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MMORPG | Genre:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 08/27/13)  | Pub:Square Enix
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Videos: Metamorphosis: Alpha to Beta Video (2:08)

Square Enix has released this latest video for Final Fantasy XIV depicting the veritable metamorphosis the game has undergone in the transition from alpha to beta. What do you think of the difference?

Square Enix has released this latest video for Final Fantasy XIV depicting the veritable metamorphosis the game has undergone in the transition from alpha to beta. What do you think of the difference?
Duration: 2:08
Views: 9,084  61 comments
Game: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
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SonikFlash writes:

Really not as impressive as I thought it would be, the alpha graphics were great for an alpha, the beta graphics are..not what i'd expect but not bad.

The combat videos at the end worry me though.

Fri Jun 25 2010 5:43PM Report
Rypht writes:

I think I liked the alpha version better,  much better lighting in the internal areas.  I really am sick of overly dark spaces in games just so they can show off dynamic lighting.

Fri Jun 25 2010 5:50PM Report
plescure writes:

graphically i was impressed with both alpha and beta versions tbh. cant help but worry though as the look and feelof the game reminds me of Aion a LOT!

Fri Jun 25 2010 5:51PM Report
Arioc writes:

Looks like they cranked up the normal maps a bit and reduced the ambient lighting to pop the shadows more. Also some asset streaming got smoothed out but I kinda expected a bigger differance.

Fri Jun 25 2010 6:02PM Report
Valentina writes:

the only noticable difference was the lighting, I preferred some of the alpha lightin vs some of the beta, and some of the beta vs some of the alpha depending on the area's.


It took them a long time to kill those monsters at the end lol

Fri Jun 25 2010 6:35PM Report
Awolol writes:


amping the shadows up is not a good thing in a lot of those areas.

sigh, wish devs would stop focusing on graphics and actually focus on gameplay. That last part was awful.

Fri Jun 25 2010 6:49PM Report
Malvious writes:

graphics look great, combat is slooooooooow.... and boring...

Fri Jun 25 2010 6:50PM Report
medmarijuana writes:

Well, Aion was a good game so unless you have played it long enough to know better.....


As far as Final Fantasy 14. Im gonna give it a shot. Ncsoft allowed my account to be hacked then banned me from Aion, so lol i have a few options to get into another  MMO, we will see. FF14 lol don't let me down 


May have to sub wow this month though , I am bored.


Yea the graphics looked good for both alpha and beta.

Fri Jun 25 2010 6:54PM Report
medmarijuana writes:

Well, Aion was a good game so unless you have played it long enough to know better.....


As far as Final Fantasy 14. Im gonna give it a shot. Ncsoft allowed my account to be hacked then banned me from Aion, so lol i have a few options to get into another  MMO, we will see. FF14 lol don't let me down 


May have to sub wow this month though , I am bored.


Yea the graphics looked good for both alpha and beta.

Fri Jun 25 2010 6:54PM Report
Vexe writes:


The combat is supposed to be slow.

It was even slower in 11.

It's not about the combat. I refuse to say more because I might go into rant mode.

Also I like the graphics, but sometimes a little bit of ambient light (especially inside) isn't a bad thing. I prefered the inside graphics of Alpha and I also like the outside graphics of beta.

Fri Jun 25 2010 7:27PM Report
bartillo writes:

The FF14 beta version is fast compared to alpha and to ff11.


They want the game to be just like the normal final fantasy pretty much, Turn based and strategic over action and pew pew.

Fri Jun 25 2010 7:55PM Report
Oddbot writes:

The thing was in FFXI, combat was slow yes, but in a group it was a blast, and the pace gave you enough time to think and react and plan as a group.

But FFXIV is more about soloing... and well solo combat in FFXI wasn't very fun (hated the first ten levels for any class) and solo combat in FFXIV from the vids I've seen look pretty unremarkable as well. Of course, I'll reserve final judgement till I've actually played the game, but what I've seen so far isn't very heartening.

Fri Jun 25 2010 8:17PM Report
joeyx1 writes:

hmmcombat is really fast now? or is only a dream? graphic is better in beta can't you see the difference in shading and texture ? pls wake up in alpha there wasn't shadow how can you say that it was better the light in alpha -.- before to post a comment try to watch something in different optical, and don't try to compare graphics of ff11 with that is totally another world.

in combat we could see a fast game play i think but i would see about all the combat and not only the first sec of it, in e3 they had presented a combat that  was  boring and slow now a new movie with a big difference, so is really hard to see if there is a fake or if they have changed speed of combat after the delusion of many fan.

