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Square Enix | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 08/27/13)  | Pub:Square Enix
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Retail | Retail Price:$29.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC PS3 Playstation 4 | Out of date info? Let us know!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Videos: "Life in Eorzea #1" Video Blog (2:36)

Square Enix has released the first video in a new video blog series focused on life in Final Fantasy XIV's world of Eorzea. The video, which is appropriately titled "Life in Eorzea #1" features almost three minutes of gameplay footage, as well as commentary, though the commentary is in Japanese.

Square Enix has released the first video in a new video blog series focused on life in Final Fantasy XIV's world of Eorzea. The video, which is appropriately titled "Life in Eorzea #1" features almost three minutes of gameplay footage, as well as commentary, though the commentary is in Japanese.
Duration: 2:36
Views: 22,791  143 comments
Game: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
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Krisevol writes:

Amazing.  I can't wait to give this game a try.

Wed Mar 31 2010 11:39AM Report
Vexe writes:

Holy! Do want. Very badly. I want to play this.

Wed Mar 31 2010 11:40AM Report
Sunioj writes:

I am impressed.  Has the FF feel to it and looks really nice.  Some added shadow effects would be nice, but it's by no means a deal breaker.  I hope it's release sees the light of day this year.

Wed Mar 31 2010 11:40AM Report
Schaapje writes:

*sigh* too much reading of a script :(

I would've loved to see some action, not the towns or craft. Hopefully, they'll make combat video in #2. But overalll, I still want it badly! :p

Wed Mar 31 2010 11:54AM Report
Cyde writes:

can't wait X_X

Wed Mar 31 2010 12:15PM Report
Gisrie writes:

guess ive got another game to be hyped about now.. great.

on another note, FINGERS!!!!

Wed Mar 31 2010 12:49PM Report
JKGL writes:

Looks like I'm going to be blowing another $2500+ on an Alienware Desktop. The graphics in this game are sick!

Not to mention - It's Final Fantasy!!!! :D

Wed Mar 31 2010 1:39PM Report
crankor writes:


Cant wait for this one.

Wed Mar 31 2010 1:41PM Report
apocalance writes:

"Features almost 3 minutes.." should be changed to "Features almost 2½ minutes.." of standing around and walking, along with a few emotes. Sure, this was in-game shots, but come on, this was horrible. I was more excited about this game BEFORE I sat through this *presentation*. 

Wed Mar 31 2010 1:49PM Report
Ravanos writes:

almost 3 minutes = correct only 24 seconds away from 3 minutes

gameplay footage = correct they showed in game footage.


so they didn't lie to you, just because you were expect something else is your fault not theirs.

Wed Mar 31 2010 2:23PM Report
BelegStrongbow writes:

The first 35 seconds was the intro logo.   It was 2 minutes of game-play so ya they did.

Wed Mar 31 2010 2:30PM Report
Trojangoku writes:


Wed Mar 31 2010 2:32PM Report
SouzetsuAeri writes:

So glad I ditched the 360 for a PS3. Enjoying an MMO from the comfort of a couch, no keyboard or mouse is the way to go.

Wed Mar 31 2010 2:36PM Report
warbot7777 writes:

Would it kill them to release an english version? I don't speak Japenese.

Wed Mar 31 2010 2:45PM Report
Karnage69 writes:

In unison...

"Ooooo.... CHOCOBO!"

Best part.


Can't wait to give this game a try!

Wed Mar 31 2010 3:00PM Report
Alberel writes:

@ Apocalance - SE make worlds in their games, not combat simulators. They're introducing us to their world. They're not aiming to appeal to the combat obsessed gamers because their games have never appealed to them in the first place. The FF MMOs are as much a niche in the MMO market as the FF RPGs are a niche in the console gaming market.

Wed Mar 31 2010 3:01PM Report
yegnats writes:

This game has the most realistic looking cooking of any MMO, if Emeril Lagasse is out there reading this; this is your MMO, BAM!

Wed Mar 31 2010 3:06PM Report
Anubisan writes:

Hmm... am I the only one who didn't fnd that to be at all impressive? Did I miss something? lol

Wed Mar 31 2010 3:14PM Report
fanita writes:

looks okay I guess, maybe it was just those annoying Japanese squeals that put me off

Wed Mar 31 2010 4:01PM Report
storm-dragon writes:

If the game has a a community nearly as awesome as FFXI it will be my prime MMO.

Wed Mar 31 2010 4:16PM Report
Gaurn writes:

This is going to be the most epic thing since. Me.

Wed Mar 31 2010 4:45PM Report
Ruethus writes:

Dear Square,


Please release this game soon!!!

Wed Mar 31 2010 5:10PM Report
kingtommyboy writes:

Mh , I guess I need a new computer to be able to play this.. even for low settings ..

Wed Mar 31 2010 5:13PM Report
Shastra writes:

Fanita its game developed by Japnese so i suggest you look somewhere else. I find American squealing a lot more annoying.

