 Chevy compared to a modern car...


In 1957, it was a 'great car.'   Compared to my new Camry it's a primitive pile of junk and death trap. Loud. Uncomfortable. Grossly inefficient. No AC. No PS. No PB. No power anything. AM radio that sucked.  Doesn't stop well. Doesn't handle well. The steel dashboard will brain you in an accident. No safetly equipment and is very much fatal, by poor design, in an accident...


But if you really you want to recreate that 'grind-fest MMO' experience, try something like Perfect World.    It's very pretty and almost fun for the first 10-to-15 levels.   Then the grind and abusive restrictions forcing you to lay out $$$ in the cash shop hit you.  


As for me, I remember those old MMOs.   There's no way I'll go back to one of those tedious grind fests.


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11/11/12 7:58:16 AM#85
Originally posted by MMOExposed
Originally posted by parrotpholk
People expected the holy grail but instead got just another themepark  with a twist or two.

But didn't people say GW2 didnt have any hype? Remember when Darkpony was on the forum here?


I sometimes read the gaming websites.  I subscribe to PCGamer.     There was very little hype compared to anything done by Blizzard or BioWare or Bethesda...     Honestly, until early this year, I really saw almost nothing about GW2...     At one point I was thinking it was going to be the Duke Nukem of MMOs as I heard nothing at all from 2009 through mid-2011...   Then an article or two then radio silence again...


Now, compared to the unending SWTOR hype that went on from 2009 until release.  Here's some game blogger complaining about SWTOR hype in 2009:


ANet didn't start showing us the tentative in-game until July, 2011.  Otherwise, it was totally under-wraps beyond a bit of concept art they showed us in March, 2010.   


So, really, March 2010.   Fourteen months of virtual silence.   July, 2011.   Eight more months of virtual silence.   March, 2012...


Compare that to the constant pimping of SWTOR by BioWare and EA...    Miles and miles apart...


EDIT:   I missed the March 2010 concept art release.  So, no, I'm not inconsistent with my time-line. I really didn't hear any updates on the game from late 2008 to July of 2011 when they started releasing alpha-build footage.


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11/11/12 8:15:44 AM#86
I have more than 500 hours and not bored.


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11/11/12 11:31:59 AM#87
Originally posted by InFlamestwo
I have more than 500 hours and not bored.

I'm pretty close to 500 as well. (I would have been well past that, if not for Real Life). No boredom here either and I still have a few zones I haven't been to with a single character.

Some bristtle at the suggestion that some people who don't get this game just need to readjust the way they play, but it's true. This is a great game, but you have to be willing to let go of the mindset that previous MMOs have drilled into people's Psyches.

There are things to achieve in GW2 once you hit the level cap, for those who like that sort of thing, but with level scaling and DEs, this game is probably most satisfying when played more like Skyrim, with MMO elements. I routinely visit lower level zones with my level 80s, living in the world and gaining just enough rewards to make it not feel like a waste of time. I can't tell you how much I love that aspect of this game, that gaining levels just opens up more and more content, rather than having a very narrow band of content that moves along a linear progression as you level.

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