Fri Jun 25 2010 8:37PM Report
Mechanicus writes:

It looks like their took out the halogen lightbulbs and replaced them with energy-saving bulbs :)

Fri Jun 25 2010 8:49PM Report
Kuatosune writes:

lol Mech bout right in terms of lighting.  You can tell a difference in a few areas where there is more definition of a few areas but all in all looks more like a tweaking of the lighting.  Noticed difference with the combat bars which looks a lot better than the Aphla as combat in alpha was pretty bad.  So here's hopin the devs listened to the players and made the appropriate changes.

Fri Jun 25 2010 8:59PM Report
Aluscia writes:

There also seemed to be a lot more pop-in on the Alpha side. Could have been the camera angles accentuating one over the other. It's looking good, although I'm not certain I like not having an auto-attack feature if solo-combat is going to take that long. We'll see when I'm actually playing it if it feels as slow as that looked.

Fri Jun 25 2010 9:03PM Report
Leonidus0 writes:

Holy shit, can the combat get any more boring? Honestly?.. *wait five seconds* .. Stab... *wait another five seconds* ... Miss... rofl... I almost fell asleep.

Oh, and the graphics don't look too different. Just seems like they displayed it on different graphical settings. One was medium, the other was high.

Fri Jun 25 2010 9:14PM Report
Dameonk writes:

Wow these comments amaze me.  I'm by no means a FFXI or FFXIV fanboy, but some of the negative comments are just ridiculous. 

The lighting and textures have been drastically improved in the beta version.  The lighting now looks way more realistic and natrual, not like the over-bright no real lighting environments of the alpha version.  Not to mention the added depth of field for a more realistic approach to the view distances.

And as far as combat goes, it looks fine to me.  Reminds me of FFXI, only a little faster paced.  They may be making the game more solo-friendly, but it's still very much a group oriented game. 

I really hope they don't change that aspect.  It would be nice to get an updated group based game.  A game that you actually want to group in because the newest one we've had was.. well.. FFXI.

Fri Jun 25 2010 10:43PM Report
Voltlives writes:

I don't know, but I like the dark and shadows.  It gives the feel of the world from my perspective.  Combat is very similar to 11, so it didn't bother me in the slightest.  But the graphics are for sure reminding me I will need a better GPU.




Fri Jun 25 2010 11:00PM Report
Omnipro writes:

Looks good they improved the lighting textures, and looks more realistic.

As for the combat it looks a bit faster and appears from the action bar you can perform multiple actions or queue them.

The bar also looks similar to the one in FFXI which I wish other MMOs had so you can play sitting back comfortable instead of hunched over a mouse and keyboard which is optional.

I'll take the PS3 beta now please.

Sat Jun 26 2010 12:47AM Report
Zorlac writes:

Looks great to me! (graphics AND combat)

Sat Jun 26 2010 2:30AM Report
Ballista writes:

That combat looks horrible and slow. Graphics are fine. But yikes, looks bad.

Sat Jun 26 2010 3:28AM Report
stayontarget writes:

looks good to me.

Sat Jun 26 2010 4:28AM Report
merkels writes:

Combat speed looks fine.  Anyone who says otherwise didn't get to experience the fun of partying in FFXI at high levels ^_^

This is FASTER than FFXI by quite a bit.  Group play should be very interesting at this kind of speed o.o

Sat Jun 26 2010 4:34AM Report
Bloodaxes writes:

Is there night/day cycle? because the alpha/beta lightning made it a bit darker an if there's an night and day cycle like in ffxi how much dark it will be? O.o

Sat Jun 26 2010 5:26AM Report
BTrayaL writes:

The fighting part was a big FAIL for me. WTF was that? Can you say BORING?

Sat Jun 26 2010 8:57AM Report
Solude writes:

Really don't get why this is hyped as much as it is.  I've not seen anything to be excited about, not one thing.

Sat Jun 26 2010 9:02AM Report
TheFirst109 writes:

The combat is hugely improved over the alpha speed wise (although I personally like the alpha combat because those of us who have played ffxi no how amazing it is in group and end game content). This game is hyped primarily because ffxi has established great memories with its playerbase, and its fans are excited to play the next stage of that design.

SE is doing a great job and I'm glad that they are listening to the feedback by improving the combat speed but haven't buckled to pressure to make it more like wow. I don't want combat to be so twitchy that you play a mage endgame that spams arcane blast 4 times and then fires off magic missiles and thats all they do EVERY time they are in a boss fight. Now that's boring.

Sat Jun 26 2010 9:57AM Report
Alberel writes:

Looks great, love the changes.