Wed Mar 31 2010 5:21PM Report
Brif writes:

It's a little less than 2 minutes of gameplay footage, and it says it's almost 3! 0.o

Wed Mar 31 2010 5:43PM Report
2DruNk2FraG writes:

I felt like I was watching the iron chef.

Still, looks great and I get he chills when ever I hear the FF theme. So many memories.

Wed Mar 31 2010 5:53PM Report
astrob0y writes:

every time i hear that tune <3. the best moment was when a cute girl in my studiegroup had that for her cellphone tune. 

Wed Mar 31 2010 5:59PM Report
Drakonus writes:


Wed Mar 31 2010 6:14PM Report
Heyitschris writes:

looks great. nice and clean interface. looks like they are going  for FFXI type of interface. Thank god. 

Wed Mar 31 2010 6:34PM Report
ronincs writes:

Looks great, been waiting since the "Project" titile to play. A ballpark release date would make my day. Something a little less vauge then the (est.rel 2010). pweeese!!?

Wed Mar 31 2010 6:38PM Report
Isawa writes:

It is 2:36 long, starts at 31 seconds and ends at 2:28. Do the math, nearly two minutes of footage. Some good kitchen action : )

Wed Mar 31 2010 7:30PM Report
Geriden writes:

That video just made me think AION......

not really a good thing 

Wed Mar 31 2010 7:33PM Report
elocke writes:

Looks alot like FFXI.  This is a GOOD thing!  CAn't wait to see more, hear more and finally play this!  My PS3 awaits you FFXIV!

Wed Mar 31 2010 7:35PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

The world environment reminded me of EQ2, aside from that, it looks like FFXI with better graphics. My only question is, does combat work the same way as FFXI? If so, no thanks.

Wed Mar 31 2010 7:43PM Report
Radar11x writes:

Nice gfx but same old game play

Wed Mar 31 2010 8:04PM Report
Loke666 writes:

 It looked fine even if I expected more. The graphic is fine enough, will the gameplay be good enough too?

I guess we have to wait a while to know that but it is great that not everyone tried to do exactly the same thing as Blizzard.

Wed Mar 31 2010 8:35PM Report
dwarflordking writes:

animation looks so natural and smooth

Wed Mar 31 2010 8:45PM Report
dwarflordking writes:

to alot of u retards complaining its part 1 theres more coming

Wed Mar 31 2010 8:46PM Report
Torval writes:

The animation and actions look smooth.  The artwork and colors look really good.

Wed Mar 31 2010 8:55PM Report
Etra writes:


You're not missing much. All they did was introduce the characters by name, then mention how the world "sparkles," show off a chocobo, randomly shout "hamburger!" when the hamburger was being made, then finally a "so cute!" when the tarutaru (or whatever they call it now) was dancing.

Wed Mar 31 2010 9:24PM Report
Curtisnolan writes:

Cant wait

Wed Mar 31 2010 9:30PM Report
xuuma writes: Hahaha, they kept the tarutaru /panic motion :D. I hope they will do a good summoning class like in the previous one. Wed Mar 31 2010 9:30PM Report
Acvivm writes:

The thing that I found really noticable, is the smoothness of the animations, they were smooth enough to resemble some CG movies. Very nice overall, hope the development continues going well.

Wed Mar 31 2010 10:10PM Report
Cpt_Picard writes:

Makes wow look like lego bricks... Oh wait lego online has better graphics then wow... Why do I still play wow...

Wed Mar 31 2010 11:37PM Report
sly220 writes:

looks great..... looking forward to playing as a taru/lallafell is it now

Thu Apr 01 2010 2:48AM Report
plescure writes:

looks fantasitc......mind you so did aion!

Thu Apr 01 2010 3:39AM Report
gekkothegrey writes:

Squar Enix plz no more videos till I get my beta key as making me look at this, and not being able to play is just cruel. lol

Thu Apr 01 2010 3:58AM Report

This did not realy blow me away. It is okay, but are hoping the actual game grafics are alot better in the game. And that they show some cobat nexst time.

Thu Apr 01 2010 4:04AM Report
Chaotrix writes:

Looked good to my eyes, glad i got a new rig this year tho !

Roll on release, gamers deserve an MMO worthy of praise and heres hoping this is it !

Thu Apr 01 2010 4:04AM Report
Yavin_Prime writes:

It looks good, I wasn't impressed with FFXI though I will give this one a try. I hope they keep their western market players in mind when they develop the game as I don't want a traditional "eastern" inspired grindfest. Also it'd be nice if a large corporation like Square-Enix could release these videos in both English and Japanese... that way we could all understand what is being said. Oh well I suppose when bioware launches SWOR there they won't get the video blogs in Japanese so I guess its only fair :/

Thu Apr 01 2010 5:18AM Report
greed0104 writes:

Other then the little pre-school happy hour thing they just did there. It looks "ok". The tiny cutesy thing prancing around discourges me from playing though.

