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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 11/25/10)  | Pub:Avatar Creations
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:$09.99 | Pay Type:Buy to Play | Monthly Fee:Free
System Req: PC | Out of date info? Let us know!

The truth about Perpetuum

I do not usually sign up to these sites, nether-lone write up a review. BUT... some of the reviews I have read have lead me to tell people what Perpetuum is actually like as a game.
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.

Perpetuum is indeed an EvE Online like game. It shares almost the same mechanics in a lot of facits of the game. However, Perpetuum's intricate differences of these mechanics and the many additional (or sometimes lack of) features that Perpetuum presents to the player (or agent) are what seperate this game from EvE.

Firstly, Perpetuum is a sandbox game. It's an open world to which the agent chooses what he/she wants to do. This isn't a theme park game like WoW, Rift or WoW with lightsabers. Agents generally need to create their own content which requires a level of maturity that a lot of gamers (and some reviewers of do not possess. However, there is content in the game for the agents who need to be told what to do in game.

Assignments (missions or quests) can be picked up from Outposts (Stations) which agents can achieve the objective of the assignments and be rewarded with items and NIC (In game currency). Better still, some of the assignments reward agents with items that are not available anywhere else in game and can be sold to other agents (especially PvP agents) via the market.

Artifact scanning requires the agent to run around in a bot and find sites of interest. These sites can be very rewarding to the agent as they often drop beacons with which an agent can sell on the market or deploy and kill NPC's for additional loot and even extra beacons.

NPC farming provides the agents something to shoot at without the risk of PvP. Although there are NPC's out on Beta islands which is open PvP also. Risk Vs Reward shines in NPC farming. Be careful even on an Alfa (Non-PvP) island as these NPC's are not a push over unlike those from EvE. Some spawns require a group to handle.

Trading, production and industry is available for agents. Some of the wealthiest agents in game building bots and modules and selling them on the market or privately in order to keep the population fit out in bots.

There is Mining and Harvesting that provides all the materials to be able to build and manufacture. Both mining and harvesting can be done on Alfa or Beta island. Risk Vs Reward again.

PvP is huge in Perpetuum. This is where the game shines compared to EvE. Perpetuum involves  tactics and strategy that EvE cannot produce. This is purely due to EvE being in a space environment in ships and Perpetuum on land in bots.

The islands of Perpetuum have terrain. This terrain changes depending on the size of bot that the agent is controlling. This means that even though a long time veteran of Perpetuum is in a big bad bot (Heavy Mech or Mech), there are places that a new agent in a smaller bot (light or Assault) are able to get to on an island that the big bad bot can't. For a quick getaway (Big Mech are slow) or a stategic place to hunt the bigger bot with numerous smaller bots and take it out, terrian is key. Line of sight is everything in Perpetuum PvP, using the terrain (hills, crests, trees, plants, rocks, buildings) provides cover. Many battles are won purely on a squad choosing the best terrain to fight from based on the composition of their squad versus the composition of the oppositions squad.

Solo PvP is viable and great way to get the heart pumping when you take out  a lonely Beta miner and run from the zerg who want revenge.

Extension points (EP)(Skill points) are provided to the agent at one per minute as long as you are on trial or subbed. So you are leveling whilst logged out of game. A difference in the spending of extension points to EvE Onlines mechanic is that you can pool your EP and spend at your leisure. You do not need to set a skill to keep training. You can go away on vacation, not worry about your training and come back with a huge pool of EP to spend towards your agent.

The server is situated in Hungary, however has been mentioned to move to Londan in the future. I play from Australia and lag is a non issue. Sure it's not an FPS latency time, but then it's not an FPS game. The graphics are great turned up high and a mid cost PC can handle two clients easily, three or more if you had a high end beast. You can set the graphics levels individualy per client so even a mid range system can run 3+ clients.

To sum up... if you like EvE, you'll love Perpetuum. And if you've never played a sandbox game but don't mind being involved with other players (it is an MMO) and setting goals for yourself and your corp mates, then you too can enjoy the game as I have. 

The community is small, friendly and even enemies have a respect for one another. The Developers are often in game talking to the player base. They get involved in events and listen to what the player base wants from the game.

There are some major changes happening in game which is providing better/new mechanics and more content. There is the first ever Perpetuum corp PvP tournament happening very soon.

Trial periods are 15 days and are only limited to transfering NIC from the account and joining corporations. If you sub early in your trial you get the trial days added to the month you subbed for.

Grab some mates, speak to people in game through the general or help channels and be involved. You will not regret it.





Final Score


 Great Community
 Differs from EvE in many respects
 Developers are involved in the community.
 Awesome PvP
 Viable option for carebears and PvPers.
 Small development team
 Server is in Hungary
gibo writes: 

Great review, been playing for more than a year now ,shortly after it went live.

Yes, if you like eve and have been playing for years and want to try something different, you will love this game. PVP gameplay is awesome with WASD controls and the industry side is far better than Eve.

Since this review game has had frequent updates and its only getting better. All we need is more players and a larger game world with player own structures, to create a truly fantastic mmo.

1/31/12 10:22:27 PM  / Report
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