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Rift (Rift)
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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 03/01/11)  | Pub:Trion Worlds
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Rift Videos: MMOFTW - Ep 12 - ZOMG Blizzard Hacked and Rift Soul Reveal (8:10)

This week's episode of MMOFTW recaps the Blizzard account hacking, Day Z's standalone game announcement, TERA layoffs and law suit, and the reveal of Rift's new Mage Soul: The Harbinger. Plus we talk about the long-lost isometric perspective in RPGs. Check it out!

This week's episode of MMOFTW recaps the Blizzard account hacking, Day Z's standalone game announcement, TERA layoffs and law suit, and the reveal of Rift's new Mage Soul: The Harbinger. Plus we talk about the long-lost isometric perspective in RPGs. Check it out!
Duration: 8:10
Views: 7,127  36 comments
Game: Rift
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FrodoFragins writes: You have a little chocolate under your lower lip.  You might want to take care of that. Mon Aug 13 2012 9:19AM Report
Senadina writes:

Not to be a grammar Nazi but it's e-thear-e-al, not ether-real.

No isometric MMOs please. I find the camera distances me from my character and the action. Not such a big deal in an action RPG, where my toon has no real uniqueness to relate to anyway. But in an MMO, I want more immersion.

Mon Aug 13 2012 9:19AM Report
Caldenfor writes:

"I want more immersion." - Senadina

And that is exactly why a third person fixed camera should be considered. Developers are neutering themselves by trying to do what you have requested. They put so much time and effort into the world they forget to deliver an MMORPG and they most often don't deliver a quality world as it is generally littered with NPCs in every single non-pathway location. This is targeted more towards "theme-park" MMOs. The worlds of WoW, Rift, Aion, WAR and such were never very good with immersion. A sense of realism is required in an ecosystem is required and it was never really provided.

Mon Aug 13 2012 9:27AM Report
Caldenfor writes:

Gah, "A sense of realism is required for an ecosystem and it was never really provided."


They were all fake and rigged, totally destroys immersion if you ask me.

Mon Aug 13 2012 9:29AM Report
Nanfoodle writes: I have no intrest in isometrics. If a game is good I will play it but I am not pining for the old days. I feel very conected to my 3D graphics. IMO 3D is the king. Mon Aug 13 2012 9:29AM Report
Giluvas writes: How do I feel about it?  I feel that it's pronounced "Baulder"'s Gate. As in the word, "ball".  Not like as in "Bow".  :) Mon Aug 13 2012 9:40AM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Giluvas: Leave my Ohio accent alone! Mon Aug 13 2012 9:46AM Report
arctarus writes:

Finally get rid of the milk fetish... now i can drink in peace...:D


Mon Aug 13 2012 9:59AM Report
TheMaelstrom writes:

Bill, please learn how to pronounce the word "ethereal". /poke :) Seriously though, keep up the great work on these podcasts. You're owning it.


As for isometric view, I'm not sure how you can feel like you lose immersion by going first-person 3D. I started playing 2d iso games back in the days of the original Pools of Radiance, and kept going through Diablo, Ultima, Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, and many others. But for me the immersion factor *greatly* increased with the advent of EQ-style first-person MMOs.


I remember playing a caster in EQ and beginning to cast a spell and seeing the spell effects swirling around me and thinking, "Holy $h!t! So *this* is what it would look like to actually cast a spell!" To me, that's exactly the type of immersion I was looking for.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking isometric games. I still love them. I just don't understand how you can lose immersion from playing these types of games in 3d / first-person view.

Mon Aug 13 2012 10:00AM Report
Coolit writes:

Another good show!

Hopefully now that the law suit is behind TERA the staff will be more focused on providing content. I really hope they turn things around as the combat in TERA is brilliant they just need to work on other aspects like endgame and overall polish (inc. the UI).

The RiFT news is cool too although I was expecting a tank soul :(

Mon Aug 13 2012 10:08AM Report
theniffrig writes: I really like the isometric view. D3 works well with that view, and while I've heard mixed things about that game, you can't deny it sold alot of copies. There is definately a market for isometric games. Mon Aug 13 2012 10:24AM Report
TruthXHurts writes: Makes me wonder if they are really hacked, or if they are just selling off account info to make up for all the lost subscriptions. Mon Aug 13 2012 10:37AM Report
oxyde writes: Kudos on the Sam Neil reference.   It comes from one of my favorite Sci fi horror films of all time.  Event Horizon.  Oh, and another great episode of MMOFTW.  Nice work Bill.  Mon Aug 13 2012 10:48AM Report
zevni78 writes: Isn't Lineage Eternal going isometric? Mon Aug 13 2012 11:19AM Report
Poolman2000 writes:

As long as there is mass content as there was in the original fallout series, and UO, such as fishing and immersive dialog selections among npc, why not?