Thu Apr 01 2010 5:23AM Report
skoreanime writes:

I'm laughing at the person who says it's the same old gameplay :P

Thu Apr 01 2010 5:23AM Report
sschrupp writes:

So uh... what a boring world to live in. Everything was brown or tan. Even the fruit on the table had bland hues. The most colorful thing in that video was the water (that did look pretty!) and the fish (oooh, here fishy fishy fishy!).

EQ2 had the same problem when it first came out and it was complained about quite a bit.

I'm not saying it needs to be cartoonishly colorful like WoW, but I'm looking around my livingroom and I see all sorts of color. Real life isn't so drab, filled with all browns and tan.

Other than that it did look nice-ish but dear lord I hope they add some color! Will be nice to see some action and effects.

Thu Apr 01 2010 5:42AM Report
sschrupp writes:

lol Skoreanime I loved that too, btw.

Thu Apr 01 2010 5:43AM Report
holifeet writes:

That looks amazingly polished and a seriously detailed world. I only really have time for 1 MMO and I really was looking very hard at Earthrise, but that's got me thinking.

Thu Apr 01 2010 5:59AM Report
LadyAlibi writes:

I think it looks great. The "OOOH, CHOCOBO!"  bit made me giggle.

Thu Apr 01 2010 6:34AM Report
Rajen writes:

The character movement looks nice and smooth.

Thu Apr 01 2010 7:50AM Report
Dauntis writes:

*sigh* too bad such a pretty world will be ruined by asshat FF players who will peg your character into a corner because there is only one way to play and one right combo. It will be ruined by the players just like FFXI. Well that and there is pretty much zero variety in equipment and monsters which makes a pretty detailed world suddenly extremely bland.

Thu Apr 01 2010 8:35AM Report
Decemvirus writes:

I want #2! NOW!!!!

Thu Apr 01 2010 9:33AM Report
Cripnoah writes:

graphics look amazing, but I'd like to see some combat first.

Thu Apr 01 2010 10:48AM Report
holdenhamlet writes:

Woot tarus look cuter than ever.  Tarutaru panic making a comeback!  Looking forward to this game!

Thu Apr 01 2010 12:40PM Report
Alberel writes:

@Dauntis - And why is XIV going to be exactly like XI? Given the number of changes they've made already I don't see how that's possible...

Thu Apr 01 2010 1:02PM Report
Voltlives writes:

Honestly it didn't look that much different from the last FF MMO.  Graphics look clean but won't go so far as to say amazing, definately a step up from FFXI.  Maybe if there was something beside a casual stroll through town and a few cute emotes to go off of.  Nothing to make me jump out of my seat, but beings it is FF will keep watching for more info.

Thu Apr 01 2010 2:37PM Report
lynxie writes:

I want to play this MMORPG...

This video got me all excited. A FFXI feel has it, in a good way.

I hope they soon release new video's.

Thu Apr 01 2010 2:40PM Report
skoreanime writes:

To the people who say it looks bland...

Remember this is an alpha client.  SE has already stated graphics will be limited throughout the entire testing period.  If XIVs alpha is like any other MMOs, lots of placeholders are used until beta.

Plus, it could've been just that particular cities theme.  We've already seen how great and colorful the armor and weapons will look, so chin up!  It's still alpha ;)

Thu Apr 01 2010 2:50PM Report
Brialyn writes:

I can't wait :)

Thu Apr 01 2010 3:43PM Report
hamsterking5 writes:

3 parts i loved of this video

-oooooo chocobo... played it like 7 times...

-hamburger :)

-kawaii which was said by somebody random and was kinda scary...

Thu Apr 01 2010 4:46PM Report
LotosSlayer writes:

O M G. Mind = blown. This looks absolutely amazing. This is just a feeling but, I really think this might be the best MMo ever released. I think it will be like FFXI but with all the bad stuff fixed, like finding groups much quicker/easier, etc, along with up to date graphics, controls, and some new innovative features. I know there isn't much information on the game yet, but like I said it's just a feeling. Lots of companies that made good MMos in the past make crap ones now, but SE doesn't seem like the sell-out type to me.

Thu Apr 01 2010 4:58PM Report
LotosSlayer writes:

Also, LMAO when they say "oooooh Chocobo"

Thu Apr 01 2010 5:01PM Report
hauptmann85 writes:


You don't need to spend $2,500+ on a computer just to run this game (Plus, although Alienware computers are really nice, they're WAY over priced IMO).

Matter of fact, there are machines that didn't cost half as much, yet it runs games such as Crysis on pretty decient settings, although it would probably help if you or someone you know, knows how to put a computer together.

Thu Apr 01 2010 5:01PM Report
adam_nox writes:

hope it doesn't suck as bad as 11, or 10-2, or 13...

Thu Apr 01 2010 6:20PM Report
brostyn writes:

People are getting excited over this "gameplay" video???? Looks amazingly boring, and the avatars look so... childish.

Thu Apr 01 2010 7:52PM Report
skoreanime writes:


Good job comparing a single player game to a MMO.

And opinion is opinion.  XI's a good game.  

Thu Apr 01 2010 7:58PM Report
Golesh writes:

Would have liked to have seen more gameplay, but I am excited from what was shown, can not wait for this to ship.

