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Square Enix | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 08/27/13)  | Pub:Square Enix
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Retail | Retail Price:$29.99 | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC PS3 Playstation 4 | Out of date info? Let us know!

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OP  4/29/13 1:22:34 PM#1



- Yoshi-P's birthday is May 1st
- When does Phase 3 start? > That's still a secret
- Will players be able to use guns? > We're considering it
- Will we be able to listen to the works of Naoshi Mizuta? (FFXI composer, wiki link) > Perhaps 2 or 3 at launch
- Can we have huge shields? > It won't be at launch but we're planning on implementing them post-launch
- Yoshi-P is younger than Yousuke Saitou (Producer of DQ10, JP wiki link)
- Weather Reports? > Difficult to implement by launch
- Will we get to see/meet the new SE President in the new Live Letter? > Probably sometime after the next one
- Will content/dungeons have TA? > Probably in the form of Free Company/Lodestone Rankings
- Minfilia (wiki) will reappear, complete with a new sexy original costume, will be an important character
- Are Primal Songs different? > It'll still have the same 'image' as the old ones, the new Primals will of course have new songs
- If we equip Materias to weapons will we be able to increase its item level? (Stan's notes: I'm assuming the question here is asking if it can be comparable to stuff attainable in dungeons) > No. Materia is intended to fill in the blanks in-between levels/content
- Monks can keep on chaining combos to increase DPS. However, constant chaining will come with its sets of risks
- We're thinking of basing the names of the servers on FF monsters. Probably not enough if we base them on items
- We will be adding different buddies/companions other than Chocobos eventually. Magitek Armor will be one of them
- Datacenters/servers will not be separated by language, but by region
- New BGM (can listen here in niconico, about 20:13 in). Tentative Title: Decisive Battle
- We will be redistributing the special heat-resistant swimsuits again. We're considering redistributing the reindeer costume too
- Do you respect Yoshi-P as a superior? > Morbol: Yes, I do
- There will be no PK
- We'll be implementing Level Sync in Phase 3. No need to change gears for it too, as stats will auto-adjust accordingly. But will be weaker compared to the optimal gears at the correct level
- Fat Chocobo will be implemented in a future patch
- Whatever happened to Battle Regimen? > It became the Limit Break system
- Any plans for an official Guidebook? > We will release a Starter Book
- Any other references to older Final Fantasies you have planned? > Some through songs, others in stuff we've already mentioned
- Collector's Edition people will receive in-game items such as the FF1 armor (picture link). Can receive even if you bought the 1.0 Collector's Edition. Will be others too

- Will there be 'talking' Bosses, like Nael? > Yes
- Will we get to change the walls/floors in housing? > Can change various things indoors
- How well does the touch panel feature of Win8 work with ARR? > Can perform just as well as I've shown in the last Live Letter
- When will we get to use the apps for Smartphones? > Beta Test Phase 4 or at launch
- How's Hiroshi Minagawa doing? (person in charge of ARR UI, wiki link) > Great! He completely revamped the UI for Phase 3. The stuff you see now will no longer be there
- Yoshi-P respects Minagawa so much he's one of the reasons Yoshi-P joined the industry

- So when does Phase 3 start already? > Let's hope Hiroyuki (co-founder of Niconico, will later interview Yoshi-P) can pry the answers off me
- Plans on the Hair Salon? > In a patch after launch. Can change hairstyles and hair color
- When will we get to see our next walkthough videos? > Late next month. Probably will release them at the same time we release our new PV
- What games do you play lately? > ARR of course!
- Any meaning to the birth dates you set during character creation? > We'll probably do something with it later
- Other than FF, what other (Japanese) games do you like? > Dragon Quest
- Also a core player of Monster Hunter. Probably put in 4-digit hours into playing it
- Which FF character is your favorite? > Cloud. Like the emo-aspect
- Will we get to see an opening movie like FF11? > Yes. Can watch in Beta Phase 3. It's also the only voice acting you'll see (for now)
- There will be two basic retainers. Can share them between characters in the same server (Stan's notes: I'm assuming here it means that you can share them between characters in the same server and also under the same account)
- Can we apply specific requests to the content finder? > Not in the beginning
- Undecided if we'll implement/release Cutter's Cry in Beta Phase 4
- Will wipe Characters in Beta Phase 3
- Don't really like Kyabetsu Tarou... (a type of snack in Japan, picture link)
- Will you implement gear like the Zodiac Subligars in FF11? > Since Subligars are popular, we'll consider it
- Will we be able to read up on detailed lore and such as requested in the forums? > We definitely want to implement something like that