Mon Aug 13 2012 11:28AM Report
rt40 writes: ARCANUM is the most amazing RPG ever made. its so sad that so few have played it. check it out if you love rpg's!!! there is a small but dedicated community left, and fan made patches as well as HD texture packs. Mon Aug 13 2012 11:39AM Report
Gravarg writes: I miss the Isometric view in MMOs, I used to play Neverinwinter Nights on AOL, UO, and still drop into Ashen Empires every once in awhile to get my isofix.  I think the thing I loved most about it was the simplicity of those games.  There was no "oh i need this talent to do this" or "How much dps do i need to join your raid".  You used to pick you your sword, mace, staff, or whatever else you had, and went to bash, slash, and talk to (spells hehe) monsters until they lay on the ground.  You'd loot and repeat a million times all while talking with a great community of nice people most of whom I still talk to this day, and some even play the same games and we still go on adventures together. Mon Aug 13 2012 11:41AM Report
Sovrath writes:

I liked the podcast and you have a good presence but might I suggest editing out the mistakes? There were three of them.

Otherewise great job.


Mon Aug 13 2012 11:44AM Report
Sovrath writes: edit: (no way to edit these?) I dont' miss isometric view at all. I always hated it. Mon Aug 13 2012 11:49AM Report
Pratt2112 writes:

Wow... excellent "Event Horizon" reference!

Man that movie was creepy.

Sam Neil seems to do well in those "weird" type flicks. He was interesting in John Carpenter's "In The Mouth of Madness" as well.

Great episode, Bill!

Mon Aug 13 2012 12:54PM Report
Pratt2112 writes:

Oh, and I love isometric view, if it's done well :)


Mon Aug 13 2012 12:55PM Report
kevjards writes: love the isometric was the main reason i picked up witcher was a real shame they didnt have that option in witcher 2 because i,m really struggling to get into my knowledge witcher 1 is the last big title to use it..i could be wrong and probably am.but omg that game is something else. Mon Aug 13 2012 3:18PM Report
unknown769 writes: lol funny how terra it taking theyr direction it remind me of swtor and it will have the same direction very soon sadly like al KOR game on NA Mon Aug 13 2012 3:25PM Report
Sabbicat writes: I'm not sure if it is the pining for the Isometric view as it is more the nostalgic rememberance of your early gaming experiance. Personally I like the current gaming views and cringe and any locked camera angles. Mon Aug 13 2012 3:53PM Report
Wizardry writes:

I loved many of those old games,but i can let go .Old tech is just old tech,no need to live in the past.2d graphics is inferior in everyway,so why would i want that?

I wouldn't want to bring back the hand crank automobile or hand cranked airplanes.I also don't want to hop into a horse and buggy to travel 100 miles.

Games like Diablo3 is just typical of blizzard,they do evderything cheap,low budget.You have a small time studio "Naughty Dog productions"[Just Cause] doing more with their console games than Blizzard can do with PC gaming.

Point is NO i do not like over the top viewing,it actually removes immersion,it does not help it in any way what so ever.

Mon Aug 13 2012 5:41PM Report
Weretigar writes: RO had isometric, however not only am i done with isometric and now monitor viewing all together but im getting rdy to put on some oculas rifts when they come out. I'm moving forward evolving as you will. Want isometric play the next rpg from the nintendo 3rd or vita it will give you some much loved nostalgia. Mon Aug 13 2012 5:44PM Report
lustbust writes:

A buldars gate thats what im talking about!My main attraction to swtor was the fun i had playing buldars gate as a youth. I look at what diablo 3 is and i think blizzard could have made a very very popular mmo with the ip. Instead they just made a train wreck in my opinion.I dont think what modern games are missing is older methods and technology.I think they are just missing character and soul.The sad part is I am seeing these HUGE companies produce games that are empty shells now when they used to be known for making the best.


Mon Aug 13 2012 7:27PM Report
asbrandr writes: Doesn't Wakfu count for the isometric thing? I don't play it so i can't speak for it, but as an observation. anyways, good stuff. this show is improving over time and i'm proud to have been there from near the beginning. Mon Aug 13 2012 11:36PM Report
Lawlmonster writes: The Event Horizon quote at the beginning of this episode had me lawlmonstering. Tue Aug 14 2012 8:44AM Report
Rhems writes:

Isometric should have its say in mmos. 3d view might be an oversaturated type of approach from game devs, and other options should always be considered.

A Baldur's Gate sequel is a must. Not an option, a must. And it must be carefully crafted by a fan team, a loving approach of the epic series.

Tue Aug 14 2012 10:27AM Report
Deivos writes: Caldenfor, that has very little do do with camera angle. Tue Aug 14 2012 5:11PM Report
Vladriel writes: Nope, I don't miss the isometric veiw. I hated it.  Tue Aug 14 2012 9:55PM Report
Cyberwolf writes: Blizzard = Fail. As for the Iso view its not bad for some games but I don't expect a return this style. Tue Aug 14 2012 10:15PM Report
Akulas writes: Some of my best memories were had by named gnomes by mail boxes... Wed Aug 15 2012 5:31AM Report
SirAoS writes:

Do some of you feel better about yourselves to correct people on how they pronouce.

Who cares?..

Anywho, I love the iso view! It leaves so much to the imagination to kick in. I hate mmos nowadays. Just big cash shop, grind for gear, meaningless games. Not real mmorpgs! Another reason i still play the greatest mmo Ultima Online. Another reason Ultima Online still lives and can still collect a sub after 15 years!

Sorry if i offended anyone!

Na some New mmos are great. And i am really rooting for FFXIV!

Tue Aug 21 2012 1:08AM Report
blohm86 writes: I love you Bill Fri Aug 24 2012 1:22AM Report