Thu Apr 01 2010 8:50PM Report
natuxatu writes:

cant wait! reminds me of ffxi only better.. it's bringing back that feeling and excitment i had for MMOs long ago...

Thu Apr 01 2010 10:32PM Report
Jimmy8911 writes:

Graphics of fantastic. I really hope they up the pace of this one tho compared to 11. It was just too slow. And also give us some awesome player housing. = )

Thu Apr 01 2010 10:53PM Report
inle writes:

looks verry nice :D

i loved ffxi  then again it was my first :P

the graphics look a lot better then ffxi's

wish i knew what they were talking about though :( 

dont know japanese   wish i did though :(


hope this game is going to be as great as i think it is if not better :D 

Fri Apr 02 2010 12:42AM Report
d0nch1ch1o writes:

Hmmm had higher expectations, maybe plays / looks better in real life.

Fri Apr 02 2010 2:27AM Report
birdycephon writes:

Has anyone ever told them that this looks just like FFXI? Let me the first.


This looks just like FFXI.


Only improvement is maybe the texture resolution? Aside from that, I see almost no improvement in graphics.

Fri Apr 02 2010 5:04AM Report
Hyanmen writes:

So you're either saying, that FFXI sported better graphics than MMO's 10 years after it, or that XIV looks ugly and outdated... and I don't agree with either of these points.

Art style-wise, it looks the same. Technically, it's far, far beyond FFXI.

Fri Apr 02 2010 5:49AM Report
bbeci writes:

I definitely agree with Hyanmen. FF14 has the best graphics engine off all the other P&P MMOs. What impressed me most is the landscape with all those flashy details, and the particles of water. Great to see it actually waving and curling.

Honestly, I can hardly wait to play with this marvellous project. Hopingly the storyline is going to be emotional and yet epic, with understandable roles.

Fri Apr 02 2010 6:03AM Report
Bruise187 writes:

That looked like crap. made me want to go play something else. Guess thats the reason I never liked the other game or any of the crappy FF ones.

Fri Apr 02 2010 7:43AM Report
sadeyx writes:

I wonder how many years of grinding in one spot they decided upon this time, lol

Fri Apr 02 2010 7:44AM Report
KyngBills writes:

Looks like Vanguard to me with different looking Character Models...Which is not a bad thing necessarily...But I'm kinda surprised it's not a bit more stunning given the FF reputation...

Fri Apr 02 2010 9:34AM Report
jayarte writes:

Loved the video, in particular the Japanese commentar.  I don't speak Japanese, but I enjoy listening to other languages, particularly those which sound so different to English and I'm not that interested in what was being said, anyway ^^


Looking forward to the game - hope I find it a bit easier to play in terms of UI, controls and so on than I found FFXI.

Fri Apr 02 2010 10:26AM Report
heartless writes:

Eh, I don't know. I was sort of excited about this game but now that I've seen the in-game footage, I'm feeling a bit undrwhelmed.

The overly cutesey and flamboyant character models are a complete turn off for me.

Fri Apr 02 2010 12:47PM Report
Morphine writes:

Oh! Chocobo!

Fri Apr 02 2010 2:03PM Report
Toxilium writes:

Why are you all going "OOOOO DO WANT" when practically nothing was shown? All I saw was some Everquest II graphics, annoying Japanese commentators, and a bland, dead (the NPCs weren't doing anything) "city"?

Fri Apr 02 2010 2:17PM Report
Hyanmen writes:

To me the NPC's looked like they were cooking and forging a blade. But I guess that means "not doing anything" to you.

Fri Apr 02 2010 2:20PM Report
Isane writes:

Well the look is solid, it doesnt look like a F2P special with about 10 minutes of effort so if the game systems and content are in place to back the look. Could be one to have a look at

Fri Apr 02 2010 2:39PM Report
ThomasN7 writes:

Can't wait to get my hands on the game.

Fri Apr 02 2010 3:18PM Report
Soviel writes:

The character animations were great, but the environments didn't impress me very much, nor did the bland sepia overabundance in the graphics.

I didn't get any kind of magical feeling from anything except the animations. It felt souless to me, like EQ2. I hope the gameplay is much better than the last game or I can't see myself playing this. I want to want this game, I just... don't at the moment. I hope future revelations are more impressive.

Those Lalafell animations, although very realistic, make them seem like incompetent toddlers rather than a cunning and agriculturally saavy people group.... also, they're lolicon fodder, to the extreme. It struck me as bizarre and a little creepy, but thats just my personal opinion.

Fri Apr 02 2010 8:01PM Report
deka01 writes:

I would hardly call walking around for 3min gameplay

Fri Apr 02 2010 9:33PM Report
xxpeddyxx writes:

I like the part where he jumps, oh wait there is no jump function.

Sat Apr 03 2010 1:04AM Report
Aison2 writes:


Sat Apr 03 2010 6:31AM Report
Stuckov writes:

Great Video!

I can not wait for its release!