I also have to laugh at all the ill-informed negative comments. I can't believe how many people are willing to judge the combat based on how it looks alone. Mind you in WoW-like games the combat is literally just for looks I guess, I suppose a lot of MMO gamers aren't used to the idea of actually thinking and planning during combat. >_>

Sat Jun 26 2010 9:58AM Report
sismategar writes:

Combat system looks might look boring to some because we are watching someone play it. 

In my experience, watching people play MMO's are fairly boring; you have to actually be playing to know what its really like.

Sat Jun 26 2010 10:10AM Report
Tolroc writes:

I like the beat graphics better than the alpha graphics and the rendering is much better in the beta footage. The running animation also looks smoother. However, I have to agree with many f the above posters in that the combat looks slow and boring.

Sat Jun 26 2010 10:38AM Report
Aree writes:

I much prefer the Beta lighting over the Alpha, it made the world seem a bit more real. The weight of it over the unnatural lighting in alpha kept dragging my eyes over to it's side and away from the alpha side.


As for the combat that many call boring. Was I the only one to notice that out of all the skills shown they were only using the low level stuff? Light slash and burning slash. I don't know if it's still applicable but I remember reading they were going to add position and direction modifiers to attacks. Light slash and burning slash are direct attacks, but what about higher level stuff and spells?

My opinion is they're only showing the newbie stuff so not to give away the good stuff to anyone but thier future players.

I personally can't wait to try it.

Sat Jun 26 2010 11:04AM Report
warrner10 writes:

 Wow SE does what it can to try to improve the game to plz potential players, and yal still b***h and whine about anything. Compared to the combat in 11 and the Alpha stage here, the Beta combat is selling it for me.

 Take another good look at the video all you nay sayers. First of all the girl is only using the basic atk she has so thats why is seems "boring". Second with the new "stamina" system, powers dont recharge and u can keep atking right after the previous animation ends as long as u still have stamina needed for the atk.

Sat Jun 26 2010 1:25PM Report
patrikd23 writes:

Looks like there is a huge fps drop from alpha to beta. Ony might need a 2000 dollar computer to run it smooth to enjoy the game play. I dont like the combat much its too slow I will fall asleep. But I will sure try the game before I say more, since I am all for the facts.

Sat Jun 26 2010 2:27PM Report
Aemi writes:

I want to play :(

Is the Beta out?

Sat Jun 26 2010 3:21PM Report
TweFoju writes:

im so sad, the only thing that still kept me thinking whether or not to play FFXIV is the Battle


even with the improved Battle Speed, i can still feel asleep if things go that way


it took almost a minute to kill that small creature, imagine a NM?

Sat Jun 26 2010 4:26PM Report
Taroko writes:

 If I had been lucky enough to get in alpha, I might be able to say this game is more polished then any mmo released in the last couple years, and that I can't wait for release... but I couldn't be that lucky. =)

Sat Jun 26 2010 11:03PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

I keep focusing between SW:ToR and this game. SW:ToR probably has a better NPC interaction and story-line, while FFXIV has much better graphics and overall gameplay. Still, both these games have horrible combat systems as in, too slow or boring. However, if I had to decide between this and SW:ToR, I'd probably lean more towards FFXIV. I just can't pass up on those cute adorable lil folk.

Sat Jun 26 2010 11:28PM Report
leroysg writes:

imo combat seems way too slow, killing that rat already made me roflol...omfg!!! 

@ Rhoklaw are u sure SWTOR combat is  too slow & horrible combat system?!?!?  it so much better than FFXIV from what we see here

Sun Jun 27 2010 12:29AM Report
natuxatu writes:

Yep love the look of it in beta better.. combat is solid (improved from alpha version as talked about in a different video)

Can't wait!

Sun Jun 27 2010 1:16AM Report
jinxxed0 writes:

The combat looks just as bad as FF11's.

I could get used to its terrible combat, but the controls are the worst in any videogame ever. I hope they fixed this in FF14. I waited for FF11 for 3 years before it came out and waited another 2 years cause i didnt have a decent PC or a ps2 harddrive. When I played it, it was a major let down.


At least if this one sucks it wont be a heart breaker because everything thats been coming out lately has been crap.

Sun Jun 27 2010 5:53AM Report
GrayGhost79 writes:

Wow.......... I think this is the first time I will say this and hopefully it's the last lol..... Alpha actually looked better than beta. Beta combat looks "better" than alpha but I use that word with a bit of hesitation because it still looks bad. 

Sun Jun 27 2010 2:24PM Report
avalon1000 writes:

That combat footage was horrible. 