- Yoshi-P's recommend job is Black Mage. Is actually one of his favorites.
- Can probably get a glimpse of Arcanist in E3
- Yoshi-P is a Nuker
- Yoshi-P's favorite Karaage-kun flavor is Cheese (type of snack in Japan, picture link)
- Will you actually get to take a vacation on New Years next year? > Depends on the (progression) of the patches, but I've got a feeling I'll be working on a big patch
- Will there be other social tools other than the Item Box in Free Companies? > Yes. We will eventually introduce them through videos
- Any plans on adding Polo Shirts? > We'll think about it
- Will we have all options available in Character Creation in Beta Phase 3? > Yes. Although we still might add a few more things at launch
- Limit Break will be added in Phase 3. Level 3 Limit Breaks will probably (for now) remain unaccessable
- Can we change/add colors to armor in Phase 3? > Yes
- Are there any new members in the main scenario staff? > Please wait until we release the official staff roll. If you're a core fan of Square Enix, perhaps you'll recognize some of them
- Any interesting episodes you can tell us about the foreign (EN/FR/DE) playerbase? > Quite a number of them are against regional servers, and there are also a lot of people who play as Lalafel
- ARR will NOT release in October. We will release the game in a time when the weather is still hot. We can probably talk about a release date next month.
- What happened to Shiva? > Can't talk just yet. First, Ramuh




  • ????????????????????
    Official service start is during summoer (Sale during when it's hot (weather))
  • ?5/20????????????????????CE?????????????????
    Post 5/20 we will have information on sale date & CE details + pre-order starts
  • ????????????????????????????
    If you pre-order you can get early access
  • ???????????????????????
    All legacy players will get early access
  • ?TVCM???????????CM??????
    TV CM is being worked on, CM will be different from Japan/US
  • ?????????CM??????????6?????????
    Asied from promo CM they are working on different stuff, planning to release info on that around June
  • ????????5??3???????/????????? 
    New trailer around 3rd week of May (preparing several / showing Odin as well)
  • ?CE???????????????6?7??FF1???????????????
    There is 6-7 in-game item in the CE edition (Such as FF1's main characters "Light Warriors" head gear)
  • ???????????????????????
    For "Light Warrior" gear they are working on not only the head, but full gear
  • ?β???????3?6???
    Beta test phase 3 is for early June
  • ?β????????????58??
    580,000 people is already (in/applied?) Beta test
  • ?UI?????3????????????/????????????
    UI will change in phase 3 (Will be faster/number of available options is probably #1 in the world (lots of config options))
  • ????????????3??????????
    Opening is implemented from phase 3 (voice included)
  • ????????2??????3?4???????
    2nd Benchmark is going to release in between phase 3 and 4
  • ?PS3??????????????????
    PS3 versions optimization progressed and the quality got higher
  • ?PS4??????????????????P?
    Per YoshiP regarding PS4 version - we'll (probably) have it
  • ?PC????????????DX11??????
    PC version: High resolution texture will be looked into after DX11 is addressed
  • ?????????????????????
    After launch, they are planning to ask different music composers to create music.
  • ??????????????????2?3?????
    2-3 new BGM by Mizuta Noashi is planned for launch
  • ???????????????
    Already asked Nobuo Uematsu for new music ?
  • ??????????????CE?????
    Planning to sell OST, will have it in CE version as well
  • ?????????????????????????????????
    BLM's magic damage increases by casting in a row
  • ??????????E3????
    The live demo video of Arcanist will be released around E3
  • ??????FF3????????????
    Can go to Eureka (FF3's dungeon)
  • ?????????2???????????????????
    Will have 2 retainers (Within same world it's possible to share between characters)
  • ???????????????????????????????
    Planning to implement a super retainer (temp name) which has more features
  • ???????????????????????????
    Difficulty to obtain Dark Light gear will be eased, will be something lower than primal gear
  • ??????????????????????
    Need Relic to go Crystal Tower
  • ????????????????????????????????
    Crystal Tower gear is higher than Relic, Bahamut gear is higher than this
  • ????????????????????????
    With later added content it's possible to upgrade relic
  • ?FATE??????????????????????
    FATE level sync is switched on manually through task list
  • ???????????????????
    There is no difference in convenience between startingnations
  • ?????????
    Suim suit will be redistributed, confirmed.
  • ?????????????????????
    Shiva coming after Ramuh and Leviathan
  • ???????????????
    Barber will be implemented through patch right after launch
  • ?????NPC?????????????
    Weather forcast NPC or Fat Chocobo coming after launch
  • ?????????????????????????????
    Planning for in-game library (temp-name) (can read lore information and such)
  • ?????????????
    Birthday even will be looked into later
  • ??????FF11?????????
    Subligar (FF11's leg gear) will be looked into for release
  • ?????????????????????????????????
    In scenario staff there may be staff SE fan's know
  • ????????????????????LIVE???????
    SE's new CEO Matsuda is planned to appear around next letter LIVE
  • ???P?5?1??40?
    YoshiP's birthday May 1st, turning 40.
  • ???P?FF?????????????????????????
    YoshiP: His favorite character from FF series is Cloud and Sephiroth
  • ???P?MH?4???????G???????????P???????????????
    YoshiP: Has played over 4 digit numbers, done all the G rank solo, talked to Tsujimoto, might have something in future for colaboration.
Thanks Reinheart for your translates

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4/29/13 11:24:00 PM#2
Great info, thanks.

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5/06/13 10:28:09 PM#3



;D Darnit. Lalafell ambush 0, FFXIV ARR 1.


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5/06/13 10:59:17 PM#4
i hated subligars everyone and their moms were wearing them in final fantasy 11 and it looks like the type of stuff people wear for their secret fetish stuff...I realy do hope this game has more variety in armor designs than final fantasy 11 did.