Sat Apr 03 2010 12:02PM Report
thark writes:

Ugly !!!

Sat Apr 03 2010 12:36PM Report
Cleffy writes:

I find it rather ugly looking and the design style to be very classic western mmo design style.

There is a lack of detail going into the textures which leaves a very plastic look.  Considering Japan has a lack of technical artists, I don't imagine they can remove this look through better shaders.

Sat Apr 03 2010 1:33PM Report
Justin9820 writes:

would be nice to know what they're saying.....

Sat Apr 03 2010 3:12PM Report
AlexanderTD writes:

Graphics is not impressive at all, other that that nothing is realy shown. If combat/PVP gonna be "point & click" then no need to bother with this one (except for kids).

Sat Apr 03 2010 3:23PM Report
gothmog56 writes:

looked the same as ffxi,could'nt thewy at least has subbed it, so we know what is going  on?

Sat Apr 03 2010 5:43PM Report
Gravarg writes:


Everyone together!

OOoooOOO Chocobo!


hehe, I'm so going to play this game :)

Sat Apr 03 2010 7:52PM Report
yumpinyimini writes:

I guess you'd have to have played previous FF games to get excited about this footage. 

As someone who's never tried FF mmo's before, all I can say is that this footage looked pretty ordinary.

The scenery and character models look well done, but nothing revolutionary or all that exciting.

Other footage is to come of course, hopefully it will be more interesting.

Sun Apr 04 2010 1:54AM Report
drel writes:

What a great looking game! Can't wait!

Sun Apr 04 2010 5:23AM Report
Pedrob writes:

My gawd people, stop complaining about the graphics, lack of playability, and other similar comments, one of the devs in the clip mentioned that the game is just entering Alpha, so there are a LOT of improvements yet to be made and shown.

And those asking for the game to release soon, you all know that SE makes quality games specially when it comes to the FF IP, this game should be 1-2 years away at best..

For those hyped enough there is a dedicated website for FF14 with more pics, detailed breakdown of the UI and more.

Sun Apr 04 2010 7:04AM Report
Gajari writes:

I'm sold.

Sun Apr 04 2010 7:45AM Report
Jumpervii writes:

I'm curious as to why they chose what appears to be another fantasy based theme. Kinda looks like a sequel to the firt online one they made. Isn't the Square Enix way of making their final fantasy games to distinguish them fromt the rest. To stand out in a new way. Look at the non mmo games and the different styles and genres they display and then to make their second mmo a fantasy style of similar type seems wrong. Wheres the steem punk or they future/past clash they use. I just think they shouldn't improve on what they already have and stick to their style of recreating it in to something new. This is not new.

Sun Apr 04 2010 9:43AM Report
Hyanmen writes:

Look at the trailers if you want future/past clash. Some of those vehicles could be from Starcraft. They haven't shown a lot of them yet, but they're definitely bringing some technological advancements to this one. 

They stuck to their Active Time Battle system for like 20 years, improving it for every installment. Improving already existing concepts is "their style" as much of creating something new.. and so far this game seems to be doing both. Artistically they improve on existing concepts while introducing new things like science fiction elements. Design wise they create new and improve on existing concepts. 

I don't see how this one is any different from the rest of the series. 

Sun Apr 04 2010 9:50AM Report
WSIMike writes:

To clear up some things here...

For those complaining how it doesn't show any action, fighting... The translated dialog explains they're only showing some of Limsa Lominsa, one of the main cities. Thus, why everything is in the same area. It's really just an "introductory", "Hi, we'll be your hosts" sort of video.

Second, for the 'bland colors' of the areas.... the area is pretty much based off of light stone colors. It's kinda reminiscent of FFXI's Bastok in that way, which is also a pretty "bland" city. But then, it fits the feel and style of the game world perfectly. Another city, like Gridania, which is nestled in a forest setting, will likely have much more rich environments. Also, you can look through screenshots found on sites like ffxivcore, and see there are much more lush and colorful environments.... and that's only what we've seen so far.

Those who were expecting or hoping to see combat... It wasn't intended to show that.

My own thoughts on the video... I like it. What I like, especially, is that they're focusing on the *world* aspect of it. The environments, the shops, the NPCs... This indicates to me - at least for now - that like FFXI, FFXIV will be a true virtual *world* for characters to exist in... not merely a game where the areas are a place to put the mobs.

Sun Apr 04 2010 9:59AM Report
Jumpervii writes:

I watched this vid and haven't seen others. I will stand corected if that is the case. Don't get me wrong either, I'll give this game a try with an open mind. This video really dosn't show anything worthe being excited about. Thanks for the info

Sun Apr 04 2010 10:15AM Report
Sorrow writes:

WoW this really looks like crap : ( 

This is 3rd generation gaming people, its time to step up and push the envelope. Use the tools you have avliable and give us some DX11 games. This is just the same old garbage in a new wrapper.

Serious Fail

Sun Apr 04 2010 10:19AM Report
Hyanmen writes:

Yes, this video is not up there in terms of hyping people, especially those who haven't seen any other footage beforehand.