Sun Jun 27 2010 3:23PM Report
apocalance writes:

combat snorefest

Sun Jun 27 2010 4:42PM Report
Zyllos writes:

Whats wrong with that combat footage? It seemed more like to the older style of FF instead of autoattacks. And if you notice between the alpha combat and beta combat, alpha only allows you one action while the bar fills, beta allows you to have an "action points" like bar where it fills and you execute attacks that require a number of action points. To me, this is a definite increase in combat speed.

Sun Jun 27 2010 5:42PM Report
namelessbob writes:

Wow, the beta looks very crisp and clean. I really can't wait to see what this game looks like at release.

Sun Jun 27 2010 5:52PM Report
Zathrius writes:

Im not really well versed in gfx card terminalogy howerver I know that any time the game seemed a little dark in some games that were beta/alpha which you didn't have the option to adjust the brightness and contrast you could simply change that within your video cards drivers.


Granted I don't have access to the game waiting for access either way from what ive seen the game looks incredible!! If it is multi platform I would seriously consdier multiple versions of the game (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Sun Jun 27 2010 7:54PM Report
Terranah writes:

Graphics look good in both versions.  Combat looks too slow and boring.

Mon Jun 28 2010 3:09AM Report
Korhagen writes:

Combat looks boring as BAT SH#T.


sorry : "Guano"

Mon Jun 28 2010 3:41AM Report
jinsaki444 writes:

is combats turn based? because it looks really boring

Mon Jun 28 2010 9:36AM Report
KaoRyx writes:

I believe the point of the video was to show you how much they've changed from alpha. They are still in early beta stages and in my Beta-Testing experience you still see graphical improvements before release. So the "alpha looked good for alpha, but beta doesn't look as good" posts should be aware that there will be another graphical push before release.

I'm loving the combat changes. Much better than the alpha-version.

Mon Jun 28 2010 10:29AM Report
dark3n3dsoul writes:

This looks pretty awsome its good that they are fixing up this game as much as possible before it actually comes out.

Mon Jun 28 2010 11:25AM Report
Standadeezy writes:

personally, im excited about this game and cannot wait to play.

i would also like to point out that the combat did seem a bit slow, but im sure the male character was below level 5 and fighting a rat as a new player. there is probably not many moves at that level to speed up the process.

also, the female character is holding a shield, obviously a tank. therefore her combat speed would be slower.

Mon Jun 28 2010 7:33PM Report
azmundai writes:

I think that is the most boring combat I have ever seen .. EVER.

Tue Jul 06 2010 6:34AM Report
Onimor writes:

I don't think this was a combat display video lol....otherwise FFXIV will be about as contributing to the FF franchise as XIII was....It's gone down hill since 7...(there I said it, its out there) lol

Sun Jul 11 2010 8:47AM Report
Terminate141 writes:

The Graphics in this game are beautiful, i like dark and light in beta graphics, but they should keep the alpha graphics when your in a bright environment.

Wed Jul 14 2010 1:00PM Report
popinjay writes:

Love the music and yay for rat-killing!

Tue Aug 03 2010 7:18PM Report
Mysk writes:

I agree about the fighting.  That looks really boring. I almost feel bad for our fellow MMO gamers who have looked forward to this. :)

I also agree with many of the comments about the beta versus alpha scenes.  Some of the alpha scenes were better and the only real improvements that I see are better textures, lighting, and shadow.  Not much of a change, really.. A few scenes appear to be artificially darkened to pop the shadows.

Fri Aug 06 2010 11:51AM Report
yoyoyoblaka writes:

Graphics look like they've improved a lot, the combat looks slow as hell. Maybe thats just because its a low level? 

Mon Aug 09 2010 8:28PM Report
Wizardry writes:

Specular lighting and all lighting effects look great in gaming,but at what cost?They are always a HUGE resource hog,most people will have to turn them down or off.

Combat did look a tad slow in the first sequence,but it is a lowbie,the mithra actually looked fast and considering another lowbie it might get a little too fast with speed buffs and faster weapons.I prefer the slower combat of FF games because it allows for thinking rather than button mashing.Aside from no thought button mashing,there is no race here,so why does it matter if combat is slow or not?

Tue Aug 10 2010 1:14AM Report
Spudrik writes:

The speed of battles seems great to me as an FFXI player. Its not WoW clone button mashing crap like most games. It seems it will cater more to party based tactical battles, while still allowing for a reasonable pace of battle for solo. Also once more abilities are unlocked as you level up im sure an incease in battle speed is inevitable. Graphics looked good on both A & B hopefully they get better still although  i would buy it like that.

Thu Aug 12 2010 10:01PM Report
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