Those kind of vids will come closer to the release, no doubt about it. 

Sun Apr 04 2010 10:20AM Report
WSIMike writes:

Amended to my comment...

Gotta say... It's amazing how openly some people in these comments display their ignorance. Some of the comments being made are easily disproven or otherwise addressed with a simple google search.

But then I guess that means people would have to pro-actively educate themselves and what they learn might undermine their desire to pointlessly bash a game they know nothing about, which is all they're really here for, apparently.

Sun Apr 04 2010 10:21AM Report
Hyanmen writes:

Sorrow, this game is not far behind the current best looking PC/PS3 games out there. You wouldn't expect an MMORPG to have as good graphics as a single player game in the first place. 

Sun Apr 04 2010 10:22AM Report
Cbdragon1 writes:

I don't know much about this game but that video may be the least exciting game promotion I have ever seen.  There were videos for The Sims that were more exciting.  

Sun Apr 04 2010 12:14PM Report
Hyanmen writes:

Are the 2 released trailers posted here? It's weird if they aren't, but this video gets to front page news...

Sun Apr 04 2010 12:18PM Report
Rover64dd writes:

yea dont act like 90% of japanese know a great deal of english. the english version of this game isnt coming out for a good while.

Sun Apr 04 2010 2:26PM Report
Karmakazi writes:

looks like it's having a tough time running, skippy frame rates

Sun Apr 04 2010 3:06PM Report
Hyanmen writes:

And that's the reason they're testing it! 

Sun Apr 04 2010 3:55PM Report
WSIMike writes:

@Rover64dd - SE intends to release it worldwide simultaneously... they hire translators to take care of that pesky "localization" stuff :)

Sun Apr 04 2010 4:37PM Report
Leonona writes:

Have they said anyting about beta or release? I was under the impression it would come out this year, but perhaps not?

Some of the screenshots on the official FFXIV page look very impressive. You would be hard pressed to even find a single player game out there which looks better. If there's any kind of massive to this game you must need a monster rig to run it at decent settings.

In this trailer the characters looks impressive, although it didn't do much to convince me as to why I should try it out from a gameplay point.

Mon Apr 05 2010 4:45AM Report
nutsodds writes:

This "Nice gfx but same old game play"

Mon Apr 05 2010 5:31AM Report
Hyanmen writes:

The alpha testing is about to start next week. Beta will follow soon after, in a month or two. New testers will be added as the alpha/beta goes on. The beta is scheduled to last about 6 months if there are no huge delays. That gives us an est. release date of Nov/Dec 2010. 

The developers have said that the game will come out in 2010, and if there are no significant delays in the beta, this will be the case. And even if there are, the game will come out Q1 2011 for sure. 

This video wasn't aimed to show gameplay. More videos will be added, which focus on that aspect of the game more thoroughly.

Mon Apr 05 2010 5:35AM Report
jefaw82 writes:

Battle! I want to see the COMBAT gameplay! If I wanted to play a game just to walk around and look pretty I'd play Age of Conan. You think they'd have more to show...

Mon Apr 05 2010 8:14AM Report
Sorrow writes:

I stand by my comment.

In response to the PC/PS3 redout, do two wrongs now make a right?

Just because this game is lets see how did you put it.. " not far behind the current best PC/PS3 games ", does that justify your adoration? Since when do we ooh and ahh over mediocrity?

There is a quote in the movie American President that applies more and more to what gamers have become.

" They're so thirsty for it they'll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there's no water, they'll drink the sand."

In the movie they are speaking of leadership, yet the quote applies equally to the gamers need for the latest game.

Gamers have become like junkies, addicts so desperate for that next fix they dont care what they shoot into themselves.

This is beyond sad its become pathetic. An entire billion dollar industry of crap is supported upon it and so called gamers are licking it up off the floor and begging for more.

Just because " that is the way it is", does not mean that we need to accept it as the way it SHOULD BE.

The tools and technology exsists for so much more, the multi-millions of dollars spent on game development justify so very much more. And still. we ooh and ahh to have so much less.

And hence my sorrow..

Mon Apr 05 2010 8:56AM Report
Hyanmen writes:

You have the problem, not the industry.

MMO's require more resources than single player games. The world, the servers nor the players can not support similar graphics that the best looking single player games have. 

This IS the best they can do. They can make a better looking game, but it comes with a price. 

Developers are already putting hundreds of millions of dollars to these kind of games, and if the graphical level Even Then is not at level equal to single player titles, it will never be.

You have too high expectations. That is your problem. You don't know if the tools exist. You think developers would use subpar tools to make their games if they can shell out 200million for the game? Don't kid yourself. 

Your jadedness blinds you. You don't know shit about making MMO's, yet you act like you were some kind of a professional.

Just because single player games can achieve better graphics, doesn't mean that MMO's can do the same. We'll talk when single player games can achieve world similar to MMO's, as many players on-screen at once like in MMO's and server-wide system that needs be kept up to date 24/7 with less than <300 ping.

You're hilarious. 

Mon Apr 05 2010 9:44AM Report
Sorrow writes:

Actually you are quite mistaken in your assumption of my background and knowledge, as well as, the current evolution of modern game development,

Granted at this time I am out of the industry trying my hand at an experiment in soft solar cell hydroponic engineering. However, I did attend Flagler where I received my major in Graphic Design. I picked up a BA at the Florida Art Institute of Tampa in Visual Motion, I worked for Disney Amimation in Orlando until they moved to CA in 2004. At this time I got suckered into going to work for a friend of mine @ SOE where I had a short stay until I realized I hated CA and wanted to come back to Florida even if it meant persuing a new career.

On a personal side note I find designing hydroponic gardens, much more rewarding and spiritually fulfilling than anything I ever created for Disney or Sony. 

There is something so amazing in changing the rules of acceptance to make something mundane into something amazing.

We take plants that should grow average in earth and natural sun, and by changing the rules, by not accepting what has always been, what always IS.. we turn the average into the extrodinary.

And I know, I know from my life, from my education, from my experinces the same thing could be.., no, SHOULD BE done with every aspect of our lives and our acceptances.

Yes, including modern online gaming.

Mon Apr 05 2010 12:35PM Report
natuxatu writes:

LOVE IT... can't wait... the XI was the best MMO I played mainly because of the community.. the fact that they are updating it giving it more player driven content yet keeping the same feel is great. Hope the community is just as great :)

Mon Apr 05 2010 6:31PM Report
WSIMike writes:


And yet for all that experience and knowledge and wisdom and so forth (hope you didn't injure your arm patting yourself on the back, by the way), you can't understand the simple and demonstrable concept that you cannot create a MMORPG with the same level of detail that you can a single player game.

With single player games, particularly on consoles, devs can go more "all out" on the graphics end of things because they know every person playing it will have the same experience, have teh same amount of action going on on-screen at the same points, under the same circumstances, and they know they're all playing the game on the same hardware.

Understanding graphics design is only part of understanding graphics in the context of game design, being experienced in one does not automatically qualify you to speak of the other.

And besides... even with your graphcis experience... your opinion is still just your opinion.

I'm sure SE would love for you to go there and "educate" their designers and artists, who likely run circles around you in terms of actual experience outside the classroom (as in, real world experience). Maybe you can explain to them how not to be so "mediocre" in their designs.

Mon Apr 05 2010 7:35PM Report
Sorrow writes:

Sadly once again your assumption proves your ignorance.  I know most of SOE's current lead team in real life outside the game, and have for many years.  In fact I knew SOE's design team leader when he was just a lowly server tech back at earthlink, course that was back before he " lied on his application " and BS'd his way into creative lead director. Of course it isnt just SOE's team I know, its Funcom's, Bethesda's, Bioware's, and the NA team for NCSoft to name a few. These things tend to happen when you work in the industry and attend tradeshows, conferences, and cons.

Oh and trust me contrary to your hostility and nastiness, I do fully understand game design and implementation of multiplayer variable platform production.

Such as the beginning of last month Bigfoot merged with Emergent to release the new LLR2 server technology that will provide incredibly scalable, super high bandwidth, low- latency, extremely fault-tolerant gaming servers. Server technology designed specifically to host graphic intensive Massive Multiplayer gaming such as that required by DX11 gaming.

I will give you that not every player out there has the system to play DX 11 mmorpgs, however many many many of us do, and my question is should those of us that have the technology of 2010 continue to suffer for those still happy gaming in 1990?

As long as trolls like you continue to defend devs for shipping out crap, they are going to continue to do so.

Im not saying that you shouldnt have the right to keep on living and gaming in 1990, all I am saying is I should have the right to move into the future.

Tue Apr 06 2010 12:53AM Report
arkitan writes:

This gam looks like shit.

Tue Apr 06 2010 5:36AM Report
arkitan writes:

Srsly, are thre any shadows at all? I can just hope they'll add proper shadows.

Tue Apr 06 2010 5:38AM Report
Rigsta writes:

There's just something about Japanese people saying stuff in unison that makes me chuckle every time.

<3 those facial expressions.  I'm really looking forward to giving the game a try.  I can haz beta access?  :'(

Tue Apr 06 2010 5:41AM Report
Rigsta writes:

Addendum : people keep mentioning the dull colour palette.  That's pretty much the theme for that city and doesn't exactly represent the whole game.  Gameplay footage exists on Youtube et al showing bright, sunny meadows, for example.

Also, it's not finished yet.

Tue Apr 06 2010 6:08AM Report
nakuma writes:

what gameplay they show? cooking? lol and standing around and moving the camera? woopty doo, and a lot of gibberish from 3 players. not exactly what i call exciting gameplay lol. good graphics....sorta. I agree with some, shadows need to be put in to offset the lighting to make it more visually immersive. otherwise unimpressive "gameplay" and it wasnt almost 3 minutes it was barely 2 minutes. Yawn~

Tue Apr 06 2010 9:26AM Report
Hyanmen writes:

The big question is: How much money does it cost?

Of course we could do almost everything had we enough resources, but you know, those kind of things are limited. Companies have to make do with what they have, and if 150 millions isn't enough to create something that surpasses or comes close to current graphics, it'd be silly to think that developers are shipping out "crap" if that's not enough funds to create whatever you have in mind. 

There is a line of reasonable requests and you've far surpassed that line. Keep wanting companies to spend even more money on these games than before, but it's not gonna happen. And even if for you 150mil budget is "mediocre", that doesn't mean it's the same for others. I find 150mil budget to be completely reasonable for this kind of game, to be honest. 

You have the issue here. Not anyone else.

Tue Apr 06 2010 9:27AM Report
Sorrow writes:

Blame Blizzard for that, before blizzard came along and turned the industry upside down 3 million was excessive to push a good mmo to market. Blizzard comes in tosses 100 million at the game design lottery and ends up hitting a mega jackpot. Now every developer out there thinks a good game is only determined by how much money you throw away on it. 

Frankly the whole industry is ludicrous right now, and thats part of the reason I got out of it.

I knew kids on design teams that were working as the minimum wage fry guy at McDonalds one week, graduted a certificate course at ITT and were making $75k a year as game designers the next. 

It's insane and sadly this example was more the rule than the exception.

Doenst matter if these kids have zero imagination and creativity, doesnt matter if they aren't gamers, doesnt matter if they have passion and integrity, nope just as long as they can copy what they learned in class.

Just as long as they can keep making the same old crap over and over never growing never bringing any new inspiration to the industry.

It just tears my heart out, because I learned to game when gaming was geek. I learned to create when passion was inspired and encouraged. I learned to design games when they were made by gamers and artists, writers and poets.

Now its all in the hands of business managers and technicians.

Oh well back to my tomatoes..

Tue Apr 06 2010 2:19PM Report
Oltzu writes:

Sooo... anyone noticed that the screen with the Final fantasy text had the tune from "Ragnarok Online"?

Tue Apr 06 2010 2:22PM Report
Shadus writes:

Translation at:

Tue Apr 06 2010 2:43PM Report
Dreary_Angel writes:

Sometimes it's really hard not to be amazed from comment you see...

Guys, this is not a 'world-wide-oriented groundbreaking MMO', this will be an MMO for the Final Fantasy and in particular FFXI affictionates; it is a japanese MMO, so pretty different from what you're used (if you ever played any western RPG game and any Final Fantsay you know what i'm talking about).

Another thing to consider is that this is not a promotional video or a trailer to show around on tvs or something like that, that's something like a presentation of PART of ONE aspect of the game... how do you really hoped for some fighting so early... i mean, this game does not even have a release date...

For those complaning about the graphycs... COME ON! What in heaven do you want? Avatar CG graphycs? man if that's so you're crazy sick! You can't pretend ultra-high graphycs from an MMO, loads of ppl have to play it AT THE SAME SECOND! You'll need crazly gargantuar servers (on the developer's part) to keep up a decent framerate, not to mention the bloodiest PC setting at home!

One last thing: who the hell seen the graphyc option panel they used to shoot this video to complain about it? (I would also like to remember an overload of ppl still play WoW, not exactly the graphically best looking MMO out there)

Really, sometimes i am amazed and discouraged... :(

Wed Apr 07 2010 3:27AM Report
binary_0011 writes:

i think we need a super computer to play this. look at the graphic !

Wed Apr 07 2010 5:52AM Report
Sorrow writes:

Dreary server technology both hard and soft has made some amazing leaps forward over the last 3 years. However, most developers have not kept abreast of these changes.

For some reason developers have zero problem throwing away $100k for a staff outting to the bahamas, but try and get them to pony up for the latest server hardware, and its like pulling teeth.

As to your comment I must ask, what's so wrong with " crazly gargantuar servers"  anyway? 

I never worked on the network/ server farm end of the industry, but I know some guys that did and the common theme from them has always been management are cheap bastards, and if they would buy us some decent servers and bigger blocks of bandwidth we could make all these latency problems totally disappear.

Oh and for the people saying you cant have incredible mindblowing graphics because they cause server lag, try and remember graphics are client side not server side when done properly, so technically graphics are a non issue when dealing with lag and latency issues.

Thu Apr 08 2010 2:29AM Report
Dreary_Angel writes:

Ok, my bad for the server part of my comment...

Anyway I'd rather prefer a game with more than decent graphics (as FFXIV seems) that i can run smoothly with my current pc setting rather than an ultra-mind-nubling graphic MMO that (if I want to play) "forces" me to spend hundreds of money to get a new PC (not talking about the ongoing paiment for playing itself)...

It might seem stupid, but I would really prefer it to have 'normal' graphic but a stunning history and capability to make me 'feel' like i'm in the game, not just going around grinding...

For what i remember FFXI did that, but the obvious problems on lvl-up after lvl 10 where really a pain...

Hope they'll do the same, but without the party-problems :D

Thu Apr 08 2010 1:35PM Report
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